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18:28 <@sup_g> sup big dawg
18:30 <&Sabu> chillin fams
18:30 <&Sabu> miss your ass
18:30 <&Sabu> been busy working over the holidays
18:30 <&Sabu> trying to make $$ for the fam
18:30 <&Sabu> I saw part of the logs with this kid disco throwing my name out
like a namefa
18:31 <&Sabu> basically my nigga we'll either kill the channel itself and
separate ourselves from those newbies
18:31 <&Sabu> and bring the revolusec with us
18:31 <&Sabu> or something
18:31 <@sup_g> I like the revolusec people
18:31 <@sup_g> I wasn't aware that they were that organized and also skilled
18:33 <&Sabu> yeah
18:33 <&Sabu> they're good money when it comes to organization
18:33 <&Sabu> they've also graciously hooked us up with like 90gb of syrian
government emails
18:35 <@sup_g> it could be strategic to keep using some of these cabincrew people
18:35 <@uid0> We could move to silcd for inner circle and stay here for keeping
in touch with cabincrew.
18:35 <@sup_g> to do more public shit
18:38 <&Sabu> eah
18:38 <&Sabu> yeah
18:38 <&Sabu> silc sounds good for core. issue is we kind of want to still work
with revolusec guys
18:39 <&Sabu> so it'll taint our silc to bring them over
18:39 <@sup_g> yeah maybe we can keep it separate for now
18:40 <@sup_g> still strategizing for this upcoming shit
19:03 <&Sabu> yup yup
19:08 <@sup_g> comments on #antisec ... ?
19:16 <~elChe> ohah Sabu
19:19 <&Sabu> hi
19:22 <~elChe> Sabu yesterday we brought biella and quinn norton
19:22 <~elChe> to promote xmas
19:24 <&Sabu> very cool
19:24 <&Sabu> biella, rocks
19:26 <@uid0> Quinn is on our side too. At least I got that impression.
19:29 <&Sabu> yeah
19:30 <@sup_g> yes
19:30 <~elChe> yep she is
19:30 <@sup_g> to some degree, anyway
19:30 <~elChe> biella and her were talking offline
19:30 <@sup_g> it's a good idea to let some reporters in on some data so they can
more accurately parse it ahead of time for the article
19:30 <~elChe> Sabu u should ping parmy perhaps
19:31 <~elChe> so we got some forbes financial times shit
19:31 <~elChe> get*
19:32 <&Sabu> I'm talking to her now
19:32 <&Sabu> what do we need?
19:32 <&Sabu> bitch just went offline as you said that haha
19:32 <~elChe> lol
19:34 <~elChe> hm
19:34 <~elChe> silcd should be for us we cant risk it
19:34 <~elChe> like happened with fake palladium
19:35 <~elChe> we can use channels here to talk to other ppl
19:41 <&Sabu> yup
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22:39 <~elChe> guise
22:39 <~elChe>
22:39 <~elChe> your cheatsheet
22:40 <@sup_g> can we test some of these CCs?
22:40 <@sup_g> sabu said some are bad?
22:42 <~elChe> bad?
22:42 <~elChe> hows taht?
22:42 <~elChe> like faked
22:42 <~elChe> or like expired
22:43 <~elChe> we should start testing this weekend
22:43 <~elChe> not yet
22:43 <~elChe> bank billing cycle not closed yet
22:44 <@sup_g> like didn't work bad
22:44 <@sup_g> it's not fake, the data is def legit
22:45 <~elChe> we need to check this out
22:45 <~elChe> cause it would mean someone snitched
22:45 <@sup_g> Well, it could also be because they discovered the breach and
notified the credit card corporations.
22:46 <@sup_g> Except that would be in the news and shit, how you gonna keep
notifying all them clients and be quiet about it?
22:50 <@sup_g> I'm gonna try backdooring su or sudo to see if we can get some
cleartext root passwords, and hopfully they double for the other servers.
22:52 <~elChe> ok
22:53 <~elChe> we could start checking cards this friday
22:53 <~elChe> if they r all bad that mean someone snitched
22:53 <~elChe> i dont buy the shit about they notified the banks
22:54 <@sup_g> they couldn't possibly all be bad
22:54 <@sup_g> yeah I bet they would want to try to keep that shit quiet, under
22:54 <@sup_g> because obviously there would be a lot of mad high profile clients
22:54 <~elChe> too many to notify all of them
22:55 <~elChe> without getting some news abou tit
22:55 <~elChe> hm
22:55 <@sup_g> yes
22:55 <@sup_g> well I can try running a card or two now
22:55 <@sup_g> to test
22:55 <~elChe> try to parse the card and filter those still not expired
22:56 <@sup_g> yep
22:56 <~elChe> we ll start friday going hard just in case
22:56 <~elChe> we got nothing
22:58 <@sup_g> any quick and fast online store to test against?
23:03 <@sup_g> gonna try buying some pop tarts
23:03 <~elChe> eff
23:03 <~elChe> or buy ukash online after register some fake email
23:04 <~elChe> hm we should check this weekend those posted on antisec chan
23:04 <~elChe> if they r not working
23:04 <@sup_g> any enemies we want sent pop tarts?
23:04 <@sup_g> it's impossible that all aren't working
23:04 <~elChe> it would seem someone burned them
23:05 <~elChe> i saved those posted on the channel
23:05 <@sup_g> also it is unknown how many and which have been used by h and crew
23:05 <~elChe> to verify if some of us fucked them
23:05 <~elChe> before time
23:07 <@sup_g> clever
23:07 <@uid0> sup_g: h never showed up again after finding these ccs, right?
23:07 <~elChe> nop
23:08 <~elChe> but he declared he ll be off for some days too
23:08 <~elChe> so we r not sure what s up
23:08 <@sup_g> I did talk to him a day after
23:08 <@sup_g> and worked on the boxes for a minute
23:08 <@sup_g> but wicked says him disappearing for days is not unusual
23:08 <@uid0> k
23:09 <~elChe> but its possible he s trying to sell the lot to russians
23:09 <@sup_g> the lot??
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23:13 <~elChe> i mean the whole bunch
23:14 <~elChe> hm
23:14 <@sup_g> he wouldn't sell ALL of em
23:14 <~elChe> can u upload 5 or 4 of them, already parsed, to cz
23:14 <~elChe> i ll check also
23:15 <~elChe> i ll try to get ukash with some faked account
23:15 <@sup_g> To increase the security of online transactions, all the major
credit and debit card providers have introduced additional checks called
3D-Secure (like an online version of Chip and PIN). You have chosen to use a card
that is part of the 3D-Secure scheme, so you will need to authenticate yourself
with your bank in the section below.
23:15 <@sup_g> for real?
23:15 <@sup_g> time to check another card I guess
23:16 <~elChe> lol
23:16 <@sup_g> Easier for me to paste via jabber than to login to shell
23:16 <~elChe> ok
23:16 <~elChe> i m logged
23:24 <~elChe> hm check this one
23:24 <~elChe> Cyber_War_News CWN
23:24 <~elChe> hacked, Agents accounts details leaked by
@Abhaxas #anonymous #antisec #news #infosec
23:24 <@sup_g> WTFFFFFF
23:24 <@sup_g> =( =(
23:25 <@sup_g> that was our target
23:25 <~elChe> Well, there has been another big dump of email accounts from MANY
federal agency's, police agency's, the air force and many other places. The
attack comes from @Abhaxas.
23:26 <~elChe> The leak comes from a website shop that
specialize's in tactical equipment and gear for Military, law enforcements,
special forces etc.. The leak contains 18244 accounts, If you take note of the
last column you will see that many of them belong to certain agency's.
23:26 <~elChe> Most of the accounts have the officers names, emails and passwords
and as we have seen in the past many of these officers tend to use the same
passwords over and over which makes it easy for people to start digging around a
bit further...
23:26 <~elChe> leak:
23:26 <@sup_g> I had to own that server to steal the encryption keys and wrote
the scripts to mass parse and decrypt them to get those damn passwords.
23:27 <@sup_g> That's OK though. This just means we can put the specialforces
rootlog in our zine =)
23:27 <@sup_g> Fuck, maybe even dump the CCs.
23:27 <~elChe> we should use those CCs before they got fucked
23:27 <~elChe> or if not we should post them now
23:28 <~elChe> for lulzxmas
23:28 <@sup_g> well the thing about it is
23:28 <@sup_g> no CVV
23:28 <~elChe> hm
23:28 <@sup_g> It will still cause mass mayhem.
23:28 <@sup_g> Also, we have the addresses. He doesn't have them in this
23:30 <~elChe> hm yeah
23:30 <@sup_g> did he post a statement?
23:30 <@sup_g> or just the u/p list
23:30 <@uid0>
23:32 <~elChe> ohshit
23:32 <~elChe> uid0: need your help
23:32 <~elChe> can u test some cards?
23:33 <@uid0> elChe: What up?
23:33 <@uid0> sup_g: Where did he get it from?
23:33 <@uid0> elChe: Uhm, I'm not really familiar with carding.
23:33 <@sup_g> uid0: long story about this actually
23:33 <@sup_g> i'll write about it for the zine
23:34 <@sup_g> but long story short, he was able to get mysql dumps for their
23:34 <@sup_g> which contained blowfish encrypted passes and CCs
23:34 <~elChe> do u want to answer it?
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23:34 <@uid0> elChe: But I can try if you tell me what to do. ^^
23:34 <@sup_g> I re-owned and rooted their server
23:34 <@sup_g> and grabbed the encryption keys back again
23:34 <~elChe> saying 'thanks abhaxas we ll post the rest u didnt find it'
23:34 <@sup_g> as well as their massive mail spools
23:34 <~elChe> lol
23:35 <@sup_g> dropping the CCs will only enhance the mayhem
23:35 <@sup_g> especially cause we got an FBI home address + card
23:36 <~elChe> ok
23:36 <~elChe> but well do it for Xmas then
23:36 <~elChe> just 10 days to wait
23:36 <@sup_g> yep =)
23:37 <@sup_g> this will be a thick ass zine
23:37 <@sup_g> lots of rootings
23:39 <@sup_g> testing a card now
23:39 <~elChe>
23:40 <~elChe> no1ulz
23:40 <@sup_g> what's that?
23:40 <~elChe> check waht got when tried to use one card on ukash
23:41 <@sup_g> error?
23:41 <~elChe> lol
23:43 <@sup_g> You have entered an invalid number or partial credit card or debit
card number. Please check your entry and try again.
23:44 <@sup_g> with the first one I tried.
23:48 <@sup_g> That card number is already assigned to another PayPal account.
For security purposes, each card may only be assigned to one PayPal account. If
you have already opened a PayPal account, please retrieve the relevant
information and log in. Otherwise, please use a different card.
23:51 <~elChe> hm what about openning an itunes account
23:51 <~elChe> and buy lots of gift card
23:51 <~elChe> then we just release the codes
23:52 <@sup_g> That card number is already assigned to another PayPal account.
For security purposes, each card may only be assigned to one PayPal account. If
you have already opened a PayPal account, please retrieve the relevant
information and log in. Otherwise, please use a different card.
23:52 <@sup_g> but it again
23:52 <@sup_g> hrm.
23:53 <@sup_g> *got it again
23:53 <@sup_g> maybe these cards are legit
23:53 <~elChe> well if paypal detected it
23:53 <@sup_g> I give up on checking cards for now.
--- Day changed Wed Dec 14 2011
00:11 <~elChe> agh theres some system asking for another passwd for online
00:12 <@uid0> Another passwd?
00:15 <~elChe> yep
00:21 <~elChe> agh same
00:21 <~elChe> visa and mastercard
00:21 <~elChe> use securecode
00:22 <~elChe> a pin needed to complete transaction
00:22 <@sup_g> some merchants may not require that
00:22 <@uid0> :\
00:22 <@uid0> And apparently it's not active by default.
00:32 <@uid0> Strange paranoia this evening. xD Constantly feeling like someones
in here, staring at me.
00:33 <@sup_g> It's me.
00:33 <@uid0> Oh noez, surprise buttsex :(
00:34 <@sup_g> NO ESCAPE
00:34 <@uid0> 4 days until it's Bradleys birthday.
00:34 <@sup_g> We can do somethin
00:34 <@sup_g> A donation or two
00:35 <@sup_g> Or two hundred.
00:36 <@uid0> Maybe they can really get away with the "mental illness" "should've
never been brought to a warzone" thing.
01:02 <~elChe> agh fuckign shit
01:03 <@uid0> =
01:03 <@uid0> ?
01:06 <@sup_g> ok I found out
01:06 <@sup_g> # Temp. band-aid to fix php logo issues on site due to invalid
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01:06 <@sup_g> */5 * * * * /opt/adm/bin/
01:06 <@sup_g> was in crontab on www server
01:06 <@sup_g> so the php logo issues was unrelated to what we were doing
01:07 <@sup_g> still, they noticed breach
01:07 <@sup_g> some other way that is
01:09 <@uid0> sup_g: How did they respond?
01:09 <@uid0> Backdoors gone?
01:09 <@sup_g> Nope.
01:09 <@sup_g> None of them.
01:09 <@sup_g> Well actually,
01:09 <@uid0> How do you know they noticed?
01:09 <@sup_g> They did kill remote mysql login
01:09 <@sup_g> And changed the www password on db2
01:10 <@sup_g> So they found whatever h gave up to us.
01:10 <@sup_g> (He did paste it in #antisec channel)
01:10 <@uid0> aye
01:10 <@sup_g> Also, in /root/inspect/ are several recent apache and sshd logs
01:10 <@sup_g> and .bash_history shows him greppin for certain times
01:11 <@sup_g> I am surprised they did not take boxes down, honestly
01:11 <@sup_g> We REALLY need to root this core box.
01:11 <@uid0> Usually the admins don't think that far to issue any warnings.
01:11 <@sup_g> That's where the mail's at. The good shit.
01:12 <@sup_g> Reviewing some newly acquired sql files.
01:19 <~elChe> agh shit
01:28 <~elChe> trollolol!!!!
01:28 <~elChe> i got one working
01:28 <~elChe> donated for EFF
01:29 <@sup_g> screenie <3
01:29 <~elChe> not so much cause the poor guy came from AJE
01:29 <~elChe> xD
01:29 <@sup_g> for real?
01:29 <~elChe> but well i can troll them with this
01:29 <@sup_g> lol.
01:29 <@sup_g> btw downloading police chief facebooks
01:29 <~elChe> just 100$ he cant cry for that
01:29 <~elChe> ok screenies
01:33 <~elChe> http://
01:33 <~elChe> XD
01:34 <@uid0> awesome!
01:35 <@uid0> Also yay for using firefox. :D
01:36 <~elChe> XD
01:36 * uid0 doesn't like Chromium.
01:36 <~elChe> ok so some of them are still usable
01:36 <~elChe> i propose to prepare an EFF donation raid
01:37 <~elChe> also sup_g get all those anarcho org u want to doante to
01:37 <@uid0> Can one donate bitcoins to them?
01:37 <~elChe> and check if they have easy forms
01:37 <@sup_g> i'll get a list for ya but not now
01:37 <~elChe> we should crack our heads to get a way to get them into money
01:38 <~elChe> try to filter all the amex sup_g
01:38 <~elChe> amex better for this
01:39 <@uid0> Wikileaks is accepting BTC donations btw
01:39 <@uid0> Almost not possible to get em back.
01:40 <@uid0> 1HB5XMLmzFVj8ALj6mfBsbifRoD4miY36v <-- wl
01:41 <~elChe> yeah but how we ll change the CCs into bitcoins quickly?
01:41 <@uid0> bitcoin exchange pages
01:41 <~elChe> hm ok..
01:42 <~elChe> im not strong on those things...
01:42 <@uid0> mtgox for example
01:42 <~elChe> u need like 4-6 days before transaction complete
01:43 <~elChe> and i think they use bank transfer and not CCs
01:43 <@uid0> trying to figure out
01:44 <@uid0> Bradley Manning Support Network offers a webform:
01:44 <@uid0> But no amex :\
01:44 <@sup_g> we hit that one during the sheriffs hack =)
01:45 <@uid0> which one?
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01:47 <@sup_g> donated to that clickandpledge URL for bradley
01:48 <@uid0> oic
01:49 <@sup_g> have to split in a few
01:49 <@uid0> Ok, I fugred something out elChe.
01:49 <@uid0> Paypal --> Liberty Reserve --> Bitcoin :>
01:49 <~elChe> oops i made another donation
01:49 <~elChe> 500$
01:50 <@uid0> xD
01:50 <@uid0> Here you can exchange liberty reserve for CC
01:50 <~elChe> hm how we need some paypal account for that
01:50 <@uid0> Not even need to get a paypal acc.
01:50 <~elChe> can u setup that?
01:50 <~elChe> we can try little test tomorrow
01:50 <@uid0> lemme try
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01:52 <@uid0> elChe: You mean setting up paypal acc?
01:52 <~elChe> i mean try to get that rollin
01:53 <~elChe> i m stressed now
01:53 <@uid0> yeah, we could make a little test with $5 or so.
01:53 <~elChe> i think ill make another donation
01:53 <~elChe> xD
01:53 <~elChe> $5?
01:53 <@uid0> Yeah, tomorrow.
01:55 <~elChe> dont be avaricious
01:55 <~elChe> lets do 500
01:57 <@uid0> lol, just found smth nice
01:57 <@uid0> they're accepting cc for btc
01:58 <@uid0> Most orders are delivered immediately at checkout time. If there is
ever a delay, it will only be for a few minutes while your order is verified.
01:59 <@uid0> but $500 per day limit. :\
01:59 <~elChe> ok
01:59 <~elChe> make raid of 300 or 250
02:01 <@uid0> Or do you have any chance to make that ccs as paysafe cards?
02:05 <@uid0> Nah, disregard that. They all want authentication we can't provide.
-.02:09 <~elChe> which would be the limit for a CC
02:09 <~elChe> belonging to
02:11 <@uid0> I found an online shop where one can buy paysafe card usng visa &
02:11 <@uid0> elChe: Depends on the type of card they're using.
02:12 <~elChe> US air force debit master
02:12 <~elChe> i d say 500
02:12 <~elChe> dont want to risk to try 1000 and trigger some shit and get stuck
02:12 <~elChe> agree?
02:13 <@uid0> some cards even have a $500 trigger.
02:13 <~elChe> ok
02:13 <@uid0> Currently looking up if I can find any information on this.
02:16 <~elChe> hm ok 350 then
02:17 <@uid0> 499 would do it as well. xD
02:17 <@uid0> Never seen any <500
02:23 <~elChe> lol
02:23 <~elChe> ok well too late
02:23 <~elChe> but here your lulz
02:23 <~elChe> http://
02:24 ! FBI invited sup_g into the channel.
02:24 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
02:24 -!- mode/#lulzxmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
02:24 <@uid0> I'm thinking about some teaser.
02:24 <@sup_g> back
02:24 <@sup_g> uid0 i'm lining up a few teasers as well, non-cc related
02:25 <~elChe> hahaha
02:25 <~elChe> ok waht
02:25 <~elChe> look this sup_g
02:25 <~elChe> http://
02:25 <@sup_g> i'm making a big list, and we can just pick and choose which to do
on each day
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02:26 <@sup_g> shit like access to various chief emails, access to, some for official use only docs, etc
02:28 <@uid0> OK, checked back again. If you have "premium" cards, their daily
transfer limits is at least $2,500 (often as much as $9,000). For "normal cards"
it's $500-$2000.
02:33 <~elChe> ok
02:33 <~elChe> i was thinking
02:34 <~elChe> if we dont say anything for a while
02:34 <~elChe> we can spend ton of money
02:34 <@uid0> aye
02:34 <~elChe> cause the cards will look unrelated between them for a while
02:35 <~elChe> they will trigger the usual mechanism of fraud when users will
rant about spendings
02:35 <~elChe> so they ll be treated as individual cases
02:35 <~elChe> [B[B[B[B[B
02:35 <~elChe> 24hrs / 24
02:36 <~elChe> wehn we feel they r done
02:36 <@uid0> Yes, we should also not specify how much money from individual
accounts went to which org.
02:36 <~elChe> we can then post all the details about how we spend the money
02:36 <@uid0> Maybe just "Donations summing up to x went to y" or smth like that.
02:37 <~elChe> hm ok
02:37 <~elChe> but we should post some screenshot as proof
02:37 <@uid0> Otherwise we'd somehow help them cleaning up the mess.
02:37 <@uid0> Yes, some screens are ok.
02:37 <@uid0> But no detailed records I'd say.
02:38 <~elChe> ok ok
02:39 <@uid0> Do it like the gov with their black budget, just giving total sums.
02:39 <~elChe> hhahhah
02:40 <~elChe> we could even do some counter-info campaign
02:40 <~elChe> example
02:40 <~elChe> this last screenshot is pretty much lulzy
02:40 <~elChe> lets say we post
02:41 <~elChe> 'DIA hacked and we r spending their money in donations' or
something more lulzy
02:41 <~elChe> so they will be looking there
02:41 <@uid0> LOL, that's brilliant. Oo
02:41 <@uid0> Would create so much fucking mayhem.
02:42 <~elChe> and not where we r really working
02:42 <@uid0> They'll be going mad and shutting their stuff down, which costs
02:42 <~elChe> sure at least they will block all their CCs
02:42 <@uid0> Better yet claiming we got that info from an "insider". xD
02:43 <~elChe> hahaha
02:43 <@sup_g> hmm 64 character hash, looks like md5
02:43 <@sup_g> ideas what it is? got another users table for the target corp,
almost all
02:44 <~elChe> intranet?
02:44 <~elChe> lotus?
02:44 <~elChe> ok we need Sabu opinion about the counter info
02:44 <@sup_g> err I nmean, what hash algo
02:44 <@uid0> sup_g: Linksys router? ;)
02:45 <~elChe> and probably we ll need nimaa to agree
02:45 <@uid0> could be sha-384
02:46 <~elChe> sup_g: can u filter all CCs belonging to Defense Intelligence
02:46 <@sup_g> elche I'm just gonna set up this db and phpmyadmin for yall on our
02:46 <@sup_g> so yall can sort through it
02:46 <@sup_g> will that work?
02:46 <~elChe> ok ok
02:49 <@uid0> sup_g: Where did you find that hash? Any leads?
02:50 <@sup_g> it came from a db entitled '
' which appears to be some
group or phone conference system
02:50 <@sup_g> there's a users table here
02:50 <@sup_g> it also has an ldap u/p
02:51 <@uid0> openfire = Cross-platform, open source XMPP server written in Java,
Page 7


with web based administration.
02:53 <@sup_g> i'm not sure what the URL of it is tho
02:53 <@uid0> web interface often runs on port 9090/9091 (http/https)
02:54 <@uid0> sup_g: Found something for you:
02:58 <@uid0> also this:
03:00 <@sup_g> it is proving increasingly difficult for me to do a million things
at once
03:16 <@sup_g> well,
03:16 <@sup_g> im gonna get offline for a few
03:16 <@sup_g> I may pop on later
03:16 <@sup_g> I will keep working on the draft for the zine, while also
reviewing these two new bigger dumps I just downloaded
03:17 <@sup_g> I never got around to coding the su and sudo backdoor, but I think
that may be our way i
03:17 <@uid0> l8rs sup_g
03:17 <@uid0> take care!
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03:52 <~elChe> lol uid0 40 000 views
04:01 <@uid0> nice, that's +14,000 since yesterday.
04:01 <~elChe> hope it gets lots more around 24th Dec
04:02 <@uid0> Heh, we'll just tweet some "reminders".
04:02 <~elChe> lol really
04:02 <~elChe> ?
04:02 <~elChe> i ll check
04:02 <@uid0> Nah, I mean around 24th.
04:02 <@uid0> And in between maybe.
04:03 <~elChe> ah ok
04:03 <~elChe> just found this
04:03 <@uid0> There were times when we tweeted the LulzSec final message &
"anonymous to the machine..." videos every day, and views constantly went up. :D
04:03 <~elChe> AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC
04:03 <~elChe> the guise'd like to c u around for this #LulzXmas <3 @Emma_A
04:03 <~elChe> was that yours?
04:03 <@uid0> No.
04:03 <~elChe> ok so then it was me...
04:04 <@uid0> Or sup_g. :)
04:04 <@uid0> Or q.
04:04 <~elChe> lol
04:05 <@uid0> ~bed
04:15 <&Sabu> yo yo
04:16 <&Sabu> who is here?
04:16 <&Sabu> uid0: ?
04:17 <~elChe> hi
04:18 <~elChe> Sabu check the backlog
04:20 <&Sabu> reading
04:20 <&Sabu> uid0: someone told me our boy dv0 might have gotten v&d working to
get confirmed. if its true: I'll be sad
04:21 <&Sabu> elChe: dont have much buffer logging
04:21 <&Sabu> what was said?
04:24 <~elChe> basically discussed about how carding better
04:24 <~elChe> some tries done
04:24 <~elChe> check this one
04:24 <~elChe> http://
04:25 <~elChe> about the possibility about counter-intel op
04:25 <~elChe> saying like 'we r sitting on Defense intelligence agency' to get
them freaking out
04:25 <~elChe> we post that
04:25 <~elChe> could be other shits related
04:26 <~elChe> so we keep them focused on the wrong place
04:26 <~elChe> and we can keep working with more space
Page 8


04:26 <~elChe> some ideas about xmas
04:27 <~elChe> about giving some shit in advance to quinn norton to start writing
an article
04:27 <~elChe> that was already set with her
04:27 <~elChe> what to publish what not
04:36 <&Sabu> yup
04:36 <&Sabu> thats wha I've been doing with other things
04:36 <&Sabu> but we can do this
04:39 <~elChe> ok
04:40 <~elChe> also nimaa didnt showed up for a while
04:40 <~elChe> we r wondering if hes just chillin
04:41 <~elChe> or he run away with the booty
04:41 <~elChe> or he got in troubles
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07:32 <@sup_g> ping
07:36 <@sup_g> !
11:51 <@uid0> Sabu: Couldn't find any confirmation in Austrian news for dv0
getting v&.
11:54 <~elChe> shit
11:54 <~elChe> if austrian
11:54 <~elChe> metalab should know about it
11:55 <@sup_g> hrmm
13:14 -!- sup_g [v@8CD2C51F.77CC2ADB.2936FEA7.IP] has quit [Input/output error]
13:45 <~elChe> lol Sabu i showed you the wrong pic yesterday
13:45 <~elChe> this is the good one
13:45 <~elChe> http://
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20:05 <&Sabu> yo yo
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22:44 <@sup_g> what's u
22:44 <@uid0> sup_g: o/
22:44 <@sup_g> =)
22:44 <@sup_g> we in business baby
22:45 <@uid0> w00t?
22:45 <@sup_g> oh yes
22:45 <@sup_g> time to feast upon their spools
22:45 <@uid0> stratfor?
22:46 <@sup_g> oh yes.
22:46 <@sup_g> after yall left yesterday I spent another eight hours
22:46 <@sup_g> and rooted that mofo
22:46 <@uid0> They're so done now...
22:47 <@sup_g> Yeah it's over with.
22:47 <@sup_g> In their emails they were complaining of a few minute downtime as
interrupting their business.
22:47 <@sup_g> I think they'll just give up after this goes down
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03:34 <~elChe> agh
03:38 <@uid0> elChe o/
03:38 <@uid0> I started to worry
03:39 <~elChe> no no i just moved country again
03:39 <@uid0> ic
03:40 <@uid0> anyway, glad you're back :)
03:40 <~elChe> yep but i lost time
03:40 <@uid0> rc6 mainline kernel!
03:40 ! elChe invited sup_g into the channel.
03:41 <~elChe> uid0: can u talk to me on jab
03:41 <~elChe> just to verify its not a problem on my side
03:41 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
03:41 -!- mode/#lulzxmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
03:41 <~elChe> i m not receiving encrypted msg from sup_g
03:42 <@sup_g> I don't get it
03:42 <~elChe> i just tested with uid0
03:42 <~elChe> try to reconnect
03:42 <@sup_g> got it
03:43 <@uid0> elChe: rc7 will be last before stable!
03:43 <~elChe> i hope cause hdmi make heat it up
03:43 <@uid0> If linus keeps up with his weekly release schedule, we might get
3.2 stable at the end of this year.
03:44 <@uid0>
Page 10


