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Domain 1: Social Regard for Learning

This domain tells us to be a good role model for learners. As teachers, we are responsible for
their actions that can be learned from school. Everything that theyd see to us may be right for
them. So as teachers, we act as good models and what we think is right.
Domain 2: The Learning Environment
Environment is a big factor in the education of every learner. We should be aware on the
environment that are conducive to learning. For me, as a future teacher, I can provide a
conducive environment by making it safe and creates an environment that promotes fairness. A
well balanced environment can help learners study hard and make them interesting in school.
Domain 4: Curriculum
The mastery of subject is still important to teach learners of different ages. When you know it,
there is no any problem when it comes to answering the questions of your students. It is
important to have self-confidence in answering those questions raised by the learners. As a future
teacher, I will choose right instructional materials related to the subject that are appropriate with
their age and of course to their ability.
Domain 3: Diversity of Learners
Diversity is very important in school. As future teacher, I will encourage learners to share their
personal history and experiences. I will also used varied instructional methods to accommodate
student diversity in learning styles and multiple intelligences. It is also important to know their
differences and also their abilities in order to give fair attention.
Domain 5: Planning, Assessing, and Reporting
There is a need to monitor the progress of every child. It is important to report it to their parents
or guardians to give some appropriate actions on it. Communication can produce a good
relationship to the parents. As future teacher, I will implement some time on meeting with the
parents to discuss everything about my advisory class.
Domain 6: Community Linkages
A multicultural teacher can relate to other culture even she is new to it. As teachers, we need to
be involved in the community that we are based. We are not just to stay in the four corners of the
classroom but also we are needed outside the classroom which is the community. The school and
the teacher have a very crucial responsibility in bringing about change and development in the
community on one hand and the community provides a lot learning opportunities on the other

Domain 7: Personal Growth and Professional Development

As future teacher, personal growth is needed to be an effective teacher, We say, we learn from
our experiences. So through this experiences, we grow better and learned everything in life. I
learned that teachers should act professional and have code of ethics to follow. This can be our
guide through our whole life in teaching.