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Computer System

Teacher U Zaw Zaw Han

Wai Yan Thein

1. Task
A. The Personal Computer At Home
In This modern world we should have a personal computer at home. The personal
computers are makes easy in our lot of works. Today we have lot of new technologies
as well computers also, computer is awesome invention. It has lot of features.
In our personal computer we can do lot of things.
Ex: We can use it for
Official works. Etc...
As well,
In personal computer we can modify more things what our wishes. For example we
can upload data, games, songs etc...
In normal personal has normal features that is mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers
We can use it when we got necessary time, but all computers are not like that. Not
only that we can personally and with security.

Figure 1 Personal Computer

B. Meeting Room Computers.

In meeting room we should have to enabling to access the data and information easily
and quickly. In meeting when we suppose to write something or create something we
like to do easily.
In new technology we have lot of things in world including computers specially what
we using in meeting room.
Lets see about meeting room computers, I mention above that we suppose to share
files quickly and easily in this situation computers are very helpful for us.
As well we should present some file to our members in this time we can use
computers well.
Other thing is if we have networked computers in meeting room it is too special.
Because every each member can suffer own files in same time.
If we want to use a file at one time normally its hard but if we have networked
computers we can use a separate file at one time.
Let see about what are the features should we have on meeting room computers

RAM power
Network card
If we want to use a projector we should have HTML cable.

Figure 2 Meeting room Computers

C. Server computers
Its a special computer. We are using for different situations. Its a multi user
computer. At multi usage server is main part. Server has separate operating system.
Multi clients are working under the server. Server can control all the things in client
computer. Especially server has enough power more than client computers.
In our day today life server computers are very useful thing. Example ATM network
also control by one of server. Not only that in universities, banks, hospitals etc...
Some servers are committed to a specific work, such as file servers, print server,
database servers and network server.
In common life servers are using to deliver a service, by the way most servers are
never turned off. Because when server got a break other all the things are will got a
big fail.

Figure 3 Server Computer

Types of server
We have lot of type of servers, we going to see some important servers.
Application Server
It is help to run some applications.
Communication Server
It can control carriers or Network. It is only using in carriers.
File Server
It is help to suffer the files.
Mail Server
It is handle all transferring mails.
Name Server
Example: DNS server
Web Server
It is helping us because when we use the internet we
are HTTP clients. It is responses to needs.
Rack Server
It is designed look like a Rack.

Figure 4 Rack Server

Tower Server
It is we are using in day today life. It is a normal
personal computer.
Blade Server
This server is special, because when we like to save
our place during use servers it must help us. It can save
a lot place. It is minimized.

Figure 5 Tower Server

Admins computer in Callink


In Callink server is a main point. And networked meeting room and it has online conference
also. As a server computer should control all things correctly. So it should have more
security. If server is lost all the things are get fail.
As server, it should be enough power more than other computer. Server would have powerful
RAM, Enough storage device etc
Online conference also there so it should be have internet connection which also control by
server admin.

2. Task
1.2 Computer Hardware
Computer hardware is group of parts in computer. Its help to work the computer. Such

It is executing all programs in computer. The central processing unit is another name
for the processor. It is a chip that fits into a socket on the motherboard.
It is the main point of the computer system, allowing the operating system and other
programs to run.

Figure 6 Processer


All the other components are connected to the motherboard.

All computer systems, no matter what size, have a main board of some kind
The most popular is called ATX [advanced
technology extended] compatible.
The following components are connected
directly to the motherboard CPU, RAM &

Figure 7 Motherboard


Converted the digital signal to analog signal

Figure 8 VGA card

Sound card

Converted the digital sound to

analog sound.

Figure 9 Sound card

Power supply

A power supply is an electronically device that supplies power to an electrical load.

Figure 10 Power supply

Network card

It is using to connect the network to computer.


Figure 11 Network card

A modem is a device that modulates signal to encode digital information and

demodulates signal to decode the transmitted information.

Figure 12 Modem


Power up a device and keep it in the performing way.

Figure 13 Battery


RAM is the place to run the

applications. RAM stands for
random access memory. Is to
store data and instructions
temporarily when a program is
being run by a CPU. When the
power is removed the data is lost
this is what we call volatile
storage. RAM is a key factor in a
Figure 14 RAM
Hard disk

It is help to store the data on computer.

Figure 15 Hard disk


1.3 Computer Software

Figure 16 Types of software

Open Source Softwares.

It can be used for free of charge. Example: Android, VLC media player etc
Proprietor Softwares.

In this case, we cannot use this softwares for free. If we need this softwares we have
to pay. Example: Windows 8

Figure 17 Open source software's



Figure 18 Types of software 2

Software is a main point in computer. Without software its hard to run the computer.
Software has two groups such as Application software and System software.
1. Application software

It will help to perform the special function on computer. Example Business,

education, Hospitality like wise. And it will be have users like. If user likes only
education he can run the computer with education softwares.
2. System Software

It is made for run the computer. It has direct relationship with computer. Without
system software we cannot use the computer. Because operating system also one of
the part in system software.
Driver software also the part of system software.


1.3 Computer Peripherals

In this case we can divide two groups.
1. Input Device
2. Output Device.

