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Hanov'€! r Po,l,i e e O'ep,a:rt;,fl'I,e n t


Ref:; lOHAN~41'~'W:A

2n:te:red,; 0'5/1,:8/20:10 ® 1 (1,10' Mod.i,Hed:: 0,5,/1,8/.2:{l10 '®lOlCl

En'try :I:D'l FTH Modif,i,eli II);; FTK

, . ,

'Grafton, CUDDly

lILeb anon Dbl'fric;t Coo r~


To the Sheriff of any County in this Stale or his Deputy or .any Police' Officer of any City orr TOv!'fJ], within the State:

",'BERE,AS, the Comp~,ai:f:11antCa,pt Franci:s: l' M.o:r,3Q, ofthe H:11Do'ol'l-erPolic:e [J:epart:m,e'ot in the County,of'Gr9'ftoln has 'exh!:b,j,ted 'tome" A, t..,~t' ;r: Cl~' ..J"""""'"

1 a Justice ~n ~he

County of Gra,fInn his eomplaint upon oath against the Defendant:

SARAH KOO, D.O.B. 01/26/1'98:8, 01'56,1 11TH AVE N.,EDMOND8WA 9802,0 in the County of

j, for ~hecrime of:


AetsProblb~led., '(!I1uiISSessioD 01' ,coc:ailil.e):. RSA 318 .. 8; 1

WE COMMAND YOU to, take the Defendant! if found to be in your precinct and bring him/her before tl:Jc' LelbaDo:n Disltritlt: ,Court .

__ ,r

DAT'EDI the, ~ . day afM,a>" 2m o.

RET'.RN St~t.e of New Hampshire

County of Grafton

.. the Defendanr and now have himlherbefore me>.':'._ bafl~ Di~Ou:rt as commanded.

( ,( .

--------~~~~------- ~~--~~------------------------~

Offi.cers Title

Hanover Poli.ce D'ep·a.rtment N.AlUtATIVB ~OR CAPT P'RANCI''S T MORAN Ref; lO·HAN~4l..~WA

Page: .2

BD;t,ered~ 0'5/:18/2'01.0, ill 110,10 Hodifi'e4: '05/21)/2010 ,(I '1411

'Entry ID ~F'I'M Modified ID; F'l'M:

,.,. . r . ']-.

~ lit;

UliHA . -4P;'VA


INSTRUCTiONS.. A ~Il :;~killi .;tII ~t lA'~l :>I~iI!'lI ~P.~ p~i!ally b~rore ;MIif justice, IiIf j ~tie~ of tli~ prui:C Irrld lib all Sh~ an amdilvil ill S'l!!bS-tlLflIliaiil}, tIft~ form htllei",alil·etr Il~=ri.bed. The lIffiWivh shaDI '~()'lIlain faets. inf6iTi\[I'lioo ilfid' e iOCultlSIMee u;pon. \O,'h~'1ii :meh :~n ulnC5 :t.1;) e!'>l:!Iblislll'@~blC' e~us.e fllf tlliil issuacee 'Df lite warrruil and 'tilll :lffida.\'il Illay be· -suppleJI1U9mr:xi1 'b)' ·W';ll Slatrnlmll; IIDd~ ·oo.tll :for Ihe: 'C'5121blishmml. oJ ptl:lbablcliz!l5C The pil:!'5On is.wiIl:l!,lhe I.'I3.Tr.IIII shilll retain Ih~ ,Qffidiivil lid :snall'(if,lilkie!'!a!es perso.lIllll)1 oftlil:e :rulmaflcc MiJilJ}' ,Mil.llll<illcmroI5 urKIcro:a1Jh iiUrpk'ilD~lilil~ the :a:i'l'id8",it grarnrans~ {~.I! 'mlnscriipllo be ItIlLd~"Dr such ernl !ru!Itemi:iiiiS.

srr- DI·'1!E;·-c O··_p·······gf.E· .. ,. -W······ ····ll···fA~-·· ~"" . 'a!'" ":5:"'1lI' -~..'-.

-, .' ' __ ' I _' " I :' ,:-' • ., ..... l" -,. I,' _:_.' I - __ _ 1_ .; " ' ' ...... _'.' :.' :_ ,', : •• ' ,'. ~" ~, ••••• ~: ' ' .'

