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You are applying for a job and need a letter of reference.

Write a formal letter to a
former teacher. I your letter:

Give details of the job
Explain why it is important to you
Suggest what information your teacher could put in the reference.

Dear Sir,
Hope this mail finds you in good health.
You will be happy to know that I have received an offer letter for Assistant Marketing
Manager from Google. My office will be in Miami. My major responsibility will be
looking for new scope of work for marketing department. I will also be monitoring
daily web traffic of particular websites and keeping relation with existing clients.
This job is really a big leap in my carrier life. Not everyone from this region gets
offer letter from Google. To go ahead with the process (use a comma here) I need to
submit a letter of reference to their Human Resource Department. They would like
to know about me from my teacher.
I would like to request you to issue me a recommendation letter addressing the
head of Human Resource Department. In the recommendation letter, please
mention about the score that I made in Organizational Behavior Course and do not
forget to mention how pro-active I was in your class. This will bring a lot of good
vibe about me to the company.
I would really appreciate if you could write me a recommendation letter.

Thanks in Advance
Mashrat Bin Alam
Comment: In my opinion, this is an excellent piece of writing and I would like to give
you a straight 7 out of 9. Good Job. Why not 9? For not showcasing advanced
vocabulary and sentence structure. I think, you don’t need to, maintain this level
and you’ll get a very good score.

technology and business. To attract people back to art. just like Icarus. Science makes that vision possible. In conclusion. these are all dependent on each other. later on in this modern age we brought his concept into reality. I would like to point out that art. technology brings that possibility into reality and business financially supports technology to bring Art into reality. From my point of view. different art exhibitions must be held every month. So there are no scopes to ignore once element and focus onto other two. he drew the concept of helicopter. Art gives people vision. through which they could increase their business growth. Art. Let’s look into few references. If art was not there people would not have imagined future thus we could not build future for better life. However. We should illustrate how our present modern age technologies were just a concept hundreds years ago. What do you think that is? What could be done to encourage more people to take interest in the art? It is thought by many people that. technology and business. these days fewer and fewer people appreciate art and turn their focus to science. the great artist and the inventor at the same time. technology and business rather than Art. people fly in the sky with the help of this suite. Icarus flew close to the sun with his wax made wings. We should also invite more business person to convince them to invest more into art to help people to build a better future. . in Greek Mythology. Science. People will eventually grow their interest in art. in this modern age we have wing suite.Art is considered an essential part of all cultures throughout the world. This will inspire people to draw their imaginations to think of new technologies. Leonardo Da Vinci. through art. technology and business all three are equally important. people should focus more on science. I feel Art is and always has been a crucial part of civilization. None of these will survive without each other.

When you got home. Do not forget to mention my name.Question: You have just spent a week with a friend on holiday. I really had wonderful time with me and those were cherishable moments. Mashrat . Bangladesh”. Dhaka 1212. I have already started missing those days. First of all. Gulshan. Take care. All you have to do is packing the wallet tightly and write my address on top of the parcel. I would like to thank you for spending time with me while I was at your place for vacation. Hope you this mail finds you in good health. It is urgent because in that wallet I have my license card and keys of my office room. Could you please send it to me via DHL? There are a DHL store couple of blocks away from your home towards north. My address is “Apt#302. In your letter:    Thank your friend for the holiday explain that you left your wallet in their house give them instructions of how to send it back to you Dear Amanda. you realized you had left your wallet there. Write a letter to your friend. Thank you in advance. I am writing this letter as I need your help. It’s in the drawer in the room where I lived. Anyway. House#12. Road30. I have left my wallet in your house.

moreover they must provide the unemployed people with unemployed benefits. Social imbalance will rise. conducted by University of British Columbia (UBC). I completely disagree with this statement. Therefore.3 billion US dollar per annum. Different countries created alliance with each other and share their defense power. Their annual expenditure is about 2. it is found that India is one of the top countries which spend more on military. water. the government could spare a portion of their budget for defense to social welfare for the greater good. the main objective of a government is to protect its people’s interest and ensure the betterment of the society.A government has a responsibility to its citizens to ensure their safety. Crime rate will go up. shelter and education. So in this sense. They do not even have proper sanitation system. Enriching defense power is not definitely the most concerning sector that the government should emphasize on but the improving its country’s standard of living. This world is gradually getting smaller and smaller. . Death rate in India is higher comparing to other third world countries. To what extent do you agree? It is thought by some that as ensuring safety and security of citizens is the main responsibility of the government. The government must create more employment opportunity to eradicate unemployment rate. 60 percent of total populations in India are being deprived of food. According to Bloomberg. what is the point in upgrading defense if there are no people to defend? Moreover if the government does not focus on social benefits. they should invest more on defense rather than on social welfare. People are forced to do crime if they do not have any other option for living. In a study. there are lots of international organizations nowadays. So. some people think that the government should increase spending on defense but spend less on social benefits. In conclusion.

My name is Samiul Alam Khan Chowdhury and I live in Road number 30. In your letter:    Introduce yourself Explain what the problem is Suggest solutions to the problem Dear Counselor. Moreover that road remains completely traffic free in that period. in this case the project manager. The loud noise coming from power drills and bulldozers is really harmful for children and elderly persons. I am writing this letter to you regarding noises coming from road construction site happening in that road.Work is being done on the street on where you live. It is been almost a week that the road construction works are going on. Block. The nose is disturbing you.I in your area. Best wishes Samiul Alam Khan Chowdhury A . The construction work starts every day at 10:00 at night and ends at 2:30 am next day. Exactly the time when the neighborhood starts preparing to go to the bed. I would like to request you to ask the responsible authority of this project. Thank you in advance for your prompt action. Hope we will not hear any construction sound tonight.3:30 pm when everybody is out of their home for work. to change their working hours from 10:00 pm-2:00 am to 11:00 am. Write a letter of complaint to your local council.