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My Reflection
Reflection on the course: Educational Technology

Educational Technology as the course suggested involves using technology in the

classroom to enhance the teaching learning process in a dynamic way . This course had
influenced my ability as a student teacher to impart my knowledge as a digital native teacher .
This course has boasted my confidence, in doing so has allowed me to be more organized in
my prospective teaching profession where it has strengthened my skills in using the various
technology tools. Having learned how to use the various tools has allowed me to view
technology in a new way. It has exceeded my expectation and open doors for me in a way that
has enhance my capability as a teacher in training. For example, it taught me how to create my
own a website, furthering my teaching abilities on using power point in an interactive way, and
write interactive lesson plan, creating a photo story and more. .This was a very beneficial course
not only because of what I learnt but what I am able apply all that was taught.
Educational technology is a combination of the process and tools involved in addressing
educational needs and problems, with an emphasis on applying the most current tools: computers
and other electronic technologies. In studying this course it is vital in being a teacher of todays
society, it support curriculum activities, enhance learning and many others. It is evident that
technology in the curriculum will gravitate students interest where has technology in education
is garner to help students improve their technological skills, which I believe will make it easier
for students and teachers. This therefore is recognized as an instructional tool that will be used as
a lifelong process as it helps students with more knowledgeable skills for their critical thinking
skills, problem solving and decision making skills. However using technology posits many

creativity and innovation in students. This means that students will always generate new ideas
through the processes. As a result it contributes in helping others to measure competence for the
integration of technology in education.
In addition it was evident in this course that the ISTE NETS standards were implemented
for both teachers and students to ensure best practices through the use of technology. These are
standards for learning, teaching and leading in the digital age. The ISTE's NETS for students are
the standards for evaluating the skills students need to learn effectively and live productively in
an increasingly global and digital world. Our students of today need to be able to use technology
to analyze learn and more importantly explore.
According to the ISTE we as teachers supposed to demonstrate knowledge of and
proficiency in data representation and abstraction. Teachers need to effectively use modeling and
simulation to solve real world problems. Being that we are in the 21st century the leaders need to
have some knowledge of digital devices, systems and networks in order to have a smooth
delivery of the lesson.
In order to capture students learning as teacher we need to create and implement multiple forms
of assessment and use resulting data to capture students attention. We want learning to be fun and
interesting hence as teachers it is important to design an environment in the classroom that it
is conductive to learning. Use the technology for everything and as such they will enjoy using
these tools as opposed to the mere chalk and talk method of teaching.