Input Device
Which devices using to input the data or information to computer it is called input

It is like a group of keys. We can use this to enter the data to computer. The keyboard
is similar to typewriter. And it has Number keys, Punctuation keys and special keys.
(Function keys, arrow keys and caps lock keys etc)


Figure 19 Keyboard

It is a small and special device in computer. We can control the movements in display
using the mouse. The name also came from it is shape. It is look like a mouse. We can
move mouse, when we try to move the mouse the pointer also moves same direction.
It has mainly two buttons.

Figure 20 Mouse


Which we are using in computer to take
the photos it is called camera. Once we
need to save lot of photos as well we
cannot record that so that time we can
use the camera.

Figure 21 Web camera

This hardware device use to input the
sounds to computer. As well we have lot
of usages in microphone such as online
chatting, voice recording, computer
gaming etc

Figure 22 Microphone


Output Device
Which we got from computer those data was processed. That is why which device we are
using to get that it is called output device.

It is just a screen display. It has graphical capacities. The title can be dividing three of
It is display two color. Background and foreground it
can be black and White like that.
Gray scale.
It is displaying different shapes of gray.
It is displaying more than 16 million colors.
Sometimes it can be calling RGB monitor. Because it
is accepting three signals that is red green and blue.


Figure 23 Monitor

In computer printer is a device that text and graphical output from computer. And
transfer to hard copy or paper. It is can cost.

Figure 24 Printer


We have to listen lot of sound in computer.
So we can use speakers it is bring the sound
from computer.

Figure 25 Speakers


1.3 Different types of computers


Personal Computer
Mini Computer
Main Frame Computer
Super Computer.

Personal computer

Example: Tablet pc, Plume top, Lap top

At one time should one user can use this

Figure 26 Personal computer


Its multi users computer. Specially made for specific tasks such as Engineering,
Calculation etc... Sever Computer also one of Minicomputer.

Figure 27 Mini computer


Main Frame Computer

Its a massive computer. And looking like a cabinet that is why it is called Main frame
computer. Most one of speed computer. Where is the place to working with lot of data
or application, we can use main frame computer.

Figure 28 Main frame computer

Super computers
The fasted computer and multi user computer. Normally very expensive computers. It is using
to research and big calculations. And it is one of power full computer.
If we do a work in normal computer for twenty years, we can finish that same work in super
computer in one hour.

Figure 29 Super computer


3. Task
System Designing.
At Kamikumi Company there has lot of meeting rooms, if we take a room; there we
have to make design for more than 20 people.
What we need to make a system design
20 computers and one of special computer.
Network card
Hub or Switch
And cables.
We are going to make a design for meeting room so we can use a hub. Because Hub is
publish machine, at meeting room we have share our ideas, files, photos etc... But not
going to share anything to one person so we can use hub.
We should connect the network cards to all computers and each computer are
connecting with hub also.
We will need internet connection so we can use a router.

In this case we cannot draw a design for 20 computers so we will take four computers
instant of 20 computers.


System Designing Chart




DNS Server




It is like a filter machine, it has a list of IP address it is called Blacklist. When we are
going to internet we will get a data packet after that firewall will check that data
packet with black list. Even if our browsed IP address there it will not allow.

It has two types

Software firewall
It is coming with operating system or virus guard.
Hardware firewall
It is called server.
DNS Server

It is translate the web address to IP address.

DHCP Server

It is giving IP address to computer. If you have Wi-Fi zone you should have DHCP
Webmail Server

It is help to maintain the mails.


System design for Kamikumi Company


Figure 30 Network designing for Kamikumi Company

Recommendation for Callink

For callink I recommend in computer systems, LCD monitors, Wireless keyboard and
mouse. Laser Printers and Scanner.

For networking
Fasted Router for Network connection.
Client Operating system
Server operating system
Network card
And Cables.

In this case we should choose most of wireless items because we are going to make a
conference hall network it is help to us.


Task no 4
In this project we could make network system for Kamikumi Company. For a
conference hall we should make best design because lots of main points are producing
in meeting rooms. In case there face problem because of network or computer it is a
big issue.
Above I recommend list of things in that we need make sure about our cost, it can
make trouble.
Next we have to select what should we need.
Example computers, we must know about our need in computer speed, capacities
etc before buy.
In my recommendation I gave a list for networking, in that part we have to select
good things.
I recommended Switch, it is for connect the computers. Here we can use a hub also
but switch is better. Because hub is publish machine.
And I have recommended wireless keyboard and mouse of course in meeting room
we can use wireless devices easily. Even if we use cables we might face some
problems example: loose connection.
I had recommend LCD monitors. It is easy to use.


In this project first we have seen computers in different environment, Computers in
home, Meeting room computers and Server computers.
Also we had saw computer systems, computer hardware, and computer software and
computer peripherals. In peripherals we have seen input and output devices and usage.
After that we had saw different types of computers and usage. In that part we could
see Personal computer, Minicomputer, Main frame computer and Super computer.
In task three we have seen about system designing. In that case we have seen firewall,
DNS Server, DHCP Server and Webmail Server. In same part we have designed a
network diagram for Kamikumi Company.