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=Park Avenue I.

Q: New Name In The World Of Deodorants

Park Avenue now PARK AVENUE, one of the biggest brands in the world of Apparels, Cosmetics & Toiletries is one of the
ventures of the J.K. Helene Curtis Limited. Till date it has been generally successful with all the products and ranges offered. All
this is the contribution of its strong brand equity & a strong PR it has built over a period of time about its products and has been
leveraging that time and again. But the recently launched I.Q. in the Deodorant segment is not that successful, all this is the
contribution of neglect of the product by J.K. Empire.

PARK AVENUE has a wide distinction in the deodorants segment in the FRESHNESS DEODORANT
It offers1

Storm (Tagline: energetic, suave, cool, the stars fragrance)

Horizon (Tagline: airy, oceanic, profound, the travelers fragrance)
Alpha (Tagline: precise, strong, ahead, the directors fragrance)
Cool Blue (Tagline: calm, smooth, breezy, the temperate fragrance)
Tranquil (Tagline: serene, august, relaxed, the sailors fragrance)
Cruise (Tagline: fresh, wavy, soothing, the explorers fragrance)
Good Morning (Tagline: rejuvenating, prim, composed, the enigmatic fragrance)
8. I.Q. (Tagline: vibrant, winsome, fast, the torchbearers fragrance)

Marketing Mix

Product: Hail to Freshness Deodorant section of PARK AVENUE (PA) range. Although new but has
the potential to get to the top of mind and heart of the consumers.
Price: 172.00 INR for 93ml/100g bottle
Place: Available at all The Raymond Shop across India. Except I.Q. all other deodorants of PARK
AVENUE brand could be purchased from established retailers viz. BIG BAZAAR (PANTALOONS
Promotion: Till date no promotion has been done from the side of manufacturer (J.K. Helene Curtis
Limited) for its new product. This time no PR activity has been done while launching the product
(I.Q.) which is resulting into this product losing out to others.

Competitive Analysis

The product I.Q. is not competing with the products of other companies but also from the products of PARK
AVENUE also. This could be very easily justified by going through the entire range of deodorants offered by
PARK AVENUE as well as other companies. Besides this the other major competitors include:

Fuel (Elder Pharma; price point 150.00 INR for 93ml/100g)

2. Axe (HUL; price point 135.00 INR for 96ml/150g)
Adiction (Mankind)
Set Wet Zatak (Paras Pharma)

However among all these brands AXE has a dominating share in the market because of the brand equity and
brand loyalty that it has built and is leveraging the same. AXE has a wide acceptance among the youth
which forms the major chunk of perfume & deodorant users while majorly users of the PARK AVENUE
range are from the age group of 28-40. Vis--vis all these the AXE deodorant never forget to promote any of
its new product. AXE time and again, on launch of the new product goes for PR as well as wide advertising
Other problem with PARK AVENUE range includes the image it has built over a period of time attracts only
affluent and thus others remain unaware that the PARK AVENUE deodorants are within their reach and
could be of their taste depending on the fragrance of their choice.
Lack of promotion could be easy held responsible for unawareness of the target audience about the brand
and the product (PARK AVENUE I.Q.). Even there are no point-of-purchase displays, no testers are
available to lure the target audience so that they could try and convert the experience into a sale. Already the
promoters have made a mistake by not carrying out any PR activity & advertisement campaign but now by
not going for other promotional tactics they are rushing for double fault and leady the product towards an
Even at established and renowned retailers (BIG BAZAAR), the retailers are seen promoting their own
private labels (DJ&C) and other companies products for greater margins. So if the organization itself is not
going to promote its products through PR/advertising campaign its product would have to bear its

What Next
Lack of awareness about I.Q. among the masses needs immediate attention by the promoter (J.K. Helene
Curtis Limited). They need to promote the product using the core value they are offering in terms of these
products so that the target audience could easily relate that to their respective needs & wants. The brand thus
needs to extend its target population and create a different positioning in their minds so that it could leverage
out their attachment and association with the brand.
For achieving its objective thus there is the immediate need of the aggressive advertising campaign to make
a mark in the mind and heart of the target audience. PR in its new form popularly known as PR 2.0 (the use
of social media) i.e. facebook, google+, etc. could be used for its promotion as it is widely used by other
competitors viz. AXE, Sure, etc.


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PARK AVENUE-I.Q. has the potential to lure more target customers than others but for achieving this
objective it just needs support in form of strong market recognisation which can be built only through strong
brand and product promotion. With the chances of entry of new competitors in the industry the brand has to
be prepared for the safety which could be possible only when the product is given due importance otherwise
it could become a victim of bad management resulting in total vanishing from the market.
Enhance distribution channels, increase advertisements, try to leverage its fragrance which is different from
the earlier series of Freshness deodorant. All this could contribute to the increase in visibility and demand

Park Avenue is one of the most popular brand, which is known for its amazing, innovative wardrobe and fashion collections. Park
Avenue is Indias premium lifestyle brand. Park avenue Deodorants for men. Which makes you alive every day and gives you
confidence and a special pleasure to live each and every special moments of life with all confidence. Park avenue deodorant
allows you to create an Aura around your body and build up an impressive persona for yourself.
Park Avenue offers a wide range of long lasting deodorants specially made for different occasions, to attract ladies attention and
compel them to see you overturn. Here, We provide a list of Park Avenue Deodorant.

