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John Kotter's 8 Steps to Transformation Analysis

In his model, John Kotter maps out eight simple steps to a transformation that are
invaluable for any organisation wishing to deliver sustainable change.

Step 1. Increase urgency. We call this awareness raising and building the
compelling reason why. How do you access the core motivation strategy of each
colleague to secure vital commitment and belief? What is your compelling story and
how do you want your people to feel?
Step 2. Build the guiding team. Is your leadership team match fit? Do they
demonstrate the winning behaviours and role-model the new desired cultural
context for others to follow? How will you prepare them for the journey?
Step 3. Getting the Vision right. FutureEngageDeliver so when painting the
picture of the Vision do you tell them, sell them or involve them in its co-creation?
What about customersare you going to invite them on the bus too or leave them
at the bus stop! Create ownership!
Step 4. Spread the message. Compelling communication that engages builds
significance and addresses the "so what" and what is in it for me (WIIFM).
Communication is the oil in the engine of high-performance organisations, and it
needs to reach all parts to enable flow. Everyone taking personal responsibility for
communication is transformative in itself

Step 5. Empower Action Building action orientation is essential to building

momentum. We use the acronym FAN Focus Activity Now. Vital to focus on the right
activities in the right sequence at the right time to deliver desired outcomes.
Human beings are goal orientated by design. By setting clear, challenging goals and
achieving results builds belief and can do orientation
Step 6. Score first downs Celebrate success to anchor new behaviours and ways
of working and amplify, build collective commitment to getting goals over the line.
More importantly, people change their behaviours towards the desired future state
when they win!
Step 7. Don't stop change is a continuous evolutionary journey with the main
milestones along the way. Celebrate each milestone, reflect and set new stretch
goals to fire constant reinvention and renewal. Help colleagues become experts at
goal setting (many find this challenging). Build highly effective collaborative teams When climbing the mountain it's always more fun with a team. When the leader
helps everyone to the top, the Vista is all the more rewarding where the whole team
can admire the view
Step 8. Make change stick continuous reinforcement is crucial to sustaining the
new culture and prevent implosion. Role-modelling winning behaviours and building
effective coaching cultures, where coaching is a natural everyday occurrence will
develop resilience and strength to the organisation and anchor the desired culture.
Ensure reward and recognition is linked to new ways of working and underpins the
new organisation platform.

Following these action steps will help your organisation develop the crucial
awareness, mind-sets, belief, commitment and capabilities required to lead effective