/a4d73bc7e579f578?show_docid=a4d73bc7e579f578 rc6 changelog
03:45 <@uid0> LOL at this one:
03:45 <@uid0>
(3): drm/i915: prevent division by zero when asking
for chipset power
03:46 <~elChe> lol
03:47 <@uid0> but I think I won't use the 6 & 7 rc since everything is working
fine atm.
03:48 <@uid0> WTF
03:48 <@uid0> Ah's (almost) late and I should go to bed. xD
04:06 <~elChe> hm
04:06 <~elChe> sorry i was off trying to catch up news
04:06 <~elChe> uid0: we should start with donations
04:07 <~elChe> i ll grep some cards out
04:07 <~elChe> if u want to help
04:07 <~elChe> sleep and we can do it tomorrow
04:07 <~elChe> probably i ll need help
04:07 <~elChe> since sup_g is overcharged of work
04:13 <@uid0> Ok, I'll be on the move tomorrow, but will take my netbook with me.
05:21 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Ping timeout]
05:35 <~elChe> hm
12:57 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Input/output error]
15:25 <~elChe> Sabu hit me when u back if u have time
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11:22 <~elChe> hi uid0
11:30 <@uid0> Hey elChe. Couldn't make it here yesterday. But I'm ready for any
mischief now. ;)
11:43 <~elChe> lol ok
11:43 <~elChe> we ve done
11:43 <~elChe> around 52000 $ donations
11:56 <@uid0> nice Oo
11:56 <@uid0> All to eff?
12:15 <~elChe> nop
12:15 <~elChe> diff
12:15 <~elChe> like CARE
12:15 <~elChe> save children
12:15 <~elChe> mercycorps
12:15 <~elChe> wikipedia
12:15 <~elChe> redcross
12:15 <~elChe> etc
12:22 <~elChe> uid0: if u around with free time
12:23 <~elChe> ill give u some filtered stuff
12:23 <~elChe> the hardest part of the work is about
12:23 <~elChe> follow the CCs list
12:24 <~elChe> grep the filtered one containing addresses to match them
12:24 <~elChe> and verify they work
12:24 <~elChe> i found 1 each ~4 does
12:24 <~elChe> so its pretty annoying sometimes
12:56 <@uid0> elChe: Around & free time spread over the day! :D Just tell me what
to do.
12:56 <~elChe> cool
12:56 <~elChe> well that i posted
12:57 <~elChe> basically checking those CCs working and then
12:57 <~elChe> spending moniez
12:57 <~elChe> are u able to spend many moniez on donations?
12:57 <~elChe> lol
12:58 <@uid0> uhm, dunno ;) also: where to find the lists?
13:01 <~elChe> wait
13:02 <~elChe> ill check where u have shell
13:02 <~elChe> if not i ll give u one
13:07 <@uid0> I have shell @ iceland xD
Page 11


13:12 <~elChe> lol iceland boat sail to the unknown
13:12 <~elChe> xD
13:12 <~elChe> ghost pirate boat
13:13 <~elChe> ok i have a pub key for you finishing on
13:13 <~elChe> OeE=
13:13 <~elChe> check it
13:13 <@uid0> wait a sec
13:13 <~elChe> if u have the key for that i ll upload it
13:14 <@uid0> yup, right one
13:21 <~elChe> ok wait a min
13:24 <~elChe> ok go to jabber to finish
13:44 <~elChe> lemme know when u got the stuff
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18:08 <@uid0> Yo guys: Twitter suspending users who tweet
too much abt ows and ndaa.
21:45 <~elChe> wtf
22:37 <@uid0> You are using ttyter for twitter, right?
22:48 <~elChe> remix of the original code
22:49 <@uid0> hmm, have to dig into this soon. Want to get rid of all non
terimnal based stuff
--- Day changed Mon Dec 19 2011
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15:58 -!- mode/#lulzxmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
15:58 <@sup_g> yoyo
15:58 <@uid0> yo
15:58 <~elChe> hi sup_g i read the pr u showed me
15:59 <~elChe> can u add more lulz shits there? its good but too serious
16:00 <@sup_g> cool u like so far?
16:00 <@sup_g> working on other sections now
16:00 <@sup_g> yeah I hear ya
16:00 <~elChe> public expect good jokes and funny humiliating comments in
16:00 <@sup_g> I was thinking we should collect a big list of all the pranks and
orders we pull
16:00 <@sup_g> for lulzxmas
16:00 <@sup_g> split it up day by day line shit up ahead of time
16:00 <~elChe> also..i was thinking
16:01 <~elChe> can u verify the CCs db
16:01 <~elChe> i was wondering if
16:01 <@sup_g> from source?
16:01 <@sup_g> yes
16:01 <~elChe> h got all
16:01 <~elChe> dropped em
16:01 <~elChe> just leave a bunch of them
16:01 <@sup_g> yes did you get my message regarding that?
16:01 <~elChe> and then we ll be used to obfuscate his stolen shit
16:01 <@sup_g> wicked says they got ~40k and he does not believe h delivered all
of it to us
16:02 <@sup_g> I mean, I know for a fact what we got is not the entire DB, just
the most relevant tables
16:02 <@sup_g> and probably not complete CCs
16:02 <~elChe> get them from original source if u can
16:02 <@sup_g> alex said he copied the entire DB as well
16:02 <@sup_g> from source, and we can always get it from source again anytime
16:02 <~elChe> i hope were not falling i a trap
Page 12


16:02 <@sup_g> I just discoverted phpmyadmin existing on target servers already
16:02 <@sup_g> nah I believe it is legitimate
16:03 <~elChe> yep but he could have taken the good shit
16:03 <@sup_g> the tables h delivered matched 'show tables' when I was on the box
16:03 <~elChe> leave few behind
16:03 <~elChe> and drop many
16:03 <~elChe> so he went on black market to sell out
16:03 <@sup_g> it's possible. and also even more worrisome because he has been
MIA since the start
16:03 <@sup_g> is that for certain?
16:04 <~elChe> finally we ll be fine anyway but he took the money and leave us
the cost if so
16:04 <@uid0> elChe: Yes, I said that a few days ago. But the comments were "he
often wents missing for some time".
16:04 <@sup_g> yeah I hear what you're saying
16:04 <@sup_g> yeah that's what wicked says
16:04 <@sup_g> speaking of, he worked on that statement quite a bit
16:04 <@sup_g> and is ready to pass it on to someone else if someone else wants
to work on it
16:04 <@uid0> He's mia for almost a week now.
16:05 <~elChe> i ll trust you guise but no more outside this group
16:05 <@sup_g> updated:
pw: xmas
16:05 <@uid0> same
16:05 <~elChe> wicked is fine but we r not sure where his loyalty rely on
16:06 <@sup_g> I do trust the other revsec folks on this operation: they did
bring us the target, and do seem to be working with us through it's finish
16:06 <@sup_g> I certainly like revsec folks a lot more than these cabincrew
16:07 <~elChe> yep sure but still doesnt resolve the trusty thingy
16:08 <~elChe> they worked with mama and since mama leaks internal info to french
16:08 <@sup_g> wait whaa?/
16:08 <~elChe> i ll keep a distance on this
16:08 <@sup_g> k i'd like to hear this about mama
16:08 <@sup_g> because I sort of work with her a bit with freeanons
16:08 <~elChe> agh sup_g i already told all to you guise
16:08 <@sup_g> above gorund shit like make flyers, etc
16:09 <~elChe> uid0: how long was when i got confirmation?
16:09 <~elChe> like 2 months or kinda
16:09 <@sup_g> also do yall know if the mail was copied successfully?
16:09 <@uid0> elChe: Yes.
16:09 <@sup_g> alex said he got it going, copying them all in it's entirety
16:09 <@uid0> And we believed her to be some kind of fed/intel for even longer.
16:09 <@sup_g> not sure if it finished though: and don't want to hop on the box
now because it is biz hours for them
16:10 <~elChe> i m ftp'ing like 30gb of something alex asked
16:10 <@sup_g> clearspace? or the other thing
16:10 <~elChe> yep that
16:10 <@sup_g> ok clearspace is good but the mail is probably more relevant
16:10 <~elChe> the other thing is kinda 200gb
16:10 <~elChe> i dunno how we ll do that
16:10 <@sup_g> oh yah that must be mail =(
16:10 <@sup_g> I was thinking we order some servesr with them stolen CCs.
16:10 <@sup_g> lots of servers with big hard drives.
16:10 <@sup_g> and make four or five mirror .onions with them
16:11 <@sup_g> a few will go down right away, a few might now.
16:11 <@sup_g> not.
16:11 <~elChe> uid0: can u get an offshore server with one of those verified CCs?
16:11 <~elChe> i ll try it too
16:11 <@sup_g> since web/onion is really the most practical way to browse these
mails and clearspace
16:12 <@sup_g> torrent is damn impractical, no one will download
16:12 <@sup_g> we might want to offer it anyway but even so, focus on web viewing
16:12 <~elChe> hm i was thinking about
16:12 <~elChe> getting servers with CCs
16:12 <~elChe> they ll die soon if discovered ofc
16:12 <~elChe> and give address to media outlets
16:12 <~elChe> so they take the emails to analyse themselves
Page 13


16:13 <@sup_g> it may be till the end of the mnth before the cc owner recognizes
the bad charges
16:13 <~elChe> i hope so
16:14 <~elChe> what do u think about giving it to media sup_g ?
16:14 <@sup_g> so if we have a few of them, at least one will likely last long
enough for folks to browse for long enough after release
16:14 <@sup_g> I think we should, trusted media that is.
16:14 <@sup_g> provided that the media respect the embargo on the target date
16:14 <@sup_g> which is what, 24th?
16:14 <@sup_g> when the games begin?
16:15 <~elChe> hm i dunno we should discuss
16:15 <~elChe> if we cry the target out
16:15 <@sup_g> i'm all for defacing and rm -rf'n these servers ASAP.
16:15 <~elChe> we risk the CCs getting blocked
16:15 <@sup_g> while we still can because I believe they noticed some fishy
16:15 <@sup_g> True.
16:16 <~elChe> probably if its burning
16:16 <@sup_g> elche so you did get them 200GB? how soon you think before we can
have them on a server somewhere?
16:16 <~elChe> we should shred all there
16:16 <~elChe> nop alex is thinking about those 200gb
16:16 <~elChe> im getting clearspace
16:17 <@sup_g> ah ok they haven't copied yet?
16:17 <~elChe> nop as far as i know
16:17 <@sup_g> clearspace does have some good shit.
16:17 <~elChe> alex could have started downloading something
16:17 <@sup_g> if yall are interested to see what it is, we have some logins on so you cans ee
16:18 <~elChe> clearspace is currently dowloading
16:18 <~elChe> but its big
16:18 <@sup_g> it's an employee portal, collaboration system
16:18 <~elChe> it ll take time to complete
16:18 <@sup_g> yeah it's big because they store all these PDF and other bigass
file attachments int he DB itself
16:18 <@sup_g> we may want to find a way to extract from the DB the files
16:18 <~elChe> sup_g: we should think about keeping stra... out for xmas release
16:18 <@sup_g> or find some other way to make the data in it practical
16:18 <@sup_g> for real?
16:18 <~elChe> until we abused all we could from the CCS
16:19 <@sup_g> yeah i hear what you're saying.
16:19 <@sup_g> well,
16:19 <@sup_g> maybe we can stretch it out at least a week longer till new years?
16:19 <@sup_g> i'm worried that they will eventually discover the extent of the
breach anyway
16:19 <~elChe> ok new year and u fucked it up
16:19 <~elChe> but we dont say a word about CCs
16:19 <@sup_g> No?
16:19 <~elChe> we r donating right now sup_g
16:20 <~elChe> i would prefer those donations reach target before all get stuck
16:20 <@sup_g> I think there are legal rules to notify clients of breaches
16:20 <~elChe> if we hurry up on this we ll get spot for sure
16:20 <@sup_g> or that personal info could have been compromised
16:20 <~elChe> but we ll not fuck em financially
16:21 <@sup_g> though the ccs and financial mayhem is definitely the most lulzy
and newsworthy element of this attack
16:21 <@sup_g> and also goes with the lulzxmas theme of stealing from rich and
giving to poor
16:22 <@sup_g> an equally important part is destroying their servers and dumping
their user/address list and private emails
16:22 <@sup_g> with the goal of destroying the target
16:22 <@sup_g> i'm hoping bankrupcy, collapse
16:22 <~elChe> have u seen some traces from backup logs there?
16:22 <~elChe> can we get info about where they backup their files?
16:22 <@sup_g> yes
16:22 <~elChe> if we know about CCs backup
16:23 <~elChe> we could know the risk better
Page 14


16:23 <@sup_g> they have autobot scripts that back up files to one of the
servers, core, that we have root on
16:23 <~elChe> hm
16:23 <~elChe> if we shred all
16:23 <@sup_g> they may also have an external storage, I read that they did
indeed copy mail backups to an external drive, so there may be backups that we
cannot rm
16:23 <~elChe> CCs data will be lost...
16:23 <~elChe> yep the external one bugs me
16:23 <@sup_g> well obviously we dump all the data before it's rm'd
16:24 <@sup_g> we can't really control whether they have backups outside of the
range of servers we have access to
16:24 <@sup_g> if they got em, they got em
16:24 <~elChe> yeah
16:24 <@sup_g> it's still going to be a nightmare for them to try to recover and
put their systems back online. they;'re quite intricate
16:24 <~elChe> yep that i dont care
16:25 <~elChe> its about slowering CCs fraud notifications
16:26 <@sup_g> also
16:27 <@sup_g> I was thinking about not dropping the password lists for the
california and new york targets
16:27 <@sup_g> for several reasons
16:27 <@sup_g> we can dumpt he mail spools, and own the california domain
16:27 <@sup_g> and maybe trade the lists with others whoa re interesting in
16:28 <@sup_g> btw, some of those PDfs we uploaded last week for bradley manning
amde it to
16:31 <~elChe> waht did u get from ny targets?
16:32 <~elChe> mail spools?
16:33 <~elChe> if so we can just leak that in the name or retaliation and think
about the rest
16:34 <@sup_g> yes
16:34 <@sup_g> we have ~8 mail spools, and many of them contain them private
16:34 <@sup_g> also some logins
16:34 <~elChe> ok packed all together in the xmas special pack its ok
16:35 <~elChe> passwd could be traded
16:35 <@sup_g> yes
16:35 <@sup_g> we can leak all that without giving away the password lists
16:35 <@sup_g> folks will be getting plenty of passwords from the str target
16:35 <@sup_g> not to mention the specialforces shit they should already ahve a
fuckload of government cleartexts available
16:35 <@sup_g> yes trade passwords
16:36 <@sup_g> no way to use credit cards without CVV information?
16:36 <@sup_g> cause if not, we should just dump these specialforces ccs
16:36 <~elChe> no as far as i know
16:36 <~elChe> yep include the specforce CCs on the xmas pack
16:36 <~elChe> we cant do big shit with em anyway
16:37 <@sup_g> nope
16:37 <@sup_g> may as well just contribute to the mayhem
16:37 <~elChe> and they ll help to obfuscate the other ones we have
16:37 <@sup_g> yes
16:38 <@sup_g> also california has some CCs but no CVV too
16:38 <@sup_g> more mayhem then
16:38 <@sup_g> we can post those and not the passwords
16:38 <~elChe> yep perfect
16:38 <@sup_g> hah hey elche what's up with that calendar
16:38 <~elChe> i consider priorities should be based on those assets which could
bring the most of financial cost
16:40 <@sup_g> Maybe starting on the 24th, we can just start posting screenshots
and assorted random CCs, without revealing larger target?
16:40 <~elChe> lol yep the calendar... well one of the girls i was dating (from
calendar girls) brought a big scandal so she fucked up the other girls ready to
16:40 <@sup_g> making donations and shit
16:41 <@sup_g> oh no good eh?
16:41 <~elChe> i could get more pics tho
16:41 <@sup_g> same here it just hasn't been priority for me
Page 15


16:41 <~elChe> i ll look for some designer to prepare the calendar skelleton
16:42 <~elChe> so we can add pics at last moment
16:42 <~elChe> about that
16:42 <~elChe> i mentioned that to Sabu
16:42 <~elChe> i was thinking about that guy
16:42 <~elChe> we can post the screenshot
16:43 <@sup_g> which guy?
16:43 <~elChe> donating money
16:43 <~elChe> and say
16:43 <~elChe> 'ok we r sitting on financial details from defense intelligence
agency of US, and we giving up a hell of donations with them'
16:44 <~elChe> that will bring chaos and it will obfuscate
16:44 <~elChe> the real CCs
16:44 <~elChe> we ll get authorities focusing on the wrong shit
16:44 <~elChe> that will give us time
16:45 <@sup_g> nice.
16:46 <@sup_g> we maybe can use that as distraction for the week of the 24th
16:46 <@sup_g> leading till the 1st
16:46 <~elChe> yep
16:46 <@sup_g> and then on the 1st we rm and drop the full zine
16:46 <~elChe> we can bring some confussion on xmas
16:46 <~elChe> meanwhile we keep working ont the real shit
16:47 <@sup_g> with four domains being owned in this zine we got a nice .txt
lined up
16:48 <@sup_g> hmmmmm
16:48 <@sup_g> maybe with the release of specialforces credit card dumps early
around the 24th, we can use that to have the public / police believe that is the
source of the donations
16:48 <@sup_g> thereby putting increased public pressure on specialforces
misdirecting the source of the real shit
16:49 <~elChe> yep but also we should declare
16:49 <~elChe> we got intel agency financial shit
16:49 <@sup_g> ahh yes
16:49 <~elChe> that will bring chaos since its a military action
16:50 <@sup_g> yes
16:50 <@sup_g> and also specialforces has a lot of military passwords
16:50 <@sup_g> fuckloads in fact
16:50 <~elChe> they will stay cracking their heads out figuring out
16:50 <~elChe> while we keep raping our db
16:50 <@sup_g>
| wc
16:51 <~elChe> in some way i like those dumb trolls of charrie
16:51 <@sup_g>
16:51 <~elChe> cause their clueness
16:51 <~elChe> bring obfuscation to the operation
16:51 <@sup_g> well I'd like to draw some line between our operation and the
groupies and kiddies attracted to us but also doing dumb shit while waving our
16:52 <@sup_g> it's pissed off some blackhats
16:52 <~elChe> i know but sometimes
16:52 <@sup_g> not to mention how their actions are undisciplined and reckless
16:52 <~elChe> success is more important than what some blackhats think
16:52 <@sup_g> half-owned targets that could have been exploited better
16:52 <@sup_g> I agree
16:52 <@sup_g> Most important thing is hitting the big targets as hard as
16:52 <~elChe> smarter ones will figure out the whole plan behind
16:53 <~elChe> this about results no individual proud
16:55 <~elChe> also i need to talk to quinn
16:55 <~elChe> i read some paper linking her with some harvard hacker snitching
16:55 <@sup_g> hrm for real?
16:55 <~elChe> so i want to hear the whole story from her
16:55 <@sup_g> I talked to her for a while the other day actually.
16:55 <@sup_g> Side note, is there a problem with the 31. server?
16:56 <@sup_g> "Permission denied (publickey)"
16:56 <~elChe> wait
16:56 <@sup_g> do you have link to that paper?
16:57 <~elChe> hm retry
16:58 <~elChe> i dont see any problem
Page 16


16:58 <@sup_g> yeah it's def not working hmm.
16:59 <~elChe> if u shared access with alex
16:59 <~elChe> check if he changed ssh keys
16:59 <@sup_g> httpd user
16:59 <@sup_g> and no i never gave him or anyone else access
16:59 <@sup_g> can we RT
16:59 <@sup_g> I can't hop on our twitter atm
17:00 <~elChe> ok show me original twt
17:00 <~elChe> i ll do it
17:00 <@uid0> already tweeted sup_g
17:00 <~elChe> ok
17:01 <@sup_g> k thx
17:02 <@sup_g> ragan's always provided decent coverage
17:02 <~elChe> sup_g: last chars from pub key
17:02 <~elChe> zqGx2w==
17:02 <@sup_g> and also regarding quinn I was similarly worried about her keeping
her mouth shut ahead of time
17:02 <~elChe> check it
17:02 <@sup_g> 1 min lemme verify
17:02 <~elChe> it should work i think
17:03 <@sup_g> yes that is indeed the last few characters of that key
17:03 <~elChe> hm strange
17:03 <@uid0> sup_g & elChe:
17:03 <~elChe> u should be loggin there
17:03 <~elChe> i didnt have problems
17:03 <~elChe> haahhahaha
17:03 <@sup_g> uid0 nice
17:04 <~elChe> tweet it uid0
17:04 <~elChe> it rocks
17:04 <~elChe> fictional terrorists
17:04 <~elChe> XD
17:04 <@sup_g> ok elche I was able to ssh but not sftp, lemme see what's up
17:04 <~elChe> agh i hope dumpster didnt pushed bastille again
17:04 <@sup_g> ah ok works now.
17:04 <~elChe> ok cool
17:05 <@uid0> Already done elChe
17:07 <@sup_g> btw, I uploaded the full specialforces u/p/address/cc list to 31
17:07 <@sup_g> mothafucka's 15MB
17:07 <~elChe> scottish terrorist
17:07 <~elChe> hahahhahHAHAHHAHAHAAH
17:07 <~elChe> i had one of those when i was a child
17:08 <~elChe> ok coming bakc to norton
17:09 <~elChe> she said me last time she cant promise to keep things quiet
17:09 <@uid0> Then lets keep her out.
17:09 <@uid0> No risk.
17:09 <~elChe> i said its ok, i always keep that in mind when i talk to her
17:09 <~elChe> no no
17:09 <~elChe> not needed
17:09 <~elChe> she can hang out
17:10 <~elChe> and we can use the situation to propagate counter-info
17:10 <~elChe> being carefully about not fooling her nor discreting her
17:10 <~elChe> discrediting*
17:10 <~elChe> lets be honest
17:11 <~elChe> general public never get more than 10% what really happens
17:11 <~elChe> on the background
17:11 <~elChe> just the final official actions
17:11 <@sup_g> yeah that's what quinn told me too
17:12 <@sup_g> I asked her if she would be interested in reviewing some of the
data pre-release, provided she does not speak about it until it goes off, and
that she does not talk to police about it
17:12 <@sup_g> she side stepped both concenrs
17:12 <~elChe> if we play clever, we can make all of them happy
17:12 <~elChe> and keep the plans going
17:13 <~elChe> i already tested her last time
17:13 <~elChe> gave her the screenshot about donation
Page 17


17:13 <~elChe> if it breaks out on the wild
17:13 <~elChe> we know we cant trust her
17:13 <@sup_g> hey also if oyu can clue me in with specific info about mama's
collaboration with french authorities
17:13 <~elChe> anyway i was thinking to post it soon for xmas
17:13 <~elChe> so no risk there
17:13 <@sup_g> because like I said I have worked with her on some public projects
including freeanons
17:13 <@sup_g> I asked her about her politics and she said she was anarchist
17:14 <@sup_g> and I know she works with two other cool peeps nix and vanzetti,
also both anarchists
17:14 <~elChe> mama leaks internal info about our structure
17:14 <~elChe> to french dgse
17:14 <~elChe> thats french intel agency
17:14 <@sup_g> for real? she has before? is this confirmed?
17:14 <@sup_g> it's the first I heard of it
17:14 <@uid0> sup_g: She's dragging ppl in tinychats + cam and tries to SE guys
in pms.
17:14 <@sup_g> that's weir
17:14 <@uid0> sup_g: We talked abt this for months. Oo
17:15 <~elChe> its confirmed form french intel officers i know
17:15 <@sup_g> I swear I never heard of this, in fact, I believe I asked some of
yall about it before
17:15 <@sup_g> well i never passed her any info about anything not related to
public freeanons
17:15 <@sup_g> does not know my involvement in anything
17:15 <~elChe> i was starting mistrusting her long time ago
17:15 <@sup_g> but this is disturbing
17:16 <~elChe> she tried to flex attention out of bahrain op
17:16 <~elChe> then months after we learnt dgse was involved there to keep things
17:16 <~elChe> then ppl was saying me they got her pm em lurking personal info
17:17 <@sup_g> =(
17:17 <~elChe> then yahazkel was saying
17:17 <@sup_g> well she is still running with freeanons
17:17 <~elChe> she messed the french channels
17:17 <~elChe> and lurking ppl there
17:17 <~elChe> then she tried to get from me the current status of kayla
17:18 <~elChe> after all ppl know she got the official version she got pwnd by
17:18 <~elChe> some days before bricksquad posted a dox
17:18 <~elChe> saying kayla wasnt in jail
17:18 <@sup_g> well couldn't that be a legitimate question, from someone involved
with anonymous legal support collective?
17:19 <~elChe> no sup_g i know mama since months
17:19 <@uid0> same here
17:19 <~elChe> she lurks getting personal info from them
17:19 <~elChe> she force commanderX to show up on tinychat once
17:19 <~elChe> before he got busted
17:19 <@sup_g> k well thanks for the heads up then, not that it really changes
too much because I wasn't working with her on that level, but it's good to know
17:19 <@uid0> elChe: You remember the way she acted in #freedommods sometimes?
Like she was trying to disrupt trust amongst ppl.
17:20 <@uid0> heh:
17:20 <~elChe> ofc
17:20 <~elChe> its her work
17:20 <~elChe> she psychologist
17:20 <~elChe> she manipulates ppl
17:21 <~elChe> at the beginning she was trying to be rude and was annoying then
17:21 <~elChe> then she learns works better to seem nice and send kisses and love
to everyone
17:21 <~elChe> main problems ppl are stupid and buy her shit
17:21 <@sup_g> fuck I'm a sucker for the kisses
17:22 <~elChe> lol
17:22 <~elChe> once i talked to sabu
17:22 <~elChe> i knew she infiltrates revolsec
17:23 <~elChe> so we should keep them at some distance from us
17:23 <~elChe> she translate things for them
Page 18