Park Avenue Alpha Body Deodorant

Park Avenues Alpha Body Deodorant for man, this deodorant made to give you distinguished identity that make you different
from other with the top Citrus, oriental and woody notes emphasize with powdery and musky notes in the base. A fragrance that
reflects the Alpha male and let you to smell pleasantly.

Park Avenue Storm Body Deodorant

Storm Body Deodorant- a wave of fresh Aroma. As the name suggests this is specially made to create the positive you which
reflects the confidence within and outside you. This cooling and pleasant fragrance develops an aura of Energy and builds the
shield of positivity and confidence around you and show your storming personality.

Park Avenue Cool Blue Body Deodorant

With this classic collection of Cool Blue Body Deodorant park avenue bring freshness for you. Cool blue body deodorant lets you
look fresh and cool in this hot exhaustive summer. Enjoy the cool aromas ocean breeze float throughout the day, and do not let
yourself down with sun rays look cool and energetic.

Park Avenue Tranquil Body Deodorant

Park avenue made different type of deodorant which reflects your personality and mood Tranquil body Deodorant reflects serenity
within you its soothing and fresh fragrance, let you calm down back and filled with cool and beauty.

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Imagine Body Deodorant

Imagine for men who dare to Envisage, Mesmerizing fragrance of Imagine deodorant memorize you the amazing alliance of
sweet, nutty and spicy accord. This fantastic fragrance fantasizes you in a white flora dream that will make you Envisage the

Park Avenue Believe Body Deodorant

Believe Body Deodorant is for men who believe in Exuberance, With the fragrance of Believe indulge yourself in the striking
vitality of fougere floral aquatic union. Cedar and sandal smell bring to the exalted status of Vitality. Believe body deodorant
enhances your confidence and energy.

Park Avenue Terra Body deodorant

With Terra body Deodorant let the exotic oriental spices cast a spell on you. The Terra is the smell of spices its fragrance delight
your smelling senses, this delightful fragrance of carnation and balsamic woody shades let you keep your calm and stay at your
notorious best through the nuances of the day.

Park Avenue Delve Body deodorant

Beautiful fragrance of Delve Body Deodorant specially made for men of this age to you up with the changing times. Its rich blend
of citrus and aromatic green spicy accord at its heart creates ravishing smell that suits to your personality.

Park Avenue Good morning body deodorant

Good morning body deodorant is the perfect partner for your beautiful morning. Its amazing fresh and ravishing fragrance freshen
you up and make your morning and whole day beautifully. This is a perfect mate for your morning.


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Park Avenue Deo: Spray, Smell, Love

The latest film for Park Avenue deodorant takes viewers back to the basics of product selection in the category.
Logic and reality aside, the message that most men's deodorant brands convey in their films is: 'Spray the product and
sit back as the women swoon'. Park Avenue, in its latest ad for its deodorant range, says something quite different:
'Spray the product and well, love the smell enough to take the bottle with you everywhere you go'.

While it sounds simple enough, the television commercial for the brand is not a literal execution. Rather, the ad
shows a man taking the product along with him to various locations, like he would a romantic companion. The tagline,
'Zara Soonghke Toh Dekho', was coined to resonate with what the brand believes is actual retail-level behaviour as far
as deodorant-shopping goes - that is, smelling a few bottles belonging to different brands before making a purchase
Ashish Khazanchi, national creative director and vice-chairperson, Publicis Ambience (the agency behind this
campaign), tells afaqs!, "Fact is, when a consumer is finally at the retail level shopping for a new fragrance, he checks
out a couple of brands before making a choice."
The objective is to get consumers loyal to other brands to smell the product at the retail-level once and consequently
change their brand preference. "All we want is for the new guys to check us out because we're confident of
conversions if they smell it for themselves," he adds.
Was it a conscious move to ditch the swooning women? "Swooning girls-kind of advertising has become parity. It has
become virtually impossible to distinguish one deo ad from the other with that kind of advertising," Khazanchi
responds, saying it was indeed a conscious decision to speak about Park Avenue's actual product delivery instead.
Fragrant insight?


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Priti Nair, founder, Curry-Nation, found the ad odd at first glance. "It's a strange one," she says, "It breaks almost
every tried-and-tested category code, be it the story or the casting. The humour is very 'English'. Even the ad has been
produced in a very 'firangi' style, not just the cast but also the look-and-feel. The Hindi line suddenly comes from
nowhere." The ad reminds her of Old Spice films sans women. However, Old Spice ads are addressed to women.
Here, as Nair points out, the ad shows how the product can take over the woman's role.
"Good move or not - time will tell but yes, it is very different from the stuff you see on the box. Do I like it? No. Does
it stick in your head? Yes, in a weird kind of way. My gut tells me it will not work for the target group on many
different levels but Ashok from Amrapur and Geeta from Gorakhpur might just prove me wrong yet again," Nair says.
Naresh Gupta, managing partner and chief strategy officer, Bang in the Middle, feels the men's deo segment may as
well be a non-existent one, given Axe's category domination. "The category may well be called 'Axe and brands' -labelled as 'Axe1', 'Axe2', and so on! The consumer, I guess, also buys it blindly, hoping to experience 'the effect'," he
says, adding about the current campaign, "Finally a brand that breaks the code and, in my opinion, positions the brand
as a true alternative."
Concurring with Nair though, Gupta too finds the combination of "international English voiceover" and "a very Indian
brand promise" befuddling. "It has a very nice premise -- that you will fall in love with the deo and take it everywhere
-- but brings it many notches down with the brand line," he says. "The brand line is funny and colloquial while the rest
of the commercial is too 'proper'. May be this is just what may work for the brand: Don't think too much, just carry it
everywhere," he concludes.
Interestingly, Publicis' Khazanchi tells afaqs! that the Hindi-English mix was a calculated move. "We deliberately kept
the landing line in Hindi because of the disruptiveness. 'Check it out' or 'Smell it to believe it'- kind of lines just
wouldn't cut it," he insists.


