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Rules-Based Availability Check Overview and Steps to Configure

I think, RBA is one of the area in which we have highest number of questions posted on SCN. I am posting this blog
to consolidate my understanding/knowledge with RBA. Hope this blog will help our community members.
Introduction : An ordinary ATP check is restricted to the requested locationproduct and checks only the according
timeseries. Using Rules Based Availability Check(RBA or RBATP) it is possible to substitute both the location and the
product. In branched supply chain networks, rules-based ATP allows companies to take full advantage of multiple
shipping assets to ship goods from alternative sites to customers. In addition, it permits certain products to be
substituted as required to successfully satisfy customer demands. This is a functionality available in GATP

Rules Based Availability Check is used to automatically or manually optimize the decision making process
using predefined rules

Rules Based Availability Check allows to react automatically to the incomplete availability of a product
based on the following

Determining Alternative Locations: This automatically chooses one or more sources (=

plants) from a list of supply sources that can be used to satisfy a product requirement.
Determining alternative products: This automatically allows to react to a shortage without
producing or procuring the product. The alternative products can be chosen automatically from a predefined list.
Combination of above two methods

Rule Based Availability Check can include basic methods as Product Availability Check and Product
Allocation check per Product/Plant combination

Rule Based Availability Check is activated via Check Instructions, triggered based on condition records
maintained in APO and executed according to a
predefined rule set.
Benefits of Rule Based Availability Check :

Deliver product on time, right quantity to customer.

Delivery product in most cost-effective way.

Minimize order to delivery lead time.

Leverage the full distribution network effortlessly.

Prerequisites: Following are the prerequisites for Rules Based ATP Check :
Product and Location are transferred into APO along with setting up of necessary fields in ATP Tab in
Product Master(/SAPAPO/MAT1)