Tell us who you are,
how you got together, and what your influences
We are Bandicoot is Simon, Antony, Harvey, Lewis
and Matt. We grew up together in Kent and have been
playing music together for 2 years. We are fans of big
harmonies, emotive lyrics and melodic guitar lines.   
You have been played on BBC6music, how did that
come about?
We uploaded our track ‘Limitations’ online and heard
back from the Tom Robinson show a few days later. It
was a proud moment hearing something we’ve worked
hard for on the radio.
This year you have played various festivals, Never
Landing and El Dorado as well as The Great
Escape in Brighton. At the end of July you will be
at Leefest. How has the festival experience been?
We love going to Festivals so to play so many this
summer has been a bonus. They are a bit different to
club gigs. Nothing beats the feeling of playing outside in
the sunshine.
Do you think festivals are a good way to reach out
to new audiences?
Absolutely, you’re guaranteed a completely new
audience. Festival crowds have a lot of love to give!

Thanks for being able to come to Hastings for
Round 4 of The Stinger vs Blam. What can Hastings
We’ve never played in Hastings before so we are excited,
we’ve heard the crowds are always lively! They are in for
a treat!  
As the summer starts to draw to a close after The
Stinger vs Blam, what are your plans for the rest
of 2016?
We are releasing our first album in November, which we
are extremely happy with. Check our Facebook page
for the official release date! We are also honoured to be
involved in Local Aid at Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone on
8th October.  
As a band, what has been your best moment so
It has to be playing the main stage at El Dorado Festival.
The largest stage we’ve played on so far!
Thanks, as The Forum are proud partners of
Leefest, hopefully see you there, if not, down the
coast in Hastings, thanks for your time. [BLAM]

LEEFEST - 28 / 29 / 30 JULY 2016

LEEFEST is an award winning music & arts
festival held at John Darlings Farm,
Edenbridge, Kent TN8 5NP
leefest.org | twitter.com/leefest