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Park Avenue Deodorants Packaging

An accessory for many, a daily necessity for some and synonymous with being a complete man, Park Avenue
Deodorants have dominated the male grooming segment in India since the past decade.
With over 500 brands of deodorants on the shelf, the high-end products of Park Avenue were disappearing in the
clutter. Moreover, the variants lacked a single story that tied them together. The fragrances were missing their essence.
When you walk into a store and have a park avenue deo available with shirts it is convenient for the shopper, not to
mention that the bond with the customer strengthens. Consumers may also find the extension useful.
In India, deodorants are a common substitute to perfumes, given the extreme heat and living conditions. Men rely on
these fragrances for a sense of freshness all day long.
These men are ambitious millennials at an early point in their careers chasing big dreams. Smelling good helps them
feel prepared for everything that lies ahead of them.
In a category governed by seduction, the way forward lay in making Park Avenue the deodorant that inspires ambition
in men.
For the packaging redesign, a story was built around the twelve SKUs. Graphic elements in an isometric grid, formed
illusions on the canister, while sticking to the existing colours of the deos.
Encouraging excerpts from the brand story were used on the cans, to engage the consumer and stir his determination
with every spray. The cap was inspired from the camera lens maintaining the premium look and feel of the product.
The brand story inspired the campaign idea for Park Avenue - For the man who believes.


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Park Avenue moves beyond the clichd to locking freshness

Click on the image to watch the TVC.

The latest TVC for Park Avenues new range of deodorants, conceptualised by Publicis and featuring Farhan Akhtar,
breaks the monotony of pass deodorant ads featuring scantily-clad women getting fascinated with the guy who uses
these deodorants.
Park Avenue decided to swerve away from the much-exploited get the girls swooning plot and, instead in its new
campaign, focuses on the benefit of Park Avenues new deo range Freshness Lock Technology which overpowers
body odour, thus ensuring fragrance to last longer.
The TVC shows two young office pals full of enthusiasm, making ambitious plans in the morning to watch a cricket
match at the stadium after they get off work. By the time its 6 pm, we see that these youngsters have turned into
drooping, depleted old men and have compromised their plans to instead watch the match on TV at home. At this
point, Farhan interjects to talk about the benefit of Park Avenue deos offering daylong freshness that enables the user
to continue to stay fresh and enjoy the day beyond the work hours. The commercial ends with Farhan himself enjoying
the match at the stadium.
Commenting on the campaign, Bobby Pawar, Managing Director, CCO, Publicis South Asia, said, The Shaam ka
budhaapa idea springs from what happens to a person and his deo; they start the day full of zest, but become thakela

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come evening. It is a fresh take in a category that is littered with chicks and wannabe chick magnets. And it will start a
new conversation about long lasting freshness. That said, what I liked most about it, when Jigar Fernandes and his
team shared it with me, is its potential to create engaging social content and conversation.
Raja Chakraborty, Marketing Head, JK Helen Curtis, added here, The deodorant category is struggling for relevance
in consumers minds as a daily wear product. Role of brands is to introduce consumers to newer roles of the same
category and back it up with perceptible product performance. Thats the journey we have undertaken with the new
campaign for Park Avenue. Publicis have played a key role in developing life insights that has gone into the
communication. We are quite confident that this communication should generate new trials for the brand.
Ashok Namboodiri, Business Head, JK Helen Curtis, commented, The new campaign for Park Avenue developed by
Publicis engages the young Indian consumer in a new and compelling manner. Phase One of the Deodorant story is
coming to an end and it is time to start new conversations that go beyond attracting the opposite sex. The new
campaign brings together a revamped marketing mix based on a key life insight and could well mark the advent of a
new conversation in male grooming based on new definitions of masculinity.
The film hits the nail on the head portraying the reality and irony of daily life we begin our day full of freshness, but
in the evening, when we have time, theres no freshness/ life left in us. The all-day freshness of Park Avenue deo
ensures that people have the freshness whenever they need it, which is not only through the day but also in the


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WOW Design lends a new look to Park Avenue's deodorant range

Park Avenue's newly designed range of deos

Strategic brand consultancy WOW Design has collaborated with JK Helene Curtis' flagship brand Park Avenue, to
design and package its deodorant range. Park Avenue is the mother company's premium western formal apparel brand
which is further extended into personal care products with a range of perfumes and deodorants. Park Avenue has
extended into the deodorant category for young women, and the brand brought in WOW Design to design this range in
addition to revamp its men's deodorant range.