17:23 <@sup_g> hrmmmmm.
17:23 <~elChe> she speaks like 6 languages mainly arab focused
17:23 <@sup_g> this is disappointing because I was sort of liking our
collaboration with revsec
17:24 <~elChe> finally i understood she speaks them not so well but those arabic
17:24 <~elChe> sup_g: probably not their mistake
17:24 <~elChe> she s good on her shit
17:24 <~elChe> she manipulates ppl
17:25 <~elChe> and being and old lady
17:25 <~elChe> lets consider she practices a lot
17:25 <~elChe> practiced*
17:25 <@sup_g> fyi:
= specialforces dox
17:25 <@sup_g> I have a few more NY spools uploaded there as well that I need to
uncompress and render
17:26 <@sup_g> and you did move those
and shit to 31 righT?
17:26 <~elChe> hm CCs details there too
17:27 <@sup_g> yes they are all in that one .txt
17:27 <@sup_g> passwords, addresses, ccs
17:27 <@sup_g> formatted well
17:30 <~elChe> LOL
17:30 <~elChe> wait
17:30 <~elChe> wait wait wait
17:30 <~elChe> she said to you
17:30 <~elChe> she s anarchist???
17:30 <~elChe> fucking liar
17:30 <~elChe> hahahah
17:30 <@sup_g> Yes she did
17:30 <@sup_g> Do you know if nix and vanzetti are aware of this about her?
17:30 <~elChe> my dear friend she just want one thing
17:30 <~elChe> got u in her pocket
17:31 <~elChe> we discussed this issue on core team
17:31 <~elChe> i dont want to babysitting all ppl
17:31 <~elChe> ppl should learn to protect themselves
17:31 <@sup_g> I must have missed the memo.
17:31 <@sup_g> About mama.
17:31 <~elChe> from being manipulated
17:32 <@sup_g> But, nothing was compromised, so it's cool
17:32 <~elChe> u missed cause at the time u forgot to keep a shell on the silcd
17:32 <@sup_g> hey so kfair is up on 31?
17:32 <@sup_g> and others?
17:33 <@sup_g> i'm writing the txt for the california shit and would like to
quote our clueless syadmin kfair
17:33 <~elChe> dont know but i can upload them
17:33 <~elChe> ok when finish current transfers
17:33 <~elChe> i ll upload them
17:34 <@sup_g> k
17:34 <@sup_g> there were a few I gave you I believe
17:34 <@sup_g> I think you listed them back to me
17:35 <~elChe> yep i got them
17:35 <~elChe> i ll upload them when finish current massive transfer
17:36 <@sup_g> yeah this is pretty ridiculous
17:36 <@sup_g> I have seen several NYPD SHIELD PDF bulletins in the clearspace
dump tho
17:39 <@sup_g> and also references to documents in clearspace in some of these
people's dumps that may have detailed it infrastructure info
17:43 <~elChe> uid0: r u around?
17:50 <@uid0> elChe: I am, just had lunch. :D
17:51 <@sup_g> Maybe donations to various occupations are in order.
17:51 <@sup_g> pizzas pop tarts and coffee and shit.
17:59 <~elChe> uid0: how much have u spending already?
17:59 <~elChe> aprox
18:00 <~elChe> yep sup_g we need to empty those fucking CCs
18:00 <@sup_g> yes
18:00 <@sup_g> well
18:01 <~elChe> fuck i ll be downloading for 4 days mininum lol
18:01 <@sup_g> let me test their DB
Page 19


18:01 <@sup_g> and see how many cards
18:01 <~elChe> yep please
18:04 <@uid0> elChe: Uhm, dunno. I haven't kept track.
18:04 <~elChe> minimum probable?
18:04 <@uid0> minimum 30-40k I guess
18:04 <~elChe> <333333333333333333333333333
18:04 <@sup_g> damn that's a lot of cash
18:04 <@sup_g> they fuucked
18:04 <~elChe> xD
18:04 <~elChe> love uid0
18:05 <@uid0> At first I wanted to put a mark behind every card that's working.
18:05 <~elChe> hahaha
18:05 <@uid0> But that wasn't a good idea as there are so many of them.
18:05 <~elChe> then 'wtf lets fuck it'
18:05 <~elChe> hahahhaha
18:05 <@sup_g> that's how I check password lists
18:07 <~elChe> if we keep this rythm
18:07 <~elChe> we ll be able to reach 1 000 000 on donations
18:09 <@sup_g> epiiiicccc
18:11 <~elChe> if we r able to do so
18:11 <~elChe> then we should push something like '
18:12 <~elChe> ok 'antisec-lulzsec-anonymous donates 1 000 000 dollars using
financial accounts belonging to Govt intel officers and bankers'
18:12 <~elChe> if we get that pushed out on the news headlines
18:12 <~elChe> then #win
18:13 <@sup_g> yes
18:13 <@sup_g> though I believe we shouldn't intentionally mislead or lie to the
public about the source of shit
18:13 <@sup_g> at least so obviously lies
18:13 <@sup_g> maybe keep shit vague as to source
18:14 <~elChe> we ll thats the lie
18:14 <~elChe> we ll keep on the 'govt intel and bank'
18:14 <@uid0> Why didn't Manning know how2encrypt?
18:14 <@uid0>
18:14 <~elChe> that will obfuscate for a long time the real pic of what happened
18:14 <@uid0> I mean this is just embarassing.
18:15 <~elChe> hm i was thinking
18:16 <~elChe> any of you know the current aaron barr's address?
18:16 <~elChe> we should send him some gift for xmas
18:16 <@sup_g> yeah we should revisit everybody
18:16 <@sup_g> also as far as donations have yall looked at the names I put in
that draft press text?
18:16 <@uid0> An Anon mask to each of them. :>
18:17 <~elChe> i thought to send aaron many expensive gift
18:17 <~elChe> so he get dirty on this shit too
18:17 <~elChe> lol
18:18 <@uid0> He described how soldiers would store movies and music in their
shared drive on the SIPRnet. The shared drive, called the "T Drive" by soldiers,
was about 11 terabytes in size, and was accessible to all users on SIPRnet who
were given permission to access it, in order to store data that they could access
from any classified computer.
18:18 <@uid0> elChe: Agreed.
18:18 <@uid0> We should order another copy of "The multiorgasmic man" to Gregg.
18:19 <@uid0> *Greg
18:19 <~elChe> lol
18:21 <~elChe> hm wait that means soldiers were sharing pirated copies of movies
and music?
18:22 <@uid0> elChe: It means they were sharing pirated copies of movies and
music through SIPRnet!
18:22 <~elChe> trollolol
18:22 <@sup_g> email came in today, ""Is it ok to work from home today or is
there more security changes cleanup to do? Actually, most of this week would be
even better.""
18:33 <@sup_g> Should also hit Thomas Ryan.
18:33 <@sup_g> And maybe some of the people behind PERF
18:33 <@sup_g> or NDAA
18:33 <@sup_g> Use other ppl's sotlen CCs to mail them dumb shit
18:38 <@sup_g> hey also
Page 20


18:38 <@sup_g> might want to see if any of the CCs in the list
18:38 <@sup_g> belong to Stratfor
18:38 <@sup_g> cause if so, we gotta go extra hard on them
18:38 <@sup_g> but probably not until the breach itself
18:39 <@sup_g> also this came in earlier today: ""Is it ok to work from home
today or is there more security changes cleanup to do? Actually, most of this
week would be even better.""
18:39 <~elChe> i checked there r details
18:39 <~elChe> of transaction made on behalf of fbi many mil bases
18:39 <~elChe> dhs and so
18:40 <@sup_g> nice.
18:40 <@sup_g> those are golden
18:40 <@sup_g> will piss them off
18:40 <@sup_g> especially if we are able to transfer to secure anonymosu cash and
get away with it
18:40 <@sup_g> get away with actually getting the money and using it without them
being able to revoke it
18:42 <~elChe> but couldnt get the CCs details
18:42 <~elChe> so i think we didnt get the whole pack
18:44 <@uid0> Yup, there are many entries in the cc list not matching any of
those in the other list.
18:44 <@uid0> So I assume h is a raging homofag and sold the rest.
18:44 <@uid0> fucktard
18:45 <~elChe> taht cause sup_g will verify on the original source if something
is not there
18:45 <~elChe> i was wondering if he dropped a big part of the CCs details
18:45 <~elChe> just left a bunch
18:45 <@sup_g> wicked says that he did only provide a partial list to us
18:45 <@sup_g> however we do still have root on www
18:45 <~elChe> so he can sell them sharing responsabilities
18:46 <@sup_g> I mean he did bring the hack to the table, so he is entitled to
some choice as to what to do with the hottest of the data
18:47 <~elChe> ok but u rooted the shit out there
18:47 <~elChe> u own the shit
18:48 <@sup_g> yes, we should grab the DB, and abuse it for our own ends
18:48 <@sup_g> i'l have to wait until off business hours
18:48 <@sup_g> they are likely online now
18:48 <@sup_g> and spawning reverse shells is kinda sketchy
18:49 <~elChe> yep
18:49 <@sup_g> connecting to the db2 server can only be done through the www
server directly
18:49 <@sup_g> not even phpmyadmin running on one of their other non-www servers
is able to connect apparently
18:50 <@sup_g> ok also
18:50 <@sup_g> if we are busting everything out on the 24th
18:50 <@sup_g> regarding orders and rm'n
18:50 <@sup_g> we hsould have some text to release, even if it is not our full
zine .txt which we should drop on the eve of the 1st
18:51 <~elChe> ok
18:51 <~elChe> wahts your idea then?
18:53 <@sup_g> well there's advantages and disadvantages to blowing the cover on
the target on the 24th
18:53 <@sup_g> advantage is none of theyr staff will really want to work on it
18:53 <~elChe> ok
18:53 <@sup_g> but it could potentially jeadordize the stability of the cards
18:53 <@sup_g> if they notif
18:53 <~elChe> yep
18:53 <@sup_g> so we can either just keep releasing teasers starting on the 24th
18:53 <@sup_g> and screenshots of some of the donations
18:53 <@sup_g> maybe a few live CCs or a few thousand etc
18:53 <~elChe> i consider success on the financial mayhem should be prioritized
18:54 <@sup_g> eventually culminating on the eve of the first
18:54 <@sup_g> I agree
18:54 <~elChe> ok
18:54 <@sup_g> though, if card companies start noticing the trend of custosers,
and tie it to the target
18:54 <~elChe> we should release something on xmas
18:54 <@sup_g> and target is notified that their customer cards are being abused
Page 21


18:54 <~elChe> nypd and california
18:54 <~elChe> and something else related to donations
18:54 <@sup_g> well the ny and cali targets I was saving for the eve of the
first, due to the fact that noise demonstrations are planned outside of jails
18:54 <~elChe> probably trolling about intel agencies financial
18:54 <@sup_g> in california as well as nyc
18:55 <~elChe> ok cool
18:55 <~elChe> also we should work on making them lulzy
18:55 <@sup_g> and also, because there's still a bit more prep work needed to be
18:55 <@sup_g> yes
18:55 <~elChe> succeed depends also they get main public
18:55 <~elChe> not only hackers
18:56 <~elChe> this movement will succeed on the force of the whole ppl
18:56 <~elChe> not on a bunch of skilled ones only
18:56 <~elChe> so we need to feed them with fun
18:57 <@sup_g> I agree
18:58 <~elChe> i consider its pretty much funny we use 1% tactics on our stuff
18:59 <@sup_g> I wonder what other leaks people are planning for this lulzxmas.
18:59 <~elChe> marketing, branding, advertisement, media campaigns
18:59 <~elChe> we r starting to doing it better
18:59 <@sup_g> standard community organizing principles
18:59 <~elChe> we use the system against the system
19:04 <~elChe> i think sup_g some groups are trying to make some shits on their
19:04 <~elChe> thats the best part
19:04 <@sup_g> yes this is good
19:04 <~elChe> those trolls of charriewong got into
19:04 <~elChe> even being trolls
19:05 <~elChe> they spread the mayhem
19:05 <~elChe> sure cabincrew and other ones will do something
19:05 <~elChe> probably teampoison will try something to avoid getting out of the
19:05 <~elChe> thats waht it was supposed to happen
19:06 <~elChe> ppl working on shits on their own for xmas
19:06 <~elChe> more shits around
19:06 <~elChe> more chaotic for govt to catch up
19:06 <@sup_g> yep.
19:06 <@sup_g> they will not sleep well
19:08 <~elChe> that cause i was thinking lot about the CCs
19:08 <~elChe> if we keep the CCs quite
19:09 <~elChe> each case will be treated individually and not like a massive
19:09 <~elChe> many of them probably will just keep some of the donations without
saying shit
19:10 <~elChe> that cause we really need to think about the best solution for
19:10 <@sup_g> yah the timing is very essential
19:10 <~elChe> cause we ve chances to succeed
19:10 <~elChe> even str will not likely to say word about it
19:10 <@uid0> "COURAGE TO RESIST" xD
19:10 <~elChe> to avoid all the image cost to them
19:11 <~elChe> if their high profile clients got compromised
19:11 <~elChe> is likely they would prefer to minimize as possible as they can
the damage for their public image
19:11 <~elChe> so theres a modest chance they will not say too much about the CCs
19:12 <@sup_g> Best quote:
19:12 <~elChe> if they saw we dont mention it too
19:12 <@sup_g> "You do realize how preposterous it is to suggest that stratfor
simply shutdown complete for 2 days, right?"
19:12 <@sup_g> it manager
19:12 <@sup_g> regarding a server change or something
19:12 <@sup_g> if they're freakin bout 2 days, then they are truly fucked
19:12 <~elChe> lol
19:12 <@uid0> 2 days cost them several millions.
19:12 <~elChe> xD
19:13 <@sup_g> also
19:13 <@sup_g> some internal military portals
Page 22


19:13 <@sup_g> do autologins to stratfor
19:13 <~elChe> hm
19:13 <@sup_g> I think we may get some surprises with their emails.
19:13 <@sup_g> A lot of it is 'agents in the field'
19:14 <@uid0> We're releasing the "NOC list" xD
19:14 <@uid0> That was mission impossible, right?
19:14 <~elChe> hahhhaha
19:15 <~elChe> lol we could really knock them off business probably
19:16 <@uid0> Afterwards I'll move country I guess. xD
19:16 <~elChe> hahah
19:17 <@sup_g> yeah I think this coud be a nail in the coffin for them
19:17 <@sup_g> no one will trust them with their info again
19:17 <@sup_g> business ruined
19:18 <@sup_g> they may even face lawsuits and criminal charges for not securely
protecting cusotmer info
19:18 <@sup_g> if I recall correctly, cvv info is never to be stored
19:18 <@sup_g> The operation is apparently being run by two "very well-known
hackers" called ?Charrie' and ?LulzFunny'. They were quoted as saying: ?We're
both well known for hacking but have never done this sort of thing and neither
have any hackers before!?
19:18 <@sup_g> 'and neither have any hackers before!' this drives me nuts
19:19 <~elChe> hahahha
19:20 <~elChe> dont feed the trolls sup_g
19:20 <~elChe> ahahah
19:21 <~elChe> yep it makes me dreaming about smacking their heads down
19:21 <~elChe> but well think about it as a distraction
19:21 <@sup_g> yep
19:21 <@sup_g> more mayhem the merrier
19:21 <@sup_g> and we will look good in comparison
19:25 <~elChe> hm i was thinking [B[B[B[B[B
19:25 <~elChe> we should get many vps with those CCs and mirror them
19:26 <@uid0> We should get some boats with those ccs. :>
19:27 <@sup_g> yeah we should get as many servers as possible
19:27 <@sup_g> who cares if a few are taken down
19:27 <@sup_g> lol @ In a statement ?Anonymous? said, ??future acts of aggression
against our movements will be met with a vengeance?? ?It?s outrageous and it?s
not funny. We will pursue this to the fullest extent of the law,? said Tom Nee.
19:29 <~elChe> i ll pursue them with the fullest lenght of my cock
19:43 <~elChe> ok got pm
19:43 <~elChe>
19:43 <~elChe>
article referencing
Barr residing in
19:43 <~elChe>
19:45 <~elChe> uid0: do u think u r able to bring Aaron some cool gadgets for
19:45 <@uid0> sure
19:49 <~elChe> hm fuck
19:49 <@uid0> It has been over three months, and they have yet to charge me with
a crime or drop the charges. I am appalled at the lack of professionalism on
behalf of the Naperville Police.
19:49 <~elChe> dumpster tried to get some servers for us
19:49 <~elChe> got a message
19:49 <@sup_g> Hmm.
19:49 <~elChe> (410)
19:49 <~elChe> We are placing an automated call to your
number now. This is part of our fraud checking measures
19:50 <@uid0> -.19:50 <@uid0> he should've known better
19:51 <@sup_g> hrm.
19:51 <@sup_g> anonymoose is passing me live URLs
19:51 <@sup_g> to vulnerabilities in
19:51 <@uid0> be careful with anonymoose
19:51 <~elChe> that phone number is on the bank server
19:51 <~elChe> probably not so much to do about it
19:52 <@sup_g> yeah
19:52 <@sup_g> see this is weird
Page 23


19:52 <@sup_g> because me and him have never gotten along
19:52 <@sup_g> and I don't trust him worth shit
20:00 <@sup_g> but hmm if vuln is good fuck it
20:00 <~elChe> he showed me many stuff
20:01 <~elChe> the thing bugs me always why he never gets his hands dirt on them
20:01 <@sup_g> he says he did this one himself
20:01 <@sup_g> and no one else is aware of it
20:01 <~elChe> ok why dont he publish the release?
20:01 <~elChe> or handle it to us
20:01 <@sup_g> yeah it's somewhat fishy, but, if it works
20:02 <@sup_g> and I believe he is attempting to hand this to us
20:02 <@sup_g> <r000t> burn, I gave up the name of someone who hasn't been on the
scene in years
20:02 <~elChe> if he wants to help he should get his hands dirty like all of us
20:02 <@sup_g> I would never trust him, honestly
20:02 <@sup_g> as far as working on ops
20:03 <@uid0> I guess he's working for LE in some kind and trying to incriminate
20:03 <@sup_g> anonymoose or r000t?
20:03 <@sup_g> r000t already just admitted to snitching
20:03 <~elChe> both lol
20:03 <@sup_g> so he is persona non gratta
20:03 <@uid0> sup_g: both!
20:04 <~elChe> im not in anonops
20:04 <~elChe> but if u r
20:04 <~elChe> tell anonymoose to work on the links and prepare a dump
20:04 <~elChe> and get his hands dirty for once in a fucking life for gods sake
20:04 <~elChe> u can quote me
20:13 <@uid0> r000t snitched on ev0
20:13 <@sup_g> and probably lots of others
20:13 <@sup_g> does he run an ircd?
20:19 <@sup_g> q's active?
20:20 <@uid0> He is? Where?
20:21 <@sup_g> on anonops?
20:21 <@sup_g> maybe bogus?
20:22 <@uid0> Certainly bogus.
20:29 -!- sup_g [] has quit [User quit:
21:02 <~elChe> agh
21:02 <~elChe> if q is bogus
21:02 <~elChe> u should ask someone to take it donw
21:02 <~elChe> big risk if not
21:05 <@uid0> I think they know.
21:08 <~elChe> ok
21:08 <~elChe> we could wait for jc to verify also
21:12 <@uid0> He's not eving connecting by ssl.
21:12 <@uid0> So it's definitely not q.
21:14 <@uid0> Wow, look at this "Zeitgeist 2011: Year in Review" video from
Google @ youtube.
21:14 <@uid0> It's pretty good.
21:15 <~elChe> link?
21:16 <@uid0>
21:19 <~elChe> lol pretty much
21:19 <~elChe> did u tweet it?
21:19 <~elChe> they featured anon
21:19 <@uid0> Not yet.
21:19 <@uid0> I'll do now.
21:19 <~elChe> wondering if they liked the tweet we made about their donations
21:20 <~elChe> can i do it?
21:20 <~elChe> the tweet i mean?
21:20 <@uid0> They featured lulzsec also :D
21:20 <@uid0> Sure
21:24 <~elChe> done
21:25 <~elChe> lol i did it with other account
21:25 <~elChe> XD
21:25 <~elChe> ok fixed
21:26 <@uid0> delete immediately :p
Page 24


21:26 <@uid0> or RT
21:26 <~elChe> yep
21:26 <@uid0> :D
21:28 <~elChe> lol
21:28 <~elChe> RT @google Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review #Anonymous #LulzSec #AntiSec
21:28 <~elChe> agh not that
21:29 <@uid0> I didn't tweet it :D
21:29 <~elChe> 58,107 lulzxmas
21:29 <@uid0> nice
21:30 <~elChe> agh better twitter rolled back to the old version
21:30 <~elChe> interface
21:30 <@uid0> Yes, the new interface sucks cawk.
21:35 <@uid0> lawl
21:45 <~elChe> lol
22:20 <~elChe> hm
22:22 -!- Netsplit <-> quits: @elChe
22:24 -!- Netsplit over, joins: ~elChe
23:28 <~elChe> uid0: psst
23:29 <~elChe> r u on working on donations? i m fucking want to do it, waiting to
finish massive transfer first
23:30 <~elChe> also i d like to go to anonops
23:30 <~elChe> but not sure if they r enough secured now
23:30 <~elChe> dont want to compromise this temporary ip whilst doing sensitive
23:31 <~elChe> not sure if mronion is working, does it?
23:32 <@uid0> it's working
23:32 <@uid0> If jc added you ofc.
23:32 <@uid0> not donationg atm, but will start again in an hour.
23:33 <~elChe> ok i ll start too
23:33 <~elChe> we should hurry up
23:33 <~elChe> if we want to get magical 1 000 000
23:34 <@uid0> Well, we can't prove to have donated $1,000,000 anyway. Just
estimate. :\
23:34 <~elChe> hahah yeah i know
23:34 <~elChe> but if we know we did it
23:34 <~elChe> its enough
23:34 <@uid0> sure thing
23:34 <~elChe> ppl will believe it too i think
23:35 <~elChe> so we need to try to do it
--- Day changed Tue Dec 20 2011
01:04 <~elChe>
01:05 <~elChe> ah sup_g not here
02:51 <@uid0> elChe: what's the difference between :1:2 Transaction rejected and
:4:4 transaction rejected !?
02:53 <~elChe> hm?
02:53 <~elChe> u tried 4 without success?
02:53 <~elChe> well that happened to me also
02:53 <~elChe> i just continued until i got better luck
02:54 <@uid0> elChe: No, usually I get ":1:2" when rejected (in that yellow box
on but some time ago I had ":4:4" when rejected.
02:54 <@uid0> Just don't know what those codes mean.
02:59 <~elChe> ah ok
03:00 <~elChe> no more explanation than that?
03:02 <@uid0> Nope
03:03 <~elChe> agh
03:03 <~elChe> anonops is making me depress
03:05 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Ping timeout]
04:48 <&Sabu> yo yo
04:48 <&Sabu> what up niglets
04:52 <~elChe> wondering if u still alive lol
04:52 <~elChe> we r progressing and all stuff
04:52 <&Sabu> just working for the holidays
04:52 <~elChe> we made like 120 000 $ in donations
04:52 <&Sabu> get the fuck out of here
04:52 <&Sabu> haha
04:53 <&Sabu> from the ccs or other shit?
Page 25


04:53 <~elChe> just crossing fingers at least a part get into
04:53 <~elChe> from CCs
04:53 <~elChe> many screenshot of the most lulzy ones
04:56 <~elChe> Sabu need ur opinion on something
04:56 <~elChe> big chaos coming on this one
04:56 <~elChe> will u bring back lulzsec for this xmas or we just think about
another thing?
04:57 <&Sabu> 22:37 -!- Irssi: Starting query in cryto with anonSacco
04:57 <&Sabu> 22:37 <anonSacco> Hi
04:57 <&Sabu> 22:43 <anonSacco> FTP Containing GB's of Police Training Videos and
software ISO's from Decision Group. Makers of network interception software for
military, police and intelligence users. - IP:
- User:
- Pass:
04:57 <&Sabu> 22:47 <anonSacco> FTP Containing GB's of Police Training Videos and
software ISO's from Decision Group. Makers of network interception software for
military, police
04:57 <&Sabu>
and intelligence users. - IP:
- Pass:
04:57 <&Sabu> 22:52 <anonSacco> I also have a 260 pg Europol network
investigation training manual
04:57 <&Sabu> did you guys get that ??
04:58 <~elChe> hm
04:58 <~elChe> nope
04:58 <~elChe> oh my god we r really overcharged now
04:58 <~elChe> i m getting 30gb
04:59 <~elChe> alex is cracking his head to figure out how to transfer 200gb from
rootd box
04:59 <&Sabu> I been busy the past few days working and shit so I'm backed up
04:59 <&Sabu> did we get all mails from stratfor yet?
05:00 <~elChe> not yet
05:00 <~elChe> theyr 200gb
05:00 <&Sabu> that ftp seems interesting++
05:00 <&Sabu> that=antisec release
05:00 <&Sabu> tell alex I have a 2 terabyte box hosted at where he
can store all the files
05:00 <&Sabu> use a nfs mount and simply rsync everything over
05:01 <&Sabu> itll be slow but it'll be done in a screen
05:01 <~elChe> sup_g is sure we ll be close to close stratf out of business
05:01 <~elChe> intercepted sysadmin mails freaking out
05:01 <&Sabu> no way hahaha
05:01 <&Sabu> awesome
05:01 <~elChe> about taking the server down for upgrades for 2 days
05:01 <&Sabu> what did the fuckface say?
05:02 <~elChe> we ll screw their business forever
05:02 <~elChe> once we post the whole list of users
05:02 <~elChe> also he rooted the servers
05:03 <~elChe> so they will have a hard time trying to rebuild their public image
05:04 <~elChe> also uid0 was buying gadgets and stuff
05:04 <~elChe> for Aaron Barr using the CCs to incriminate him on this one, we
thought it would be nice he participates on this xmas
05:06 <&Sabu> of course
05:08 <~elChe> how big are those files? total?
05:08 <~elChe> on that ftp from anonsacco
05:09 <&Sabu> a couple of gigs apprently its video trainings and shit for LEAs
05:09 <&Sabu> that = win
05:09 <&Sabu> "Makers of network interception software for military, police and
intelligence users.
05:09 <~elChe> i ll grab them later
05:09 <&Sabu> "
05:09 <&Sabu> to me thats big
05:09 <~elChe> im still on the other transfer
05:09 <&Sabu> we may be able to expose who their clients are
05:09 <~elChe> how many gbs?
05:10 <~elChe> i ll try to get another box using another uplink
05:10 <~elChe> we just upgraded our dumpserver to 120gb
05:10 <~elChe> but probably i should take another one soon
05:10 <&Sabu> interesting fact:
is owned by
sony taiwan
Page 26