'_'. __ L __ L " ." . • _ _ '_ L ._/ _ ."L - • _ .~. ,.

Leban.onDistrict Court ,oS/.M 12:010

I Cap,taln Fr:ands T. Moran:, being duly sworn. depose and say:

1. I am a police officer in the Town of Hanover. New Hampshire. ! herewith make ,appWicatio,n {or the issuance .of an A_l1Iest Wm,lmt. against the defendant:

2. lhave informetion that a, crime (or offense) has been ccmmitted by the defendant as follows:

On. May 13tb. at approximarely 2:20am Officer Matthew Ufford of the Hanover PD was dispatched ~o meet with Dartmouth Safety and Security (DSS) Sgt Wayne Agan .at 3·8 CoUege Street, S~gma AWpha Eps-Ho'D fraternity, «:SAE). Officer Ufford learned that nss had. been called to the fraternity by Philip Aubart .. Mr .. Aubart is member ofthe Sigma Alpha Epsilon m.tem.i.ty .. He reponed. that he had witnessed severalpeepleia one ofthe common rooms on tbe first tlootofhis fraternity liJ'sing cocaine ... DSS Sgt. Aga.n. sa~dhe was i[l!v~tedl in~o t1lle hause toview the: area, and at tt:a:t point sa.w cocaine residue: on one cf the com pasites tba:t WaJS laying on the pool ~aJb~e:.

Offi'cer UffQrd met with Mr .. Aubart .. Hepoint'ed. to thepool t~bIe.j. where Officer UfJoro sarw two fratemi~ photo composites layin,g. Mr. Auharl1 advised he had witnessed four (4) people stiWdrn,g over the composites, .apparent:Wy abourte snort cocaine, Two of'the suspects there were males. two were females. Officer Ufforo viewed the photo composites and saw that on one of them was a. small amount of a. whrte powdery residue. Officer Ufford noted. several smudges. on me composite, as iiit bad been wiped or smeared. Offic~ef Ullord. took: pb,otoWaphs of the compostteeed the suspected eccaine and then collected the wb.i~e:po'loVdeli as evidence.

Th,e tw<o, mlll,]e sus:pec-ts ~n this matter were identwfi,edl as Briam Shea and Andrew Lohse. ODe of the females was identified as :Bemadette Reyes, RepQrted~y~ Miss Reyes had to~dPhiH:p Aubart that she had not used the eocaine but had :simply been present in the room. The founh party, the other female was not known to Mr. A ubart, It is suspected that ·this woman is, Sanlh Koo, is the girlfriend of Andr,ew Lohse ..

Mr, Aubru1 went on to say !bat this isnot the first time this sort 'of thing. bas, occUll1cd inthe house. He said. that Mr .. Shea and Mr. Lohse are both suspected eucaine iUsers, and a]though they are house mem bets. SAE does not ccndene thillt be'havi.or.He that in a similar incident last terra.he di scovered .a composite witllil smudg,es and

Hanove:r POl :i'c'e Departme,nt, :NAlmA,!,'IVS: ~QR CAPT lI'RANC~IS TMORAN Re,f '; lOBAN,- 41-WA

EnteX'ech 0 S!U/20U !(! lOl'O ModifiC!Jd:: 'ill'5/18/2010 '0J1.433

En try lLD ~ 'pm :Modi:fied :II! ~Fm

jvising thelll not to engage in that sort cfactivity in the common rooms" and that failure t!o oomp~ywhhthis

.iOquest would result ~n a report to, DSS. .

Later, Mr. Aubartprovided a written statement to support his complaint.

~f,ArOll.lindl 2. : 15,am this mo!rnin,g ,(my phone! has, 2; 16alm as the the: ti!me I ,called 5&5) ,May JI 13;tl1.1'