Saswata Das, co-founder & director, WOW Design said, "While Park Avenue is the second largest selling men's
deodorant; the TG was buying a Good Morning, Cool Blue or Storm deodorant, rather than a Park Avenue deodorant.
WOW Design took up the challenge of infusing the character of the brand Park Avenue into the packaging design. The
design-led solution ensured not only a larger weightage to the brand over the variant name, but also a better resonance
with the brand's imagery, with the introduction of the Falcon (the brand icon) and the apparel inspired texture on the
pack. On the other hand, for the female deodorants, the most challenging aspect was to extend a predominantly men
centric brand Park Avenue into the female grooming category. The category is much cluttered and there are a plethora
of brands to choose from. But we were clear we had to position Park Avenue clearly for the right TG- 'Women of


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Style', who is confident and bold but not a rebel, carefree but not careless. I believe the new packaging design brings
to life these personality traits, really cuts the clutter and has a brilliant shelf throw."

Added Raja Chakraborty, head of marketing, J.K Helen Curtis, "The key challenge for Park Avenue was to keep some
continuity in design from the way old packs looked yet have a commonality in design. It has been very smartly tackled
by WOW Design. The packaging revamp helped us get synergy across the brand. It has definitely reduced the slide the
brand was facing prior to this. The packaging has not just been liked here but also in our export markets like Dubai.
The new pack designs deliver a synchronized look, yet a strong individuality for each of its variants, indicating it's a
Park Avenue offering beyond doubt."

Top 5 Best Selling Mens Deodorant Brands in India
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Do you like someone smells good? Everybody likes someone with good fragrance always. Most of
them ask us about the Best Selling Mens Deodorant in India ? A good deodorant for men or women is
must have thing during hot summer season. With increased ads that overwhelming the impact of


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deodorants lots of young mens and womens using this every day. Not up to the extent as in Axe ad,
but to a limited level women got attracted towards men with good smell or perfume or Deodorants.
A good fragrance not only gives smell but it enhances the self confidence of the user while we
interacting with others. Before selecting a good deodorant you should know which is good for you
without side effects like skin darkening and irritation. Choose a cool fragrance and attracts everyone
around you instantly. This top 5 listing of Best Selling Mens Deodorant, which is updated and based
on 2015 market share, position and popularity of products among customers.
Deodorant vs Antiperspirant
Before buying a Deodorant, you should understand the difference between these two. Deodorant helps
to reduce this unpleasant odor of body by controlling the growth of the bacteria. This also features
a scented perfume to mask the smell. Keep in mind that, a deodorant wont reduce the amount that
you sweat.
If you choose an antiperspirant, this product aim to reduce how much you sweat. This
contain aluminum salts and that dissolved into your sweat, form a gel-like barrier over your armpits.
For best results antiperspirants are often combined with deodorants.
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No 1: Fogg

Fogg now enjoys the No 1 position in Deodorant segment with its sensational ads and appealing
fragrances. This is one of the Best Selling Mens Deodorant in India. Fogg black collection combo is a

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hot selling one in most leading online stores. You can purchase Fogg Black Collection Fougere
Deodorant for men 120 ml / 800 Sprays Guaranteed offers from Snapdeal at just Rs. Rs 242. Most
series of perfumes and deodorants coming with An amazing fragrance for men.
It is Designed specifically for Indian weather & needs. All these ensures masculine fragrance that will
surely get you noticed. Fogg perfumes are All perfume, no spray. Enjoy Long lasting aroma and
it Keeps you pepped up all day long. This is Perfect for gifting purposes and A perfect match for
working people who need heavy duty fragrance. You can choose any fogg which is Ideal for all
Famous Fogg Perfumes

Fogg Fresh Woody Body Spray 120 ml (For Men): Rs. 250

10 Fogg Fresh Spicy Body Spray 120 ml (For Men): Rs. 250
11 Fogg Royal Fragrance Body Spray 120 ml (For Men): Rs. 180
12 Fogg Fresh Aqua Body Spray 120 ml (For Men): Rs. 250
13 Fogg Napoleon Fragrance Body Spray 120 ml (For Men): Rs. 180
No 2. Park Avenue

Park Avenue is one of the biggest brands in the cosmetic industry. This one among the Best Selling
Mens Deodorant in India. Perfumes and deodorants from Park Avenue are highly famous. They offer
variety range of fragrances in deodorants for men. Most of them are long lasting and leaves you fresh
from morning to evening even in hot climates. Go and choose your one fast and spreads the wonder
around you.
Popular Park Avenue deodorants

Park Avenue Voyage Deodorant Spray 150 ml (For Men) Rs. 178

Park Avenue Storm Deodorant Spray 150 ml (For Men) Rs. 145

Park Avenue Cool Blue Deodorant Spray 150 ml (For Men) Rs. 145

Park Avenue Good Morning Deodorant Spray 150 ml Rs. 141


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Park Avenue Alter Ego Deodorant Spray 150 ml (For Men) Rs. 194

