Hello--I’m Michael Riley and I’d like your vote to be one of Idaho’s Delegates to the 2008 Democratic

National Convention.
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I’m Michael Riley from Potlatch, Idaho and I’d appreciate your vote!
I’d like the opportunity to represent the citizens of Idaho at the upcoming Democratic National Convention
I am running to become your voice at the National Democratic Party Convention as an Obama delegate representing Idaho. I am strongly qualified to help share Idaho’s vision for positive change on a national stage. As your delegate I will work diligently and effectively to: • Continue a dialog that keeps Idaho relevant and strategically important. I will keep the message that the Idaho lesson of organization, action, and a “small states, all states” strategy should continue to work if we get the support we need not just in election years, but also once we have changed the players and leveled the playing field. • Help craft a Party platform that shares Idaho’s unique vision of Federal and State’s rights. The job set before us now is to build the coalition that invites all of the people who share this common belief into the Democratic Party, where they belong. • Bring to the Convention the youthful enthusiasm and strong work ethic for social and political justice that has brought Barack Obama to the national stage so quickly and powerfully—we need to seize the energy and excitement of these times and work with all Americans regardless of political affiliation to fix the real problems that we face. I can communicate that passion, live that example of respect and tolerance toward others, and work tirelessly to bring our shared vision to reality.

Reasons to elect Riley:
A voice from rural Northern Idaho A citizen-statesman Latah County speaker for Obama on Super Tuesday Chairman of Fiddlers Ridge Residents for Obama; Host of “Breakfast for Obama” in Potlatch, Idaho.

Democratic National Convention


Senator Barack Obama’s message of change and hope is not concerned with whether you’re White or Black, rich or poor, or even Democrat or Republican, but instead is about the future taking over from the past. For almost half of my life I’ve lived under the leadership of either a Bush or a Clinton. Twenty years of partisan politics have left our nation a “house divided”. Let’s all pledge to work for an America with stronger convictions, stronger leadership, and stronger ties between all who want to reach the high ideals our country was founded upon. Some people will say that’s the kind of change that we can’t achieve, but I’m here to tell you that together, yes we can!

WAY UP NORTH: Idaho needs to have representation from the rural areas.

Riley on the issues:
1. War in Iraq We need to support our troops by implementing better health care benefits, more educational opportunities for Veterans, and bringing them home soon. 2. Unfunded educational mandates We need to speak with one voice to protest the unfunded mandates in our schools that put a strangle-hold on already meager resources in big and small school districts alike; No Child Left Behind and Special education programs need to be funded by the Federal government if they are going to make states abide by them 3. Fiscal responsibility. While the price tag for the war in Iraq continues to spiral upward and the Federal deficit reaches new highs, we need to need to make budgetary decisions that are thoughtful, responsible and accountable. 4. Issues of faith Too often, the Democratic Party is seen as one without religious or spiritual values--I embrace these values when they bring us together and are not divisive. 5. Support for working families My wife and I are both educators. We know the difficulty of balancing the demands of work and family. working family issues are core to the Democratic Platform.

A little bit about me:
I'm Michael Riley and I live in Potlatch, Idaho. I'm married and have two sons. I teach eighth grade English and Civics at Lincoln Middle School in Pullman, WA. In order to further the education of my students, I have participated in many experiential activities--as an interpretive historian for the Lewis and Clark/ Corps of Discovery and as a willing participant to color my hair pink in the event that my 8th graders could raise enough food for the canned food drive at the local food bank. My mother is an immigrant from Vienna and met my father while he was a war correspondent in Europe. They settled in Little Rock, Arkansas, where my father was from and where I was born on the day LBJ was sworn in. I earned a B.A. in English from Washington State University and rowed on the men's varsity rowing team. After graduation, I worked for Hawthorne Valley Farm in New York State and the Zinniker Family Farm in Wisconsin as a farm laborer. I also worked as a service worker for the Lindblad expeditions that went between Alaska and Baja.

might be good to have some kind of event to create some excitement about the upcoming Democratic Idaho caucus in early February. So we hosted a discussion breakfast at Ireland's Inn Café on Saturday, January 26, 2008 from 8-10 AM. This was one of only 3 Barack Obama events scheduled in a 100 mile radius of Potlatch prior to the Super Tuesday caucus. Our breakfast at Ireland's Inn Café was quite a success! We had 18 attendees. Because of local media coverage from Vera White's Friday column in the Moscow Pullman Daily News, we had many unexpected people show up. Matt Nappe, a field organizer for the Obama campaign, brought knowledge, information, and Obama goodies. State Representative Shirley Ringo and her husband, John, came to the breakfast too. Shirley remarked with some surprise, "Are you ALL from the Potlatch area?" to which we all said yes (going to show there's more than the two of us out here). Steve Banks told his friends from Troy and Genesee that he was going to the "Obama-rama" in Potlatch, and they laughed and said something like "have fun by yourself." Many attendees came to find out more information about Senator Obama and reasons people supported him while others were there simply as supporters.

Please contact me:
Web Page: mrrileyforobamadelegate.blogspot.com Home address: 1008 Fiddlers Ridge Loop Potlatch, ID 83855 Phone: 208-596-1160 Email: mrrileyforobama@yahoo.com

In support of Senator Obama:
My wife and I hosted an event in the progressive hotbed of Potlatch, ID for Barack Obama. We created a group of "Fiddlers Ridge Residents for Obama" and thought it