05:11 <~elChe> hm
05:11 <&Sabu> so sappo either hacked sony taiwan and used their ftp servers for
this dump
05:11 <~elChe> or...
05:11 <&Sabu> or this security company is hosting their shit on sony taiwans
05:11 <~elChe> hm
05:21 <~elChe> seems located at taipei
05:23 <&Sabu> interesting
05:23 <&Sabu> this might be something interesting
05:24 <&Sabu> going to do some mroe research on the security company itself
05:25 <&Sabu>
05:25 <&Sabu> this is them
05:25 <&Sabu> look at their recent news
05:25 <&Sabu> Private Digital Data Protection Service by Information and Service
Industry Association for Launch of Taiwan New Personal Data Protection Law in
2012 new
05:25 <&Sabu> they're providing intellience to taiwans overnment
05:25 <&Sabu> intelligence software, et al
05:26 <&Sabu> Award story. Decision Group assisted Criminal Investigation Bureau
in arresting one of the most wanted fugitive Zhang Xi-ming.
05:26 <&Sabu> wow
05:26 <~elChe> hm
05:26 <&Sabu> On July 13, 2005 the police traced his IP by using E-Detective
system developed by Decision Group Inc , found out Zhang Ximing hid in a rented
apartment in Taichung . At 8:55 am, criminal police's Bureau Chief Hou You-yi
arranged to surround and carrry out the capturing strategy immediately. The
criminal investigation bureau altogether with 125 police forces participated in
the arrest action. Zhang Ximing was shot in the back , fell to the ground and was
arrested finally, ending his ten years of ordeal.
05:27 <&Sabu> yeah these people = going to get it
05:28 <~elChe> look at AnonIRC tweet
05:28 <&Sabu> main site :
05:28 <~elChe> uid0 was rtwt anonsacco posts
05:28 <~elChe> on that
05:29 <~elChe> we could take the rest to release them on xmas...
05:29 <~elChe> hope its not a trick to hunt us down lol
05:29 <&Sabu> use a rooted box to grab the archives
05:32 <~elChe> ofc
05:32 <~elChe> russian then
05:32 <~elChe> go and fuck with them
05:33 <&Sabu> EA
05:33 <&Sabu> jEA
05:33 <&Sabu> update sup_g with that info
05:33 <&Sabu> I'll be back in ~6 hours
05:33 <~elChe> ok
05:33 <&Sabu> peace brethren
05:33 <~elChe> c u
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19:37 <@sup_g> hey homeys
19:52 <~elChe> hi sup_g
19:52 <~elChe>
19:52 <@sup_g> yo
19:52 <@sup_g> was that one you posted about earlier?
19:52 <@sup_g> the scene thing?
19:52 <@sup_g> hey also
19:52 <@sup_g> alex has mail - and we need to copy it to other servers now for
mirroring / private viewing purposes
19:53 <~elChe> hm ok
19:53 <~elChe> how big is it, 200gb?
19:53 <~elChe> hm we should take another server gods sake
19:53 <~elChe> also importatn
19:54 <~elChe> need ur PR for lulzxmas
19:54 <@sup_g> ok yes
19:54 <@sup_g> question
19:54 <~elChe> i ll get quinn to read it and try to push wired article
19:54 <@sup_g> what I had before was mostly fit for a 'post-action' reportback
19:54 <@sup_g> suitable for the first
19:54 <@sup_g> it's not something really fit to be released tomorrow, especially
since we are not destroying the target
19:54 <@sup_g> Or are we?
19:55 <~elChe> i only think we should keep strat on hold cause it needs work on
19:55 <~elChe> and the rest should go out
19:55 <@sup_g> ok
19:55 <@sup_g> well in that case, we need a PR suitable for tomorrow
19:55 <~elChe> we need to troll about CCs and mention intel agencies
19:55 <@sup_g> which will include mostly bragging about donations primarily
19:55 <@sup_g> right?
19:55 <~elChe> ok ok
19:55 <@sup_g> also some screenshots, and maybe dump a few shitty cards
19:55 <~elChe> its cool cause u r not lying indeed
19:55 <@sup_g> also, we need some servers
19:56 <~elChe> we abused a little on donations already
19:56 <@sup_g> should we quote an estimated amount of how much cash we usurped so
19:56 <@sup_g> and maybe post some screensots as proof
19:56 <@sup_g> also, did yous ee the Company list
19:56 <@sup_g> cause we should hit some of the companies on that list
19:56 <~elChe> i m not sure if money was already blocked in some cases
19:57 <~elChe> but in those were the donations was technically received after
card check
19:57 <@sup_g> I'm sure some went through, but mostly are gonna be toast in the
19:57 <~elChe> we could say we r around little lower than 500.000
19:57 <@sup_g> ok.
19:57 <@sup_g> and do some of the screenshots available contain the name of the
Page 28


company that donated?
19:57 <~elChe> donations
19:57 <@uid0> I donated another ~50-60k today.
19:58 <~elChe> i got some cool screenshots
19:58 <@sup_g> as long as we are able to provide proof that we donated via
19:58 <@uid0> mostly to EFF & Bradley Manning
19:58 <~elChe> dhs and
19:58 <@sup_g> and also maybe dump some rando cards that are still active, even
though they will be abused to fuck
19:58 <@uid0> didn't do any screens though
19:58 <@sup_g> we will have enough to prove
19:58 <~elChe> the psychollogical effect about seeing dhs and mil there will be
19:59 <~elChe> we should avoid any mention to potential source
19:59 <@uid0> let's dump 1 or 2 high profile cards (intel/military) and some more
19:59 <~elChe> yep ok
19:59 <@sup_g> But not too many, so as to give away the source.
19:59 <~elChe> we should choose them on the most randomly possible way
19:59 <@sup_g> If we want, we can dump the specialforces list.
19:59 <@sup_g> It will get people excited about cards
20:00 <~elChe> uid0: did u managed to buy stuff for aaron barr?
20:00 <~elChe> have *
20:00 <@sup_g> btw
20:00 <@sup_g> we need some servers asap
20:00 <@uid0> ah damn...forgot abt that
20:00 <@uid0> well, we can still do it live elChe. :>
20:00 <~elChe> we need vefificated card for that
20:00 <~elChe> some of them dont work
20:01 <@sup_g> yeah
20:01 <@sup_g> if this one server goes donw, we lose all mail
20:01 <@uid0> first try if it's working on EFF, then use it at amazon or smth
20:01 <@sup_g> it is all successfully copied though
20:01 <@sup_g> ~150-200GB
20:01 <@sup_g> plus the sooner we can get emails up the sooner we can skim for
20:01 <@sup_g> but in reality we may as well leave that to crowdsourcing
20:02 <~elChe> waht about release to press
20:02 <~elChe> ask them for mirroring
20:02 <@sup_g> maybe we can ask wired.
20:02 <@sup_g> on the condition that they keep quiet about the name of the target
20:02 <~elChe> i ll rent another big server but impossible to do so on this
20:03 <~elChe> we cant
20:03 <~elChe> we cant get that
20:03 <~elChe> quinn said me its difficult to promise embargo more thant couples
of days
20:03 <@sup_g> For real?
20:03 <@sup_g> Guess we can't ride with her then.
20:03 <~elChe> yep
20:04 <~elChe> we can give them but they cant hold all for more than 3 days
20:04 <~elChe> its criminal
20:04 <~elChe> we should give them mirror but two days before release
20:05 <~elChe> they r not able to wait for more orthey ll get legal troubles
20:05 <@sup_g> ok
20:05 <@sup_g> well we can use that one revsec rooted server they used
20:05 <@uid0> Other news outlets gave a shit abt this in the past.
20:06 <@sup_g> <sup_g> We have massive amounts of mail, and we'd like to provide
yall with some preview info, but we need to make sure that the police / source of
the email isn't notified prior to our official release
20:06 <@sup_g> <quinn> i can give you until next week, and a promise of
confidentiality for that time, cleared with my eidtor
20:06 <@sup_g> <quinn> editor
20:06 <@sup_g> <quinn> but don't give me anything that can't go public at the
end of the embargo period
Page 29


20:06 <~elChe> ok ok
20:06 <~elChe> not bad
20:06 <@sup_g> #NYC last night got RM'd but is back on line...
here is the database...
<#Anonymous #AntiSec #SQL
20:06 <@sup_g> 7 minutes ago
20:06 <@sup_g> Hmm.
20:07 <~elChe> hm mail should be released via wired
20:07 <~elChe> just mails
20:07 <@sup_g> k.
20:07 <~elChe> alex has a copy
20:07 <~elChe> so its ok in worst case
20:08 <~elChe> i ll get new server to keep them online
20:08 <~elChe> and well search for mirrors
20:08 <@sup_g> <quinn> we can pick and date and time for the embargo to lift. i
don't have to reveal anything to LE or anyone at any point, if i don't want to.
20:08 <@sup_g> 'if I don't want to?'
20:08 <~elChe> we could try to ping wikileaks to mirror it too
20:08 <@sup_g> Yeah we really should.
20:08 <@sup_g> I can hop on.
20:08 <~elChe> quinn is ok sup_g
20:09 <@uid0> sup_g: Assange is so desperately crying for donations atm. xD
20:09 <~elChe> lol
20:09 <~elChe> i thought about donate to them using the ccs
20:09 <@uid0> We are forced to put all our efforts into raising funds to ensure
our economic survival. For almost a year we have been fighting an unlawful
financial blockade. We cannot allow giant US finance companies to decide how the
whole world votes with its pocket. Our battles are costly. We need your support
to fight back. Please donate now.
20:10 <~elChe> but didnt want to bring more troubles
20:10 <@sup_g> We should do it.
20:10 <@sup_g> Fuck it, do it!
20:10 <~elChe> they ll get even more troubles
20:10 <@uid0> elChe: VISA & MasterCard aren't processing donations to them
20:10 <~elChe> and excuses to get pwnd by LE
20:10 <~elChe> ohreally uid0 ?
20:10 <~elChe> fuck them
20:11 <~elChe> we can setup some flattr account
20:11 <~elChe> and try to workaround it
20:11 <@sup_g> also elche
20:11 <@uid0>
20:11 <@sup_g> is the cz server down?
20:11 <@sup_g> I cann't conenct via ssh or sftp.
20:11 <@sup_g> If it's down we're in trouble.
20:12 <~elChe> hm
20:12 <~elChe> nop
20:12 <~elChe> wait
20:12 <@uid0>
20:13 <~elChe> wtf???
20:13 <~elChe> cz is down
20:13 <@sup_g> oh fuck.
20:14 <~elChe> wait i need to check waht happend
20:14 <@sup_g> do you still have backups of some of the files I gave you?
20:14 <~elChe> give a me second
20:14 <~elChe> yep i have backups
20:17 <~elChe> hm
20:17 <~elChe> nothing strange
20:18 <~elChe> even the guys talking about icy gave me one free month for issues
20:18 <~elChe> but nothing about cz service
20:19 <~elChe> hm
20:19 <~elChe> pretty much strange
20:19 <~elChe> i ll get mad
20:19 <@uid0> open ticket?
20:19 <@sup_g> lol @ having lots of accounts in users.csv
20:20 <~elChe> hm yep ill wait dumpster to show up if he touched something
20:20 <~elChe> in 2 hours i ll fill ticket
20:20 <~elChe> dont want to attract attention on that server when we r close to
Page 30


20:21 <~elChe> holy shit
20:21 <~elChe> theres always a problem at last moment
20:22 <~elChe> sup_g: did u fill it more than expected?
20:22 <~elChe> how much space left last time u checked
20:23 <@sup_g> I haven't checked space since I left, but, I did not NEARLY upload
20:23 <@sup_g> 120GB
20:23 <@uid0> guys, we made it to #1:
20:24 <@sup_g> wikileaks says contact JA's lawyers regarding submissions.
20:25 <@sup_g> So scratch that one.
20:25 <@sup_g> sabu's offering a server
20:25 <~elChe> ok
20:25 <@uid0> sup_g: Wikileaks infrastructure is usually not as good as they want
ppl to make believe.
20:25 <~elChe> we need local copies
20:25 <~elChe> too
20:26 <@sup_g> yes we do, asap
20:26 <@uid0> Look at the "Inside Wikileaks" book from Domscheit Berg, he
explains how they ran on one shitty old server for quite a long time.
20:26 <~elChe> first we need local copies, we cant risk losing those emails
20:26 <~elChe> one we secured several physical copies around
20:27 <~elChe> we put them up
20:27 <~elChe> need to figure out waht happened to cz
20:27 <~elChe> if it got pwnd
20:27 <~elChe> someone snitched on us
20:28 <@sup_g> yes, this is alarming.
20:28 <@sup_g> because it had EVERYTHING
20:28 <@sup_g> including the cards for both targets.
20:28 <@sup_g> actually all three targets it had cards
20:28 <~elChe> dont freak out
20:28 <~elChe> we have copies
20:28 <~elChe> but we should be investigate what happened if really happened
20:28 <@sup_g> ok
20:29 <@sup_g> well
20:29 <~elChe> it could be some other problem also
20:29 <@sup_g> I will ahve to reupload all the ny spools
20:29 <@sup_g> which took a long time.
20:29 <@sup_g> networking?
20:29 <@sup_g> where's b0tm0n?
20:29 <~elChe> we r working with offshore pirates servers
20:29 <~elChe> no i dont think b0tm0n screwed this one
20:29 <~elChe> i told him to not touch dumpserver at all
20:30 <~elChe> but support answered me about icy box and it was isp problem
20:30 <~elChe> lets wait about what happend on cz
20:31 <~elChe> if something happened
20:31 <~elChe> we r being hunted down
20:31 <~elChe> if nothing happened we r fine
20:31 <@uid0> I had some routing problems to CZ the last days (vpn box located
20:32 <~elChe> i suggest you start copying data to usb keys and start giving them
to trusted ppl
20:32 <@uid0> We beat @BarackObama on Twitter in terms of importance/influence
according to DailyDot. :D
20:32 <~elChe> lol
20:32 <~elChe> uid0: the vpn experimental one is icy one
20:32 <~elChe> not cz
20:32 <@uid0> elChe: I have a vpn node in cz myself.
20:33 <~elChe> hm?
20:33 <~elChe> hows that??
20:34 <~elChe> u sure cz or latvia??
20:34 <@uid0> elChe: Has nothing to do with those boxes.
20:34 <~elChe> ah lol
20:34 <~elChe> i was freaking out
20:34 <~elChe> xD
20:35 <~elChe> ok so there were some issues on cz
20:35 <~elChe> in general
20:35 <@sup_g> ok
Page 31


20:35 <@sup_g> great
20:35 <~elChe> sup_g: when u ll have the PR ready?
20:35 <@sup_g> tonight.
20:36 <~elChe> we can start with that at least
20:36 <@sup_g> and I plan on setting aside all day tomorrow to ride
20:36 <@uid0> elChe: But file a support ticket nonetheless. One never knows.
20:36 <~elChe> yep ok i ll fill one now
20:36 <~elChe> god sake i gave them lots of money
20:37 <~elChe> hope they hold those box up
20:37 <~elChe> in theory they promised we could also host warez
20:44 <~elChe> ok ticket sent
20:49 <@sup_g> -rwxrwxrwx
1 507
165831547823 Dec 20 18:59
20:49 <@sup_g> holy mother of...
20:49 <~elChe> what???
20:49 <@sup_g> that's the emails
20:49 <@sup_g> copying to one hacked server
20:49 <@sup_g> which we can set up as a .onion
20:50 <@sup_g> then sabu has another server with 2TB of space we can set up an
onion there
20:50 <@sup_g> as long as we have 2-3 .onions we should be good to ride
20:50 <@sup_g> they wont' be able to take all of them down
20:50 <~elChe> ok but 200gb transfer will take a long time
20:50 <@sup_g> Yes it will.
20:50 <@sup_g> But much less than a week.
20:51 <@sup_g> And when it's on two servers, its easier to copy to four, then
20:53 <@sup_g> copying ~3MB/minute
20:53 <@sup_g> have it in screen session
20:54 <@sup_g> err 3MB/sec
20:54 <@sup_g> I mean that's not bad.
20:56 <@sup_g> a half gig copied already
20:56 <@sup_g> so we may be in business
20:59 <~elChe> ok
20:59 <~elChe> but we need local copies too
20:59 <~elChe> at least one of us should have
20:59 <@sup_g> yes I agree.
20:59 <@sup_g> I cannot copy =(
20:59 <~elChe> and spread
21:01 <@uid0> I don't even have enough storage for 150-200gb
21:01 <@sup_g> I found a 500GB hard drive in the dumpster, once.
21:03 <~elChe> ok i ll get hard drives and i ll copy myself too when we got some
21:04 <@sup_g> we will have a mirror pretty soon
21:04 <~elChe> and i ll send the hdd to your homes
21:04 <~elChe> lol
21:04 <@sup_g> i'm thinking hours
21:04 <@sup_g> heeellll no
21:04 <~elChe> trollolol
21:04 <@sup_g> I really hope c goes back up.
21:04 <@sup_g> I spent some time rendering some new NY spools last night.
21:04 <~elChe> cz will go back or i ll go mad against isp
21:05 <~elChe> but we have copies at least
21:06 <@sup_g> yes
21:06 <~elChe> even i we got pwnd
21:06 <~elChe> we can rebuild same shit
21:06 <~elChe> i dont think so
21:07 <~elChe> but if its real
21:07 <~elChe> i want to know what the hell happened
21:13 <~elChe> ok
21:13 <@sup_g> btw I am talking to quinn
21:13 <~elChe> perfect
21:13 <@sup_g> Maybe group chat?
21:13 <~elChe> is on cryto?
21:13 <@sup_g> She said she will respect the embargo
21:13 <@sup_g> yes
21:15 <~elChe> agh she needs to fix her client
21:15 <~elChe> ok she ll be here soon
Page 32


21:16 <~elChe> sup_g: dont give details about servers and where we got stuck or
21:16 <@sup_g> Of course not.
21:16 <~elChe> shes really ok with us
21:17 <~elChe> but she has secret service on her all time
21:17 <@sup_g> for real?
21:17 <~elChe> even we should avoid mentioning targets
21:17 <~elChe> yep for real
21:17 <@sup_g> I haven't mentioned specific targets.
21:17 <~elChe> target we r keeping on hold like strat
21:17 <~elChe> not to mention
21:18 <@sup_g> I said donations are going, and starting tomorrow there'll be a
string of teasers and tricks, leading to a big bang ~31st
21:18 <~elChe> cool
21:20 <~elChe> hm
21:20 <~elChe> really strange
21:21 <~elChe> she cant connect using ssl here...
21:21 <@uid0> I hate wrapping gifts.
21:21 <@sup_g> Fuck, I was just talking to her not with SSL.
21:21 <@sup_g> Well I didn't mention targets.
21:22 -!- quinn [] has joined
21:22 <~elChe> finally
21:22 <~elChe> lol
21:22 < quinn> that's much better
21:22 < quinn> sorry, i iz lame.
21:23 < quinn> though, to be fair, so is ssl
21:23 <~elChe> lol
21:23 <@sup_g> hah I shoulda checked whether you were using SSL prior to
messaging you.
21:24 <~elChe> sup_g any PR coming soon for quinn?
21:24 < quinn> yeah, i didn't know the port. i'd tried to set it ip earlier
21:24 < quinn> then lost my will to live and played wow for a while
21:24 < quinn> then you messaged me
21:24 <@sup_g> anyway, so quinn you can respect not mentioning any names of
targets to news/public/LE prior to our official release?
21:25 < quinn> yes
21:25 <@sup_g> we'd like to hook you up with some of the research so you can
prepare an article if you like ahead of time, but we can't compromise the source
until it's go time
21:25 <@uid0> quinn: Try Star Wars The Old Republic. Addiction factor over 9000.
21:25 < quinn> i can give you that up to tuesday morning
21:25 < quinn> uid0: jesus, i'm suspposed to be raising a child...
21:26 <~elChe> xD
21:26 < quinn> (i've got to have a time when the embargo runs out)
21:26 < quinn> as in: when you guys release or tuesday morning, whichever is
21:27 <~elChe> we ll release
21:27 <~elChe> if u r worried about it
21:27 <~elChe> even if we grant access
21:27 <@sup_g> I'd say the 30th is a more comfortable date when we would be ready
to announce the target
21:27 <~elChe> u can release it anyway if we r late
21:27 < quinn> sup_g: ok, we can parcel it out a bit
21:27 <~elChe> sup_g we can open the bag from those confirmed
21:28 <~elChe> and keep the other one on hold
21:28 < quinn> if we say the 30th we don't want that to mean i can't write
*anything*before then
21:28 < quinn> but we need to be clear about what info is embargoes
21:28 < quinn> embargoed
21:28 <@sup_g> oh, yeah, that's no problem
21:28 <@sup_g> embargo is specifically on the name of the main company involved
21:28 < quinn> not only to protect you guise, but from me doing something
21:28 <@sup_g> since throughout the week there'll be teasers leaked anyway
21:28 < quinn> ok
21:28 < quinn> on the 30th i run the name, and not before
21:29 <~elChe> teaser will start dropping tomorrow xmas eve
Page 33


21:29 < quinn> and i'm happy not knowing anytime soon fwiw
21:29 <@sup_g> elche: I'll have a PR late tonight or early tomorrow.
21:29 <~elChe> hm
21:29 < quinn> (on the data for the 30th)
21:29 <@sup_g> I have to line up some other last minute preparations while I
still have net
21:29 <~elChe> quinn will not check it tonight late to be honest
21:30 <@sup_g> Basically, we have a fuckload of private email spools from the
target, so much that will be near impossible for us to skim
21:30 <~elChe> better tomorrow so we can re-check it before
21:30 < quinn> ok
21:30 < quinn> and i can have a nice dinner with friends and family before i get
kidnap vanned by the three letter agencies? :)
21:31 <@sup_g> If practical, and desirable, we could give you preview access into
the content of the data, if it would help you with the article
21:31 <~elChe> of if u want sup_g to handle some pre-PR on the meanwhile..
21:31 <@sup_g> But obviously doing so would clue you into the target
21:31 <~elChe> and then we can retouch the final
21:31 < quinn> it would be helpful, if we can do it safely
21:31 <@sup_g> It would be available to you in a tor hidden services .onion url,
similar to our previous leaks
21:32 <@sup_g> Unless you have some advanced server mirroring capabilities that
we can upload all the raw files straight to.
21:32 <~elChe> sup_g: keep in mind quinn can be compromised, not cause she
wants...but she could
21:32 <@sup_g> k.
21:32 <~elChe> so we cant give clues ahead
21:32 <~elChe> keep it shadowed
21:32 <@sup_g> k so no mail?
21:32 < quinn> ideally for me, if you summarize what you've gotten and then pick
out a few pieces that demonstrate its importance, that would be xmas for me with
a bow, but if you don't have the time for that, and it's not secure enough, i
21:33 < quinn> absolutely no mail
21:33 < quinn> er, email to me
21:33 <~elChe> mails if u want sup_g without headers
21:33 < quinn> mail is obv the actual content
21:33 <~elChe> remove headers and id references
21:33 < quinn> elche : yes exactly
21:34 <~elChe> choose the more lulzy ones
21:34 < quinn> well, mix with consequential ones
21:34 < quinn> or i won't have a story
21:34 <~elChe> 5 of them more some screenshots and PR will help waiting the pack
21:34 <~elChe> lulzy quinn means big burden
21:35 <~elChe> so i think consequential
21:35 < quinn> fair enough
21:35 <~elChe> hmm probably some porn reference eventually could happen
21:35 < quinn> sometimes lulzy means, you know, guy cheating on wife, which i
can't work with
21:35 < quinn> i would expect nothing less. :)
21:35 <~elChe> well aaron barr wife asking for divorce did it on colbert
21:36 <~elChe> so ethics can be flexible sometimes..
21:36 < quinn> only because the way it happened was newsworthy and the content
supported it as well
21:36 <~elChe> yep i know i just wanted to mention aaron..
21:36 <~elChe> for the lulz u know
21:36 < quinn> *then* we can talk about the wife porn stuff
21:36 < quinn> aaron barr is inherently lulzy.
21:37 <@sup_g> elche without headers or stripping any mention of the target name
will be exceedingly difficult
21:37 < quinn> everything he did made that whole situation much much worse
21:37 < quinn> for him
21:37 <@sup_g> ~160GB
21:37 <~elChe> yep i know
21:37 < quinn> do what you can and no more. elche is right
21:37 <~elChe> but u just need to peek the most interesting ones
21:37 <~elChe> u find quickly
Page 34


21:38 < quinn> i'm not going to be alone if i can help it for the next week
21:38 <~elChe> and then rip off the headers
21:38 <~elChe> not being alone means?
21:38 <~elChe> i ll bring barely legal models with u?
21:38 < quinn> meaning i'm scared of getting snapped up my LE
21:38 < quinn> heheh
21:38 <@sup_g> then honestly
21:38 <~elChe> oh that...
21:38 <~elChe> ok
21:38 <@sup_g> maybe calling it off is best for all parties =)
21:39 < quinn> sup_g i am probably just paranoid
21:39 <~elChe> sup_g we should bring waht is already ...ready to go wild
21:39 < quinn> and i'llbe damned if i'll let my own government stop me from
reporting events through mere paranoia of intimidation
21:39 <~elChe> and avoid mention too much about the other
21:40 <~elChe> that will be just fine
21:40 <~elChe> then we pick up some emails
21:40 < quinn> mainly if i get taken into custody or questioned i want to make
sure the world knows about it very quickly
21:40 <@sup_g> elche: that's fine then - mention of other targets, and no mention
of the big one till last minute
21:40 < quinn> that sounds good
21:40 <~elChe> juicy ones and we send it without headers just as previes
21:40 <~elChe> preview
21:40 <~elChe> previews
21:40 <~elChe> whatever
21:40 < quinn> i imagine the target is likely to recognize their own words though
21:41 < quinn> i imagine that's a factor in what and how you release
21:41 < quinn> as teasers
21:41 <@sup_g> yes it's going to be tricky
21:41 <@sup_g> again we have multiple targets, though
21:41 < quinn> right
21:42 <@uid0> quinn: You don't keep logs with this client, do you?
21:42 < quinn> oh fuck no
21:42 <@uid0> good
21:44 < quinn> or of im chats
21:44 < quinn> or basically anything where logging can be turned off
21:44 <~elChe> :( neither those romantic ones?
21:44 <~elChe> lol
21:46 <@uid0> we read enough romantic memos of you elChe. xD
21:46 <@sup_g> ^
21:47 < quinn> elche: they are ephemeral as the wind
21:47 < quinn> and live on only in my heart
21:47 < quinn> or whatever that organ is below the liver
21:48 <~elChe> hm seems another release coming on soon too
21:48 <~elChe> hahahah quinn
21:48 <@uid0> elChe: w00t?
21:49 <~elChe> not confirmed yet
21:49 <~elChe> quinn u mean your appendix?
21:49 <~elChe> is there the place for me?
21:50 <~elChe> or even lower..?
21:50 <~elChe> lol
21:52 <~elChe> ok guise not sure
21:52 <~elChe> but greenpeace
21:52 <~elChe> sorry
21:52 < quinn> there, or spleen
21:52 <~elChe> some guise bringing stuff also
21:52 < quinn> you'll always be welcome in my sleen
21:52 < quinn> spleen
21:52 <~elChe> thanks i guess
21:52 < quinn> gall baldder? better view
21:53 < quinn> now i'm just listing organs
21:54 <~elChe> hm ill took pancreas
21:54 <~elChe> i can mess many things from there
21:55 < quinn> aw, how sweet
21:55 < quinn> ba doom cha
22:00 <~elChe> quinn sup_g is working hard trying to finish something for u now
22:00 < quinn> thanks
Page 35


