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Missing Parts Check at the time of GR In

SAP MM Inventory Management

This document is about how missing parts check work in SAP MM Inventory Management.
Overview Of Missing Parts Check:
By using Missing parts check, the system checks at the time of goods receipt, other receipts
or transfer posting of a material, whether it is a massing part or not. If that material is a
missing part then system issues a warning message and also sends a mail to the responsible
MRP Controller of the plant.
What is Missing Part:
A material is called as missing part when the available stock of that material is not sufficient
to fulfill the existing reservations (requirements) of that material. So in order to fulfill those
requirements you have to procure or produce that material. These requirements may be
generated automatically (for ex: by means of Production order dependent requirements for
raw materials which will create a reservation for raw materials) or Manually (For Ex: by
means of reservation created manually in MB21 with movement type 201 goods issue to cost
Steps for activating Missing missing parts check:
1. Go to SPRO >> Materials Management >> Inventory Management >> Goods Receipt >> Set Missing Parts
Here activate the Missing parts check for your plant as shown below

You can also activate the same in inventory management plant parameters

2. Create Checking Rule

Here Create a checking Rule By clicking New Entries, and giving a code & Description (you can use any
standard checking rule also... Ex: 03

3. Define Checking Rule

Here Define checking rule with the combination of availability checking group by clicking New entries.

Here select the stocks which needs to be considered as available stocks when checking a
missing part against a required quantity.

Give checking period for missing parts. This checking period is a period in which system
checks for a missing part after requirement date.
Here if you select the 'Check without RLT' then system will not consider the replenishment
lead time.

4. Assign checking rule to the transaction code

Here you assign the checking rule to be used while executing particular transaction code

6. Assign Checking Rule to the movement type

Here assign checking rule to the movement type. This assignment is not mandatory. If you
assign here, this checking rule takes precedence over checking rule of transaction code. If you
not assign any rule, the system takes checking rule from transaction code.
Note: If you enter '**' here, the missing parts check will be deactivated exclusively for that
movement type.

7. Assign availability check group to the material master

In MRP3 View of material master assign availability check group. and also assign MRP
controller in MRP1 View of material Master. A mail will be sent to him about missing parts.

8. Define MRP Controller

Go to SPRO >> Materials Management >> Consumption-Based Planning >> Master Data
>> Define MRP Controller
Here Dine MRP Controller in your plant and give User ID as shown below

Assign Central Missing Parts MRP Controller

Here assign a MRP Controller to your plant. This MRP Controller will be informed through
mail about missing parts in case If you haven't maintained an MRP controller in the material

So now you are completed the Missing parts check back end settings.
Testing of Missing Parts Check at GR:
In order to test the missing parts check do the below steps.
1. Create a Goods issue Reservation for the material in MB21. For Ex: with Movement type
201 Goods issue to cost center.

2. Check the current stock status of the material in stock overview MMBE

3. Do Goods Receipt for the material For Ex: With movement type 501 (GR w/o PO) in

After entering all the required data press check button. The system will show you warning
message as shown below stating that material is missing part and MRP Controller will be

Post the GR
4. Check business workplace of MRP Controller whether you received a mail about missing
In easy access click on SAP business work place icon as show below

Here check your inbox whether you got any message about missing parts similar to shown

Note: The background or configuration settings behind this automatically sent mail are as
explained below..

Go to SPRO >> Materials Management >> Inventory management >> Output Determination
> Define OUtput types
Here check Message type 'MLFH' (Mail Message for missing Parts)
This message type is used to send the mail automatically to the MRP Controller USer ID. You
dont required do any changes. BUt check whether this message type is assigned your
message schema, in output determination this schema was assigned and check whethere a
condition record exists for this message type.
Check sap Note 426648 - Missing part mail checklist for goods movements which is Relevant to this
settings if you struck any where.
Difference between Summarized and Non summarized missing parts:
Non summarized missing parts:
If you not select summarize missing parts check box in plant parameters then, The MRP
controller will receive a mail for each material including a maximum of five MRP
elements requiring the material. For Ex: IF you are receiving 3 materials at a time
and these are already missing parts then MRP controller will get 3 Individual mails
for each material as show below.

Summarized missing parts

The MRP controller will receive a mail for each material document and plant. The
mail contains the list of missing parts materials but no MRP elements. For Example:
IF you are receving 3 materials at a time, in which two materials are missing parts
then MRp Controller will get a single mail with the list of these two materials only as
shown below.