I was in the Foyer when Is,aw IBernadett,e Reyes trying to open tit-iii:! Pool Room doer-, Figurin.g she h ad left he'r j a C Iket inside 11: let heir in t'l1 e d OC).f" an eli wa.s, holding the doo rw,a it ing f,o r her'to come back from r,e't,lrieving hE'r ,c'oat. HOlWe'V'erJ, :Ii saw her wallk ,O'!!ler to the far e,nid of the pool table, in the reem wihelre Brian She,al~ .Ail'ulkrew tobse and a Icollege aged .Asian femaU.e' witlh daJrk brawn/black hair were stalndin,g over (;I, eomposf.te laid f,ace up Ian the cor-ner- of the pool table. It. was then that I. noticed t.he lines of wha,t I. suspee ted to be ,c:oc, on the glass of the comp,osite. AU ,four peopl'e: ,at that time werle standing very , tolor' o'ver the cC),mpos i 'te 'with cocal.il1E! .liheir legs wer'eclos,'e: enough te bel' 1:ou,ehi:ng the ede::e of the, composite and they' w'en~all leanine:: tOW'8rds .it. At that pOlint they t,old me to close the doo'r~ and as I had r,eallized that they were dedng cocaine I did SO~ told the Ipeople sittin.g in thlE! foY,Bir that !1:leOlple were doi.ngC:1okellrrl the pool room and that I wals calling ,5,15. I imrn,ediately stepped ,outs,ide am:!, ,called S&5. Onc'e I was to,ld officers ',"""iere Ol!'! theilr way~, I stepped back insid'E!I,jIand wai.1tl!1!d fo·r them., Bern,ediette Rey"es WillS alre,aoJy' CI~t of "thE! pool. room WhE2'O ]; came back ilil,s.idie ana, Quicllkly told me tlnat she' had not dOlil,eany coke, seen the!reafte'r~ the oth:er three individllhlls in the' pool Iroom eame ouf and IBri,an Shea ,got in my

f.ace and s,aid "Really?:! Voucalled .S&:S,~ Are you :seri.ousH" Then SillS i3llrri\l',ed and 1- -

ide,nti.fied mI1!llse'lf as the ip,er.son '~:ho ,cailled ,and took them .int,o the IPool :room. At: this ploint no comp,ositeswere on the pool tablelJI s'(') I took the two leaning alB!ainst the,wtilillthat I suspected Ihad been used and lai.dthem on the poo,l table and pointed to the s,mear mal:rks, on tlhem. SiS looked ,closer with their fl,ashU,ghtsJ found residlue, and,ely c:'onta,c:ted lialnov:elr Po,U.ce. Willil,e w(3liting for Hanover Po'!e~ I 'w,as e.scorted by ZI,n SIS olffi.cer to my room t:OIS,E!'!::ur!e it and my ,pOS'El':5 sions. Wh,en HaJillov,er Police iillrir,ived I wa:s told I could let theml l.llfl o'r 'wa:i t foil"' a warrant ~ so olft,er attiemlklting to, centact tne Preside'l'iIItof the hOllJse'JI

I allowed Hanover' p'olice' and o<fficer M,att Ufford and his. par-tner- to, ente'r'" The' po:Uce W'E!'re' 'p,resent for the rest 'of the evening, .. D

Ia furtherance of thisi,nvest~ga(ion officersmet with Bli am. Sheeand Andrew Lohse and conduetedseparate interviews, B,oth males denied involvement ~n the possession/use: of'cocaine as w~melised by fellowfraternity member Philip Aubert, During, Mr. Lohse' mterview ,at me offices ofDSS. Sarah Koo made several telephone calls. in. an attemp~ te reach 'him. lte:portecUy, Miss, Koo wented to know what Mr. Lohse was talking about with tbe ,a/lUt1l:Jori'ties1 and ]ns:~s~edt1t8lt sJhebad to' speak with h~m imm.ediateJy.Miss Koo was offered ,emq,eu,cy assistance byDSS but she declined, As the evening went on. the police were unable to meet with Bemadette Reyes or S.arah Koo,

On the: afternoon of Mary 13 th Detective Eric Bates and I went to tbe Slgm,a. Alpha. Epsilonrn-alemity I(SAE) to executea search warrsnt in theroom ofBri;m Shea, There I asked, Brioo 'Shea to. meet with me ~n pri:v,aj~e to' discuss this matter" He agreed ~o thisand brought me down the hall. to ,the SAE "library", I asked him to take tne through the events oflast evening leading up' to his involvement witb the Hano,'~er Police this morning .. Mr. She>a stated 'that be attended the SAB house Hileeting from 22:00 '" 23: 20. He adruitled that he: drank a borne of wine and 5-] {)I cupsof beer durililg this meeting. He advised that be warnkoo. Over to Tabard aloneat approximately 2.3:23,. He explained that he was invited, there iby a female mend named. Bernadette Reyes .. He advised that he did '[lot drink anything at Tabard during the, show and retumed to SAE with Miss Reyes . "poisslbly a Iittle 'before 02:0UAM.,'; He :repm:ted t'bar~ he dr, esUmated 5-10 shots of jim Beam in 'his

