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meaning this protocol releases hormones that help build muscle and burn fat).QUICK START GUIDE: WHAT IS HRT(Z)ONE? I had a lot of fun coming up with the name for this unique protocol. 90. because these sets work like magic. HRT(z) ONE is a single set (hence “ONE”) of Hypertrophy Recomposition Training (HRT. And don’t be surprised if your friends start calling you Gandalf (or. HRT(z)ONE is a single set that you will do for 60.0 HRT(z)ONE 3 . or 120 seconds (for fast. respectively) before every workout to maximize lactic acid and growth hormone. This is an ALL-OUT set for time— you’ll pick one of several exercises provided and “go ‘til ya blow!” We chose these exercises because they engage a lot of musculature which means more lactic acid. NO NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDING 2. that puts you into the HURT ZONE in record time. and slow fiber-type guys. more accurately. and more results! Just like Gollum’s preciousss. more growth hormone. mixed. making you lord and master over YOUR gains domain. HRT(z) ONE is the one set to rule them all. Gaindalf). A whole-body lactic acid maximization protocol.

and prepare to maintain that same level of intensity throughout the entire workout.0 HRT(z)ONE .WHY IS HRT(Z) ONE SO EFFECTIVE? HRT(z)ONE is specifically designed to maximize the output of lactic acid— and thus maximize growth hormone1—to help build muscle and burn fat (i. 1) After completing your usual warmup routine.e. we know that growth hormone levels are very closely correlated with acidity (i. What better way to mentally prepare yourself for the workout ahead than to work your ass off before that workout officially begins? HRT(z)ONE will force you to discover a new threshold for discomfort. Get ready to break a sweat before your main workout even begins.0 workout. I’ve really been sandbagging it on a lot of my sets. Just like your main NNMB 2. whether you like it or not. finding these new gears is going to lead to new growth as you’ll be squeezing more out of every single session—all because of a SINGLE set done at the beginning of each workout! HOW HRT(Z)ONE IS DONE Detailed directions are provided below. This is the perfect example of that old adage. the deeper you dive into the hurt zone. the bigger the burn. you’re going to find new gears on more than a few exercises and think. and try your best to do more work on each exercise every time you use it. Note that since fast-twitch guys are going to lift the heaviest weights. the better! In fact. they’ll typically require more warm-up sets. I guarantee.” In addition to these physiological benefits. the better your results will be. the system where you produce the greatest amount of lactic acid2 which leads to the increasingly painful burning sensation in the working muscles. The goal here is to get some blood into the working muscles and feel completely confident with the movement without doing so much that you prematurely fatigue the muscles. And the bigger the burn. And growth hormone helps you build muscle and strength3 in addition to burning fat4. your specific HRT(z)ONE set duration is determined by your primary musclefiber type: PRIMARY MUSCLE FIBER TYPE HRT(z)ONE Duration 4 FAST TWITCH MIXED FIBER SLOW TWITCH 60 secs 90 secs 120 secs NO NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDING 2. HRT(z)ONE will provide a massive psychological boost at the beginning of every single training session—just when you need it most so you can fully capitalize on each and every rep. “no pain. Simply put.. no gain. after you’ve gone through a couple workouts and a couple HRT(z)ONE sets. “recomp” your physique). “Man. but here’s the gist: choose an exercise from the menu below. The harder you work during this allout set. set and workout in your No-Nonsense Muscle Building 2. focus on performing as many quality concentric contractions as possible. use a weight/ resistance where you’ll fail at the very end of the set.” In short. prepare for your HRT(z)ONE set by performing as many warm-up/ rehearsal sets as you need to maximize your performance on the all-out set.e. that lactic acid burn) in the muscles.0 program. I designed the HRT(z)ONE protocol to heavily tax your body’s glycolytic energy system..

