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Haley Topalian
Edu 1020
Julie Jackman

My Future and Success Built through School

I am a recent high school graduate from Herriman High School, and have
been a recurrent Salt Lake Community College student since 2014, which was my
sophomore year in high school. I started in Salt Lake Community College at a really
young age for a variety of reasons but the main reason for my early jump start into
the college world was because I have always had a driven attitude and big goals for
my future in medicine. I always wanted to be ahead of my graduating class and
always wanted to graduate early. I wanted to be the youngest child in my family to
have a lot of college experience done in high school and also the first one to finish
college at a young age.
I have been attending Salt Lake Community College for almost two years now
and am almost done with my associates degree in Pre-Health Science. My main goal
here at Salt Lake Community College is to finish up my associates degree by the
end of 2016 or by the beginning of 2017 and transfer over to a four year
institution. The four year institution I plan on transferring my associates degree
over to would most likely be the University of Utah. They have an amazing medical
school and medical classes. While at the University of Utah I want to major in
their Medical Degree Program (MD Program) and get my doctorates degree
because my main career goal is to become an anesthesiologist. In the University of
Utahs MD Program they have it broken up into a curriculum of four years.
The curriculum for the MD Program at the University of Utah works in a
four year period. The first year is the Foundations of Medicine portion. This
includes the medical science, medical arts, and clinical skills that student require
before beginning in clinics. This portion has predominant themes each week.
Anatomy, physiology, genetics, etc. will be taught throughout this year as they
examine and study the different psycho-social and technical aspects of patient
care. The second part in the first year is broken down into two section. The first
one is about molecules, cells, and cancer. It is broken down into an eight week unit
starting at molecular and cell biology with genetics, hematology, cancer biology,
etc. During this portion students learn about how we know what we know about the
molecular basis of cancer and other genetic diseases. The second portion is about

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host and defense throughout a nine week unit starting with infectious disease,
biology of immune systems, bodys response to pathogens, and antimicrobial
therapy. The second year is broken down into four more sections pertaining to
phase two from the first year. The first portion is about metabolism and
reproduction broken down in a nine week unit. The second portion is about
circulation, respiration, and regulation broken down into an eleven week unit. The
third portion is about brain and behavior broken up into a nine week unit. And
lastly, the fourth portion is about skin, muscle, bone, and joints broken up into a six
week unit. In the third year we learn about the integration of basic science
knowledge with clinical, ethical, diagnostic, and problem solving skills. Students are
put into clinical clerkships to learn patient management as members of the health
care team, and also take a Topics of Medicine course to learn about a series of
stimulated patients with common medical problems seen in medicine. The clinical
clerkship opportunities vary widely ranging from family medicine, to neurology
clinical clerkships. The last year is about utilizing everything to deliver good
healthcare through a 12 month internship, by selecting curriculum specific to their
career specialty interests.
After I finish this long process of schooling I want to pursue my career as
an anesthesiologist and start working in healthcare in this profession. The main
reason I want to become an anesthesiologist is because I have always found it
fascinating to be able to put someone to sleep for a certain amount of time during
surgery and then having the ability to wake them up. I have always had a passion
for the medical field because it matches with my caring and people-oriented
Through EDU 1020 I have learned a lot about my strengths as an individual.
My five strengths I learned about myself was that I am restorative, empathetic,
responsible, futuristic and a relator. Restorative strength is about being adept at
dealing with problems. What I learned about this strength specifically is that I
search for opportunities to improve myself and I am determined to find my weak
points and correct them. I specifically do this every day and always try to find
where I can improve myself and how. My empathetic strength is about sensing the
feelings of other people by imagining themselves in others situations. Learning
about this strength taught me that I am truly a responsive, concerned and caring
person. Ive always felt that I could sense the moods of others everywhere I go
which makes my relationships with people a lot easier. They feel like I can always
understand what they are going through and makes it easier on them to confide in
me as a person. My responsibility strength has always been evident. I just learned

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specifically that I always strive to do things right and that I hate taking
shortcuts because I feel like it is careless. I also learned that this strength is
the reason why I want people to regard myself as dependable and reliable. The
futuristic strength taught me a lot about how I imagine a lot of things in my life.
For example, I specifically learned that I agree highly with the notion if you can
think it, you can make it happen. I have always believed that what I can think
about for my future, if I do the right actions it can happen. I always want to
transform my ideas into things I can see. I have always been driven to take
advantage of every opportunity handed to me. My final strength that helped me
learn about myself was the relator one which was about my enjoyment of having
close relationships with others. I am always willing to welcome all kinds of
individuals regardless of their appearance, education, social class, religious
preference, or political persuasion. Because of my strengths, I avoid rushing into
relationships. All these strengths have taught me a lot about myself and how I
apply these strengths to my everyday life. I have always known about my strengths
but never realized how I have applied them.
Utilizing and applying master skills beyond EDU 1020 has been extremely
beneficial and helpful since I learned about them. Specifically I learned about how
to effectively use the writing center that Salt Lake Community College offers to
every student on campus. The people that work at the writing center are there
because they want to help students with their writing assignments ranging from a
short story, to even a grocery list. They help you develop skills and assist you
through any part of the writing process. The writing center is extremely helpful
because you can do a walk in or make an appointment, which is what they prefer,
but they are there all the time and are always there to assist you in getting the
best outcome out of your writing assignment. As soon as I learned about this
resource, I went to them and asked for help not only with one of my English 1010
assignments but they helped me with a simple paper for Humanities. I will always
use the writing center to get help with any type of paper I may struggle on.
Another skill I learned about through EDU 1020 was learning how to effectively
meet deadlines for assignments, chores, or even a work assignment. I learned that
making notes, a planner, or daily reminders are the first step in meeting deadlines
effectively. Also, learning not to procrastinate on things and to get right to them
are another major step in making sure you meet deadlines on time. Being able to
make deadlines is extremely important. Throughout life you are always expected to
get something done in a timely manner, and if not done within that time then you
are seen as irresponsible and careless with whatever you didnt do on time. I will
apply this skill to help me turn in assignments on time and to help me get things

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done effectively. These skills are applicable to me because I need to be

responsible with meeting deadlines. I will always have to write a paper throughout
my lifetime and learning to take the time to effectively use the writing center to
help me will benefit me.
General education at Salt Lake Community College has taught me a lot about
a variety of subjects, as simple as Zumba to psychology. General education has
helped me not narrow myself down so much into the medical field subjects and has
helped me broaden my perspective. It gave me the opportunity to study different
types of subjects to see if I would be interested in a different field rather than
just the medical field. General education has also helped me develop more critical
thinking skills and more social skills. I had to get out of my comfort zone the
majority of time for the classes I had to take. The reason why I think general
education has been beneficial to me is because I have been able to learn a lot about
different subjects which has helped develop different ways I think. I think the
specific point general education is trying to make is to give people the opportunity
to engage in different subjects rather than to study just one specific subject. In
doing this they are preventing people of making the mistake of choosing one field
to go into and regretting not being able to look into other subjects that could have
been interesting to them.
General education has benefited my college education. It has given me the
opportunity to not only study other subjects but has given me the opportunity to
help strengthen some of my weak points that I will need to have in my major, (MD
Program). Such as developing and strengthening my critical thinking. I have been
able to strengthen my education dexterity such as being able to learn the best
ways to take notes in my harder classes. I think that having to take a lot of
different subject classes was valuable not only to my education but also for me as
an individual. I have been able to develop all these things to strengthen myself for
my future.