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Reficar Cartagena Refinery Expansion Project

Doc No.

Commissioning & Start Up Management

125696-CMEX-010 Rev 0

Instrumentation Guidelines



In order to achieve an orderly transition from the geographic area approach employed
during construction to the operational system perspective required for commissioning,
has been approved the subdivided physical scope of facilities into systems. The selection
of the makeup of a system has been based both on its intended operational function and
on the practicability of managing its progress in final construction and Precommissioning.
The plant has been divided into systems both operational and non operational with the
purpose of facilitating the Precommissioning activities. Operational systems are dynamic
process oil and gas, utility or facility system such as high pressure steam, gas oil, cool
water, low pressure flare header, etc. No operational systems are system such as surface
and passive fire protection, architectural, cable/tubing, trays, etc. These non operational
systems will be completed through geographical areas, that include packages.
Pre Commissioning notes
The adequate Precommissioning test will be performed on every item of the plant and
reported through specific B Check sheet.
Reficar technician will be encouraged to participate during tests, as well as performing a
witness role. Lack of commissioning, operation, instrumentation witness will not delay
function testing progress.
The Precommissioning check involves the three following phases:
a) Documentation check. The documentation check consists of the following activities.
 The checkout of the loop should first establish that all documentation pertaining to that
loop is available and consistent. If the loop is one to be given special attention or
significance (e.g. complex Loop), it´s required to have a list of them submitted by Process
Eng. in order the contractor to do a plan and to be sure the documentation for that loop
should be correctly labeled or identified accordingly.
 The pertinent documentation shall, as a minimum, contain a loop diagram and a
specification containing all calibration and functional data necessary to verify the correct
operation of the loop.


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junction boxes. panels. and all wiring terminations  Instrument piping and tubing  Instrument air supply  Utility power and power supplies  Clean all transmission and control tubing by blowing with cooled and filtered clean air before connecting to instrument component. b) Installation check. labeled and installed in a clean and neat manner (including cables/wires. Commissioning & Start Up Management 125696-CMEX-010 Rev 0 Instrumentation Guidelines Date: 2015-02-16 . The loop components are checked for proper configuration and operation INTEGRITY ACCOUNTABILITY HIGH PERFORMANCE Page 2 VALUING PEOPLE TEAMWORK . racks). Clean all air supply headers by blowing with clean air and check them for tightness. panels. Installation checks shall include:  Valves and flowmeters are checked for correct installation with the direction of flow  Local instrumentation can be easily read  All the elements of the loop are available. accessible. cabinets. The installation of each loop component should be visually checked against the documents to ensure that the correct instruments were installed and that the installation is in accordance with the hardware specifications and loop diagrams/circuit diagrams. cabinets.Reficar Cartagena Refinery Expansion Project Doc No. including properly installed and labeled:  Junction boxes. c) Functional check. giving consideration to their maintenance  Component and wire tagging is clear and unambiguous (no danger of false interpretation)  Field elements are adequately protected from mechanical or environmental damage Supporting infrastructure shall also be visually checked for completeness and correctness of installation. racks.

the “B” and “C” Check sheets will be completed during the loop test. Due the character of Urgency given to the project. As per Reficar guidelines. Commissioning notes The inspection and verification of the individual measurements and controls in conjunction with the control systems used to monitor these devices (DCS. the contractor in order to execute the tests shall prepare. In units where is not possible to start with the loop test. Loop checks are performed to verify the proper operation of all loops prior to the commissioning of a new plant or plant modification. their specific working procedure and develop the work with the know-how of the company in this activity. Loop tests have associated a format "C" Check Sheet to be completed by the personnel located in Control Room. support for disassembly and assembly of the instrumentation before / after flushing. the functional verification for transmitters will be done during the loop test. However. if necessary. the Loop test will start as soon as possible and the Precommissioning activities will be made at the same time. etc.) is referred to as loop check. etc. For the execution of the loop tests the contractor should be guided with the procedures per type given to them. in order to starts with loop tests.Reficar Cartagena Refinery Expansion Project Doc No. Checking a loop in pieces does not qualify as a loop functional check and shall not substitute actual loop test. PLC. Precommissioning activities will be developed as scheduled. The purpose of the functional check is to test individual components of a loop and verify their individual proper operation. Loop check documentation should also include a punchlist listing all of the deficiencies found and tracking their final resolution INTEGRITY ACCOUNTABILITY HIGH PERFORMANCE Page 3 VALUING PEOPLE TEAMWORK . as recorded in “A” check sheet. the contractor must have the foresight to perform activities of check local instrumentation. considering that all instruments were calibrated and continuity test was done. Commissioning & Start Up Management 125696-CMEX-010 Rev 0 Instrumentation Guidelines Date: 2015-02-16 . functional check only will be performed on control valves in order to verify the stroke. They follow the installation of all the loop components and the functionality checks of the control system after field installation. In any case.

Execution in field is privileging for subsystems/loops. it should be done in a manner as close to the way the process will be applied. we reach a consensus to follow the below steps:     Gather information of all instruments that need to be removed for cleaning activities and build a plan to start removing these right away (in-line instrumentation) Start instrument pretesting and functional tests for all instruments that do not need to be removed. When problems are encountered. for each loop to be checked. A complete recheck shall be required for any loop that has been modified or disconnected after successful loop checks have been completed. INTEGRITY ACCOUNTABILITY HIGH PERFORMANCE Page 4 VALUING PEOPLE TEAMWORK . Specific checks to be performed on a loop and its components must be established. if is not feasible to simulate the process conditions (usually by the type of instrument) then the check will be performed with simulated signal Forced: In this test method. the primary sensing element is physically forced to induce loop functions. When a sensor is physically forced. The Loop check will be done with forced signal to simulate process conditions. if a quick fix is not possible. the function test shall be suspended and the problem noted. along with the respective acceptance criteria.Reficar Cartagena Refinery Expansion Project Doc No. Commissioning & Start Up Management 125696-CMEX-010 Rev 0 Instrumentation Guidelines Date: 2015-02-16 . Loop check planning begins with a complete list of all loops to be checked. In order to comply with the current L3 execution plan and avoid the rework. it shall be done. Start loop checks for loops that only include instruments mentioned under action item 2 (not in-line) After reinstalling the in-line instruments execution of the corresponding instrument functional test and posterior loop checks. however when it is possible to complete signals (planning previously) located in close geographic area.