10 Park Avenue Tranquil Deodorant Spray 150 ml Rs. 137

3. Axe

Axe is the brand name of male grooming products from a British- duch company Unilever in France.
Another famous brand dove is a related brand of Axe company. Axe (also known as Lynx in
the United Kingdom. Axe deodorants is very famous for their hot ads and fragrance that attracted
young men to buy the product forcefully. Axe Aftershave Lotions & Axe Body Wash are well known.
They have huge Facebook page fans too:- official Axe Facebook page launched in 2010 and has more
than 3.5 million fans.
They launched combining seductive scents with the latest technology from the irresistible chocolateinspired Dark Temptation fragrance to the stimulating Axe Rise range. This cool, iconic brand
launched in India in 1999 with Axe Deodorants. Most of them feel an increased confidence after using
these wonder deo during their meetings. It will keep you fresh and smart from morning to
evening. Axe products are coming in affordable price range. Deodorants cost less than 250 rupees per
bottle. This is the largest selling male deodorant in India.
Popular Axe deodorants

Axe Dark Temptation Deodorant Spray 150 ml (For Men) Rs. 154

Axe Denim Deodorant Spray 150 ml (For Men) Rs. 159

Axe Signature Mysterious Body Perfume 122 ml (For Men) Rs. 213

Axe Signature Suave Body Perfume 122 ml (For Men) Rs. 213

Axe Signature Intense Body Perfume 122 ml (For Men) Rs. 195

10 Axe Signature Rogue Body Perfume 122 ml (For Men) Rs. 213
4. Wild stone


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Wild stone brand is one of the Indias leading male grooming brand producing perfumes, deodorants,
soap and shaving products. This is one of the Best Selling Mens Deodorant in india. It is one among
the three top deodorants brand in India. They continuously offer variety of fragrances to the Indian
youth which are always welcomed perfectly. Price range of these varies from 101-200 rupees.
Most popular wild stone deodorants

Wild Stone Aqua Fresh Deodorant Spray 150 ml (For Men) Rs. 169

Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Deodorant Spray 150 ml Rs. 160

Wild Stone Hydra Energy Deodorant Spray 150 ml Rs. 180

Wild Stone Red Deodorant Spray- 150 ml (For Men) Rs. 175

Wild Stone Forest Spice Deodorant Spray 150 ml Rs. 180

Wild Stone Smoke Deodorant Spray 150 ml Rs. 160

5. Nivea

Nivea is a world famous skin and body care brand for men and women. They offer you Best Selling
Mens Deodorant in India. The company was founded in 1882 in Germany. Nivea products are highly
quality assured and using world widely with trust. Nivea deodorants are also costs less than 250 per
each bottle. These products never cause skin darkening or irritation in most of the users as it is
produced with high quality stuff.
Famous Nivea deodorants

Nivea Fresh Active Original Deodorant Spray 150 ml Rs. 134

Nivea Cool Kick Deodorant Spray- 150 ml (For Men) Rs. 145

Nivea Sport Deodorant Spray 150 ml (For Men) Rs. 146

Nivea Fresh Active Burst Deodorant Spray 150 ml Rs. 146

Nivea Silver Protect Deodorant Spray 150 ml (For Men) Rs. 185


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Deo-drama hots up for men

Step aside, lady! The man, too, needs his time before the mirror. Thats what, the makers of
personal grooming products would like to believe, is a routine exchange across homes in urban India.
For, they are betting big on bringing the countrys male population in their fold with products
designed specifically for men, across categories like hair care, skin care and deodorants the last
being a category that has seen quite a bit of action lately.
According to analysts, shaving products like razors, shaving gels and after-shave lotions and
deodorants constitute 70-80 per cent of the Rs 3,000-crore mens personal grooming products market.
However, in terms of actual consumption, the market could be thrice that size, says Technopak Senior
VP (Retail) Purnendu Kumar. The reason: A large proportion of men use unisex or women-specific
products (in categories like bath and shower, hair care and skin care).
Deodorants is the second-largest contributor to the space after shaving products. The overall market
today stands at around Rs 1,500 crore, of which 65 per cent is mens market. Industry players say,
compared to skin care or hair care products, deodorants is an easier category to make inroads into by
getting men to adapt to male-specific fragrances.
HULs brand, Axe, continues to be the market leader in the space, with a share of around 16 per cent.
Park Avenue, a distant second, trails with half the market share. Other players like Nivea, Set Wet
and Wild Stone follow, with 5-7 per cent shares each. Though Set Wet and its fellow brand Zatak have
changed hands twice over the year from Paras Pharma to Reckitt Benckiser to Marico. Industry
players say, with changes in distribution models and possibly even strategy, the transition has slowed
down the brands.
Besides, there also are several other brands like LOreals Garnier for Men, J K Ansells
KamaSutra and Wipros variant for men under the Yardley brand jostling for the space. Yardley is
even said to be planning to bring on board a popular Bollywood actor as brand ambassador.
The large number of players notwithstanding, experts feel most of the brands run the risk of being
Axe me-toos, given the common platform of sensuality being used by almost all of these for
promotion. On their part, these players feel limited by the peculiarity of the market.
All for the fragrance
Developed markets traditionally use deodorants as antiperspirants. In India, however, these are
mostly used as cheap perfumes. So, while the roll-on format is used in developed markets, in India it is

