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Embassy Business Park dedicated

BMTC Volvo Bus Service

This document contains the guidelines and certain dos and donts that need to be followed while
using the Embassy Services dedicated BMTC bus service for Manyata Embassy Business Park users.
Please follow these and help us to help you deliver excellent service.
We have also included relevant information which you might find useful while availing the bus

1. The Bus pass is valid for use only if it is an Embassy Services issued BMTC pass. If an
employee is found boarding the campus bus with an outside pass, he/she will be asked to
de-board immediately.
2. Under no circumstances, will a duplicate pass be issued. If the pass gets lost, you will need
to buy a fresh pass from our transport team paying the full price. However, no new pass
can be issued after 7th of the month.
3. Only one pass will be issued per user. The BMTC bus pass is strictly non transferrable.
4. The bus service is strictly for transit to and fro Manyata Embassy Business Park.

1. Do ensure your presence at the designated pick up point at least 5-10 minutes before the
scheduled time.
2. Always keep your BMTC pass, BMTC ID card and Embassy Services bus pass in person all
the time while travelling in the bus. Employees found without a valid pass will be fined as
per the BMTC rules.
3. Make sure all the details in the pass are duly and accurately filled.
4. Do co-operate with the security during daily security checks. It will enable faster
5. Do board and alight the bus at designated stops only. No unscheduled stops are allowed
in between. Avoid boarding/alighting at signals. Please comply for your own safety.

1. Do try to take the first log in bus for your route. Maximum buses are in the first login. This
will help in preventing the overcrowding in second and third login and help more of your
colleagues in getting seats.
2. Do offer your seat to colleagues who might need it more in the overcrowded buses. E.g.
Pregnant ladies / injured individuals.
3. Do not litter the bus with plastic / paper / chewing gum etc. We need your support in
maintaining and improving the cleanliness of the buses for the comfortable travel of all
4. Do maintain decorum in the bus and avoid causing inconvenience to fellow passengers
and the bus driver / conductor.
5. Do not get into any sort of arguments / altercations with the driver / conductor. If you
have any issue, please call any of the transport team supervisors (numbers shared at the
end of this document).
6. Do not request the driver for a change of route.
7. Do check your belongings before alighting. Embassy Services will not be responsible for
any loss / damage to your belongings.
8. Do not smoke or consume alcohol while travelling in the bus.
9. Do not invite or allow non employees/unauthorized users at MEBP to travel in the bus.


For any service related issues, contact at the below mentioned touch points.
MEBP Security Team: +91 - 9743109361
BMTC Volvo Bus Supervisors

Shivashankar : + 91 - 9902147001
: + 91 - 9972427990
: + 91 - 9902423665
: + 91 - 9902068524

Transport Helpdesk e-mail id :

Moiz Ahmed (Transport In-charge): +91- 9741876756