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p. 410.300.7562 :
e. :
a. 10801 Hickory Ridge Road suite 220 : Columbia, MD : 21044

A Licensed Psychologist with over 15-years of experience in solo private-practice
working with adolescent to adult clientele. Expertize in marriage and relationships,
sport psychology, and individual counseling.

Palo Alto University (APA Accredited); Palo Alto, CA
Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical Psychology


Northeastern University; Boston, MA

Master of Science, Counseling Psychology


Towson University; Towson, MD

Bachelor of Science, Psychology
Bachelor of Science, Sociology


CC-AASP: Certified Consultant - Association of Applied Sport Psychology
Certified Consultant #593
Psychologist, Maryland State Board of Examiners of Psychologists


Maryland License #04043


Daniel M Zimet LLC; Columbia, MD Psychologist, Private Practice
Independent Psychologist offering individual, couple, family, and group
counseling services. Specializations include Sport Psychology, marital
counseling, and adolescent/young adult issues.
World Professional Handball (WPH) Sport Consultant
- present


Sport psychology consultant providing online tutorials, monthly webpublished Q&A series entitled Wrap Around, and co-broadcasting at live
WPH Pro Handball tournaments on ESPN3.
United States Handball Association (USHA) Sport Consultant
2008 - present
Writer for Handball Magazine, the official quarterly publication of the USHA.
Fairland Trampoline and Tumbling; Beltsville, MD - Sport Consultant and Lecturer
Biweekly meetings/interactive lectures addressing performance
enhancement with elite athletes and coaches.
Fairland Girls Gymnastics - Sport Consultant and Lecturer; Beltsville, MD
Biweekly meetings/interactive lectures addressing performance
enhancement with elite athletes and coaches.
Crossroads Psychological Associates; Columbia, MD - Private Practice
Member of an inter-disciplinary team working as an independent out-ofnetwork private practitioner providing diverse clinical services.
The PRIME Employee Assistance Program; Baltimore, MD - EAP Counselor
Provided short-term individual and couple counseling, assessment, referral,
crisis management, workshop presentations, and occupational consultation
to employees of contracting companies.

Johns Hopkins University Counseling Center; Baltimore, MD - Pre-Doctoral Intern

Psychotherapy, vocational, and career counseling to individuals, couples, and
groups; coordinated and provided outreach workshops and seminars; intake
and emergency/crisis intervention services; and case assessment.
San Jose Job Corps; San Jose, CA - Mental Health Consultant
Therapeutic responsibilities included clinical intake, diagnostic and treatment
planning; crisis, individual, couples and group therapy; treatment
coordination with staff and health service professionals; and referral to
community resources for adolescents and young adults.
Gronowski Clinic; Palo Alto, CA - Student Therapist


Student therapist at a community based outpatient clinic conducting initial

intake and clinical assessments, treatment planning and implementation,
diagnostic formulation, case-management, crisis intervention, and case
PSI Services, Inc. Therapeutic Foster Care; Baltimore, MD - Mental Health Therapist
Responsibilities included family and individual therapy, emergency/crisis oncall, treatment planning, recommendations in Family Court, attending
academic planning sessions (IEP), and coordination of care with other
agencies (e.g., DHS) to children and their biological and foster-care families.
Family Based Services; Philadelphia, PA - Mental Health Therapist
Provided in-home/in-community family, individual, dyadic and crisis
counseling and case-management to at-risk children and their families.
Other responsibilities included clinical assessment, diagnostic formulation,
multi-system treatment and discharge planning, and 24-hour emergency oncall services.
Devereaux Foundation; Philadelphia, PA - Mental Health Technician
Coordinated a milieu environment by implementing treatment plans,
facilitating Cognitive-Behavioral schedules, containing crisis situations, and
writing chart notes.

Shattuck Lemeux Hospital; Jamaica Plain, MA - Clinical Counselor



Intern at a state-funded locked psychiatric facility for adults. Conducted

individual and group therapy, case evaluation and presentation in Grand
Rounds, treatment planning, written admission and discharge summaries,
and daily progress notes.

Towson University; Towson, MD - Adjunct Professor of Psychology
Experimental Psychology - PSYC 314, 4-credits
Human Development - PSYC 203, 3-credits


Baltimore City Community College - Adjunct Professor of Psychology

Introduction to Psychology: PSYC 101, 3-credits
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology; Palo Alto, CA Teaching Assistant
PSYC E212A - Psychopathology I; Psychotherapy, Research and Theory
PSYC E212B - Psychopathology II; Psychotherapy, Research and Theory
PSYC F204 - Clinical Interviewing
PSYC R201 - Research Methods
Arranging course reading materials, responding to student questions,
grading course-work, and instructing the class as needed. Clinical
Interviewing required twenty 1-hour roleplays of specific diagnostic cases
and offering student feedback. Research Methods required teaching a
weekly 1-hour lab to graduate students on the SPSS statistical program.


Baltimore Psychological Association - Lecturer
3-credit CEU: Introduction to Sport Psychology for Psychologists
Johns Hopkins University; Baltimore, MD - Workshop/Outreach Facilitator


Wrote and administered 3-day career workshops and other outreach

programs to students,
staff, and faculty.
PSI Services, Therapeutic Foster Care Lecturer
Wrote and administered two 5-hour Training Seminars to Perspective Foster
Parents on Child Development and Raising Disruptive Children.


