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1. Implementaing Ha in PRD.
Ans. System Replication in 2nd system
Ans. Scaled out nodes on PRD hosts
2.Issue due to Backup as Admin u need to check indexserver log for the timebeing.
Ans. DBA cockpit->diagnoisi->host->all->indexserver
Ans. Hana Studio -> dignosisi->host->All->indexserver

3.If U increase audit level it will increase audit file isze.

Ans. Audit level 3

4.DMO downtime phase which option

Ans. Target Kernel switch

5.DMO feature
Ans. SAP system upgrade
Ans. UC conversion

6.DMO R3load will use which files.

Ans. Pipes in memory
7.CTS+ is deployed where..?
Ans. Solution manager
8.CTS+ transported on which system.
Ans. Export on Source System.
9.Real time Data load and transformation is done using which methd
Ans. Operational data mart

10.Schema and tables create which priv

Ans. System and object priv to update Hana system

Ans. HLM

12.Instance number during installation procided in which file.

Ans. Setuphana.slmodel (Installer configuration file)

13.To check size & name of backup files

Ans. M_Backup_CATALOG_files
14.If u need to check analytical privilege
Ans. Effective structured privileges
15.To check direct or indirect privileges given to a user
Ans. Effective Privileges

16. if you want to provide all system trace data to SAP which one you use

17.SLT replication source System crashed how to retsrat it.

Ans. Stop the replication and start it..(means it will start from scratch )

18 What u can monitor thrugh solman

Ans. Overview of Systems
19. 300GB memory 512GB nodes how to distribute
Ans. 75gb across 4nodes , 50 gb in 3 nodes and 150 gb in last node

20 if u change license from Platform to Enterprise what extra services u will ge

Ans. LT Replication AddOn
Ans. LT Replication Server
Ans. SAP BusinessObjects Data Services 4.0

21Crsystal reports. HA 100

22.DXE s to HANA replication

Ans. HTTP connection will be used.

23 Solman manager monitoring using HANA

Ans. Host agent and SMD agent

24 how to check DB status using hdbsql command line

Ans. HDBSQL /s

25.Trcae file rotation depends on which parameter

Ans. Max file
Ans. Max file size

26 A query is executed to generate pivot table in excel. Which tool is used (1 o

ption) (HANA architecture diagram is also shown )
Ans. Calculation engine

27.Pre-req to install SLT

Ans. Min 7.02 or higher
Ans. DMIS add-on

28.What r the pre-req to be met before installation HANA

Ans. Java path set
Ans. Logged in with root

29.System replicationrelated to Dev and QAS

Ans. Async system copy with shadow process.

30 Backup catalog corrupt

Ans. Hdbackupdiag tool to recover
31 When to trigger Delta merge
Ans. Memory consumption

32.Have to delete backup catalog.

Hana studio->backup catalog >delete
33 log volume full what to do.
Ans. move to other location and create Symbolic link
Ans. alter system reclaim log
34 Design time benefit
Ans. Transport possible
Ans. Stored procedure to grant

35. minimum RAM required for Data volume

Ans. 3*RAM

36.Is DMO is for every SAP release.

Ans. Source system release has to be based on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP17 or higher

37.How to do table splitting.

Ans DMO will take care by itself

38.T-code for Logging and troubleshooting of SLT


39 COPA (HA100)
40 ETL -

Data services

41.System locked down

Ans. License delete
Ans. Hardare key changed
d SID changed.

Or the option will be like Homogenous system copy done an

42.Backup throughput and backup size in HANA studio

Ans. Backup Catalog
43.How to check load in HANA studio.
Ans. HANA studio-> Performance tab-> Load
44. For which of the following HANA client update will be required.
Ans. HANA Mus,...
Ans. Excel
Ans. Data Services
45.HANA studio on Linux
Ans. java path
Ans. root used
46.One question related to table view in which 2 options were like M_TABle_
47. Privileges Required to END Sessions in Performance Tab in HANA Studio
48. A customer complains about poor performance when they query a column table w
ith 5 billion records. You suspect that this table is partially loaded into memo
ry. Where can you to check the load status of this table?

Ans. On the Runtime Information tab of the table definition

Ans. In the M_CS_TABLES view
49. How to check the missing authorizations
Ans. usnig Dependency Viewer
50. Which memory info can be reset in HDB Studio for new proceess load informati
Ans. Peak used memory
51. DMO Advantages
Ans. Combined procedure needs only one maintenance phase (not two)
Ans. Inplace migration keeps application server and System-ID stable
Ans. Original database is kept, can be reactivated as fallback
Ans. Lower prerequisites for SAP and DB start releases
52. How much dynamic RAM is required for HANA?
Ans. Equal to Static RAM

53. Which modes are supported in Authorizations (3 options)

ans. Roles to roles
ans. Privilege to roles
ans. Roles to users