don’t go wildly out of control—we want it to hurt as a result of metabolic stress. Using a fast-twitch guy doing the exercise bike as an example. you’ll spend as little time on the eccentric as possible.0 HRT(z)ONE 5 . 2) Don’t pace yourself. At the same time. You can use more weight/resistance.e. this means you’ll simply need to do more work to increase density. he should aim to have his legs lock up from lactic acid to the extent that any further pedaling becomes impossible right at that 60-second mark. Density equals the total work performed divided by the amount of time you spent performing that work (d = work/time). maximum effort set from start to finish. I guarantee you can work harder than you think you can. or both. and what gets managed gets multiplied! NO NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDING 2. this will require some trial and error). As such. 3) As always. think “go big or go home. your goal is to perform the most (quality) concentric contractions possible. perform more reps/ steps/revolutions. be sure to track your performance so you know what you have to beat the next time you rotate around to that exercise. be completely unable to perform another concentric rep) as the timer reaches 120 seconds.” It’s better to choose something that’s a bit too challenging and squeeze out partial reps to complete the set (or even just fail completely before the timer goes off) than to pick something that’s on the lighter side and end up with reps in the tank at the end of the set. Therefore. to increase density.. Take your balls out of your purse and put every ounce of effort into this set.2) Choose a weight or resistance level that will allow you to achieve muscular failure at the very end of your set (initially. controlled eccentrics. Focus on performing the most controlled concentric contractions possible in the time allotted. a slow-twitch guy on the leg press should fail (i. While I normally prescribe relatively slow. 3. concentric contractions generate the most lactic acid5. Since the time stays constant from workout to workout. Helpful Hints 1) When choosing your initial weight or resistance level. In another example. Do your best to increase the density of your HRT(z)ONE sets each time you repeat an exercise. HRT(z)ONE is an all-out. 4. What gets measured gets managed. not joint stress from uncontrolled movements. »» Exercise Bike (with clips/straps 5. http://www.nlm.ncbi. .ncbi.ncbi. http://www. »» Stairmaster »» Treadmill with incline (8 to 12 3. EXERCISE MENU Simply rotate between the following movements: degrees) securing feet to pedals) »» Battle Ropes »» Leg Press »» Leg Extension »» Lying Leg Curl »» Bent Over Barbell Row (use lifting straps if grip strength hinders your performance) »» Supinated Lat Pulldown (use lifting straps if grip strength hinders your performance) 6 REFERENCES: NO NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDING 2.0 HRT(z)ONE 4.

The burning sensation is a result of increasing acidity in the muscles due to hydrogen (H+) ions (and while not technically correct. as it turns out.0 HRT(z)ONE 7 . So why do we care about lactic acid? Well.. and the cells become increasingly acidic. In fact. The graphs on the next page—from a study where researchers measured muscle growth and strength in response to increasing acidity in muscle cells—provide a great visual to drive this point home. The longer we sustain exercise. burning sensation you experience (especially from relatively longer sets with constant tension on the target muscles). In the gym. the old saying “no pain.e. and we’ll use that terminology for the remainder of this article) that are produced by your body’s glycolytic energy system1. this is commonly referred to as lactic acid. NO NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDING 2. high levels of lactic acid can lead to increases in muscle size and strength as well as fat metabolism. painful sensation. muscle tension) and metabolic stress—the infamous painful. the more lactic acid accumulates in the muscle cells. that eventually makes it impossible to continue working. you have mechanical stress (i.EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE HRT(Z)ONE PROTOCOL When you train. we experience this as an increasingly intense burning. no gain” is quite accurate. especially with constant tension on the target muscle.