Ha.nover Pol i ce!De:p,a:!bt,meot:

NAImATl[VS l'OR CAPT ':R:M1C'ltS t'M()RA:N ,Rief ~. 1 OHAN'~ 41'~ WA

!I!lfieered: 05/18/2,0].01 @ 1010 M~dified= 0:5/18 12:01DI ®, 1.4,:3.3

.b.try ID ~ P]'IM ,Modi!.il.,ed In,.: PTN:

.edroom and througbout the SAE bouse uponhis return to 'hi S ffat:em:ity" He a:c1«loV!.'~edged that this caused his 'Inelnory~obe haz.y.

Mr. Shea. reported tltattbey entered SAlt: via 'tile front door and spenr timefi'p(}k~ngthei'rl:~eads: llUO moms" at SA.E. He explained that ~hey drank shots of ji ~nl Beam ill his nJOU.I and. in other roems thIOlllgbo,ut SAE. H.e confirmed that. they weit1tHilil and aut'! of the "Pool Roem" in SAE S!ev,er,a~ times. He advised that be 'was: in tbe presence of B,emadetit e Reyes. A!l(bewLobse, and. probab]yhis girlme;nd Sarah Koo, aswell as Alex vma:r in ~he "Pool Room".

He reported that he was ait SAE 'for ,~bo'Utanholurr befo·reDSS was caned by Mr. Alllbart. Mr. Shea. denied recalling aVJ!y encounter wi~bPbil Au'b,arl:p,no,r $0 tills can. He stated that "someone'' had~old him that f'hil had eatlll!iiS&8i1 on him, Mr. Shea stat,edthat he was in the basement: when tbis, other persou made him aware of this," He advised tha:[ he did netrecall who told him this infoml2ltio',n. ]. advised Mr. Shea. ~ha.t IDS 5 was called beeaasecoceine wa:sbe~ng used. in the '~rClol Room", Mr .. Shea advi~ed. thai!! he hadno memory of mTh)'thin.g invclving cccaine last night Hestated tllilat he:oin~yrecaUed w a~k~ng, around with a boM~.e ·ofJ~n.lBe:a.m .. ,

Mr. She-aadmiued that he has used. cocaine in the past, but denied. that he; used It recently, A,coord1l'l!g to Mr. ,Sh.ea, there was a time when oocaine was a pro:blem at SAE, bUitthat th.ings ehanged a,f;tier some $.AE mlembers, fr·ornthe classes of 200800(1 2009 gradiuated . Mr. Sbea, .sM~I~edtha!~ he uoou.1:d imagine a. :situa.tion. could occur. wben dri.n.idng~be:ing offered (ceeaine) while ·d:mW:..~j He :re]}Orted~hat under sucha simaJti(H:1lhemayHkely use cocaine again. However he denied. being,~he, source of any cocaine usedat SAE [h~s morning, or recalling us~ng it with others ]uuhe II! Pool Room" as reported ..

I advised Mr. Shea that this matter wasstill uoder ~I1.ves~wgationand~bat it was too soon. to deteamneea outeeme, I. eeutiened him about: t:hreaten~n..g~harass~D.g cr otihe:rwi se causing ~ss.u!es: fmPhi A:ubm.. I explaieed tilla~ Mr. Aubart is awitnesssnd any In,appropri.ate action. en his part, (Sbea's). could result: ~n serious criminal c~8Jfges forWHnes:s Tasnpering, He ·cunfiinnoo tlli:Uil!~: he un.defs~Qod andweuld notbe oomm.u:ll.~ca,ti:ng wUhMr.

A,-1k'~I'" "- .' . ' , I told '1M, ·S·.b -~c ···1k,-;t tiL- -~~~ - w -e '-eve-ral other ~.·-'l'·~es that were w~t[H~."'se'" andJor ;sns - ects

~~,il!t~. Uli amy.m,anner. 0, ._, r. ,_ ea U,I.a . ... ef_ S _ . __ , __ , 0_. fpal'L_ . . . _" _ _ "'_ ~ "' .. _ _ . __ . __ p __ 'S

in this .wa:tl:er. ·~c'audQn.edhilim .albo'Ult o.r otherwise e:liIga~ng in acenspiraey to preve:l:1i~ the policefrom gathering. tYv~d:eniCeoodjO'r dete.rmlning, the truth in this matter, He ·ooiIDIfir:rnedtbat.beunderstoocl ..

