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ERRATA for book Concepts in PATHOLOGY :

Chapter1 (Cell pathology and ageing)

Page no. 18
7. ( b)
Page no. 19
28. a) coagulation of proteins
Page no. 21
71. a) Lipofuschin
Chapter 2: (Inflammation)
Page no 29.
Flow chart 2.6 (3rd box ) -Functions:
PGE2 -- is for pain and fever.
Page no 50
54).correct ans is b)IgM
58.) correct ans is C3
60. b) bronchodilation
66.d) platelet aggregation
Page no.52
98.d)activation of macrophages.
Chapter4 :Immunology
Page no 94:
Class II MHC Molecule (8th line) -----1 and 1 domain.
Page no. 96:

#High yield info (first point) read CD4Th2.

Chapter 5:Neoplasia
Page no. 137 and 139 (Flow chart 5.1)
Rb inactive is hyperphosphorylated.
Rb active is hypophosphorylated.

Chronic Immune thrombocytopenic purpura
It is caused by Ig G autoantibodies (written is Ig gautoantibodies)

Page no. 189

Chromosome for H gene of ABO grouping is given as 19 instead of
chromosome 9.
Chapter 8: ANEMIA

1) page no 205:
Classification of Autoimmune hemolytic anemia
a) Warm type AIHA
b) Cold type AIHA (Two types )
1) Cold agglutinin (IgM)
2) Cold hemolysin (IgG)

2) page no 208
A) (alpha) thalessemia corrected as (Beta) thalassemia.

Molecular pathogenesis:
First line should be ---decreased (Beta) globin chain synthesis
3) page no 209
B) (Beta) thalassemia should be read as (alpha) thalassemia.

Page no 259...
Question 32 ...option C) CD43...

Chapter 10: Blood vessels and CVS

Page no 291 (infective endocarditis)
4. b.more than 12 months

Chapter 12: kidney and urinary bladder

Table 12.6 (page no 364): Chromophobe RCC
Extreme hypodiploidy
Page no.441...
Ans 74.d) phosphorus (macrovesicular steatosis)

Fig 42: (page no.553)

Pawn -Ball Megakaryocyte
Separated lobes of nuclei in megakaryocytes.
seen in Myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).

Fig43) (page no 553)..

Burkitt's lymphoma:
Showing "starry sky appearence" due to tingible body macrophages against
background of small round blue tumour cells.
Translocations seen are t(2;8); t(8;14); t(8;22).

Fig 73 (page no 559)..

Mallory DenK bodies :
Eosinophilic Intracytoplasmic intermediate filament made up of
cytokeratin 8 and 18.
Seen in :1) alcoholic liver disease
2) Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
3)Wilsons disease
4) Indian childhood cirrhosis
5) Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency
6) Chronic cholestatic disease
7) Primary biliary cirrhosis
8) Focal nodular hyperplasia
9) Hepatocellular carcinoma
NOTE:- not seen in ---1) hemochromatosis 2) secondary biliary cirrhosis

Fig 74 (page no.559)....

Ballooned neurons:
Ballooned neurons (Picks bodies)are seen in Lobar atrophy (Pick's disease)

Fig 75 (page no.559)

Spongiform neurons:
Seen in all Prion diseases except fatal familial insomnia.
Infectious protein with longer incubation period

Fig 76 (page no. 559)...

Gliobllastoma multiforme:
Most common primary malignant tumor of brain in adults.
diagrams shows: ""pseudopalisading necrosis ( serpentine necrotic area
with tumor cells at their edges)