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April Olorunfemi

Advanced Multimedia Instruction Rationale

The course I created is titled Crafting Constructing Responses. This
course is an interactive direct instruction tool that seeks to help middle
grade students to improve their written responses when given a writing
prompt. I employed various multimedia to incorporate throughout the
course. I understand the media-rich content is both appealing and
interactive methods to gain student interests, (Cooper, A., Reimann, , 2014)
I tapped into the visual literacy skills that our students are familiar
with using. I relied on colorful clip art, online posters to connect
students to the concepts of writing and reading. I also used
presentation platforms such as a Prezi, a YouTube video, and
photographs to enhance student learning experiences and draw them
to the content. According to Mayer, Multimedia learning is learning
from words and pictures. As an educator, I understand that students
are saturated with media at almost all areas of their lives. Educating
students is definitely a challenging tasks that requires the consistent
implementation of new ideas, new applications, new curriculum
delivery and new and authentic assessment products.