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William N.

Neff Center for Teacher Education

Emory & Henry College
P0 Box 947 Emory, Virginia 24327-0947 276-944-6214

July 6, 2016
To Whom It May Concern:

It is my great pleasure to recommend to your attention Mr. Christopher Hatcher for a social studies
teaching position. Mr. Hatcher completed a B.A. in Mass Communications from Emory & Henry College in
Emory, Virginia in 2010. He completed his M.Ed. in Education from Emory and Henry College in Virginia in
May 2014. He completed student teaching in social studies in the Washington County Virginia Public School
System. He holds a Postgraduate Professional license in History and Social Science from the Commonwealth
of Virginia.
I had the privilege of working with Chris as one of his professors in his teacher preparation program. It
is my observation that while he is a novice teacher, he shows great potential to be an outstanding educator. He
exhibits the qualities of a professional, performing his duties with the utmost efficiency and ability. He is
innovative and dynamic in the classroom, infusing his students with tremendous motivation and instilling in
them an appetite for the joys of learning. He aids without reprimand, corrects without disparagement, and
teaches by example and deed.
Mr. Hatcher has the enthusiasm for teaching and learning. He has high learning and instructional
expectations of himself and of his students, and he has keen organizational and planning skills.
Chris Hatcher is bright, inquisitive, and multi-talented. He has a delightful sense of humor which stands
him in good stead with his colleagues and peers.
It is without reservation that I strongly recommend Mr. Christopher Hatcher for any social studies
teaching position with your school system.

Douglas E. Arnold, Ed.D.

Visiting Associate Professor of Education
Emory and Henry College

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