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Steven Gonzales


Ender's Game Character Graphic Organizer

As you read, fill in observations for EACH chapter.





How does the
factual details do What obstacles
How does the time
Explain how this character respond
Include a
you notice about does the character
period affect the
How does this
obstacle is or is not to each obstacle quotation with the
the character?
face? Physical,
character interact
a human rights
and what is the
page that shows
Mental, and
approach to the
with others?
effect of that
the obstacle.
Description, etc)

He is very smart He faces

It is a human
and is very
bullying and
rights issue
intelligent for a faces a different because they
kid like himself. lifestyle than
made him
He was bullied everyone else. become the way
by peter for a He gets upset he is that day
very long time because he was and he couldnt
and lived a
different and not help it because
different life
like everyone his parents put
than everyone else.
him in that and
wanted him to
live that.

He really
doesnt do
anything to
because his
personality is
made to be nice
and friendly not
mean and

Something in It was later in He interacts the

peters eyes,
time when
same as a
when he was in electronics were normal human
his mad mood, being used more being by talking,
and whenever for more
laughing and
Ender saw that advanced stuff those type of
look, that glint, than normal
he knew that the which gives
one thing Peter them a bigger
would not do
was leave him

She is Enders She keeps Ender That brothers She basically I can make you It is the future soThe same way
second sister she from getting
can kill each
told Peter that is guys believe
she tries to keep as any other
is very brave
bullied a lot of other. Thats just he tries or does anything. I can Peter from
human would.
and helps him days from Peter. screwed up.
kill her she has make you guys bullying him.
get through
public record of dance around
everything in
like puppets.
this story.
He is Valentines He bullies his It is wrong to He is always
I am a
and Enders
brother that he bully your own bullying Ender murderer even
older brother He actually cares family member and nothing ever when I am

Because no one He is very

care about him violent and
bullying his

Steven Gonzales

is a very
aggressive and
always mad
person. He is
always bullying

about. All
because you
changes that.
because he
couldnt go to a
couldnt go to program but
the battle
your brother did.
program like his


brother because
that is normal all
family do that.


Bean is a very He does things

smart kid just in the story to
like Ender. He is help the army
a small version win the war.
of Ender but a
leader to anyone

That he is a war He becomes one

hero and loves of Enders best
what he does so soldier and
he is a hero
actually loves
because they
what he does.
live that day
because he stood
up for his
country to save

Even in that part He is very

of time the stuff friendly to
he does is very people.
high tech and
hard that only
himself knows
what he is


He is a six-year- He bullies kids

old boy that
at school for
bullies a lot of being different.
people just for

It is wrong to He tries to come

bully people just up onto Ender
because you
with a group of
were raised
friends to bully
differently than and beat him up.
everyone else.

In that part of He is very mean

time he gets
and aggressive
killed because to people.
other people
were smarter
than him
because of his
stupid mistakes.

Mother and

They are caring They put Ender It is kind of

and loving
in the program messed up that
parents to them. which made him you would put
the person he is your son in a
program to be a
test dummy for
the army.

They put him

into the program
to be what he is
now but they are
worried about
him because
they dont know

That the parents

care more about
their children
than anything in
their worlds.

They are loving

and caring
parents of their

Steven Gonzales

what is going to


Colonel Graff


She was the onlyShe joins the

girl that was in Combat
the combat
Program and
program that
becomes the
Ender knew of. best
sharpshooter in
the program.

That is not a
human rights
issue because
she joined
herself to be
what she does
and loves what
she does.

She takes Ender

under her wing
and teaches
Ender how to
shoot while hes
on the other

That everyone in She is very

that time period helping and
loves to help
caring and very
anyone even
tough for a girl.
though they
arent on the
same team.

He is the guy He pushes Ender It is not a human He responds to

who basically is to the point
rights issue
them by pushing
telling the story where he
because he is the the kids past
from his point of becomes more leader that is
their limits to be
view. But he is grown up and pushing him to better in life and
kind of a jerk to more lethal with be better in life. better in combat
everyone but to his life and not a
so when they do
him Ender is
go into war they
like his son he
are ready to
has never had
that he loves so

That he is like a He is very strict

father figure to and kind of a
some people and jerk to the kids
can really make but it is helping
a difference to them become
other people that better people.
look up to him.

He is a kid that To try and

was in the
become friends
with everybody
Program with but nobody
Ender that was wants to be his
kid of that
friend because
different kid that he believes in
liked boys that Friendship and
everyone could Peace, and

That everyone He is very nice

has their own and sweet to
ideas on things people but not a
that some people normal sweet to
dont think of. people.

It is not a human He tries harder

right issue
and harder to
become friends
everyone has
with people but
their own
the only person
opinions on their that he is really
own beliefs and friends with is
you cant make Ender and He
people be your kisses Ender and

Steven Gonzales

see being a TV nobody else

believes in that.

makes Ender not

want to be his
friend anymore.

Historical questions to ask yourself while you are reading:

1. What is going on during the time period of your book? (war, drought, excess of money, prejudices, political unrest, etc.)
2. How does that element affect the plot, setting, and characters of your book? It affects the story because during that time
war was bigger and kids had to fight in the war because they didnt have anyone else to fight with them.
3. Why did the author use this time period? He used this time period because the war was bigger and the children had to
fight to live because they needed more soldiers to fight.
AFTER you have finished reading, use your graphic organizer to answer these eight questions.
1. What is the human rights issue in my novel?
That the kids cant do what all kids grow up doing. They have to fight wars and do adult stuff before even growing up.

2. Where does this issue first come up in my novel? This issue first comes up during the middle of the story that talks about
how Ender and he friends join the army to fight with everyone.

3. Where in my novel does this issue become most important?

At the end of the story.

Steven Gonzales

4. How is this issue resolved in my novel?

At the end of the story changing the rights to where kids arent allowed to be in the army anymore only adults.

5. In my novel, who suffers due to the human rights issue?

All children

6. What does the wording in my quotations imply?

7. When this issue becomes most important, what happens?

They would have to change the law and have kids join the army again for them to have enough soldiers to fight and for
the to grow up at a young age.

8. How is this issue resolved in my novel?

By changing the Laws and Rights of the country to not allow children to join the army anymore.

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