I couldn’t help but wonder— how can I harness this phenomenon to get more out of every workout? Specifically.e. Growth hormone is a powerful chemical that helps build muscle and strength5 in addition to releasing greater amount of free fatty acids for energy6 (thus increasing your fat-burning potential). you know NO NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDING 2. and lactic acid gives us a powerful feedback system to determine how much growth hormone we’re producing. is simply a means to an end. more lactic acid equals more muscle! So what’s going on here? How does that massive burning sensation you experience lead to better gains? As it turns out. there is a very strong relationship between acidity and the change in participants’ muscle cross sectional area (i.0 HRT(z)ONE you’re skyrocketing growth hormone. more lactic acid means more growth hormone). In addition to this correlational study. . but has a systemic (total-body) effect7.e. rather than being directly responsible for boosting your gains. protein synthesis (the major process that makes muscle grow) increased3. we can’t have growth hormone without lactic acid. maximal strength)2. then. thus lactic acid plays a major role in the exercise-induced growth hormone response in humans4. As a result.. Lactic acid.. playing a supporting role to growth hormone. growth hormone doesn’t just assist the specific muscles you’re working. boosting the muscle-building and fat-burning potential of your entire body. Armed with the knowledge about the power of growth hormone for promoting favorable body composition changes. increased muscle size). Even so. It circulates through your bloodstream to all of your muscles. What’s more. I wanted to find a way to flood my muscle cells with growth hormone BEFORE the workout even begins. there is a high correlation between lactic acid and growth 8 hormone (i..As we can see. researchers took muscle cells and added lactic acid to them.e. if your muscles are burning like a five-alarm fire. and a fairly strong relationship between acidity and the change in participants’ one-rep max (i. In an in vitro study. we have direct evidence which shows lactic acid plays a key role in muscle growth. Specifically. In short.

Exercise Selection simply trained arms on their own9. according to your primary muscle fiber type) are specifically chosen to facilitate maximum density. including exercise selection. Rep Range (Time Under Tension) You’ve probably heard about different rep ranges and the different theoretical adaptations that each produces. The set lengths (that range from one to two minutes. Researchers compared guys who trained only their arm muscles with guys who trained leg muscles in addition to arms and found that the latter group produced significantly more growth hormone and also achieved a While it’s common to discuss the pogreater increase in isometric strength8.INTRODUCING HRT(Z)ONE SETS I had a lot of fun coming up with the name for this unique protocol. In other words. Based on these findings.. an endurance protocol resulted in a growth hormone response 30 times greater than baseline levels—more than twice as much growth hormone than a hypertrophy protocol and six times as much growth hormone as the strength protocol10. The amount of work (volume) you perform in a specific amount of time is known as density (density = work/time. size matters. The HRT(z)ONE protocol allows you to achieve a big surge of growth hormone at the beginning of every workout in order to boost the muscle-building and fat-burning potential of every rep and set of your No-Nonsense Muscle Building 2. To develop the HRT(z)ONE protocol I set out to determine what training mechanisms produce the greatest amount of growth hormone. it turns out that endurance training training their legs achieved greater inis quite the unsung hypertrophy hero! creases in muscle size than guys who Research shows that endurance protocols (higher repetitions and thus longer times under tension) are superior to hypertrophy or strength work when it comes to increasing growth hormone. using this technique on the leg press will give you a bigger boost to your biceps growth compared to using it with barbell curls. your goal will be to increase the density of your HRT(z) ONE sets. Remember. As such. time under tension). We can boil the increased effectiveness of endurance training down to one simple variable: volume.e. we don’t In a similar study. resulting in even more growth hormone output. HRT(z) ONE is a single set (hence “ONE”) of Hypertrophy Recomposition Training (HRT.0 program. I examined several different training variables. Five or less reps builds strength. It all comes down to this: Better Density = More Lactic Acid = More Growth Hormone = Faster Gains NO NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDING 2. As you progress through your NNMB 2.0 program. where work = resistance x repetitions). meaning this protocol releases hormones that help build muscle and burn fat). there is a lot of truth to them. tential for strength work to boost your muscle-building capabilities. that puts you into the HURT ZONE in record time. While these rep ranges oversimplify things. In fact. When it comes to lactic acid and growth hormone production. with a particular focus on the large muscles of your back and legs. Even that guys who trained their arms after so. loading. and contraction type (eccentric vs. repetition range (i. and anything more than that enhances endurance. sticking with movements that engage a lot of musculature is going to help smaller muscles grow to a greater extent than using movements that isolate those particular muscles. concentric). six to twelve reps builds muscle. there is considerable overlap between ranges. The goal of HRT(z)ONE training is to accumulate the greatest amount of volume during the time allotted. the exercises I selected for your HRT(z)ONE sets (see the Quick Start Guide) are those that engage a significant amount of musculature. researchers found often discuss endurance training. At the same time. and all of them actually contribute to muscle growth.0 HRT(z)ONE 9 . and somewhat counter-intuitively. the growth hormone elevation you achieve is going to have a “trickle-down” effect on the smaller muscles.