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mostly aerosol spray, says Satyaki Ghosh, director (consumer products division), LOreal India.
Despite this feature of the Indian deodorant market, Garnier for Men offers its products on an
antiperspirant platform and has invested significantly in developing the category with a high-octane
media campaign featuring Bollywood actor John Abraham.
Other players though seem to be content tweaking their offerings for the Indian market. Global skin
care brand Nivea, for instance, has Fresh Active, a fragrance-led deodorant, as its flagship variant.
The variant is not very big in Brazil (the biggest deodorant market), or even European markets.
However, being fragrance-driven, it suits the Indian market well, says Nivea India MD Rakshit
The audience for deodorants is young, says Ranju K Mohan, director and business head, J K Ansell.
The target group is mostly in the 15-35 age group. They carry deodorants wherever they go and use
those to instantly freshen up and smell good, explains Mohan. Thats another reason for deodorants
being fragrance-driven in India. In fact, Mohans brand, never emphasises on the performance
attributes like sweat absorption. The product is built entirely on the premise of fragrance. Also, the
name of the brand, associated more commonly with its brand of condoms, reeks of sensuality and
attraction, a platform strongly exploited by deodorant brands. Possibly, thats why the brand has
never used mass media to promote the product, hoping the name itself works the magic.
However, not every player seems to think so. Anil Kulkarni, business head, J K Helene Curtis, owner
of Park Avenue brand, says: Our brand has never been positioned as a chick magnet. We
differentiate ourselves from the rest by staying true to the brand image of our mother brand, Park
Avenue. So, we carry a formal, business-like, even an aspirational image.
But, there is a high risk of consumers switching brands and loyalties quickly, for bettter fragrances.
The solution, according to LOreals Ghosh, is keeping some pillar variants or constants in the
portfolio, while also supplying new variants at regular intervals. Thats something Nivea did by
introducing its Dry Impact variant for a short period in India and pulling it out after creating some
Unlike categories like soaps and shampoos, where companies could introduce smaller pack sizes at
lower price points, thats a door closed on the deodorant category. Reasons are purely technical. Due
to factors like packaging, spray mechanism and aerosol, it is difficult to lower prices. Besides, the
category has been developed over the years by upgrading consumers, and not through price cuts,
says Niveas Hargave. Either way, the promise of the segment is too alluring for players to mind such


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The company has roped in ITC Foods COO Giriraj Bagri as president. Rajeev Bakshi, former MD of
Metro Cash & Carry, Pepsi and Cadbury, will be an exofficio chairman to advise on the new segment.
"Our vision is to be player of choice amongst the emerging and enterprising India for their daily,
personal and home care needs. We are a premium lifestyle products group, committed to offer
innovative products to the rising youth of India," said Gautam Hari Singhania, chairman of
The country's beauty and personal care market is worth Rs 75,000 crore and registered a 16% growth
over the past five years, according to Euromonitor. Growth tapered off last year due to sluggish
consumer demand for mass products, which account for the majority of the segment's sales.
"We plan to build great brands, take significant innovation, make new categories entry, explore the
market and create a robust supply chain," said Bagri, who has over two decades of experience in
companies including Colgate, Heinz and Castrol.
"As a brand, Raymond cuts across generations and starts with a great advantage. There is enough
evidence of global premium brands expanding into FMCG successfully," he added. The market is
dominated by MNCs such as L'Oreal, Nivea and Hindustan Unilever, along with domestic companies
Dabur, Vini and Marico. Almost all have diverse product portfolios catering to the mass consumer
segment with good distribution networks.


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Raymond is clear that it will have premium positioning so that it doesn't cannibalise other brands in
its portfolio such as Park Avenue, which is present in almost a dozen categories such as beer shampoo
and deodorants.
Demand remains high for premium brands as urban consumers with higher disposable incomes are
choosing pricier brands. "While this extension into personal care allows the brand to expand...the
challenge is to be innovative as the space is overcrowded with hardly any differentiation now," said
Devendra Chawla, president - fast moving consumer goods and brands, Future Group.
The portfolio expansion could also mean tweaking its distribution model, which thrives on selling the
bulk of its wares from more than 1,000 exclusive Raymond stores, among other multibrand outlets.
While the company will add new outlets to expand reach, they will mostly be restricted to urban areas,
added the company.
Raymond has significant interests in textiles, apparel, retail and engineering. Its consumer products
division accounts for less than 15% of its total annual revenue of Rs 5,600 crore .
Park Avenue's deodorant mist grows slow, steady
While Darshan Patel's Fogg has quickly scaled to the top of the pecking order in deodorants, Park
Avenue - Raymond Group company JK Helene Curtis' brand - has scaled up and stayed put in the
second spot. Hindustan Unilever's Axe, that had led the category for a while (men's deos have a larger
market) has yet been unable to stem its slide.

Helene Curtis has a perceptively different media presence. The category, valued between Rs 2,3002,000 crore according to sources, is not only crowded with 600 brands, but is characterised by heavy
spends from pan-India players that have deep pockets. Besides HUL's Axe, ITC has been pushing its
range, Engage (has 5.9 per cent share), while ex-Paras owner, Patel, and now the owner of Vini
Cosmetics, has kept pace with Fogg. The ads notching up those spends compete to be racier than the

The Park Avenue takes a different tack. "Research into usage and attitude of consumers has shown
that in a category that is very flirtatious, they tend to stick with us. One of our strengths is that we are
not into the seduction space. We extend the Park Avenue brand positioning of celebrating the man,
and ensuring he looks good," says Anil Kulkarni, business director, J K Helene Curtis.