22:01 <~elChe> meanwhile, do u like champagne?
22:01 <~elChe> hahahha ok ill stop it
22:01 < quinn> but don't make me a priority
22:01 < quinn> safety and your own goals should come before the journo
22:01 <~elChe> quinn we know ppl want to stay away from work on xmas
22:01 <@sup_g> ok then in that case, I'd rather work on the PR late tonight, and
have everything ready tomorrow morning.
22:01 <~elChe> so u can take your time reading during this weekend
22:02 < quinn> and if you guise give me stuff and wired can't post it because my
ed is in fucking mexico i don't want you getting pissed at me:)
22:02 < quinn> ok
22:02 < quinn> i'm working through the holiday
22:02 < quinn> those lazy fuckers on salary are the ones that take vacations
22:02 <~elChe> i think it ll be ok cause we r readying shit
22:02 <~elChe> probably tomorrow we ll troll out and drop some info and
screenshots and shits
22:02 <~elChe> to heat up
22:03 < quinn> but i have my news director on the phone, and i'll tell him to log
in and approve my post tomorrow
22:03 < quinn> ok
22:03 <@sup_g> We're definitely dropping some shit tomorrow public, but it isn't
all ofit
22:04 < quinn> ok
22:08 <~elChe> ok we have the whole next week to start
22:08 <~elChe> xmas should see some drops
22:08 <~elChe> as teasers
22:08 <~elChe> so thats already covered more or less
22:09 <~elChe> we can advance something to quinn for this weekend and she could
ping editor then
22:09 <~elChe> and so then we ll still have the whole week to finish shits
22:10 <~elChe> brb cigarette
22:10 < quinn> ok, once i've got the pr and whatever you package, i'll, as i was
saying, start ruining my editor's xmas :)
22:11 <~elChe> hm
22:11 <~elChe> sounds good
22:12 <~elChe> so basically we r plotting here about ruining everyones xmas
22:12 <~elChe> lol
22:12 < quinn> anonygrinch
22:12 <~elChe> XD
22:18 <@uid0> Anon Operations, we do what we must because we can. For the good of
all of us, except the ones who are feds... *sings*
22:19 < quinn> heheheh
22:19 < quinn> coulton would be proud
22:20 <@uid0> A piece of writing from Topiary that almost nobody has seen:
22:20 <~elChe> hahah
22:20 < quinn> pastebin is down for me
22:21 <~elChe> because u live in a dictatorship
22:21 <~elChe> pastebin is fin
22:21 <~elChe> lol
22:21 < quinn> heh
22:21 < quinn> goog cache still works
22:22 <~elChe> still down?
22:22 <~elChe> i ll upload it if u cant get it
22:22 <~elChe> is pastebin censored on US?
22:23 < quinn> dunno
23:38 -!- quinn [] has quit [User
quit: quinn]
23:42 <~elChe> uid0:
23:43 <~elChe> u there?
23:43 <@uid0> yes
23:43 <~elChe> someone snitched about str to BB
23:43 <~elChe> BB tweeted
23:43 <~elChe> we r screwed now
23:44 <@uid0> elChe: sup_g is talking to him
23:44 <~elChe> sup_g: cant get info about who leaked the info
23:46 <~elChe> ok so now we already lost Wired
23:47 <~elChe> we dont know if any other copy of mails are going around
Page 36


23:48 <~elChe> and strangely we got our dumpserver down one day before xmas
23:49 <@uid0> Also where's Discordian/HBAnon? Haven't seen him in some days.
23:49 <@sup_g> Wel
23:49 <@sup_g> There are no other copies of mails floating around
23:49 <@sup_g> There is just a's server, and revsec's which I am currently
copying it to.
23:49 <@sup_g> But it's not complete yet.
23:50 <~elChe> pull out revsec
23:50 <~elChe> until we can understand better their game
23:50 <@sup_g> well, we do need a server
23:51 <@sup_g> it's copying as we speak, 20GB
23:51 <@sup_g> 10% done so far
23:51 <@sup_g> it'll be done late tonight.
23:51 <~elChe> hm
23:51 <~elChe> ok but i just said it
23:52 <@uid0> Sabu: Du you have any guess who might've told him?
23:54 <~elChe> ok something its not going clean here
23:54 <~elChe> so probably better i just step out
23:59 <~elChe> sup_g:
--- Day changed Sat Dec 24 2011
00:13 -!- alex [root@768FE444.4C2F7627.CF53E0D1.IP] has joined #LulzXmas
00:13 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o alex] by FBI
00:14 <~elChe> hi alex
00:14 <@alex> sup
00:14 <~elChe> shits someone told BB about the leak
00:14 <~elChe> he knows target and details
00:14 <~elChe> how?
00:14 <~elChe> dont know
00:15 <~elChe> he tweeted about it, cause ofc he cant keep his mouth closed
00:15 <~elChe> and here we re
00:15 <@alex> did he tweet the target
00:15 <@alex> ?
00:15 <~elChe> nop
00:15 <@sup_g> No, but he knows it.
00:15 <~elChe> just 2.4 millions mails
00:15 <~elChe> reference
00:15 <@alex> he should shut the fuck up
00:15 <~elChe> he cant
00:15 <~elChe> heroin guy
00:16 <@alex> ffs
00:16 <@alex> how did this happen
00:16 <~elChe> we dont know he doesnt want to say who the fuck told him
00:16 <~elChe> Sabu should ask him probably
00:16 <@alex> well its 2.7
00:16 <@alex> but its much worse that he knows the target
00:16 <~elChe> yep
00:17 <@sup_g> <wicked> update: all potential ppl who knew anything abt this at
all are solid on my end, with exception of jmc (not responding atm) and H (not
online atm)
00:17 <~elChe> he tweeted about those published tomorrow
00:17 <~elChe> so something stragne going on
00:17 <~elChe> to be published*
00:17 <@alex> well the 2.7 million number source was me
00:17 <@alex> i told you, sabu and anarch
00:17 <~elChe> hm
00:18 <~elChe> wait
00:18 <@sup_g> BB seems to say the source was quite close to the hack.
00:18 <~elChe> u said 2.7
00:18 <@sup_g> Even going as far as saying the one responsible for it
00:18 <@sup_g> BB said 2.4, btw.
00:18 <~elChe> hm
00:18 <@sup_g> <BarrettBrown> ... and while they continue to provide me with
00:19 <~elChe> i already said revolsec
00:19 <~elChe> 'they'
00:19 <~elChe> if it were us
00:19 <@alex> this is fucking retarded
00:19 <@alex> basically we were responsible for it
Page 37


00:19 <~elChe> he wouldnt use 'they'
00:19 <@alex> and the revo sec fags
00:19 <@alex> in an early stage
00:20 <~elChe> well i know there was some movement today in the revolsec camp
00:20 <~elChe> i got snitch there too
00:20 <@uid0> Also we "lost" cz box for unknown reasons.
00:20 <~elChe> but without details
00:21 <~elChe> cz is backed up
00:21 <~elChe> in worst case we reset vps
00:21 <~elChe> and ill upload all again
00:21 <@alex> this kind of forced us
00:21 <@alex> to RM startfor now
00:21 <@sup_g> so we have choices now
00:21 <@alex> www,core,clearspace
00:21 <@sup_g> ride on them while we can?
00:21 <@sup_g> and *sh
00:21 <@alex> ^this
00:21 <~elChe> hm...
00:21 <~elChe> if we rm
00:21 <@sup_g> xmas coming early?
00:22 <@sup_g> it might jeapordize cards.
00:22 <~elChe> we need to publish the whole thing
00:22 <@alex> we can rm them
00:22 <@alex> and say we are still evaluating the data
00:22 <~elChe> as u want guise but CCs will be off
00:22 <@alex> will cause media attention upfront
00:22 <@uid0> even more leaks
00:22 <@uid0> Zardeath9 Zardeath9 by BarrettBrownLOL@
00:22 <@uid0> @BarrettBrownLOL it is hinted at by a few on G+ too so they can't
get but so angry
00:22 <@uid0> 13 minutes ago
00:22 <~elChe> ofc we already spent 500 000$
00:22 <~elChe> but well
00:23 <@uid0> in response to this
00:23 <@uid0> BarrettBrownLOL Barrett Brown
00:23 <@uid0> A couple of the #Antisec folks are mad that one of them told me
about the upcoming release. Expect some anti-Barrett stuff along with it.
00:23 <@uid0> 20 minutes ago
00:23 <@sup_g> Well.
00:23 <@alex> >anti-Barrett stuff
00:23 <@sup_g> If we wait too long, name will get leaked.
00:23 <@alex> incoming
00:23 <@sup_g> Then it'll be too late.
00:23 <@sup_g> alex: that was a reference to something I said to him
00:24 <@sup_g> i'll pm you log if you like: I already pasted to our #antisec
00:24 <~elChe> wtf?
00:24 <~elChe> do i need to ping norton now?
00:24 <@uid0> BarrettBrownLOL Barrett Brown
00:24 <@uid0> @
00:24 <@uid0> @Zardeath9 They also told Wired about it, apparently. There's a
reason one of their people got me involved.
00:24 <@sup_g> ended with exchange of insults and mild threats
00:24 <@uid0> 1 minute ago
00:24 <~elChe> ok ok
00:24 <~elChe> wait
00:24 <~elChe> how the hell they know that
00:24 <@sup_g> I told him he fucked up our embargo with wired.
00:24 <@sup_g> In response to his 'offer' of getting NBC
00:25 <~elChe> guise
00:25 <~elChe> for gods sake
00:25 <~elChe> can u stop talking to him
00:25 <~elChe> his an attention whore
00:25 <~elChe> and like all whores
00:25 <~elChe> he ll keep crying and shouting out all he hears
00:26 <~elChe> someone on pmprj
00:26 <@uid0>
00:26 <~elChe> please go and tell BB that i said he stop whoring or i ll knock
him on his face
Page 38


00:26 <@uid0> or what's his network?
00:26 <~elChe> and he compromised our security
00:26 <~elChe> and that really pisses me off
00:27 <@alex> we need sabu
00:27 <@alex> now
00:27 <~elChe> yep we need Sabu now
00:27 <~elChe> Sabu Sabu Sabu please wake up
00:27 <~elChe> fuck
00:27 <~elChe> is he on jabber?
00:27 <@alex> nope
00:27 <~elChe> fuck
00:28 <@sup_g> ok well
00:28 <@sup_g> we need to make a decision
00:28 <@sup_g> I personally don't think we should wait until they disable our
ability to rm
00:29 <~elChe> im down for wahtever u choose
00:29 <@sup_g> alex let's line this shit up in order then.
00:29 <~elChe> first if we pwn now we lose CCs but
00:29 <~elChe> its ok we already abused from them wild
00:29 <@alex> we should deface their mainpage
00:29 <@sup_g> my only real concern is that the press release is not quite
00:29 <~elChe> PR can wait
00:29 <@alex> we just deface it for now
00:29 <@alex> like
00:29 <@sup_g> with lulzxmas vid?
00:29 <@alex> "we are done. more incomingÃ'
00:30 <~elChe> defacement is a clear msg
00:30 <@alex> something like dat
00:30 <~elChe> yep lulzxmas video
00:30 <@sup_g> ok can we get a screenshot or two of DHS/FBI making donations?
00:30 <@uid0> You ever played Half Life 1? First or second level is "Unforseen
Consequences". ;)
00:30 <~elChe> cocksec
00:30 <~elChe> lol
00:30 <~elChe> ok do u want quinn?
00:30 <@sup_g> k alex me and you
00:30 <@alex> "we finished our work you servers."
00:30 <@alex> something like dat
00:31 <@sup_g> xmas is coming early apparently
00:31 <@sup_g> i'll ready the html defacement
00:31 <@sup_g> should we order this shit?
00:31 <@alex> problem is we can RM
00:31 <@sup_g> first to rm: core, clearspace, www, then sh?
00:31 <@alex> if we want to deface
00:31 <@alex> can we?
00:31 <@sup_g> we can deface for literally 3-4 minutes
00:31 <@sup_g> long enough to get mirrored on zone-h
00:32 <~elChe> no more than that?
00:32 <@alex> there has to be a way
00:32 <@alex> that allows defacing
00:32 <@alex> and rm'ing
00:32 <@sup_g> sure there is
00:33 <@sup_g> first we rm -rf /var/www/ or whatever
00:33 <@sup_g> wget our index.html
00:33 <@sup_g> submit to zone-h
00:33 <@sup_g> tweet
00:33 <@sup_g> then immediately rm -rf
00:33 <@sup_g> I can do this
00:33 <@alex> do it like that
00:33 <@sup_g> k.
00:33 <@alex> problem is rm'ing clearspace
00:33 <@alex> we dont have normal ssh session
00:33 <~elChe> deface with lulzxmas video to recover the brand on our side
00:33 <~elChe> lol
00:33 <@alex> and need to login with password
00:33 <@sup_g> k.
00:34 <@alex> you need todo that SSH_PASS
Page 39


00:34 <@alex> thing
00:34 <@alex> variable
00:34 <@alex> you sent me a few days ago
00:34 <@sup_g> ah yes
00:34 <@sup_g> Hmmmmmmmmm.
00:34 <@sup_g> we might want to line that up first to make sure that's possible.
00:35 <@sup_g> i'm gonna work on the defacement html real quick.
00:35 <~elChe> i dont trust zone-h since they got subpoena so we need to shoot
the hell out on screenshots ourselves
00:35 <@sup_g> zone-h is fine
00:36 <@alex> just tweet it and people will
00:36 <@uid0> as long as you're behind over 9000 proxies. :p
00:36 <@sup_g> hey also
00:36 <~elChe> ok
00:36 <@sup_g> we need to copy the mail offsite
00:36 <@sup_g> in case they go after your server really quickly
00:37 <@alex> they should not be able
00:37 <@alex> to find any reference to it
00:37 <@sup_g> elche, can you imagebin a screenshot of a DHS/FBI donation?
00:37 <@sup_g> which will also go in the defacement
00:37 <~elChe> ok working now on that
00:37 <@alex> it shouldnt be a big defacement
00:37 <@alex> keep it simple
00:38 <@alex> give no information
00:38 <@alex> of what we gor
00:38 <@alex> *got
00:38 <@uid0> "More to come. Expect us!"
00:38 <@alex> ^somthing like dat
00:38 <@sup_g> I think at least one donation screenshot is fine.
00:38 <@sup_g> Lulzxmas vid, cat /etc/shadow, and donation screenie
00:39 <@alex> /etc/shadow only imo
00:39 <@sup_g> maybe we should raid projectpm
00:39 <@sup_g> fuck bb
00:40 <@alex> i wonder if we should do nothing
00:40 <@sup_g> I dont' want to lose the ability to rm.
00:40 <@sup_g> Also,
00:40 <@alex> even if he tweets it
00:40 <@sup_g> if youll remember the sheriff hack
00:40 <@alex> true
00:40 <@sup_g> they wer edefaced / rm'd before the emails were delivered
00:40 <@sup_g> emails delivered a full week later
00:41 <@sup_g> in fact, the quotes and ridiculous speculations from the chiefs
made it all the more hilarious
00:41 <@sup_g> "I don't believe they got any sensitive info."
00:41 <@sup_g> etc
00:41 <@alex> yeah
00:41 <@alex> so dont show
00:41 <@alex> that we donated from their credit cards
00:41 <@alex> just give the the fact
00:41 <@sup_g> But some of that is happening tomorrow anyway, no?
00:42 <@alex> let it happen tomrrow then
00:42 <@alex> wait
00:42 <@alex> what exactly will happen tomorrow?
00:42 <~elChe> i m readying the screenshots
00:42 <@alex> i am not up to date
00:42 <~elChe> dhs and
00:42 <@sup_g> A handful of screenies, a handful of cards
00:42 <~elChe> both donation
00:43 <@sup_g> Possibly the entire specialforces addr/cc dump as well
00:43 <@sup_g> ~8000 cards
00:43 <@alex> well i dont want the cc's stratfor related for now
00:43 <@sup_g> And remember, we still have two aces in the hole, the other
targets set to go off on the 31st
00:43 <@alex> but its your decision
00:44 <@sup_g> well.
00:44 <@sup_g> I think no matter what we do, there will be wild speculation as to
what was on stratfor
00:45 <@sup_g> and I believe a full investigation will be underway pretty
Page 40


promptly, including FBI asking stratfor sysadmins as to what kind of data they
00:45 <@alex> ^this
00:45 <~elChe> 8000 cards are enough i would say
00:45 <@alex> we need to rm dat shit
00:45 <@alex> really carefully
00:45 <@sup_g> let's line up commands ahead of time
00:45 <@sup_g> it'd be nice to shread logs first
00:45 <@alex> yeah dont just rm logs
00:46 <@uid0> Kill them...but peacefully. (c) elChe ;)
00:46 <@alex> ^^
00:46 <~elChe> xD
00:46 <@sup_g>
<- is the one right?
00:46 <~elChe> ok got quinn back
00:46 <~elChe> yep that one sup_g
00:46 <~elChe> if we do it
00:47 <~elChe> she ll wake up his editor in dont know where
00:47 <~elChe> fuck fuck with all this shit
00:47 <@alex> sup_g
00:47 <@sup_g> yes
00:47 <@alex> just shred everything
00:48 <@alex> fbi will probably take the servers
00:48 <~elChe> yep shred is good
00:48 <~elChe> or random ddd
00:48 <@alex> ^this
00:48 <~elChe> dev random dd
00:48 <~elChe> shred is slow
00:48 <@uid0> urandom is slow also
00:48 <@uid0> I have a really fast rng here
00:49 <~elChe> zero is not good enough
00:49 <@sup_g> someone line something up that's good enough
00:49 <@sup_g> im making html
00:50 <@alex> my english is retarded
00:53 <@uid0>
00:55 <@sup_g> fellas
00:55 <@sup_g> I have to leave soon
00:55 <@sup_g> hrm.
00:55 <@sup_g> how bad do you think if we wait ~15 hours?
00:56 <@sup_g> so we can do donations and defacement and rm -rf all at same time?
01:00 <@uid0> sup_g: Are you trying to evaluate the leak by telling to #antisec?
01:00 <~elChe> hm ok
01:00 <~elChe> idont want u post many screensthos
01:00 <@sup_g> hey elche
01:00 <@sup_g> maybe don't upload just yet
01:00 <~elChe> many amazon shipping stuff to foundations
01:01 <@sup_g> just have it ready for tomorrow when we do this
01:01 <~elChe> to land on 27 dec
01:01 <@uid0> Also we should hold back the emails for a week or so. 1) BBs claims
will show up as false 2) Speculations and lulz will ensue
01:01 <~elChe> we should do it now
01:01 <~elChe> we ll not have time for donations
01:02 <@alex> the mails
01:02 <@sup_g> Emails can't come tomorrow anyway
01:02 <~elChe> and we risk if this got leaked before
01:02 <@alex> are not even close to ready
01:02 <@sup_g> Not ready
01:02 <~elChe> donations will be cancelled soon
01:02 <@alex> they are like -100% done
01:02 <@uid0> heh, alright
01:02 <~elChe> just defacement and rm
01:02 <@sup_g> alex: in all honesty, we could deploy the emails without
01:02 <@sup_g> they are .eml files, can be dragged into thudnerbird etc
01:03 <@sup_g> html formatting is better, but not necessary
01:03 <@sup_g> also I have to split in 10, and don't want to do a rush deface/rm
01:03 <@sup_g> I can guarantee I will be online in ~15 hours for several hours to
Page 41


make sure everything gets done.
01:03 <@sup_g> in the meantime, everything just stays between us five
01:03 <~elChe> hm
01:03 <@sup_g> and FBI here lol.
01:04 <~elChe> ok ok
01:04 <~elChe> hm
01:04 <@uid0> sup_g: Not really. You told #antisec. :p
01:04 <@sup_g> well as far as specifics
01:04 <@sup_g> shit we been tweeting 'coming soon!!!' all week
01:04 <~elChe> we should just deface ...
01:04 <@sup_g> =(
01:04 <~elChe> or we risk someone else do
01:04 <@sup_g> not ready yet
01:04 <~elChe> ok but i just said it
01:05 <~elChe> if anything goes wrong at least we know abou tit
01:05 <@sup_g> yeah
01:05 <@sup_g> well
01:06 <@sup_g> it is friday night, their IT eople aren't on the box ormally.
01:06 <@sup_g> only possibility is if BB does run his mouth about the target
01:06 <~elChe> nop i heard
01:06 <@alex> its almost fucking xmas
01:06 <~elChe> all ppl just went on holiday trip
01:06 <@alex> even if he says it right now
01:06 <@alex> we got at least 24hours
01:06 <@sup_g> yes
01:06 <@alex> probably more
01:06 <@sup_g> well if he says it, FBI will rush in probably
01:06 <~elChe> but we lose surprise
01:06 <@alex> hes not a srs source
01:07 <~elChe> agh
01:07 <@sup_g> all his bs aside, I somewhat don't think he will name the target.
01:07 <~elChe> i cant trust BB keeps his mouth closed...
01:07 <~elChe> its stronger than him
01:07 <@sup_g> well regardless, I can't stay to see this through this minute =(
01:07 <@sup_g> and maybe it'd be better to go with the donations and shit anyway
01:07 <@sup_g> we can do it live again
01:09 <@sup_g> are we good then? I gotta split
01:09 <@alex> yeah
01:09 <@sup_g> good luck all
01:09 <@uid0> stay safe sup_g
01:09 <@sup_g> I may pop in a few hours just for 15 minutes
01:10 <@sup_g> but can't stay
01:10 <@sup_g> <3
01:10 <@uid0> password is
, so we know it's really you :p
01:10 <@sup_g> k.
01:10 <@uid0> xD
01:10 <@sup_g> ;D
01:11 <@alex> lulz
01:13 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Ping timeout]
01:14 <~elChe> agh
01:14 <~elChe> i just read the antisec shit between BB and sup
01:15 <~elChe> i want to punch him so hard
01:15 <@uid0> BB?
01:15 <~elChe> have u read the same i did?
01:15 <~elChe> barrett
01:15 <@uid0> uhm, I think so.
01:15 <~elChe> waht assholes
01:15 <@uid0> I wanted to punch him for a long time now. :p
01:42 <~elChe> hm
02:29 -!- alex [root@768FE444.4C2F7627.CF53E0D1.IP] has quit [User quit:
04:06 -!- elChe [Che@70C13C8.DF74EEAA.84E78E68.IP] has quit [User quit: leaving]
12:06 -!- elChe [Che@B1887B64.EE24DE46.84E78E68.IP] has joined #LulzXmas
12:06 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+qo elChe elChe] by FBI
12:06 <~elChe> hm
13:44 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
13:44 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
13:44 <@sup_g> yoyo
Page 42


13:50 <~elChe> hi man
13:50 <~elChe> im fucking tired lol
13:50 <@sup_g> hah
13:50 <~elChe> but i ll be up during day ofc
13:50 <@sup_g> that sucks
13:50 <@sup_g> great
13:50 <@sup_g> because I have a good 5 hours as well
13:50 <@sup_g> stable net
13:50 <@sup_g> it's going down
13:50 <~elChe> cool
13:50 <~elChe> i m ordering new server
13:51 <@sup_g> great
13:51 <@sup_g> the other one went back up
13:51 <~elChe> filled ticket cause just found 120gb
13:51 <~elChe> i m asking for 250gb of hd quota
13:51 <~elChe> but i send them money already
13:51 <@sup_g> hmm well maybe they will do it with more money
13:51 <~elChe> they usually resolves my shits
13:51 <@sup_g> we don't necessarily have to release mail today
13:51 <~elChe> yep ofc
13:52 <~elChe> but i know it will take time to get it
13:52 <~elChe> so i started it
13:52 <@sup_g> we don't necessarily have to nuke the target, but maybe we should
13:52 <~elChe> also cz is back
13:52 <@sup_g> yep on it now
13:52 <~elChe> not compromised
13:52 <@sup_g> this is good
13:52 <@sup_g> I can resume uploading and rendering mail
13:52 <@sup_g> I was thinking though
13:53 <@sup_g> maybe we shouldnt release ANYTHING on NY target yet
13:53 <@sup_g> at all even by new years, because we still could feasible get more
mail, and it's deserving of a separate release anyway
13:53 <@sup_g> I havent' even tried half the logins to the various internal
portals they have yet
13:53 <@sup_g> stuff like,, etc
13:54 <~elChe> hm ok
13:54 <@sup_g> the Cali target I have all lined up
13:54 <@sup_g> verified ready to own, too
13:54 <~elChe> but we need to give to post something
13:55 <~elChe> or just withdraw about all and make as nothing happened
13:55 <~elChe> but we risk about losing credibility
13:55 <@sup_g> you mean today?
13:55 <@sup_g> we can ride on them if we want
13:55 <@sup_g> do you want to see the release text? the intro and main target
section is done and looking great
13:56 <~elChe> ok
13:57 <@sup_g> we may need to modify it slightly based on decisions regarding the
13:57 <~elChe> where u ll resume uploading sup_g ?
13:58 <~elChe> we didnt get the BB issue sorted yet
13:59 <@sup_g> he was told to keep his mouth shut
13:59 <@sup_g> and he got pissy
13:59 <@sup_g> he didn't announce target though right?
13:59 <@sup_g> even so, we may want to think about hitting it today anyway
13:59 <~elChe> do u know BB?
13:59 <@sup_g> i've chatted with him a few times but I've never worked with him
13:59 <@sup_g> or know him personally
14:00 <@sup_g> pm for release
14:01 <~elChe> BB always was a delusional guy with attentionwhorism syndrome
14:01 <~elChe> he cant keep his mouth closed
14:02 <@sup_g> yeah he fucked up majorly this time
14:02 <~elChe> he just cant do that, its stronger than him
14:02 <@sup_g> fortunately it doesn't seem to have compromised any plans
14:02 <~elChe> if ppl start fingering him
14:02 <@sup_g> yeah he really proved himself untrustworthy this time
14:02 <~elChe> about how he failed on his prediction
14:02 <~elChe> he ll open his mouth
Page 43