I asked Mr. SheS! ,about his re~.!noiAsh~pwith. Bemadet,te Reyes. H.esta~ed that sheis agirl ~ha.t Wfm.ts~o "heck up" wi(b him. He denied that he has any inter,est in her and. attributed ~h.e attract~()In tobeing primari1y orne way. ~: tctd.bimthat I had some mrti1JJef werkto do with Bernadette RJeyes alldtbat I did not wmthim to, cemmnnicate w~th.h:er until it. was oompleted. He agreed no~~obe in contact with MISS ReYf's,

On May 14th~ 201.0 Detective Eri,c went to tbe HitiCbcock OOm\l~~O:ry to locase Bernad!eUeReyie-s in hopes o,foondud~ng, an hnerview. Miss Re-yes was ]oc:atoo in her room, (#206) .. netectiveB,al~esasked Miss, Reyesto detaU her activities las~nlg_ht up ~o DSS beingcalled to SAE. Miss Rey,esaJdvrusoo that her primary reason for be,itl!ga1t SAE was ~o hang oUluwiih Brian Shea. She said that she had a ooyp~e (I.f' "1dri;n.ks1~ before going to a show aitTabard.,wheresb.e~:s;r.. M~:ss Reyc$ told uisthat. she met up with BrIan. Shea. at Tabard so.m.etl,me around midnight. Reyes 'could not saJ.yhcw much alcebclMr, Shea 'h,ad, eonsumed prior to' s~OrwingU1.!Il at Tab.d, bu~ she did [atenotke thethe was 11 looser thaeusaal" .• which. ga'veher t:ll:e inrpress~on

I th~~he had been drinking,

Hanove'r Pol i,c,e D,epa3:tment


N~'I'IVB' POR CA!'1:' l':tlU!Mc:rs !' HOlU!IN ae,f:~ lO'HAN~4l~WA,

bt;,e:r,eci;: 0115/18/210'10 $ 1010 Mo,difi'ed:;. OS /,20/l'laO @ 1,40'7

Ell u''Y ::l:D = rIM MO,dif :iedl XD: !'TN

Jdv~sed that it was herimpression that thf!_y were doing this so that thot:y could continue drinking, Once back am SA]!,· Miss Reyes st!l!ticd that she'dranik two shots, ofwhhkey. She !lIdvi:sed. that Mr. Shea had drunk more than shehad and was can-ying a whi skey bottle Mound the SAE house with him.

Miss Reyes reported tl!:ia'~ she and Mr'. Shea e¥ltlntua;ny made their W,iy in to nl.e SAE pool FOOm. According to Miss Reyes, she excused herself from the' mom" possibly to use the bathroom, orto socialize. She estimeted that :sh.e abse...nt from the room formugh.~y 15-30 mimrtes, Reported']y. 'Vi/hen . she returned to the poolroom, she discoveredthat she could not get in. S'he advised that it was around this time that she saw Phil Aubert and spoke ,yj,d:JIhim. br.ruefl.y befose he let her back into the pool r00111.

Ac"oordin,g,~o Reyes. she had noprior know ledge of what was happen~n,g in the poo,I mom 'VI' hile she was gone. Reyes claimed that :she had expected to 'ber;etuming to people drlnkingm the pool momthu~ round herself walkingblindly in. ~o a drug scene. Miss Reyes eonfirmed that Brian Shea, was definitely in the pool room when she returned, and c~aimed she did n.ot know who the otbermale and female were that were abo present. Miss Reyes. described the female as 'being "Asian", but diid. not bow her marne. Miss Reyes. said that the last n.arme of "Lohse" sounded. familiar 'to' her, and that i~ 'may h.ave boon t'he otber maJe's llame that 'Was in the room.

Miss Reyes advisedthet she recognized (ham there was, cocaine present in the pool room; but denied ~bat. she participated using it. R:eyes. ,also claimed that she has "never" used 'cocaine in her UFe.