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Saying something new

A different positioning is paramount in a noisy space (heavy advertising in mainstream media). Vini
Cosmetic's 18 +, the other deo brand that Patel had floated, has not done so well. Patel says, "It is
about connecting with the consumer with an answer to their needs. Fogg did it with its 'no-gas' (more
deodorant liquid for use) proposition and now we see a lot of other players claiming the same. With
18+, we were unable to offer such a sharp differentiation. There were 100 other more popular
alternatives." One of the latest deodorant brands, Rover, by VEMB Retail (which had bought
discount chain, Promart from Provogue), too wants to beat the stereotype by focusing on the moods of
a multifaceted man and the identity to bind them all. Brand consultant, Alok Nanda, the MD of Alok
Nanda & Company, says, "The boy-gets-girl theme has become generic with the category. Even then,
many of the players treat the theme with an Indian flavour. Axe has been missing the connect with the
audience because it has a cliched theme that has a predominantly international stance."

While Patel has kept his spends high with Fogg, Park Avenue has not spent as much as competition,
including Axe and Engage. "Park Avenue has done this (gain market share) without spending as much
money as most of the others," says Kulkarni. Though, Park Avenue's marketing spends are being
increased by 30 per cent according to Kulkarni. After all, the other players are not letting up on their
offensive. Patel says, "We will continue to invest for another year or two with high media spends. My
share of voice has to be more than competition." HUL recently ran its high-intensity campaign around
the Axe boat party, and a veteran but smaller player, Nivea, has launched a new campaign with actor
Arjun Rampal. Rover, is spending Rs 30 crore in its launch year, when it is not taking the bigwigs
head-on, according to Punit Agarwal, MD, VEMB Retail.

"Seduction is not the only motivation of a man": Raja Chakraborty, Park Avenue Deodorant


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Raja ChakrabortyMarketing head, JK Helene Curtis

Being second best is no mean feat. We're sure Raja Chakraborty would agree. He's the proud
custodian of a brand that climbed from No.3 to No.2, in the Rs. 2,000-2,300 crore deo category, within
12 months.
As per a Neilson study conducted across urban India, as of March 31, 2014, the brand's market share
(in terms of value) was 7.7 per cent, second only to Vini Cosmetics' Fogg. Same time last year, Park
Avenue Deo was at the No.3 position (Fogg was No.1, HUL's Axe was No.2) and had a market share of
7.4 per cent. Over a year, Park Avenue displaced Axe, a brand that pretty much set the
communication codes for this category.
But interestingly, on the communication front, Park Avenue Deo operates in a space of its own. Over
the past year, the brand has increased its ad spend by about 50 per cent.
In lieu of the brand's recent market performance, we spoke to Chakraborty, marketing head of JK
Helene Curtis, the Raymond Group Company that markets Park Avenue's deodorants. Over the past
15 years he has worked across brands and categories including PepsiCo, Henkel India, Kansai
Nerolac Paints, Babool and Meswak, among others.
Chakraborty has been handling the male grooming portfolio at Park Avenue for a little under two
years now.
Edited Excerpts.

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Q. You've outperformed Axe over the past financial year. What did you do right?
A few things. We stayed away from the eagerness to get into the seduction space; instead, we have
been speaking to the young working man about success. The emotional payoff we offer is success. We
have maintained a very premium and international imagery.
Moreover, in the recent past we have tried to correct one of our weaknesses - our distribution
momentum and push. Over the past year, we increased our distribution by almost 50,000 outlets. This
has come on the back of certain SKU strategies, like our 'Deo Shots' range, that comprises small 40 ml
deo bottles available for Rs. 59 each. It's an entry level SKU that gives people an option to try the
This strategy has given us that incremental trial and incremental distribution in a larger number of
towns, and has helped us push our market share.
Q. Speaking of distribution, to what extent to do rely on your Park Avenue apparel stores for your deo
To a very large extent. Park Avenue apparel has helped the deo brand in terms of its imagery. It is
surprising, but whenever I meet consumers, they never say Park Avenue is an Indian brand. But the
fact that we're seen as a premium, international brand this is a strength. So that's where Park Avenue
apparel plays a role. The deo business borrows that rub off from apparel.
But from a distribution standpoint we rely a lot more on our regular distribution outlets, like
traditional and modern trade, chemists, cosmetics and general stores. Yes, since the deo products are
available at the apparel store, there is some conversion that happens there... but from an overall sales
point of view, it is minimal. Almost all our deo sales come from traditional and modern trade.
Q. Why did you decide to stay away from the seduction space? How did you zero in on the 'alpha
male' angle, instead?
Our research - a 2013 study called Censidium, in association with Ipsos - that attempts to quantify the
motivations of people reveals that seduction is not the only motivation a man has.
'Alpha male' was more of a communication insight. It's about the adventurous instinct. Every time we
meet consumers, we see this trend... they're always trying to do something other than their jobs.
Nowadays, people take pride in their hobbies. It's almost like a parallel life that gives emotional
satisfaction. Everybody wants to be successful, yes, but we found that everybody also wants to have a
sense of achievement... not something one necessarily gets from his job.


