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Mindanao State University

General Santos City

Electrical Engineering and Electronics

And Communications Engineering

Cebu Educational Tour
March 16-20, 2016

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Tour Managed by: World of Adventures Travel and Tours (WATT)

Date: March 16, 2016

Name of Company:
BIGFOOT STUDIOS-International Academy of Film and Television
Bigfoot Studios provides state-of-the-art facilities and equipment rental, as well as
postproduction services for Bigfoot Entertainment productions and for other filmmakers and
production houses.
With six stages, an underwater shooting tank, fully equipped editing suites and the latest film
cameras, Bigfoot Studios is strategically located in the tropical island of Cebu, Philippines, a
growing commercial hub which connects not only the other scenic diverse islands in the region
but also to other major cities in Asia. It aims to draw professionals from around the world to
produce feature films, TV shows, documentaries and commercials.

Bigfoot studios is a very prestigious company. The International Academy of
Film and Television has a very good building. Its also an interesting school, where
only few selected students are enrolled, they offer acting classes, animations, film
and other classes related to media. and its also very pricey to study in this

I learned that there are a lot of process involved in being in the film and
television industry. A lot of practice and knowledge are needed to be successful in
this career and you start at the very low and need to improve to be more
successful in this career.

Date: March 17, 2016

Name of Company:
KEPCO (Korean Electrical Power Corporation). KEPCO SPC is a joint venture between Korea
and the Philippines. The new powerstation is a coal-fired power plant. A globally competitive and
leading electric utility provider which controls the generation, transmission and distribution of
electricity in Korea, to respond to the Philippine Governments call to increase the countrys
power supply, develop and utilize its indigenous resources.
KEPCOs overseas business started off with its performance restoration/operation project for
Malaya power plant in the Philippines in 1995 and construction/operation project for Iligan gas
complex thermal power plant in 1997. Since then, KEPCO has successfully built power plants in
Cebu and Iligan in the Philippines, which served as the platform to expand business from the
northern part to central part of the Philippines.
KEPCO has gradually expanded its business to China, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Mexico ever
since launching thermal power generation business in Malaya, the Philippines. In China,
KEPCO has been involved in coal generation business in Shanxi province via a strategic
alliance with Shanxi International Energy Group (SIEG). KEPCO laid the foundation to grow into
a total energy service provider covering power generation, coal mining and new/renewable
energy business by opening a local subsidiary in China in 2007 and by acquiring existing
businesses as well as building new ones for further business expansion.

KEPCO is a very big power plant. It has many big machines that are
involved in power generation. Strict implementation of process are followed to
ensure everything and everyone is safe.

I learned more about the process in thermal power generation. A lot of the
equipment are new to me. And every equipment are very useful in the process
involved in generating power.

Date: March 17, 2016

Name of Company:
One of the worlds largest engineering design procurement and construction management
company, Fluor Corporation, has set up its office in Cebu, to take advantage of the rich
manpower resources for its growing worldwide clients.
The company, which is headquartered in Dallas, Texas has been in the Philippines for 25 years
now with its first knowledge outsourcing facility located in Metro Manila.
Fluor Corporation is one of the worlds largest publicly traded engineering, procurement,
construction, maintenance (EPC&M) and project management companies. Over the past centry,
Flour, through its operating subsidiaries, has becoming a trusted global leader in providing
exceptional services and technical knowledge.
In Cebu, the company will be needing mostly people with engineering background, from
chemical, civil, mechanical, electronics engineering.

Fluor Corporation is a prestigious company. Its office is good, but the
employees are the best. What they do is important in engineering specifically the
materials to be used by engineers.

Fluor Corporation does EPCM which means engineering, procurement,
construction and maintenance. They deal with the tools, materials and equipments
that will be used in construction and engineering works.

Date: March 18, 2016

Name of Company:
National Grid Corporation of The Philippines engages in the expansion, operation, and
maintenance of the electricity transmission network in the Philippines. It provides power
delivery, centralized system operations and control of high-voltage transmission facilities, grid
interconnections and ancillary services, and metering services. The company also provides
technical services, particularly system studies, operation, and maintenance of customer
facilities. It serves generators, private distribution utilities, electric cooperatives, governmentowned utilities, ecozones, industries, and directly connected companies.
The National Grid Corporation of The Philippines (NGCP) has upgrade Cebus transmission
lines to meet the island-provinces growing demand and to accommodate future power projects.
Cebu-Mandaue-Lapu-Lapu 138 kV Transmission Corridor serves as the bulk power delivery
system involving major substations in Cebu the Cebu, Mandaue and Lapu-lapu Substations.
The Cebu-Mandaue 138 kV Double Circuit Line which has a transmission capacity of 400 MW
is composed of three single-core 1,400 mm2 XLPE underground cable per circuit while the
Mandaue-Lapulapu 138 kV Double Circuit Line, which has a transmission capacity of 200 MW,
is composed of triplex 500 mm2 XLPE cable per circuit and installed underneath the Marcelo
Fernan Bridge.

National Grid Corporation of the Philippines- Lapu-Lapu Substation is a
advance substation, which is also very strict because of the possibility of
incidents. They need to be really careful in monitoring so that everything will go


They have indoor substation which is really different from what we have
here in GenSan, and its far more safer. The job may seem easy but every
movement must be watched closely.
Date: March 18, 2016
Name of Company:
Lear Corporation is ranked #174 on the Fortune 500 with world-class products designed,
engineered and manufactured by a diverse team of talented employees. As a leading supplier of
automotive seating and electrical, Lear serves its customers with global capabilities while
maintaining individual commitment. With headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, Lear maintains
240 locations in 36 countries around the globe and employs approximately 136,000 employees.
Lear is traded under the symbol [LEA] on the New York Stock Exchange.
Lear was founded in 1917 in Detroit, Michigan as American Metal Products, a manufacturer of
tubular, welded and stamped assemblies for the automotive and aircraft industries. Since then,
we have grown to meet the changing needs of the industry with 18 major acquisitions since
Lear went public in 1994.
Today, we provide complete seating and electrical systems worldwide. With 2015 sales of $18.2
billion, Lear ranks #174 among the Fortune 500. Our world-class products are designed,
engineered and manufactured by a diverse team of 135,000 employees in 240 locations. With
headquarters located in Southfield, Michigan, Lear continues to operate facilities in 35 countries
around the globe. Lear is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol [LEA].

Lear Corporation has a lot of employees, having also a lot of departments.
Each department has its own task to complete one project by the company. They
need also to be watchful in everything that they work with so that it will not cause
any problems with the costumer that may endanger their lives.


I learned that company needs more employees that are technically skilled
and should be able to learn new skills immediately. This is the key to be
successful in a workplace.
Date: March 19, 2016
Name of Company:
EAUC operates a 50-MW Bunker C-fired plant within the Mactan Export Processing Zone I
(MEPZ 1) in Mactan Island, Cebu. Since 1997, the EAUC power plant has been the sole
provider of power to MEPZ 1, delivering reliable and high quality power to meet the stringent
requirements of semiconductor firms, electronics manufacturers and other locators within the

The plant is also very strict with visitors, and safety is a priority. Everyone
must be very careful because anything might happen. The plant has two big oil
tanks that are used for generating power. There are also very large equipment
inside the building which are very essential in the production of power.

The oil they used are not entirely pure, they purify it themselves because it
saves them money. The process is also very complicated and needs to be done
precisely, because any failure might cause to burn the whole company.