14:02 <@sup_g> yes it's possible
14:03 <@sup_g> I think we should ride on their asses today anyway
14:03 <@sup_g> I'm itchin
14:03 <~elChe> i m fucking pissed off about the whole thing
14:03 <~elChe> that stupid junkie
14:03 <~elChe> blowed off all potential
14:03 <~elChe> to do a shitload of things
14:04 <~elChe> im fucking angry
14:04 <@sup_g> yeah it's bullshit
14:04 <~elChe> but now im considering
14:04 <@sup_g> even worse that he is keeping his mouth shut to us about who it
14:04 <~elChe> we need to protect assets first
14:05 <~elChe> so angry or not angry we need to play chess
14:05 <~elChe> if he opens hi mouth just once again
14:05 <~elChe> we lost all cause sysadmin will just shut all down
14:06 <@sup_g> that's why we need to rm today
14:06 <@sup_g> they aren't working
14:06 <@sup_g> it will ruin their xmas
14:06 <@sup_g> even if we dont have data ready, it's probably our best bet
14:06 <@sup_g> it's possible they will try to get a working system up within a
few days, but we may have leads back in anyway
14:07 <~elChe> they cant get their data back from us
14:07 <~elChe> thats simple
14:07 <@sup_g> yep =)
14:07 <@sup_g> in fact, their reaction and denials could be even lulzier
14:07 <@sup_g> see release, btw
14:10 <~elChe> reading
14:10 <~elChe> hm
14:10 <~elChe> when u ll post that PR?
14:10 <~elChe> supposedly?
14:10 <@sup_g> see that's the thing
14:11 <@sup_g> this text is sort of an "after the fact" type thing
14:11 <~elChe> cause it gives up about everything
14:11 <@sup_g> meant for the intro to the zine
14:11 <~elChe> ok
14:11 <@sup_g> if we are to use parts of it for something today, we have to
remove some parts
14:11 <~elChe> hm
14:11 <~elChe> what if..
14:12 <~elChe> we rm strt, defacement
14:12 <~elChe> and then we take time for the rest
14:12 <@sup_g> oh yeah
14:12 <~elChe> that will bring hype
14:12 <@sup_g> also cali wasn't gonna go today or anything
14:12 <~elChe> and keep ppl holding on the zine
14:12 <@sup_g> it was just there because I'm done with an initial draft and
someone else can work on it now
14:12 <@sup_g> the first two sections have been edited by several people
14:13 <@sup_g> I kind of like the idea of holding on and not posting any official
announcement or anything
14:13 <@sup_g> and then come the first, we tell all
14:13 <@sup_g> we can just RM today and release a stream of teasers, maybe some
users, maybe some cars
14:13 <@sup_g> ds
14:14 <~elChe> we need to take strat down
14:14 <~elChe> so we cant exorcise us from the risk of snitches
14:14 <~elChe> can*
14:14 <@sup_g> yep
14:14 <@sup_g> it's happening today
14:14 <~elChe> its like a thorn in our feet
14:14 <@sup_g> I ahve defacement lined up
14:14 <@sup_g> and also
14:14 <@sup_g> I wanted to spam the FUCK out of their user base
14:14 <~elChe> which ETA?
14:15 <@sup_g> whenever we want really
14:15 <@sup_g> alex will be back sometime soon he said
14:15 <@sup_g> then we'll do it
Page 44


14:15 <@sup_g> maybe you can line up the teasers for today too
14:16 <~elChe> we need best timing about press
14:16 <~elChe> hold the lulzxmas video there cause today is xmas
14:16 <@sup_g> I think we should do it live on IRC.
14:17 <@sup_g> Im down to get on a channel and lead people on
14:17 <~elChe> and i got already the screenshots to use
14:17 <~elChe> i dont want to lose quinn on this
14:17 <@sup_g> yeah
14:17 <@sup_g> but even if we do, it's not biggest loss
14:17 <~elChe> or she ll never trust us again
14:17 <@sup_g> she's still covers hit after the fact, probably
14:18 <@sup_g> it'll probably just mean she won't be down to work with us on
prerelease shit
14:18 <~elChe> its ok
14:18 <~elChe> but we should get her checking when defacement will be done
14:18 <~elChe> and alive
14:18 <@sup_g> yes
14:18 <@sup_g> though we shouldn't have it alive for more than a minute or two
14:18 <@sup_g> just enough to zone-h and then tweet
14:18 <~elChe> yep
14:18 <~elChe> so its important timing
14:19 <@sup_g> yes
14:19 <@sup_g> we should get people hyped via twitter
14:19 <~elChe> ok
14:19 <~elChe> but we need to set ETA
14:19 <@sup_g> How much time you have? Cause I got enough time.
14:19 <@sup_g> I think 2 hours is an appropriate ETA
14:20 <~elChe> fine let me check all timezones for next 2 hours
14:21 <~elChe> hm its ok i think
14:21 <@sup_g> yes it's a good time
14:22 <@sup_g> Hrm.
14:22 <@sup_g> Hrm.
14:22 <@sup_g> uid0 must have changed the twitter pass
14:22 <~elChe> i asked him to do as security protocol during BB issue
14:23 <@sup_g> k
14:23 <~elChe> when we didnt know what happend to cz yet
14:23 <@sup_g> well if he dont' get on then we wont be able to tweet from main
14:23 <~elChe> i can tweet
14:23 <~elChe> using talkens
14:24 <@sup_g> ah ok that's still good then
14:24 <~elChe> i do all time
14:24 <~elChe> tokens
14:24 <~elChe> lol
14:24 <~elChe> i ll prepare tokens for you later
14:26 <~elChe> sup_g:
14:26 <@sup_g> yo
14:26 <~elChe> if we ll fucking do it
14:27 <~elChe> quinn can call nyc editor to prepare the terrain
14:27 <~elChe> article can be posted quickly then
14:27 <@sup_g> great
14:28 <~elChe> hm
14:28 <@sup_g> for the defacement all I got is:
14:28 <@sup_g> Merry Lulzxmas! Are you ready for a week of mayhem? h0h0h0h0h0
14:28 <@sup_g> the ulzxmas vid
14:28 <~elChe> i think when we r like half hour before
14:28 <@sup_g> # id; cat /etc/shadow; rm -rf /
14:28 <~elChe> she calls him
14:28 <@sup_g> and then a copy of the text of the article 'the coming
14:28 <@sup_g> it'll be hilarious
14:28 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Ping timeout]
14:29 <@sup_g> i'm gonna write some mass spam script too
14:29 <~elChe> and then we get her testifying she watched all happening on the
14:29 <~elChe> mean defacement and shits public
14:29 <@sup_g> yes
14:29 <@sup_g> also
Page 45


14:29 <~elChe> sup_g: u need to devrandom the db containing CCs first
14:29 <@sup_g> we need to have an IRC base of operations
14:30 <~elChe> Sabu is not back to get antisec back in anonops
14:30 <~elChe> i talked to owen
14:30 <~elChe> they r ok with us
14:30 <~elChe> even releasing some CCs
14:31 <~elChe> we could just ping out as common guise on anonops channel
14:31 <~elChe> the most popular one now
14:31 <~elChe> and troll em all
14:32 <~elChe> but we ll have tweeter anyway
14:33 <@sup_g> =)
14:33 <@sup_g> do they have webchat?
14:33 -!- uid0 [] has joined #LulzXmas
14:33 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o uid0] by FBI
14:33 <@sup_g> now we rolling
14:33 <@uid0> hohoho xD
14:33 <@sup_g> Merry Lulzxmas! Are you ready for a week of mayhem? h0h0h0h0h0
14:33 <@sup_g> # id; cat /etc/shadow; rm -rf /
14:33 <~elChe> mibbit works sup_g
14:34 <~elChe> i tested it using opemmaa excuse
14:34 <@sup_g> ok as long as we are able to promote a channel via twitter
14:35 <@uid0> hu? Twitter is working fine!
14:35 <@sup_g> k i see pass is changed
14:35 <@sup_g> also uid0 do you want to look over the press
14:35 <@sup_g> if we are going to be releasing any statement today, we should
base it off this, but take certain parts out
14:36 <@sup_g> but we can probably just do with the rm -rf and the donations
14:36 <@uid0> oh yeah, changed pass as security measure yesterday
14:37 <@sup_g> and then we need to gt more servers in which to copy mail to
14:40 <~elChe> sup_g: need to know where u resumed uploading to?
14:40 <~elChe> if u r talking about mails
14:41 <@sup_g> oh yeah
14:41 <@sup_g> back to revsec's server
14:41 <@sup_g> duh
14:41 <~elChe> hm
14:41 <@sup_g> just fucking with you man
14:41 <@sup_g> no we need new servers asap
14:41 <@sup_g> I haven't tried copying it elsewhere since we killed the revsec
14:41 <~elChe> i ordered them
14:42 <~elChe> i msorry about that sup_g but we need to see whats up outside
14:42 <~elChe> i didnt like all that story about BB
14:42 <~elChe> and who the fuck was giving the info around
14:42 <~elChe> we lost assets on this stupid story
14:44 <~elChe> before we had time on our side and now we r playing chess looking
the watch
14:44 <@sup_g> yeah
14:44 <@sup_g> it's all good though
14:44 <@sup_g> we're not in bad shape
14:45 <~elChe> ok i ll upload screenshots for you guise
14:45 <@sup_g> ok also
14:46 <@sup_g> we should dump at least a few hundred random cards straight out
14:46 <@sup_g> give kiddies somethign to play with
14:47 <@uid0> What's the Breanna Manning Support Organization? Oo
14:48 <~elChe> uploading
14:48 <@sup_g> it's bradley manning
14:48 <~elChe> pass:
14:48 <@sup_g> but she's a she now
14:48 <~elChe> 7z passwd:
14:48 <@uid0> orly? Oo
14:48 <@uid0> you're kidding, no?
14:48 <~elChe> http://
14:49 <~elChe> who is she?
14:49 <~elChe> he is she
14:49 <@sup_g> hah just playing
14:49 <~elChe> or she is he
14:49 <~elChe> world of shes
14:49 <@sup_g> actually this should be changed back to bradley manning
Page 46



<~elChe> check the screenshots
<~elChe> i like that saying
<~elChe> 'im in lesbians with u guise'
<~elChe> hm its not there
<~elChe> ok ill reupload them
<@uid0> sup_g: Actually I'd keep that statement for the 1st.
<@uid0> It's great in its current form and shouldn't be recut now.
<@sup_g> uid0 yeah that was the idea
<@sup_g> we don't really need to say anything more today anyway
<@sup_g> once target is known, let them speculate away
<~elChe> reuploading
<~elChe> same passwds than before
<@sup_g> yeah I was having trouble with it anyway
has a remote root vuln in telnetd:

15:19 <@sup_g> Nice.
15:19 <@sup_g> Can we get them twitters going, hypin people up?
15:19 <@sup_g> Are we doing this still in like an hour or two?
15:21 <@uid0> If you wanna do it, I'll start to tweet now.
15:22 <~elChe> have u seen the screenshots?
15:22 <@sup_g> We just need to decide a place
15:22 <@sup_g> elche, I haven't been able to open that 7z
15:22 <~elChe> hm
15:22 <@sup_g> but its whatever, so long as we can put em up on imagebin or
whatever when the time comes
15:22 <~elChe> paswd :
15:23 <~elChe> hm u r on mac
15:23 <~elChe> use 7zx
15:25 <@sup_g> too lazy atm
15:27 <~elChe> hahah
15:27 <~elChe> 7zx is the most lazy app ever made
15:27 <~elChe> well one of them...
15:27 <~elChe> lol
15:28 <@sup_g> ok I am ssh'd into core
15:28 <@sup_g> we can ride on these piggies now if we like
15:28 <~elChe> uid0: r u tweeting the hype?
15:28 <~elChe> have u got my screenshot uid0 ?
15:29 <~elChe> take that called dialulz
15:29 <~elChe> and dhs
15:29 <@uid0> wait a sec
15:29 <@sup_g> we need a IRC as a public base of operations
15:30 <@sup_g> anonops? projectpm, 2600?
15:30 <~elChe> anonops for gods sake
15:30 <~elChe> projectpm my balls
15:30 <@uid0> password for wikisend not working elche
15:30 <@uid0> elChe: Which chan on anonops?
15:31 <~elChe> im i anonops
15:31 <~elChe> in #anonops
15:31 <~elChe> waiting for suggestions
15:32 <~elChe> the #lulzxmas one
15:32 <~elChe> belongs to charriewong
15:32 <~elChe> so forget about it
15:32 <@sup_g> theoretically we are ready to ride
15:32 <@sup_g> i'm rooted up ready to roll
15:32 <~elChe> anonops channel most popular channel there
15:32 <~elChe> so it ll be fine i guess
15:33 <@uid0> ok, do you have a mibbit link?
15:33 <~elChe> wait
15:33 <@uid0> Also can't download those screens elChe. l0l0l is not working as pw
for me.
15:34 <~elChe> ahg wait i ll tar them
15:35 <~elChe> meanwhile post here the opemmaa link
15:35 <~elChe> from anonirc
15:36 <@uid0>
15:37 <~elChe>
15:37 <~elChe> lol yep
Page 47


15:38 <~elChe>
15:38 <~elChe> this is for anonops channel
15:38 <@sup_g> so we going hard on main anonops channel?
15:38 <@uid0> The more the merrier! ;)
15:38 <@sup_g> fuck em
15:39 <@uid0> | Let's
all wait together and sing some #LulzXmas carols! <-- just tweeted that
15:40 <~elChe> hahahah
15:40 <~elChe> u should promise candy
15:40 <~elChe> from santaanon
15:41 <~elChe> sup_g:
15:41 <~elChe> let us know before goes public when sites is defaced
15:41 <@sup_g> i'm gonna wait for alex
15:41 <@sup_g> im all ready though
15:41 <~elChe> then we post after we got pics
15:42 <~elChe> alex coming now
15:44 <@sup_g> Also, we can drop the specialforces info anytime we like.
15:44 <@sup_g> Now, even, if we like.
15:45 <~elChe> ok things steamed up on anonops
15:46 -!- alex [root@768FE444.4C2F7627.CF53E0D1.IP] has joined #LulzXmas
15:46 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o alex] by FBI
15:46 <@sup_g> <3
15:46 <@alex> sup o/
15:47 <@sup_g> i'm on clearspace
15:47 <@sup_g> bout to check nickgeron and frank's email via zimbra command line
15:47 <@sup_g> to see if anything hilarious is up from the past few days
15:47 <@sup_g> but yes, we can deface anytime we like
15:48 <@sup_g> I might do some slow leaks in #anonops
15:48 <@sup_g> of specialforces cards
15:49 <@alex> i cant ssl into anonops
15:49 <~elChe>
15:53 <@sup_g> tweet http://
15:53 <~elChe> drop screenshot there?
15:54 <~elChe> uid when tweeted
15:54 <~elChe> i ll post on anonops
15:54 <@sup_g> uid if you hook up the pass I can do some tweeting too
15:54 <@uid0> elChe: Tweet screenshot now?
15:54 <~elChe> hahah late
15:54 <~elChe> ok
15:56 <@uid0> Tweeted screen
15:57 <@uid0> And tweeted pastebin.
15:58 <~elChe>
16:00 <@uid0> also tweeted
16:03 <~elChe> ok stuff going well
16:03 <~elChe> sup_g alex u should start the magic
16:04 <@sup_g> maybe we can wait 20-30 min
16:04 <@uid0> Do it live! :D
16:04 <@sup_g> want to check a few emails
16:04 <@alex> i am still fucking with anonops irc
16:04 <@sup_g> keep em pumped up though
16:04 <~elChe> ok
16:04 <~elChe> devrandom the CCs as soon as u can
16:06 -!- alex [root@768FE444.4C2F7627.CF53E0D1.IP] has quit [User quit:
16:08 <~elChe> ok sup_g how s going?
16:08 <~elChe> do i continue trolling?
16:08 <@sup_g> well I guess fuck checking their mail for now
16:09 <@sup_g> actually I'll check one last time
16:09 -!- alex [root@768FE444.4C2F7627.CF53E0D1.IP] has joined #LulzXmas
16:10 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o alex] by FBI
16:12 <@alex> okay
16:12 <@alex> i joined
16:12 <@alex> as alex with ssl
16:12 <@alex> #anonops
16:22 <~elChe> ok guise
16:22 <~elChe> hype created
16:22 <@uid0> aywe
Page 48


16:25 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Ping timeout]
16:25 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
16:25 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
16:25 <@sup_g> back
16:27 <@sup_g> ok getting to work on clearspace first
16:27 <@sup_g> then core
16:27 <@sup_g> then www
16:27 <@alex> kk
16:27 <@alex> i need to split
16:27 <@alex> for unknown time
16:27 <@alex> got shit todo
16:27 <@sup_g> ok
16:28 <@sup_g> I can handle it =)
16:28 <@alex> not more than 2 hours tho
16:28 <@alex> i will be half-afk
16:35 <@sup_g> clearing logs
16:35 <~elChe> how long sup_g for final cock impact?
16:35 <@sup_g> still might be a good 25
16:36 <~elChe> ok ok
16:38 <@uid0> elChe: I won't drop more of them CCs on Twitter, as that might get
the acc pulled.
16:41 <@alex> we gonna post the startfor ownage in #anonops?
16:41 <@alex> *stratfor
16:41 <@sup_g> yes
16:41 <@alex> kk nice
16:44 <@sup_g> alex
16:44 <@sup_g> did we ever make a suid root backdoor on clearspace?
16:44 <@sup_g> trying to get root from
, sudo needs tty
16:44 <@alex> no we did not
16:44 <@alex> fuck
16:44 <@alex> well wait
16:44 <@sup_g> it's ok
16:44 <@sup_g> sudo might have askpass I believe
16:45 <@sup_g> in fact it does
16:47 <@sup_g> ok alex it worked
16:47 <@sup_g> uid=0 on clearspace
16:51 <~elChe> ok need to piss
16:52 <@sup_g> rm -rf /var/log &
16:52 <@sup_g> rm -rf /* &
16:52 <@sup_g> rm: cannot remove directory `/dev/shm': Device or resource busy
16:52 <@sup_g> rm: cannot remove `/dev/pts/1': Operation not permitted
16:52 <@sup_g> lolololol
16:52 <@sup_g> clearspace roasted
16:52 <@sup_g> but now the clock is ticking
16:54 <@uid0> elChe: can you do next few tweets? need to go for ~20-30 minuts
really urgent!
16:55 <@sup_g> I can, if you hook up the pass
16:55 <~elChe> hm ok uid0
16:56 <~elChe> sup_g: post here what u want out
16:59 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Ping timeout]
17:10 <@uid0> back!
17:10 <~elChe> uid0: i ll be off for 20 min now
17:11 <~elChe> be back as soon as i can
17:11 <@uid0> ok
17:31 <@uid0> hmm where's sup_g? :\
17:35 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
17:35 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
17:35 <@sup_g> back
17:35 <@sup_g> had to leave where I was at the net shut off
17:35 <@sup_g> back to rmin'n
17:36 <@sup_g> fuck my system is slow.
17:37 <@sup_g> slow as FUCK
17:38 <@sup_g> pissing. me. the fuck off
17:38 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Input/output error]
17:40 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
17:40 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
17:40 <@sup_g> gonna freak
17:40 <@sup_g> if one app doesn't crash it's another
Page 49


17:43 <@sup_g> k still root.
17:43 <@sup_g> no one logged on yet.
17:44 <@uid0> Do it live! :D
17:45 <@sup_g> shred seems to take a long time
17:46 <@uid0> sure, depending on what you shred
17:46 <@uid0> It's reading from /dev/urandom afaik
17:47 <@sup_g> well it's shredding /opt/zimbra/log/* right now
17:49 <@sup_g> i'm just gonna let that alon with /var/log/* run for a few minutes
17:49 <@sup_g> then just rm -rf with shred running in the background anyway
17:49 <@sup_g> theoretically it'll remain in memory and keep shredding
17:50 <@sup_g> this is core
17:50 <@sup_g> and www is the one we want to watch out for anyway
17:50 <@uid0> Did you rm mails already?
17:50 <@sup_g> Nope.
17:50 <@sup_g> Gonna soon.
17:50 <@sup_g> Shreddin logs first.
17:55 <@sup_g> I see shred is slowly doing it's thing.
17:58 <@sup_g> rm'n apache2 logs on www server
18:04 <@sup_g> yo
18:04 <@sup_g> anyone
18:04 <@sup_g> around??????
18:04 <@sup_g> i'm ready to do the deface and want to make sure we got people to
take pics and zone-h and tweet and shit
18:16 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Input/output error]
18:21 < Sabu> yo
18:24 <~elChe> back
18:24 <@uid0> just in time guys
18:24 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
18:24 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
18:24 <~elChe> here
18:24 <@sup_g> now you see it...
18:24 <@uid0> go to #anonops
18:24 <@sup_g>
18:24 <@uid0> got ~500-600 ppl there
18:24 * sup_g rm -rf /* &
18:25 <@uid0> sup_g: tell me here as soon as I can tweet
18:25 <~elChe> nothing ther
18:25 <~elChe> waitint on that
18:26 <@sup_g> core is being rm'd
18:26 <@sup_g> which means I am about to deface in 2-3 minutes
18:26 <~elChe> hi Sabu
18:26 <@uid0> good
18:27 <@uid0> sup_g: defacement will be on or on
18:27 <@sup_g> stratfor
18:27 <@sup_g> core is not important really
18:27 <@uid0> k
18:27 <@sup_g> as far as defacement go
18:27 <@uid0> then tweet is ready
18:27 <~elChe> sure
18:27 <@uid0> chippy is ddosing again
18:27 <~elChe> agh bad timing
18:28 <@uid0> elChe: Nah, it's not that hard.
18:28 <@sup_g> better do it now then
18:28 <~elChe> wait wait
18:31 <~elChe> ok ok
18:31 <~elChe> shoot u r fucking asskicker
18:33 <~elChe> wtf
18:33 <~elChe> look this
18:33 <~elChe>!/MotormouthNews/status/150655029580271616
18:34 <~elChe> dd random sup_g
18:34 <~elChe> as root
18:35 <~elChe> uid0: keep the cannon ready
18:35 <@uid0> cannon?
18:37 <~elChe> tweet ready i mean
18:37 <@uid0> Uhm, I already tweeted elChe.
18:38 <~elChe> lol hahaha
18:38 <~elChe> sorry
18:38 <@sup_g> hey question did the two youtube vids work
Page 50


18:38 <@uid0> yes
18:38 <@uid0> all working for me
18:38 <@sup_g> nice.
18:43 <@uid0> People say that #antisec and #anonymous have no political analysis.
Posting The Coming Insurrection ends that critique: ioerror
- about 6 minutes ago - from web
18:43 <@sup_g> what the hell, 90,000 cards?
18:44 <@sup_g> BarrettBrownLOL Barrett Brown
18:44 <@sup_g> A couple million e-mails from Stratfor are now available for
download via #Antisec. The firm's correspondence should be illuminating.
18:44 <@sup_g> lol.
18:47 <@uid0> Not quite Barrett :D
18:47 <~elChe> linkz?
18:47 <~elChe> sup_g:
18:48 <@sup_g> yo
18:48 <~elChe> servers state now
18:48 <~elChe> all shredded?
18:48 <~elChe> or partially?
18:48 <@sup_g> yes I led them shred /var/log/* and /opt/zimbra/log/* for many
18:48 <@sup_g> before I went ahead with the defacement
18:48 <~elChe> have u tried dd zero or random on some /*
18:49 <@sup_g> i'm about to do that right now
18:49 <@sup_g> www is doin that now
18:50 <@sup_g> i'm surprised how long a box stays up after rm -rf /*
18:50 <~elChe> if someday we get out of all this mess alive
18:50 <~elChe> remember me to buy u a porsche sup_g
18:51 <@sup_g> <3
18:52 < Sabu> this is win
18:52 < Sabu> ,333333333333333333333333333
18:52 < Sabu> <3333333333333
18:52 < Sabu> sup_g: you seen this?
18:52 < Sabu> 20:19 <exphin1ty> feel free to take a stab at it
18:52 < Sabu> 20:19 <exphin1ty>
18:52 < Sabu> 20:20 <Sabu> kk
18:52 < Sabu> 20:21 <exphin1ty> afk for a bit, let me know how it goes.
18:52 < Sabu> 20:43 <exphin1ty> able to get multiple columns now, did you change
anything in the config or did I screw up last night?
18:52 < Sabu> 21:03 <Sabu> you were probably laggy last night or there servers
were fucked
18:52 < Sabu> 21:08 <exphin1ty> probably, found anything of interest. Completely
dry over ehre
18:52 < Sabu> 21:09 <exphin1ty> ?*
18:52 < Sabu> 22:22 <exphin1ty> also,
SQL injection. They sell
surveillance equipment, you might find something fun on there
18:52 < Sabu>
if you look.
18:53 <@sup_g> i'll take a look later
18:53 <@sup_g> busy for now
18:53 <@alex> Sabu sup
18:53 < Sabu> alex meine brudeeeerrrr
18:53 < Sabu> whats goodie
18:53 <@sup_g> I don't understand how core is still serving HTTP
18:53 <@alex> idk we kinda fucked up with BB
18:53 <@sup_g> I hit rm -rf /* like 2 minutes ago
18:53 < Sabu> whats up with bb/
18:53 <~elChe> memory probably
18:54 <@sup_g> terminal still open
18:54 <@alex> noone told you?
18:54 <@alex> motherfucker knows our target
18:54 <@alex> and other details
18:54 <@sup_g> ahead of time
18:54 <@uid0> sup_g: can you just shut it down? ^^
18:54 <~elChe> someone told him the shit out
18:54 <~elChe> and he messed the fuck out
18:54 <@sup_g> uid0: better to led dd and shit run in the background
18:55 < Sabu> irony;
Page 51