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We have a digital property that translates this idea into reality. Last year, we gave the winners of our
online contest (that got around 25,000 participants) a chance to drive a super car on the racetrack in
Coimbatore. This year we took three people to sky dive (18,000 feet) in New Zealand.
Functionally, all deo brands cater to the same need gap - long-lasting fragrance and overcoming sweat
odour. But we're not a problem-solution brand. We emotionally partner the man who seeks success in
Q. Who is your typical consumer? What's he like?
A typical Park Avenue deo consumer is a 25+ guy, who has just started his work life. He's at a stage
where he really wants to prove his worth.
Our strength is really in the larger towns (1 million+ population). We have been pushing our
distribution in smaller towns. For instance: historically, our communication has always been in
English, but over the past year, we have moved to Hinglish. We have ensured the language we use to
communicate in is a bit more 'mass'.
We don't believe in SEC as much as we do in the buyer's mindset. For example, sales for our Deo
Shots come primarily from smaller towns like Guwahati and Agartala. The guy who uses this product
may not be high on purchasing power (typically, he's from SEC C) but his 'consumer sketch' is the
same as the kind found in Mumbai. That is, he works in a private company (say, telecom), he is not a
government worker, his TV viewing habits are similar to those of people in metros (he watches CID,
Crime Patrol, doesn't watch regional channels as such, dabbles a bit in English programming), and he
is doing something in his life to progress.
Q. Some people look at deodorants as a 'necessity' in metros and a 'luxury' in small towns.
Conversely, others say deos and other male grooming products are no longer for the metrosexual
urban male alone...
In metros, given our lifestyle, with long 'travel hours', we sweat it out more. The competitiveness is
more in metros. Therefore, the number of people who want to smell good is higher here than if you go
to a Durgapur. But, the growth rate for the deodorant market is highest in Tier 3 towns.
A deo is still an expensive product. A price point of Rs. 180-190 is not affordable for everybody. We
need to make deos affordable. That's why Deo Shots has done well in small towns. So it's not about
being a premium brand or an economy brand; it's about the price point. In general, the willingness of
men to wear perfume, not just deo, has increased.


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To me, the metrosexual male is probably a high-income guy who is heavily into grooming and is very
conscious about how he looks. These are guys who are already successful and want to ensure they are
'tip top'. But we don't play in that consumer segment so much. Saying "Park Avenue Deo talks to the
metrosexual guy" would be defining our consumer segment very narrowly.
We talk to the guy who wants to make it on his own and is motivated to succeed. This competitiveness
and pressure is common across large and small towns.
Q. How different are the TGs for your deodorants, beer shampoo and shower gel?
In our beer shampoo ads you see a whacky guy. We're talking to younger guys, who are experimental
and like taking risks. If you want to move out of your 'family shampoo' and go buy a Park Avenue
beer shampoo for yourself, then you're the kind that wants to experiment in life. When we launched
our beer shampoo, we saw that most of the guys who bought it were young engineers/MBA/techies,
who have moved out of their family home, are living alone and are trying to make their own choices...
guys who are from Belgaum but are staying in Bengaluru.
Recently, across four metros, we launched Speed Shower, a shower gel-cum-shampoo for men who're
short on time. The objective is to make shower gel less of an indulgence - and more of a daily use product. It is for men from a slightly higher income group. This is still not a mass category. The guy
who buys shower gel is probably slightly more 'evolved' than someone who buys (just a) deo or
shampoo. Shampoo is a Rs. 7,000 crore category and shower gel is a Rs. 60-100 crore category.
Q. Being No.2 comes with its own pressures. What keeps you awake at night?
We worry about spreading ourselves out too thin. We are being cautious about how we expand, extend
and invest across categories.


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Stay lively
While Park Avenue has been addressing the working man since launch, Kulkarni says that one thing
that a deodorant brand can not afford is lose relevance. Hence, the range undergoes a packaging
refresh every two-three years and has atleast one new variant every year. The latest refresh has been
to look contemporary and be "livelier, look younger", says Kulkarni. "In a lifestyle category, taste
changes, the look and feel of the brand has to change too. The consumer wants to look good," says

A livelier packaging would help increase the deo brand's appeal for the first-jobber, who has
graduated from college to looking sharp on the job. Nanda says, "It helps that Park Avenue talks to
first-jobbers who has more disposable income than teenagers and hence, spell out consistent growth
for the brand they buy into."

Park Avenue's value market share has also been helped by the premium it retails at - Rs 10-20 to the
existing brands, including Axe. It is now hedging its bet with two more packs, a bigger one for
economy of use and a small, pocket one for those who are aspiring to try the brand but don't want to
shell out as much. The brand reaches over 2.5 lakh outlets, and shares about 600-700 Park Avenue and
Raymond apparel stores.


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Nanda says, "Park Avenue as a brand is becoming more interesting as it moves away from a hitherto
dull image to introduce products like beer shampoos. The deo range has gained from it." The brand is
also being diverisified into men's facewash with ingredients such as tomato and coffee.

While the urban deo market was at Rs 2,077 crore in 2013-14, the overall market was worth Rs 2,320


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