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1. Adoration cheers up common people and helps to go ahead.

2. Apprehension is not good for health.

3. There should be clarity to avoid any misunderstanding.
4. Anger makes people stressed and fatigue.
5. My mom's weakness is the reason of anxiety for me.
6. It keeps my parents delight when I got first rank in the class test.
7. Excitement and interest are very necessary things to complete any work.
8. Irregular daily routine brings disappointment to me.
9. True friendship is an effective tool to go ahead in positive way.
10.I hate bad and lazy people as they never want to work.
11.Happiness comes to our heart and soul when we help someone needy.
12.I love my parents and grandparents as they care me a lot.
13.Helping others is the real joy of life.
14.Today, I am feeling very helplessness as no one is there for me.
15.Lots of pain make us a real human being.
16.Power and money brings lots of responsibilities as well.
17.Sleeping at right time gives us complete mind and body relaxation.
18.The condition of poor people makes me really sorrow.
19.Eating medicines gives me relief from infection.
20.I have much weakness which makes me tired and fatigue.
21.Do not worry, everything will be fine soon.
22.I worship to God daily which gives me strength.
23.I will surprise my mom as today is her birthday.
24.We should give patients sympathy so that they can get well soon.
25.There is some uncertainty in the final exam date.

ou need to make abstract noun using following words:

1. Bitter: ..
2. Strong: ..

3. Wide: ..
4. Decent: ..
5. Humble: ..
6. Long: ..
7. Vacant: ..
8. Cruel: ..
9. Young: ..
10.Sweet: ..
11.Prudent: ..
12.Dark: ..
13.Wise: ..
14.Good: ..
15.Brave: ..
16.Vain: ..
17.Human: .. ..
19.great: ..
20.child: ..
21.please: ..
22.treat: .. ..
24.scholar: ..
25.leader: ..
26.speak: ..
27.think: ..
28.marry: ..
29.laugh: ..
30.honest: ..
31.Ignorant: ..
32.Proud: ..

33.Free: ..
34.Novel: ..
35.Sane: ..
36.Just: ..
37.Poor: ..
Answer: bitterness, strength, width, decency, humility, length, vacancy, cruelty, youth, sweetness,
prudence, darkness, wisdom, goodness, bravery, vanity, humanity, ability, greatness, childhood,
pleasure, treatment, brotherhood, scholarship, leadership, speech, thought, marriage, laughter,
honesty, ignorance, pride, freedom, novelty, sanity, justice, poverty


Adoration, 2 Apprehension, 3 clarity, 4 Anger, 5 anxiety, 6 delight, 7
Excitement, 8 disappointment, 9 friendship, 10 hate, 11 Happiness, 12 love,
13 joy, 14 helplessness, 15 pain, 16 Power, 17 relaxation, 18 sorrow, 19
relief, 20 weakness, 21 worry, 22 strength, 23 surprise, 24 sympathy, 25