18:55 < Sabu> who would telel him/ maybe wicked from revolusec
18:55 <~elChe> hm he denied that
18:55 <@sup_g> I asked wicked
18:55 <@alex> its fucking retarded
18:56 <@sup_g> wicked says he talked to everyone in revsec but two people and
everyone said they never talked to bb
18:56 <@sup_g> whether that is to be believed or not is another q
18:56 < Sabu> true
18:56 <@sup_g> ok www is starting to seriously fuck up now on account of the dd
18:56 < Sabu> Forbidden
18:56 < Sabu> You don't have permission to access / on this server.
18:56 <@uid0> Forbidden
18:56 <@uid0> You don't have permission to access / on this server.
18:57 < Sabu> wtfux ?
18:57 <@uid0> Apache Server at Port 80
18:57 <@uid0> lol Sabu ^^
18:57 <~elChe> ahg
18:57 <@sup_g> btw sh is still up
18:57 <@sup_g> gonna use that to spam all their clients
18:57 <~elChe> cool
18:58 <~elChe> check disk quotas
18:58 <~elChe> and filesystem to update current state
18:59 <~elChe> sup_g any PR to pass to press?
18:59 <@sup_g> Didn't we decide to let people speculate and hypothesize for now,
and save this PR for the final zine?
18:59 <@uid0> ^
18:59 <@sup_g> Unless we want to modify this statement now and just remove
certain bits referring to CCs.
19:00 < Sabu> gonna tweet cc infos to big security firms/
19:00 <@uid0> Sabu: Ok, I'll retweet then.
19:00 <@sup_g> Also, we have the specialforces dump we can release anytime.
19:01 <@uid0> Don't wanna risk tweeting them from airc and potentially losing
that acc.
19:01 <@sup_g> Or maybe we should do that tomorrow, to string people along even
19:01 <~elChe> lol uid0
19:02 <~elChe> i think we already fucked up today
19:02 <~elChe> xD
19:02 < Sabu> uid0: tweet the big security ones I'l rt
19:03 <@uid0> No, won't tweet any from AnonymousIRC.
19:03 <@sup_g> btw have yall grepped the list for "infosec"
19:03 <@sup_g> the users table has many infosec related users
19:03 <@sup_g> Hmmm is the cat out of the bag as far as CCs?
19:03 <@sup_g> Cause nothing was leaked so far.
19:03 <@sup_g> Maybe we should give them a few thou though.
19:05 < Sabu> yeah I kind of said we made huge donations and shit
19:05 < Sabu> my bad
19:05 < Sabu> I also exagerated it
19:05 <~elChe> we put all CC on pastebin we signed Barrett Stole the CCs for his
19:05 < Sabu> said we made over a million dollars in donations
19:05 < Sabu> hahahaha
19:05 <~elChe> and we tweeted it ironically
19:05 < Sabu> that'll completely create a stir
19:06 <@sup_g> Fuck em'
19:06 <@sup_g> Let em guess.
19:06 <~elChe> its pretty much big job to do
19:06 <~elChe> if they cant rebuild the db
19:06 <@sup_g> It's gonna be helllll
19:07 < Sabu> tru2dat
19:07 <~elChe> fuck these are the days i d like to drink some bottles with u
19:07 <~elChe> i think i ll just call some hookers..
19:08 < Sabu> anonymouSabu The Real Sabu
19:08 < Sabu> Ladies and gents do not take off your helmets yet; Our spree of
m4yh3m is NOT over. We have a couple more security companies to expose.
Page 52


19:41 <@uid0> Wow, the butthurt is already flowing:!/justmuzz/statuses/150679219339407360
19:43 <~elChe> agh
19:45 < Sabu> haha
19:45 < Sabu> niggas are mad
19:46 <@sup_g> Did yall taunt @Stratfor yet?
19:46 < Sabu> not yet
19:47 <~elChe> lol awesome xmas is awesome
19:48 <@sup_g> =D
19:52 < Sabu> jeaaa
20:00 <@alex> okay
20:00 <@alex> whats the current status on strat
20:02 <@sup_g> sh is the only one not hit yet
20:02 <@sup_g> the others are nuked
20:02 <@sup_g> I am currently touching up mass spammer on sh
20:03 <@sup_g> to rickroll all 800k of their clients
20:03 <@alex> kill sh
20:03 <@alex> we dont have time anymore
20:03 <@alex> you should have prepared that befpre
20:04 <@sup_g> fashionably late
20:04 <@sup_g> that's how I roll
20:04 <@alex> they will lock you out of sh
20:04 <@alex> before you can rm it
20:04 <@sup_g> It's possible, but they ain't even login yet.
20:04 <@sup_g> I really think it's worth waiting another 10-15 minutes to
guarantee their client base is spammed from their own servers.
20:04 <@sup_g> It could damage their ability to mail out subscriptions
20:05 <@alex> where did we provide the 200gb information?
20:05 <@sup_g> We didn't
20:05 <@sup_g> Sabu slipped I believe
20:05 <@alex> and we fucking need to copy the spools to other servers
20:05 <@alex> i am asking for that since a week
20:05 <@sup_g> I know
20:05 <@sup_g> elche put an order in earlier for a server
20:05 <@alex> thats what we should be working on now
20:05 <@sup_g> and sabu has a server
20:06 <@sup_g> yes
20:06 <@alex> thats great
20:06 <@alex> he said that a week ago also
20:06 <@alex> yet is no a single bit copied
20:06 <@sup_g> Hmmmm
20:07 <@sup_g> Apparently, we can upload to usenet
20:08 <@uid0> if anyone of you is using shitty stuff like Adium:
20:11 <~elChe> lol
20:12 <~elChe> i think quinn uses
20:18 < Sabu> I didn't slip about 200gb ?
20:18 < Sabu> I mentioned the donations only
20:19 <@sup_g> Err you know what,
20:19 <@sup_g> 200GB went out via @airc
20:19 < Sabu> jea
20:19 <@alex> its not a problem
20:19 <@alex> just wanted to know
20:20 <~elChe> oh yeah sorry
20:20 <~elChe> yep i ordered another one
20:20 <~elChe> in turkey
20:21 <~elChe> current cz is up
20:21 <~elChe> like 73 gb free
20:21 <~elChe> i ll get 2 other ones
20:21 <~elChe> to mirror
20:21 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Ping timeout]
20:26 -!- uid0 [] has joined #LulzXmas
20:27 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o uid0] by FBI
20:29 <@uid0> @lesleyblood @AnonymousIRC I have government malware samples
planted on OpPaypal Suspect computer. Reversing now.
20:32 <~elChe> hm
20:42 <@uid0> "Lulzsec leader, SABU tweeted that "Over 90,000 Credit cards from
LEA, journalists, intelligence community and whitehats leaked"
Page 54


20:42 <@uid0>
20:42 <@sup_g> Yikes, we ain't even got 90k
20:42 <@sup_g> Should we dump just a few thousand to get people lulzin?
20:44 <@uid0> Even though I don't like BB, I'm sure he or his guys will pull some
hilarious stuff off these emaisl.
20:46 <@uid0> agoodtreaty: LOL RT @evgenymorozov: I think companies not on
Stratfor's client list need some global recognition as not wasting shareholders'
20:46 <@sup_g> Let them do the gruntwork, we got more shit to own it seems
20:47 < Sabu> +1
20:47 <@uid0> meanwhile, ppl are building up their own stories.
20:47 <@uid0> Seen some tweets mentioning we spent "several millions of dollars
from stolen 1% credit cards".
20:48 < Sabu> haha
20:48 < Sabu> thats beautiful. the media will go besserk
20:48 <@uid0> aye
20:48 <@sup_g> More card fun will come over the next days
20:52 < Sabu> sigh got pneumonia. this shits fucking me up bad
20:54 <@uid0> get well soon Sabu
20:55 < Sabu> cant even fuckin breath
20:55 < Sabu> might go to the ospital tonight
20:55 < Sabu> hospital
20:56 <@uid0> Yeah, take no risk.
20:58 <@uid0> Wondering why companies like Walt Disney need stratfors services Oo
20:58 <@sup_g> Well, they are one of the biggest media corporations on the planet
21:04 <@sup_g> I doubt they are even going to try to work on anything all day
21:05 <@sup_g> They certainly aren't going to get an email announcement about it.
21:05 <@uid0> then finish that mailserver before they can do anything valuable
with it
21:05 <@sup_g> oh, that's toast.
21:05 <@sup_g> can't even ping it
21:05 <@uid0> ah, nice
21:06 <@sup_g> just trying to figure out why mail's not sending from here
21:06 <@sup_g> emerge'd postfix, PEAR, netcat
21:09 <@sup_g> ok verified postfix works
21:11 <@uid0> emerge truecrypt and start encrypting their partitions :>
21:13 <~elChe> lol
21:16 <~elChe> hm dont know if i said it
21:16 <~elChe> but
21:16 <~elChe> merry xmas guise
21:16 <@uid0> Merry X-Mas to you elChe and to all of you!
21:45 -!- sup_g [] has quit [User quit:
This computer has gone to sleep]
22:19 < Sabu>
22:55 <~elChe> lol
22:55 <~elChe> testeux1 NoColorHat
22:55 <~elChe> @
22:55 <~elChe> Does @AnonymouSabu "work for Iran, the US, or Hamas?" "What's
clear is that he obviously doesn't work for #Anonymous" @Kilgoar @revmagdalen
22:56 <~elChe> xD
22:56 < Sabu> lolol
22:56 < Sabu> I obviously work for hamas
--- Day changed Sun Dec 25 2011
00:27 -!- sup_g [v@6731D4D0.94D1D2F0.36F921BA.IP] has joined #LulzXmas
00:27 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
00:27 <@sup_g> yo
00:27 <@sup_g> what's new and exciting?
01:42 -!- alex [root@768FE444.4C2F7627.CF53E0D1.IP] has quit [User quit:
02:25 < Sabu> yo yo
02:25 <@sup_g> =)
03:00 < Sabu> hacker ass nigga++
03:30 -!- sup_g [v@6731D4D0.94D1D2F0.36F921BA.IP] has quit [User quit: This
computer has gone to sleep]
07:08 <~elChe> im lil bit drunk
Page 55


07:16 <@uid0> lol @ stratfor page
07:16 <@uid0> currently undergoing maintenance
07:16 <@uid0> lawl
07:16 <@uid0> @AnonymousIRC I believe rm -fr /* only clears the root partition...
you should read more about linux/unix filesystem, also not a secure wipe
07:24 <~elChe> agh
07:25 <~elChe> should say its a classic meme
07:25 <~elChe> dd'd zero/random
07:26 <~elChe> we should ask again sup_g to know wtf exacly he finally did
07:30 <~elChe>
07:32 <~elChe>
07:32 <@uid0> we should release how they exactly got owned to humiliate them even
07:33 <~elChe> The Anonymus hacker group attacked the web site of the US Stratfor
analytical group, which is believed to be a 'CIA undercover'.
07:33 <~elChe> Hackers stole the list of the group`s clients, their credit card
numbers and e-mail correspondence. Some data were immediately leaked to the
07:33 <~elChe> The Anonymus group earned its fame last year during the scandal
surrounding the whistle-blowing WikiLeaks website.
07:33 <~elChe> Then hackers attacked web sites owned by companies which prevented
the WikiLeaks from unveiling its data to the public.
07:33 <~elChe> (TASS)
07:33 <~elChe> in russia
07:34 <@uid0> how they always point back to payback. Oo
07:34 <@uid0> so much more justice as been achieved during the last year and it's
always "payback payback payback"
07:37 <~elChe> RT_America RT America
07:37 <~elChe> Hackers and activists find ways to save the Internet, despite
#SOPA #Anonymous
07:41 <@uid0> humiliating them some more with embarassing tweets. :>
07:41 <~elChe> lol
07:53 <~elChe> ok obfuscated ip with new tweet
07:54 <~elChe> go and look for that kamchatka one
07:55 <~elChe> that was really north pole
07:55 <@uid0> My current IP originates from Malaysia, literally going around the
world before.
07:58 <~elChe> lol
07:58 <~elChe> wait need to find one at antartactica
07:59 <~elChe> antarctica
07:59 <~elChe> wahtever lol
07:59 <@uid0> Going all through countries that are either currently revolting or
that won't work with US/european LEA at all.
08:00 <~elChe> omg
08:00 <~elChe> have u seen that sinaa23
08:01 <~elChe> holy shit
08:02 <@uid0> no
08:02 <@uid0> link plx
08:02 <@uid0> ah nvm
08:02 <@uid0> seen here
08:02 <@uid0> holy shit
08:02 <@uid0> so hawt
08:05 <~elChe> is that real?
08:05 <~elChe> if so
08:05 <~elChe> we need to bring that girl here
08:05 <~elChe> lol
08:06 <~elChe> DReal_Chico D Omnipotent One
08:06 <~elChe> "@AnonymousIRC: We're partying hard @ our North Pole fortress,
bottles falling around. <3 all. #Anonymous #LulzXmas" U guys need a day off!
08:11 <~elChe> lol
08:11 <~elChe> wtf i just grabbed her pic
08:11 <~elChe> ...for gods sake.
08:33 <@uid0> Ok, it's late. Will take a nap :)
08:34 <~elChe> noooooooooooo
08:34 <~elChe> lol
08:34 <@uid0> just 2-3 hrs ;)
Page 56


08:35 <~elChe> hm ok
08:35 <~elChe> lol
11:35 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
11:35 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
11:56 <~elChe> ohai sup_g
11:57 <@sup_g> good morning comrade
11:57 <@sup_g> oh wow
11:57 <@sup_g> guess who just got out of prison
11:58 <@sup_g> stephen watt, aka the_uT
11:59 <@sup_g> lol @ maintenance message on
12:00 <@sup_g> lol @ "around 30 seconds his ph #? is there. i called him and he
actually answered lulz"
12:00 <@sup_g> youtube vid of the defacement talking about frank ginac
12:00 <~elChe> hm
12:00 <~elChe> i read some article from froggies
12:00 <~elChe>
12:01 <~elChe> use google translate
12:01 <~elChe> they screencasted the defacement
12:01 <@sup_g> nice
12:01 <@sup_g> reading now
12:02 <~elChe> also ioerror thumb'd up the incoming insurrection
12:02 <@sup_g> today we should drop more mayhem
12:02 <@sup_g> hah yes I knew it would be an appropriate choice
12:02 <@sup_g> it's a bit intellectual though
12:02 <@sup_g> in fact upon first notice it looks like a stratfor article
12:02 <@sup_g> I mail bombed the first 100,000 users in their users db as well
12:02 <@sup_g> today I may try to find another server in which to spam them from
12:04 <@sup_g> lol @
12:04 <@sup_g> just came out
12:04 <~elChe> did u see the cryptome mail?
12:04 <~elChe> from stratfor
12:04 <@sup_g> yes
12:05 <@sup_g> they notified all their clients
12:05 <@sup_g> he's required to, actually
12:05 <@sup_g> lol @ him worrying the extent of what info was stolen
12:09 <@sup_g> hey also
12:09 <@sup_g> we may want to start grepping the users and billing list for the
most lulzworthy drops
12:09 <@sup_g> there are a ridiculous amount of 'whos who' type names in here
12:10 <@sup_g> sh-4.0# w
12:10 <@sup_g> sh: /usr/bin/w: No such file or directory
12:10 <@sup_g> sh-4.0# ps -ux
12:10 <@sup_g> sh: ps: command not found
12:10 <@sup_g> sh-4.0#
12:10 <@sup_g> sh-4.0#
12:10 <@sup_g> sh-4.0# echo 'heeeeelp meeeeeeee'
12:10 <@sup_g> heeeeelp meeeeeeee
12:10 <@sup_g> sh-4.0#
12:10 <@sup_g> sh-4.0#
12:10 <@sup_g> sh-4.0# Connection to closed by remote host.
12:10 <@sup_g> Connection to closed.
12:10 <@sup_g> after the dd
12:13 <~elChe> lol
12:14 <~elChe> also i tweeted that article
12:14 <~elChe> its lulzy
12:16 <@sup_g> yes
12:17 <@sup_g> also in france the coming insurrection is more relevant
12:17 <~elChe> i understood that
12:17 <@sup_g> i'm glad we got our onion back
12:17 <~elChe> probably it helps there
12:17 <@sup_g> which means we can host screenshots, password lists, etc
12:18 <@sup_g> in fact, maybe we should throw up the screenies?
12:18 <~elChe> they r a difficult public for us currently
12:18 <@sup_g> the specialforces list is up on the onion so at anytime we can
Page 57


12:18 <@sup_g> for fun
12:18 <~elChe> yep sure
12:18 <@sup_g> maybe a bit later when people are more active
12:19 <~elChe> yep probably
12:19 <~elChe> half guise are currently dead
12:19 <~elChe> lol
12:20 <~elChe> uid0 stayed all night awake
12:20 <~elChe> stood*
12:20 <@sup_g> nice
12:21 -!- sup_g [] has quit [User quit: This
computer has gone to sleep]
12:22 <~elChe> SlamJack81 Slam Jack
12:22 <~elChe> @Stratfor has been defaced by #Anonymous.@anonymouSabu tweeted
that Over 90,000 Credit cards leaked & used for a million $ donations I <3 it
12:54 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
12:54 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
13:01 <@sup_g> yoyo
13:01 <@sup_g> news starting to pour in
13:01 <@sup_g>
13:01 <@sup_g>
13:05 <~elChe> lol
13:08 <~elChe> lol
13:08 <~elChe> thanks twtd
13:30 <@sup_g> hey
13:31 <@sup_g> now that they realize that the CC info is in our hands
13:31 <@sup_g> they'll start the cancelations and all
13:31 <@sup_g> so we might want to consider dropping some cards to public to
wreak havoc
13:32 <@sup_g> also I think we should make demands and if they are not met by a
certain time, we drop more info
13:32 <@sup_g> like 'drop sopa immediately or else we will dump 10k cards'
13:54 <@sup_g> fyi someloser cracked 52k of the user hashes so far
13:55 <@sup_g> it's kind of difficult to read and parse right now
13:55 <@sup_g> but I can merge it with the user list I have so far
13:55 <@sup_g> so it's more human readable
14:05 <~elChe> im pretty much sure
14:05 <~elChe> they r not able to cancel
14:05 <~elChe> massively
14:05 <~elChe> 90 000
14:06 <@sup_g> We have choices now
14:06 <@sup_g> Everyone's waiting for the data
14:06 <~elChe> and even to get db back
14:06 <~elChe> drop something
14:06 <~elChe> and make them wait for more
14:06 <~elChe> we need to get time again on our side
14:06 <@sup_g> I think we should make a demand. Like "If all charges against
Bradley Manning aren't dropped by the end of the day, we will release 10,000 live
credit cards'
14:07 <~elChe> hahahaha
14:07 <~elChe> so basically
14:07 <~elChe> drop the cards
14:07 <@sup_g> Yes.
14:07 <~elChe> but dont menace
14:07 <@sup_g> But make it look like they had a choice.
14:07 <~elChe> they ll came with the terrorist card
14:07 <@sup_g> "If SOPA and NDAA is not immediately retracted, we will drop
10,000 credit cards and addresses to DHS employees."
14:07 <@sup_g> Who cares
14:07 <~elChe> we ll just drop and thats all
14:08 <@sup_g> I really think we should do some demands, maybe we can use softer
language, but we need to make it look like they had a choice to comly
14:08 <~elChe> then we ll shoulld make them funny
14:08 <~elChe> like
14:08 <~elChe> drop charges agains manning and decret naked girls day
Page 58


14:09 <~elChe> or we ll drop cards
14:09 <~elChe> or something like that
14:09 <@sup_g> decret?
14:09 <~elChe> still we ll be on the humor fuzzy line
14:09 <@sup_g> Sure
14:09 <@sup_g> But have at least some concrete issue as well
14:09 <@sup_g> Mix them maybe.
14:10 <~elChe> yep half serious half joking
14:10 <@sup_g> Great.
14:10 <~elChe> to avoid being accused of terrorist radical crazy ppl
14:10 <~elChe> we need to stay in lulz way
14:11 <@sup_g> Eh, theyll do that anyway but yeah.
14:11 <@sup_g> Hmmmm.
14:11 <@sup_g> what to do what to do
14:11 <~elChe> ask for manning
14:11 <~elChe> mix with something funny
14:11 <~elChe> like free Canada from US slavery
14:12 <~elChe> with ETA of 2 hours and 4 bottles of beer
14:12 <~elChe> and then we drop
14:12 <@sup_g> Yes
14:12 <@sup_g> And to show we are serious, we drop 1,000 cards just to kick it
14:12 <@sup_g> Good?
14:12 <~elChe> exactly
14:12 <~elChe> not need to give 10 000
14:12 <~elChe> we drop in pack of 1000
14:12 <@sup_g> I'll clip up ~1000 cards in a .txt and upload now.
14:13 <@sup_g> So we release 1,000 cards, and then our "demand"
14:13 <~elChe> mix the card as much as possible
14:13 <@sup_g> I'll use the non-private list.
14:14 <@sup_g> We'll start with the "A"s.
14:14 <@sup_g> Oh, maybe we can ask for a nice meal for Bradley Manning while he
is in custody during xmas.
14:15 <~elChe> whatever creative and original thing will be fine
14:15 <@sup_g> Twitter password?
14:15 <~elChe> i dont have it
14:15 <~elChe> i m using tokens
14:16 <@sup_g> hmm well asl long as you can tweet
14:16 <~elChe> i preferred to lock down password utilizations
14:16 <~elChe> and we use just tokens
14:16 <~elChe> if something is compromised
14:16 <~elChe> u can block the tokens from api twitter console
14:17 <@sup_g> that's a good idea
14:18 <@sup_g> tokens are essentially cookies, right?
14:21 <@sup_g> elche:
14:22 <@sup_g> <FreeEmAll> OK to use anonops for public mayhem again today via
mibbit links?
14:22 <@sup_g> <evilworks> we can't handle it, no
14:23 <@sup_g> Also the As are 4000 records.
14:23 <~elChe> yep happen yesterday
14:23 <~elChe> happened
14:23 <@sup_g> Should we use another server?
14:23 <@sup_g> DUde, let's fuck over
14:27 <~elChe> hahaah
14:27 <@sup_g> I'm so down.
14:28 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Ping timeout]
14:30 <~elChe> sup_g:
14:30 <~elChe> if want we can drop more
14:30 <~elChe> but we should wait couples of hours
14:30 <~elChe> its early
14:31 <@sup_g> I'm thinking we drop the As first, like right now, and then let it
build more of a buzz for a few hours, like 4-5 hours, when our demand runs out.
14:31 <@sup_g> Then we drop B
14:34 <~elChe> its too early
14:34 <~elChe> ppl or is crashed on bed
14:34 <@sup_g> I'll upload a very brief statement to pastebin, and then wikisend
14:34 <~elChe> or is eating with their families
Page 59


14:34 <@sup_g> Then some people are going to get some rather disturbing phone
calls while they are eating with their family, when this list is dropped.
14:34 <@sup_g> People like A Aaronson
14:35 <~elChe> hm ok
14:35 <~elChe> but im seeing ppl is still discovering this shit
14:35 <~elChe> i d prefer it spreads lil bit more
14:36 <~elChe> but whatever
14:36 <@sup_g> Well maybe we can wait 30-60 minutes till release
14:36 <@sup_g> Maybe shoot a tweet from @airc saying "In an hour, we will begin
releasing live CCs"
14:36 <@sup_g> but better wording
14:36 <@sup_g> And we need a base of operations.
14:37 <~elChe> if we do that
14:37 <~elChe> we risk to CC
14:37 <~elChe> we risk to lost anonIRC
14:37 <@sup_g> hmm yes we can't do that, ever
14:37 <@sup_g> Can we retweet from another account?
14:38 <~elChe> but we can third partied it
14:38 <~elChe> like pastebin with all
14:38 <~elChe> and we just dropped like we heard about it
14:39 <~elChe> they would like an excuse to blow twt account out
14:39 <@sup_g> Good idea.
14:39 <~elChe> we need to keep fuzzy all
14:52 <@sup_g> How's this?
14:52 <@sup_g> How is everybody enjoying Lulzxmas so far? Did you enjoy the epic
defacement and destruction of Stratfor's www, mail, clearspace and development
servers? Hey George Friedman, did you ever figure out how much of your subscriber
data was compromised yet? If you haven't yet, then allow us to clue you in.
14:52 <@sup_g> Attacked are ~4000 credit cards, md5 passwords, and home addresses
to just a few of Stratfor's "private client list". Not as many as you expected?
Worry not, fellow pirates and robin hoods. These are just the "A"s.
14:52 <@sup_g> While the rich and powerful are enjoying themselves with all their
bourgeois gifts and lavish meals, our comrade Bradley Manning is not having that
great of a time in federal custody. Instead of being heralded as a fighter for
free information and government transparency, he is criminalized, marginalized,
and incarcerated, threatened with life imprisonment.
14:52 <@sup_g> We hereby demand that Bradley Manning be given a delicious meal
this Lulzxmas, and no, not the "holiday special" in the prison chow hall. We want
him out on the streets at a fancy restaurant of his choosing, and we want this to
happen in less than five hours. If we don't, then we will see that every client
of Stratfor that starts with a "B" will not be having all that great of a holiday
season this year.
14:52 <@sup_g> *attached are ~4000
14:53 <@sup_g> Hmm, 2600 don't like tor anymore.
14:53 <@sup_g> Need another place.
14:54 <@sup_g> elche
14:54 <~elChe> sup_g: u need to leave clear
14:54 <~elChe> u rooted their servers
14:54 <~elChe> to differentiate us
14:54 <@sup_g> Ah ok.
14:54 <~elChe> no simple dump
14:54 <~elChe> u rooted all
14:54 <@sup_g> Well, it doesn't necessarily take credit
14:54 <~elChe> yep ofc not
14:55 <@sup_g> But don't specify which servers?
14:55 <@sup_g> I gues that'll all be told in the zine .txt anyway.
14:55 <~elChe> but its a clear message to avoid potential drama
14:55 <~elChe> u got the dump
14:55 <~elChe> u rooted all
14:55 <~elChe> big diff
14:55 <@sup_g> ok, any other changes?
14:56 <@sup_g> How is everybody enjoying Lulzxmas so far? Did you enjoy the epic
defacement and destruction of Stratfor's websites? Hey George Friedman, did you
ever figure out how much of your subscriber data was compromised yet? If you
haven't yet, then allow us to clue you in.
14:56 <@sup_g> That fine? I just took out which servers, everyone knows they were
defaced, that's ublic at this point
14:56 <~elChe> hm i would change last lines
Page 60


