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Tauheed ke Asraat Insani Zindagi par

Eye Opening Lecture by Dr Syed Shahid Ali

Why humans need religion.

Knowledge can be divided into 2 parts.
1. Acquired knowledge that is knowledge acquired by experience. It is
obtained with the help of 5 senses. It tells us what is man and how is man
but does not tell us why is man.
2. Revealed knowledge - unlike above it comes from God . It tells us why is man.
This knowledge is not available in any form of education. That is why the
need of religion. It tells us who we are, why we are here, is this life final, are
we independent. It is also called self realization.
Religion is based on belief. Affirmation by tongue, conviction by heart and action by
It is important that belief is correct because if belief is not correct, actions will not
be correct.
Basic belief of islam is tauheed or monotheism.
Tauheed means that there is one supreme power, self sufficient, creator of all,
without beginning or end, giver of poverty prosperity, does not beget not begotten,
There are 4 types of people who exist on earth.



neither believe in one God .

believe on God but have doubt.
believe but do not act.
believe and act.

It should be noted that we cannot take benefits of tauheed if it is not followed in its
pure form.
Consider example of a land which you plan to cultivate but before that you have to
remove all stones., trees, shrubs then you can sow the seeds for cultivation.
Similarly if there are more than 1 God on human belief than it is not possible to get
benefits of monotheism.
Impact of Tauheed on Human life.

Human is unit. Everything is interrelated with humans. His character effects his
social aspects. His social aspects effects his economic aspects, his economic
aspects has effect on his political aspects and back.
Any one aspect of life cannot fulfill you goal. You have to work in totality to create a
change. Tauheed works on all aspects of human aspects mentioned above.
Tauheed creates single mindedness.
Consider rays of suns. They are scattered but when they are brought in
concentration using lens then effects is tremendous as it can the surface where it is
Consider a ship without captain. It is dependent on air, waves etc. but when you a
captain it is stable and gets a proper direction.
Other effect that tauheed creates is sense of oneness. He thinks that rules are same
for all humans and animals. This created broad heartedness and broad mindedness
in him and he starts treating every one equally. He also refrains from causing any
harm to others.
Other benefit of tauheed is unlimited hope. Think what is the reason behind
development of this world? It is hope. Scientists hope that his invention will work.
The more hope there is the more struggles there will be and the result also will be
better. If we remove hope from our life then we cant progress.
A person on tauheed believes in God who can convert failure to success, poverty to
wealth, illness to wellness. Such a person is always hopefull. The concept that first
chance is last chance is not there in islam. Person believes that he can get
innumerable chances. This person is not dipressed and does not commit suicide.
Tauheed creates fear God.
1. There fear of God
2. There is also fear of non God. like ghost, accident, loss, darkness.
The fear of God supercedes all other fears because you know that God has all
authority over all things including one mentioned in (2)above. Fear of god makes a
man positive while other fear makes man afraid, coward.
Take the relation between human and his desires.. Two things can happen either we
will control our desires or desires will control us. If he follows desire then he will end
up in crisis. Where as one controls his desires and leads a life as per
commandments of Allah then helps him fighting desires and crisis.

Take the relation between human and his anger. Two things can happen either he
will control our anger or anger will control us. If he follows anger then he will end
up in crisis. Where as one controls his anger and leads a life as per commandments
of Allah then saves him from crisis. Allah has said my true believer are those who
control their anger and forgive. Prophet saws said those who control their anger on
day of judgement Allah will stop his punishment on them.
Many disputes are seen in courts, hospitals, wars etc because of anger. Prophet
saws said when you are angry then sit down, if your sitting then lay down. Make
Tauheed creates self confidence and self respect because persons feels that he
believes in a God who is self sufficient and does not depend on any one. He saves
himself from buttering of humans for his needs. All his energy is spend on his talent
and his capabilities improve.
Tauheed creates direct connection with God and concept of middleman is removed.
The person is no longer superstitious. There are peope who follow various
superstitious ill pratices in the name of pleasing God.
Tauheed divides people on the basis of justice. Hence a person is small in front of
Allah. Iblis believed Allah is ultimate but also believed he has powers. A rich person
with bad deeds is bad while a poor person with good deeds is better than rich
person. Hence person tends to follow justice.
Tauheed improves the level of morality because if we think that there is one God
who watching us then we refrain from speaking lies.
Tauheed improves our level of sacrifice because we know that there is someone who
is watching our sacrifice and will reward us back.
WHO definition of good health - Optimum level of physical, mental, psychological
and spiritual wellbeing and not merely absence of disease.
Tauheed gives all of this.
There is lack of trust found in modern world. Father tells his son not to lie but
himself commands him to lie like when he says tell someone I not there if he is
there. Teacher says be honest but does not come to class. Leaders says protect the
nation but himself is involved in scams. After all this people do not find a role model
to follow. Hence self-entertainment becomes his role model and philosophies like
hedonism gain popularity.
Filmstars have become role models. Last days in a film of sharukh khan dil to pagal
hai, he seeks a girl who is dancer as well as shy. How can this happen. There is
contradiction in his belief. Hence such contradiction we too have cultivated in us.

Tauheed creates sense ofaccoutability and responsibility. Prophet saws said 4

questions will be asked. Where you spent your life, where you spent your youth,
How you earned wealth, where you spent.
Tauheed gives hope as well as fear thus creating a balance. If he is only hopefull
then he can become fearless and vice verse. If there is only fear then hemay
become depressed and may commit suicide.
Human being is a dynamic machines. There are 2 ways to control human either
from outside to inside that isby applying rules and regulation or from outside to
inside that is when is fearfull that someone is watching if no one is there. Religion
uses the second method.
Tauheed creates civic sense.
Tauheed considers himself slave. All time alert that he does not allow bad deeds.
Communism and socialism were created to build a better world. Tauheed helps
create a better world by removing bad habbits from society.
Quran chapter 21/23- Allah does not have a son, if there were 2 Gods they would
seperated with their own creation and would try to impose each ones rule on
Why we cannot understand GOD.
It is said there are 2 things to be understood. Gods personality, Gods creation.
We are told to observe creation. Out of 6332 ayat of Quran only 150 verses are
about rules remaining are about observation.
We have finite capabilities and hence we cannot understand infinite
Our capabilities included.


All of above are limited hence we cannot imagine the unlimited.

Every invention you see is compilation and not creation.
Islam calls to believe in God that we cannot see. Is this not strange?
Something that is not visible does not mean it is not there.

We feel cold means there is air but we did couldnt see. Gravitational pull we cannot
see. But the effects are visible.
There is harmony, perfection in creation means something is bringing effects.
If God is all forgiving then there should not be any injustice ?
Why God gives punishment?
This is because we are sent for test. We have been given life and choice between
right and wrong.
We had no choice were we will be born with what capabilities.
A person thinks that there is a middleman required to communicate with God same
as we need ladderto climb to roof or we need PA to meet PM ?
The question is wrong and there cannot be right answer to wrong question. In the
question we find that there is a gap between person and roof. Similarly gap between
Person and PM. PM does not know about person. But this not the case with God. He
knows very well about you.
Whether religion is required in this modern world?
Modernization changes the lifestyle but it should not change values