The exercises provided in the Quick Start Guide all engage the large muscles of the legs or back. NO NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDING 2. unsurprisingly. endurance—fibers can work longer before fatiguing). given our need to with a maximal load. As you’ll see in the Quick Start Guide. Choose exercises that engage the greatest amount of musculature. your goal is to perform the greatest amount of (quality) concentric contractions possible. challenge yourself. As such.” If you have anything left in the tank at the end of your HRT(z)ONE set. your tank should be totally empty. concentric contractions generate significantly more lactic acid12. and prepare to set a new personal best every time you enter the HRT(z)ONE. not joint stress from uncontrolled movements. Therefore. The Perfect Protocol: Summarizing The Science The HRT(z)ONE protocol maximizes lactic acid and growth hormone at the beginning of each and every workout—thus increasing your potential to make gains from each and every rep and set you perform—by adhering to our science-based guidelines: 1. While I normal- 10 ly prescribe relatively slow. Researchers had participants perform sets of ten repetitions and found that maximal loading (using a weight that allowed them to barely squeeze out that tenth rep) trumped submaximal loading (finishing the set with reps left “in the tank”) and resulted in a much greater concentration of lactic acid and growth hormone11. you’re going to want to use your safe word (rapamycin?) long before that timer goes off. take your balls out of your purse. Maximal loading is critical—if you haven’t chosen a weight or resistance level that makes you think about quitting long before the set ends and barely allows you to finish the set. forget about slow. 2. I don’t have anything left to give. you’ll be surprised how much work you can do when you put everything you’ve got into a single set. you’re doing it wrong. remember to “go big or go home. controlled eccentrics. you’ll spend as little time in the eccentric phase as possible.” Leave that BS attitude at home. Concentric contractions are king. . not just going through the motions) as possible.. the goal is to choose a weight or resistance level that allows us to perform quality work through the entire duration of our set. Contraction Type Focus on performing the most controlled concentric contractions possible in the time allotted. In other words.Loading In our quest to maximize lactic acid and growth hormone. For now. “I’ve worked as hard as I can. At the same time. Choose a rep range/time under tension that challenges endurance and facilitates maximum density. 4. when that timer beeps. guys with more slowtwitch—i.e. you didn’t choose a challenging enough weight (for the lifting exercises) or resistance level (for cardio machine exercises). This is easier said than done—if you chose a challenging enough weight.0 HRT(z)ONE 3. So. You’ll think. but no longer. Just make sure you don’t go through the eccentric so quickly that you’re risking injury or bouncing the weight off the bottom through any of the concentric portion. When in doubt. don’t go wildly out of control—we want it to hurt as a result of metabolic stress. controlled negatives and simply perform as many quality concentric contractions (focusing on moving the weight with the working muscle. the duration of your particular set depends on your primary muscle fiber type (since.

0 HRT(z)ONE 11 .gov/pubmed/19240267 7.nih.nih. we’ve delved deep into the science.long 8. https://books. http://www.ncbi. and found that “no 2.nlm. http://www. We scoured the research to find the exact variables that affect lactic acid and growth hormone 3.nlm. such that every rep and set we perform becomes more effective in our quest to Build Faster. start using HRT(z)ONE at the start of your next workout. http://www. most importantly.nlm.nih. Your next step is to head over to the Quick Start Guide where you’ll find more detailed instructions and helpful hints to make the most of your HRT(z) ONE sets and.ncbi. keep in mind that just knowing these things won’t get you anywhere. 10. NO NONSENSE MUSCLE BUILDING 2.nih. and every workout thereafter! REFERENCES: and developed the perfect protocol— HRT(z)ONE—to maximize the levels of these powerful chemicals at the beginning of each and every 4. http://www. http://www.ncbi.nih. http://www.nlm.ncbi.ncbi.physiology. http://www. discovered that lactic acid is a powerful stimulator of exercise-induced growth hormone FOR ACTION To sum it all up.nlm. http://www.nlm.nih. 11. no gain” isn’t just a catchy saying. 5.