Yitzhak Rabin Honorary Teaching and Clinical Award

Dorothy Blumenthal Research Assistantship Award
Pacific Graduate School of Psychology Fellowship Award



Family Research Center; Palo Alto Veterans Administration, CA - Research Associate

Research Assistant for a family and alcoholism study (N=192) funded by a
grant through DHS involving the implementation of a structured protocol;
administering psychometric batteries; organizing videotaped family
discussions; contacting research participants; organizing, entering, and
analyzing data using SPSS; and writing articles for publication.
Research Associate on an international twins study (N>3,000) with
responsibilities including constructing standardized multi-questionnaire
packets; directing a pilot study (N=100); analyzing data on a battery of
family assessment instruments; creating an automated scanning data entry
and scoring system; organizing large-scale data collection; creating SPSS
10.0 syntax and data files for statistical analysis; and collaborating with
multiple investigators and associates.
Additional projects included: 1) studying the psychometric, clinical and
research utility of various behavioral and substance abuse assessment

instruments and data collection types; 2) writing a review article on the

relationship between marital conflict and child outcome.


Zimet, D. (2001). The Interaction of Personality Traits on Concurrent and

Prospective Marital Satisfaction (Doctoral Dissertation, Pacific Graduate
School of Psychology, 2001). Dissertation Abstracts International.
Zimet, D. & Jacob, T. (2001). Influences of marital conflict on child adjustment:
Review of theory and research. Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review,
4, 319-335. (copies available by request)
Zimet, D. (1998, February). Historical and modern forms of racism: A
psychological perspective on Black and White race relations. Poster session
presented at The Challenge of Psychological Practice in a Multicultural Society
Symposium, Palo Alto, CA.

Zimet, D. (2016, Jun). Turning your 3-wall serve lethal. Handball, 66(2), 57-59.
Zimet, D. (2016, Jun). Best players can take win out of loss. Handball, 66(2), 77.
Zimet, D. (2016). Visualization. Retrieved from
Zimet, D. (2015). Wrap Around with Dr. Dan and Musings from the Masters:
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Zimet, D. (2015). Preparatory/pre-competition skills.
Zimet, D. (2015, May 15). Introduction to Sport Psychology. Retrieved from
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Zimet, D. (2013, May). Doubles strategy: Formation part II. Handball, 63(2), 3435.
Zimet, D. (2013, Feb). Doubles strategy: Formation part I. Handball, 63(1), 34-35.
Zimet, D. (2008, Aug). Quick fixes for problems with your 3-wall serve. Handball,
58(4), 58-59.
Zimet, D. (2008, Jun). Size up your 3-wall serve to pile up points. Handball, 58(3),


Loyola University, Towson MD - Research Supervisor
Mentored and co-directed research on Transitioning to adult sports: Factors
mediating the gap between High School and adult sport participation.

ESPN3 - R48 World Players of Handball; Players Championships
Pro Semifinals: Ortiz vs. Lenning and Carroll vs Brady.
Pro Quarterfinals: Ortiz vs. Chavez
Pro Quarterfinals: Cordova vs. Lenning

May 7,

ESPN3 - R48 World Players of Handball Pro Match;

20, 2016
Pro Quarterfinal: Selestow vs. Iglesias.


ESPN3 - R48 World Players of Handball Pro Match;

Pro Semifinal: Brady vs Moreno.

October 24,

ESPN3 - SR48 World Players of Handball SeniorR48;

Finals: Chavez vs. Sheridan.

April 19,


Televised on ESPN3 on four occasions

2016 SRR48 Pro Handball, end of season ranking: 4th
First Handball Player to win 6-straight National Masters titles in the same age
group (2010-2015 3-Wall Singles, Masters)
Youngest player to win 20+ National Masters titles
2011 United States Handball Association (USHA): Inducted Grand Master
24 National USHA Masters titles
o 2015 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 40+ singles
o 2015 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 45+ doubles (partner Frank, A.)
o 2015 USHA National Champion; 4-wall 45+ doubles (partner Schad, A.)
o 2014 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 40+ singles
o 2014 USHA National Champion; 4-wall 40+ doubles (partner Schad, A.)
o 2013 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 40+ singles
o 2013 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 40+ doubles (partner Frank, A.)
o 2013 USHA National Champion; 4-wall 40+ doubles (partner Schad, A.)
o 2012 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 35+ doubles (partner Frank, A.)
o 2012 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 40+ singles
o 2012 USHA National Champion; 4-wall 40+ doubles (partner Schad, A.)
o 2011 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 40+ doubles (partner Frank, A.)
o 2011 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 40+ singles
o 2010 USHA National Champion; 4-wall 40+ doubles (partner Frank. A.)
o 2010 USHA National Champion; 1-wall 40+ doubles (partner Sheldon, D.)
o 2010 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 40+ singles
o 2008 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 35+ doubles (partner Frank, A.)
o 2008 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 35+ singles
o 2007 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 35+ doubles (partner Frank, A.)
o 2007 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 35+ singles
o 2006 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 35+ doubles (partner Frank, A.)
o 2006 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 35+ singles
o 2005 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 35+ doubles (partner Frank, A.)
o 2005 USHA National Champion; 3-wall 35+ singles
Maryland Handball Commissioner, 2003-2013
USHA Certified level 4 Coach
USHA Certified level 3 Referee