\Vb.eli! asked ,a.b>ou~ the use: of the eocaine by the three peo:p,lein the mom ~ ( Shea, AI1Id.rew LOhse and Sarah 1(000 )."M~ss Reyes responded "I think 1 saw one of them using. II Wheuasked fot acJditiona~ .wnfoo11naticm about this, Reyes,c].ailmed tThl;~t. sheeould not say :fo{ sure wh,idb. of the two peeplethetwere UJ1bJOWI1I to her w:as, actaally using the cocaine, only that she beHeves someone was snorting the cocaine whiWe she was, 'mn 'the room .. She advised thai! s he: d~d netpey atlen,tion to Vi! haJJI was bappenw.g w~.tlil the cocaine ,aJod th3,t Brian Shea did not use any ofthe cocaine in her presence, She stated that she was only in the pool room. for abeut 'five minutes. Miss Reyes advised. that she didnot know who sup'plied the oocaine,and dild not: recall lOY conversation in the pool room thwt WQ'Uld suggest who, the cocaine belonged. to.

On Ma,y "1 '9tlt~ 201 0 I met 'with Bernadette Reyes. Lpresented her wifh a photo lio(NIP that contaiaed images 'of Sarah Koo and seven ('7) other Asian women. 1 asked thal she reveiw the nne~QP and. ~e]] me ifsheli.ecogni~ed any of tlle persons as 'the female party seen inpessession of eoealne along with .Brhm Shea and Andrew Lohse in the pool room at the Sigma. Alpha Epsilon fratemity on, May] 3'th. She, reviewed the Iine-up andidentifled the photograph of SM~h Koo as m,e· female in. question.

At thistime I am. , arrest waJ,rran:~ to charg,e Shillran Koo w~th the crime of Acts P:r;oh~bruted, ,~s:s:ession of cocaine). RSA 318-13::2. The elements of this en_me ieelude knowingly hav~n.g ~n. his possession iii, q,uantity of the OOij.til'~~~OO drug cocaine,

3. Based upon the t:Of1egojnginfom~atio.n (a! upon mypenonal. knowledgel there lsprohalble cause to

believe that the defendant d:~d commira crime (or a"ff-ense) asebove stated .. WberefQre~ I request. that th.e court issueanarrest 'WaRan,t and order a. dilly authorized officerto take the defend ... " and ll~·:.,g him beforethe 0011.11 'having j

Hanover' P,oli,c(,e .De.p,rt:me:nt :NAlUU\TI.VE· FOR 'CAPTP:R.A:NCIS. 'T MORAN Ref ~ :l'l]'H;AH- 41 ~ WA

Ente:red: es /18/2 01,101 lit 1010 M:Odified~ 0'5/2'0/2 01'Q @' 1,4101

Bn:t;,ry riD,:; I'TM Hodi fied 1:1);:; PTM

Then pe.fSonaHy appeared the above-named Cap:t Fr:ands T M,or,an and made oath that the' foregoing affidavit

by him subscribed is true. Before me this ,~~ day of May. 20]0

And It ~!~g ,;:::r·C ,"r"u~<l,(' . 3. Ju,stice of the Lebanon District Court, have pe:rsonaiHy e:ximl~ned tbe Cmnp~,atjnt against the: aforesaid defendant, ,any in form ation contained in the ebove a:ffi,daevit, and, have orally exam ined the above a,pplicant Based upon such inform ai,ti,ont .I conclude thatthese ~ms ( )15, 'Pi'l¥f sufficient. 'p:robable cause for the issuanceof the arrest warrant sought. Therefore" thearrest warrant is ~GRANT&D ( )BENI:EU and tbe arrest w,~rnm.t ~S t ·iIS NBt'"I;sll:ed ..

N{I\e,5, of Issuing Magistrate;

PROBABLE CA' S!E is oeIincd iIi5: "'An ~p,~1 £ti:ic 'D'r fDC15 frn.!M 1(1 eAiSl. upon 'rCi!!~ll@ble mquiry. whi'C'n wO\lid inc!l.Iee II fCiliIol'l:aIb:ly mtelli,gCflI IIDel pNd.enl !fiall ,[ w@mi!.!!.] 10 b.eti,~. j'n ~ ~nfll1lnnB.! G!I-..e;, ~~t Ilte ac;~1l5ed p~ h~C1 co=iu.cdlh~ cmi!ii~ dnll";l!lildl"'.

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