14:56 <~elChe> u ll see we ll get many shits cause that
14:56 <~elChe> like we r extorting companies
14:56 <~elChe> and govt
14:57 <~elChe> i know we dont give a fuck aabout it
14:57 <~elChe> but not good for public relationships
14:57 <@sup_g> OK, then maybe we don't have to say "what we will do if we don't
get our demands"
14:57 <@sup_g> what we will do is somewhat implied anyway
14:57 <~elChe> yep
14:57 <~elChe> avoid the menace
14:58 <~elChe> just a simple modest petition
14:58 <@sup_g> We hereby demand that Bradley Manning be given a delicious meal
this Lulzxmas, and no, not the "holiday special" in the prison chow hall. We want
him out on the streets at a fancy restaurant of his choosing, and we want this to
happen in less than five hours.
14:58 <@sup_g> MERRY LULZXMAS!! h0h0h0h0h0
14:58 <~elChe> open ed
14:58 <~elChe> open end
14:58 <~elChe> and then we drop
14:58 <~elChe> without saying further
14:58 <~elChe> ppl can understand it then between lines
14:59 <~elChe> the text should be look lulzy and naive
14:59 <~elChe> the general tone is like kidding
15:00 <~elChe> then the actions should be hard
15:00 <@sup_g> OK how would you change this up then?
15:00 <~elChe> we hereby 'ask'
15:00 <~elChe> the rest
15:01 <~elChe> we d like to see him out on the streets..
15:01 <~elChe> the rest
15:01 <@sup_g> k
15:01 <~elChe> not the five hours part
15:02 <~elChe> the menace will be implicit
15:02 <~elChe> when we start dropping shits
15:02 <~elChe> smart ppl d be able to read between lines
15:07 <@sup_g> OK, I secured a channel on
15:08 <@sup_g> Is that where we should have our party?
15:08 <~elChe> mibbit link?
15:08 <~elChe> i m not sure about irc this
15:08 <~elChe> probbly just drop on tweeter
15:09 <~elChe> but if u r convinced lets do it
15:09 <@sup_g> Sure.
15:09 <@sup_g> Let's do this.
15:09 <~elChe> keep in mind 2600 will shut us down quickly
15:09 <@sup_g> I just asked.
15:09 <~elChe> and we ll give away all ips
15:10 <~elChe> they ll give away all IPs related to
15:10 <~elChe> i mean
15:10 <@sup_g> hmm yes no hostmasks I see.
15:10 <~elChe> its ok for us
15:11 <~elChe> but no for the common internet troll logging there
15:11 <~elChe> we ll get them on prison
15:11 <@sup_g> yeah maybe it's better if we didn't then.
15:11 <@sup_g> cryto? or is that too close to home.
15:12 <~elChe> ask joepie
15:12 <~elChe> if he agreed its ok
15:12 <~elChe> if not we can just tweet and see how it spreads as fire
15:12 <@sup_g> The heat's probably too rough.
15:12 <~elChe> personally im sure we ll get better results on twt than irc
15:13 <~elChe> but if u want both
15:13 <~elChe> for the lulz
15:13 <~elChe> its just fine
15:13 <@sup_g> Let's invade projectpm. Fuck em.
15:13 <~elChe> no no no no
15:13 <~elChe> then BB will start braggin
15:13 <~elChe> about it
15:14 <@sup_g> Is that really a problem?
15:14 <@sup_g> Let him take the heat if he wants it.
15:14 <~elChe> annoying
Page 61


15:14 <@sup_g> We'll be there to tell him off and set the story straight, anyway.
15:14 <~elChe> i dont give a fuck about it
15:14 <@sup_g> And anyway, there are some interesting people on projectpm besides
BB, who would be able to look through this data better.
15:14 <~elChe> it only helps he turns into a worst attention whore
15:14 <~elChe> i would prefer here
15:14 <~elChe> before that
15:14 <~elChe> ask joepie
15:15 <@sup_g> =(
15:15 <@sup_g> I kind of think we should separate ourselves publicly from cryto
15:15 <@sup_g> We do chat here and all.
15:15 <~elChe> agh
15:15 <~elChe> is projectpm hashing ips?
15:16 <~elChe> what s the address
15:16 <~elChe> ?
15:16 <@sup_g> * [o] (o@CLOAK-h2v.5j2.3ug1v7.IP): o
15:16 <@sup_g> yes.
15:16 <~elChe> wait i ll lurk there
15:16 <~elChe> it accepts tor?
15:17 <@sup_g> Yes.
15:17 <~elChe> ok
15:17 <@sup_g> It's probably our best bet.
15:17 <@sup_g> Sent twitter invite?
15:17 <~elChe> wait i ll lurk lil bit there now
15:17 <@sup_g> I just reg'd #lulzxmas
15:18 <~elChe> ok
15:19 <~elChe> hm
15:19 <~elChe> is it
15:19 <~elChe> cant get there
15:20 <@sup_g> +6697
15:28 <@sup_g> well
15:28 <@sup_g> maybe we should just stick to twitter
15:28 <@sup_g> we can chill there, but maybe it would bring unnecessary heat
15:29 <~elChe> i think better to avoid drama whoring and cocks
15:29 <@sup_g> yeah
15:29 <@sup_g> well
15:29 <~elChe> to stick on twitter to be honest
15:29 <@sup_g> I'm about to pastebin the statement and links ot the archive
15:29 <@sup_g> Ready to roll?
15:29 <~elChe> do u get some screenshot about donations?
15:29 <~elChe> i can repack on tar them
15:30 <@sup_g> Actually,
15:30 <@sup_g> Can we upload to our .onion, the screenies?
15:30 <~elChe> yep sure
15:30 <~elChe> is that cz?
15:30 <@sup_g> Wait hmm.
15:30 <@sup_g> yes
15:30 <@sup_g> Maybe we should not do that .onion for the CC stuff.
15:30 <~elChe> ok i ll put them on your home
15:30 <@sup_g> Increases the heat. Imagebin?
15:30 <~elChe> ok ok
15:30 <@sup_g> Either way, I'll link to a few in the statement, if you get a few
15:30 <~elChe> i can upload some to imagebin
15:31 <~elChe> and give u links
15:31 <@sup_g> sure go
15:31 <@sup_g> =)
15:31 <~elChe> ok working on that
15:31 <~elChe> are u 'o' there on projpm?
15:31 <@sup_g> yes
15:32 <~elChe> i ll troll lil bit to stir things
15:37 <@sup_g> elche you lining up the screenies?
15:38 <@sup_g> I can link to a few of them in this statement.
15:39 <~elChe> yep sure im choosing now them
15:39 <~elChe> i ll now upload them and give u the links
15:39 <@sup_g> k
15:40 <~elChe> hey waths that u posted on projpm?
15:40 <@sup_g> the "A" list.
Page 62


15:47 <@sup_g>
15:48 <@sup_g>
15:48 <~elChe>
15:48 <~elChe>
15:48 <@sup_g>
15:48 <@sup_g>
15:48 <~elChe>
15:48 <~elChe>
15:48 <~elChe>
15:48 <~elChe>
15:49 <~elChe>
15:49 <~elChe>
15:49 <@sup_g>
15:49 <@sup_g>
15:50 <~elChe>
15:50 <~elChe>
15:51 <@sup_g>
15:51 <~elChe>
15:51 <~elChe>
15:51 <~elChe>
15:51 <~elChe>
15:51 <@sup_g>
15:51 <@sup_g>
15:51 <~elChe>
15:51 <@sup_g>
15:51 <~elChe>
15:51 <~elChe>
15:52 <~elChe>
15:52 <~elChe>
15:52 <@sup_g>
15:52 <@sup_g>
15:52 <@sup_g>
15:52 <@sup_g>
15:52 <~elChe>
15:52 <~elChe>
15:52 <~elChe>
15:52 <@sup_g>
15:52 <@sup_g>
15:53 <~elChe>
15:53 <~elChe>
15:53 <~elChe>
15:53 <@sup_g>
15:53 <~elChe>
15:53 <@sup_g>
15:53 <~elChe>
15:53 <@sup_g>
15:53 <@sup_g>
15:53 <@sup_g>
15:53 <~elChe>
15:55 <~elChe>
15:55 <@sup_g>
15:55 <@sup_g>
15:57 <~elChe>
15:57 <~elChe>
15:57 <@sup_g>
15:57 <~elChe>
15:57 <~elChe>
15:57 <@sup_g>
15:58 <~elChe>
15:58 <@sup_g>
15:58 <@sup_g>
15:59 <~elChe>
16:00 <~elChe>
16:00 <~elChe>
16:00 <~elChe>
16:00 <~elChe>
later. "Please
16:00 <~elChe>

you got screenies?
yep done
thats all for now
pastebin'n now
ok post on project pm to keep an eye on twtter
i ll do same on anonops
oh wait agh
one of them should say
thank you <3 fbi
but imagebin didnt parse it
it's not that big of a dael
i ll reupload
you can do it via tweet
hm ok
ok nvm then
lets do it
give me link
tweet first?
or paste in channels
it contains the archive links in there
tweet first but at the same time we said that on irc
i ll keep the tweet hold
i'll just paste in irc
oh on
can u add ascii art
letters for lulzxmas
shit I gotta split for 30 minutes
hm ok i ll tweet it like that then...
maybe with the B list
let's just dump this now
and let it build
phase 1
lol 4000 CCs?
Oops hah.
next time just a bunch of 1 000
so we can do it more frequently
ok now lets see what happens at twitter
wtf is this
Anontastic Anon y mouse is still "undergoing maintenance" almost 24 hours
check back soon." Ouch. Burn. #lulzxmas
sup_g ^
Page 63


16:21 <@sup_g> back
16:30 <~elChe> hi sup_g
16:30 <~elChe> lol
16:30 <~elChe> i m being nice this xmas
16:31 <@sup_g> =)
16:31 <@sup_g> ok also
16:31 <@sup_g> I am talking to johnmccain
16:31 <@sup_g> and figured out the BB situation.
16:31 <@sup_g> apparently him, hyr, and BB talked about stratfor two months ago
16:31 <@sup_g> strategized about it before we were ever involved
16:36 <~elChe> ok
16:36 <~elChe> 2 months to strategize it....
16:36 <~elChe> lol i love our timings
16:37 <@sup_g> I mean,
16:37 <@sup_g> Looking back, I don't think it was inappropriate for them to
converse with BB about it.
16:37 <@sup_g> Converse with him two months ago about it, that is.
16:37 <@sup_g> Fault is still BB for trying to hint it, for fame purposes
16:37 <~elChe> cause they r newfags and dont understand many subtle things going
under the bridge
16:38 <~elChe> we r full of attention whorem, feds, snitches and more
16:38 <~elChe> an ppl seems not understanding how the whole shit interacts
16:40 <@sup_g> Wicked said they have never had a leak or breach or shit like this
happen before.
16:40 <~elChe> hahaaha
16:40 <~elChe> li_llet Alex Lillo
16:40 <~elChe> @
16:40 <~elChe> RT @AnonymousIRC Merry #LulzXmas, someone just gave us this #Anonymous #AntiSec ==> OWNED como una catedral. LOLXMAS!
16:41 <~elChe> hm
16:42 <~elChe> sup_g: do u think they got the emails..
16:42 <~elChe> so that cause the difference
16:42 <~elChe> 2.4 to our 2.7
16:42 <@sup_g> No way for them to get the emails.
16:42 <@sup_g> Impossible, unless they leeched it off the source itself.
16:42 <@sup_g> It only copied ~20GB out of ~160GB
16:42 <@sup_g> And I wasn't talking to any of them while I was doing it
16:42 <~elChe> ok ok but i meand they dumped the emails before
16:43 <~elChe> revolsec
16:43 <@sup_g> Did they?
16:43 <~elChe> dont know
16:43 <@sup_g> My understanding is that they never have.
16:43 <@sup_g> They never have had any direct access to any of the boxes.
16:43 <~elChe> how then
16:43 <@sup_g> Until we came around.
16:43 <@sup_g> They had remote mysql root logins.
16:43 <~elChe> they started planning something they didnt own
16:43 <@sup_g> I'm talking to johnmccain now
16:43 <@sup_g> Well, they did find the initial breach, and get the initial data
16:43 <~elChe> be discrete
16:43 <~elChe> we never know
16:44 <@sup_g> And strategized amongst themselves and told BB about it
16:44 <@sup_g> I don't think there's too much wrongdoing here, except on the part
of BB for running his mouth about an op that he wasn't involved in.
16:44 <~elChe> how did they know there were 2.4 mil of them?
16:45 <@sup_g> hmm
16:47 <~elChe> next teaser u prepare
16:47 <~elChe> leave it clear u rooted the fuck out from them
16:47 <@sup_g> hmm?
16:47 <@sup_g> don't mention that they were rooted?
16:48 <~elChe> not in the last one we just tweeted
16:48 <~elChe> i mentioned in a tweet yesterday
16:48 <~elChe> with the main screenshot
16:48 <@sup_g> So we should mention that they were rooted and rm'd to fuck?
16:48 <~elChe> i think its clear but i should prefer we insist so it s really
stated without doubts
16:49 <~elChe> at least until zine
Page 64


16:49 <@sup_g> K.
16:49 <@sup_g> So say that we rooted all four servers.
16:49 <~elChe> i m sure many ppl will understand u rm d
16:49 <~elChe> so probably u needed escalated privileges
16:49 <~elChe> but not the common of ppl
16:49 <~elChe> better to keep things clear in that case
16:50 <@sup_g> I'll even paste the uname -a of core, which is a newer kernel, and
not vulnerable to any public sploits.
16:50 <~elChe> cool
16:50 <@sup_g> also, the news is now finally starting to pour in like fuck
16:50 <~elChe> prepare something nice that a normal geek can understand but also
someone like ioerror
16:50 <~elChe> could
16:51 <@sup_g> Hmmmmm.
16:51 <@sup_g> I mean, a lot of that is in the zine..
16:51 <~elChe> yep but meanwhile theres main hype on this
16:55 <~elChe> i m seeing the news
16:55 <~elChe> mainly they r reposting from AP
16:55 <@sup_g> yes
16:55 <@sup_g> maybe there will be more coverage later regarding the 4000k cards.
16:58 <~elChe> hmm at least we got
16:58 <~elChe> top stories on google news technology
17:28 <@sup_g> also elche
17:28 <@sup_g> they are still offering that revsec server to host
17:28 <@sup_g> what is the danger at this point in doing so?
17:28 <@sup_g> we could use all the servers we can get, really.
17:30 <~elChe> imho opinion better to hold on it
17:30 <~elChe> theres already a server being deployed
17:30 <~elChe> with mails
17:30 <@sup_g> We can still choose when to release
17:30 <~elChe> and 2 more coming soon
17:30 <@sup_g> We'll need more than 1 for sure
17:30 <@sup_g> Hmm ok.
17:30 <~elChe> we could get revolsec server to mirror
17:31 <~elChe> once we release publicly
17:31 <~elChe> but to keep the timing on our side
17:31 <~elChe> best to keep it quiet
17:31 < Sabu> yo yo
17:31 <@sup_g> k
17:31 <@sup_g> that's a good plan
17:31 <@sup_g> sup dawg
17:31 <~elChe> hi Sabu
17:32 <~elChe> once we release publicly
17:32 <~elChe> or 'Abu' now
17:32 <~elChe> lol
17:32 <@sup_g> lol.
17:34 < Sabu> whoa the_uT is out????????????
17:34 < Sabu> thats the man right there
17:34 <@sup_g> yep =)
17:34 <@sup_g> in a halfway house.
17:34 <@sup_g> gonna give him props in zine release
17:34 <@sup_g> in new york, actually.
17:34 <@sup_g> he did time in seattle
17:36 <~elChe> same, AP
17:36 <~elChe>
17:37 <~elChe> hey
17:37 <~elChe> from evilworks
17:37 <~elChe>
17:38 <@sup_g> someloser gave me a 52k list so far
17:38 <@sup_g> I am actually writing a quick script that takes his and evilworks'
results and merges it with our users and CC lists.
17:39 < Sabu> ut's in new york?
17:39 < Sabu> I should run into him by accident
17:39 < Sabu> find out where the niggas at
17:39 <@sup_g> You might.
17:39 <@sup_g> He's at the halfway house.
17:39 < Sabu> looking it up now
Page 65


17:39 < Sabu> sec
17:39 <@sup_g>
17:40 < Sabu> brooklyn nice. hmm
17:40 < Sabu> I know in the mornings he probably has to travel to some sort of
program as a condition of him staying in that house
17:41 < Sabu> best bet would be to catch him in the mornings
17:41 <@sup_g> Careful, homeboy.
17:41 <@sup_g> For a number of reasons.
17:41 < Sabu> got you
17:42 < Sabu> sneak that nigga my V mask haha
17:42 <@sup_g> hey also
17:42 <@sup_g> someone named miscreant is on anonops
17:42 <@sup_g> was chatting with him lightly bout oldschool IRC days
17:43 <@sup_g> and he said if I see you, tell you to hit him up
17:43 < Sabu> mhm
17:43 < Sabu> word
17:46 < Sabu> yo my nigga are we going to strictly spend these few days working
on stratfor releases or are we also gonna drop those other firms we got/
17:46 <@sup_g> On the 30th or 31st, we'll hit the cali cops
17:46 <@sup_g> possibly NY cops too, though I was considering holding all of the
NY shit for another future release
17:48 < Sabu> well that kid "god" keeps hitting me up every day. hes the one that
owned I'm kind of pissed off that he dropped dump without
telling us first
17:49 <~elChe> oh i thought 31 was a good time for it
17:49 < Sabu> because theres logins in there and I think we could have ended up
uploading a shell onto it
17:49 < Sabu> and owning it
17:49 <@sup_g> Yeah, that would have been big.
17:49 <@sup_g> See, that's the concern with the NY data we have.
17:49 <@sup_g> I have not even tried a few of the logins yet.
17:49 <@sup_g> To and
17:50 < Sabu> mhm
17:50 <@sup_g> The california target, however, is all wrapped up ready to go.
17:50 <~elChe> well i dont see any hurry now...
17:50 < Sabu> alex says cincom is ready to go as well
17:50 <~elChe> i mean for nyc
17:50 < Sabu> you're right elche
17:50 < Sabu> btw
17:51 <~elChe> also we can play longer with stratfor if its worth
17:51 < Sabu> have you guys had the chance to speak to palladium/
17:51 <@sup_g> ready to go?
17:51 <@sup_g> shit I thought there was more work
17:51 <@sup_g> never
17:51 <~elChe> that cause i d prefer to dont mirror the mails on revolsec yet
17:51 < Sabu> nigga says pwnsauce turned 100% full informant after he got
17:51 < Sabu> thats crazy
17:51 <~elChe> cause the tell everything to mama and mama leaks to french dgse
17:52 < Sabu> mama is french intel yes?
17:52 <~elChe> yep
17:52 < Sabu> he/she reminds me of testeux1 that french asshat
17:52 <~elChe> not agent tho
17:52 <~elChe> civilian contractor
17:52 < Sabu> how'd you know this/
17:53 <~elChe> psychollogist
17:53 <~elChe> yehezkel was after her long time
17:53 <~elChe> he told he never liked the way she manipulated french side
17:53 <~elChe> but i dont know anything about french anon
17:53 <~elChe> so i hint some contact i have
17:54 <~elChe> to confirm dgse has someone working on us
17:54 <~elChe> and so
17:55 <~elChe> lol she was lurking sup_g and she almost got him
17:55 <~elChe> xD
17:55 <~elChe> ahahahahah
Page 66


17:55 <~elChe> sorry sup_g
17:55 <~elChe> but its funny
17:56 <~elChe> but she knows how to do it, i know
17:56 <@sup_g> hah she ain't get shit
17:56 <@sup_g> I never talked to her about anything except freeanons
17:57 <~elChe> yeah i know just annoying u
17:57 <@sup_g> she said she was an anarchist
17:57 <~elChe> hahahah
17:57 <~elChe> yeah sure...
17:57 <@sup_g> and the other freeanons peeps are cool
17:57 <@sup_g> also anarchists
17:57 <@sup_g> like vanzetti, nix
17:57 <@sup_g> they good ppl
17:57 <~elChe> vanzetti is good ppl
17:58 <~elChe> her work is about lurking infiltrate earn confidence
17:58 <~elChe> and leak
17:58 <~elChe> profile
17:58 <~elChe> if i m commie
17:58 <~elChe> she ll say shes commie and so
17:59 <@sup_g> well I dont' fall for shit like that, considering that's half my
other line of work
18:04 < Sabu> wait
18:04 < Sabu> mama tried socialing sup_g
18:04 < Sabu> lolol
18:04 < Sabu> when the fuck this happened
18:05 <@sup_g> I work with freeanons, make flyers, their website, etc
18:05 <@sup_g> mama is one of the main people there
18:05 <@sup_g> I had no idea she was french intel
18:05 <@sup_g> Still confused and baffled by it.
18:05 < Sabu> yeah
18:06 < Sabu> theres a lot of intel people running around
18:06 < Sabu> and you know wat I noticed
18:06 < Sabu> a lot of them are french
18:06 < Sabu> it baffles me
18:06 < Sabu> why are french intel on us so bad?
18:06 < Sabu> its not like we have done serious work in france
18:06 < Sabu> it almost motivates me to start working on french government
18:06 < Sabu> mama is definitely not the only one
18:07 <~elChe> Sabu, cause 2012
18:07 <~elChe> sarkozy playing re election
18:07 <~elChe> and many red light about anonymous breaking into french elections
18:08 <~elChe> also cause tunisia and egypt and libya etc
18:09 <~elChe> we fucking ruined france diplomatics in front of tunisian ppl
18:09 <~elChe> since then we got lurkers probably
18:10 <~elChe> then france pushing NFZ same time than us
18:10 <~elChe> for libya
18:10 < Sabu> makes sense
18:11 < Sabu> so shall we fuck sarkozy's shit up for the 2k12
18:11 <~elChe> i m sure we dont need to care
18:11 <~elChe> surely pro-socialist hackers will do that
18:11 <~elChe> and endorse that to us
18:12 <~elChe> if not them green party ones will do
18:12 <~elChe> for gods sake hahahahhaa like half france will do it probably
18:13 <@sup_g> yeah fuck sarkozy
18:14 <~elChe> greenpeace ones for sure lol hahaha
18:15 <~elChe> sarkozy protected edf when they were investigated cause the paid
for hacking greenpeace servers
18:16 <~elChe> and german piratenparty didnt forget he pressed bka to seize
18:16 <~elChe> lol
18:16 <~elChe> i guess we ll get fun on those elections
18:21 < Sabu> this bitch is fire
18:21 < Sabu> yo my nigga I'd beat that for hours
18:22 <@sup_g> elche: what's the ETA on releasing the "B"s?
18:22 <@sup_g> maybe another hour or two?
18:23 <@sup_g> you damn dirty dog sabu
18:25 <~elChe> yep
Page 67


18:25 <~elChe> 2 hours seems nice
18:26 <~elChe> looking at the mayhem provoked
18:26 <~elChe> i think its underexploited
18:26 <~elChe> if u ll release another pastebin
18:26 <~elChe> include also about the 1 000 000 dollars total donation
18:27 <~elChe> sabu mentioned yesterday
18:27 <~elChe> to back his affirmation
18:28 <~elChe> mention something like 1 000 000 made randomly low amounts
18:28 <@sup_g> k
18:28 <@sup_g> maybe a few more screenies?
18:28 <@sup_g> k.
18:28 <~elChe> not needed
18:28 <~elChe> nobody will question that currently
18:28 < Sabu> ryan clearly just sent me a message;
18:28 < Sabu> he's saying he didn't snitch on lulzsec
18:32 <@sup_g> "When the press reported 'cooperation', it was just a copypasta of
what his lawyer stated in open court. The cooperation was him shutting down his
botnet with the police and letting them have his e-mail accounts, IM accounts,
stuff like that. He cooperated in everything they asked, but he didn't know
anything about Topiary or Kayla to snitch about"
18:32 <@sup_g> gave access to his emails and ims? well shit
18:32 <@sup_g> the whole posting full host info on anonops users is enough to
want to never ever work with him
18:35 <~elChe> hm
18:35 < Sabu> I'm talking to ryan clearly rigt now
18:36 < Sabu> hes on irc
18:36 < Sabu> copping a plea to me
18:36 < Sabu> telling me I hurt him
18:36 <~elChe> yep he digged his own hole
18:36 < Sabu> and thanks me for not lettin him into lulzsec
18:37 <~elChe> i feel bad for him but he build out all the reasons to make ppl
hating him
18:37 <@sup_g> its true
18:37 <~elChe> nobody is getting mad cause other one snitched as much as when he
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <rdw> until they saw my chat windows
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <rdw> they dont have logs, they had open windows
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <rdw> they literally raided me as i was talkin to him
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <Sabu> damn
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <Sabu> I feel bad for topiary. his life erally got fucked
behind all this
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <rdw> i always had the hope that
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <rdw> hes good man
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <rdw> hes only got
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <rdw> conspiracy charges
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <rdw> he'll get away with it
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <Sabu> and it was thanks to that m_nerva leak
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <Sabu> it gave away too much info
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <rdw> its because he ran the twitter
18:38 < Sabu> 18:36 <Sabu> you should have not let it happen
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> yeah
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> i wish i did things differently
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <Sabu> me too
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> but you know, we were business partners
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> i still told you all about it though
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> as it was happening
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <Sabu> I know this
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> topiary will be fine
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <Sabu> but that leaked ended up getting
topiary/recursion/neuron/pwnsauce arrested
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> im the worse off i think
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> idk what they have on kayla
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> but from
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <Sabu> m_nerva is as bad as adrian lamo my nigga
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> off the record convos with the police
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> topiary didnt wipe anything
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> which got him fucked mroe
18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <rdw> he had the press releases and stuff
Page 68


18:38 < Sabu> 18:37 <Sabu> :/
18:38 < Sabu> for those that dont know ryan helped m_nerva leak that #pe log
18:38 < Sabu> that gave away maaaad info on our sony hacks
18:40 <~elChe> hm
18:40 < Sabu> 18:39 <Sabu> did them niggas ask about me/
18:40 < Sabu> 18:39 <rdw> i dont expect you to trust me
18:40 < Sabu> 18:39 <rdw> anyone who has been v&
18:40 < Sabu> 18:39 <rdw> shouldnt be trusted anymore
18:40 < Sabu> 18:39 <rdw> i know i have no place in the game anymore
18:40 < Sabu> 18:39 <rdw> yeah
18:40 < Sabu> 18:39 <rdw> once they found out about my lulzsec connection
18:40 < Sabu> 18:39 <rdw> i told them about xavier de leon
18:40 < Sabu> 18:40 <rdw> they asked about topairy aswell
18:40 < Sabu> 18:40 <rdw> i told them
18:40 < Sabu> 18:40 <rdw> what the public knew
18:40 < Sabu> 18:40 <rdw> i thought that he was
18:40 < Sabu> 18:40 <rdw> that old dox on him
18:40 < Sabu> 18:40 <rdw> like
18:40 < Sabu> 18:40 <rdw> that Daniel
18:40 < Sabu> 18:40 <rdw> whatever
18:40 < Sabu> 18:40 <rdw> and i waited a day or tw before giving them access to
my server
18:40 < Sabu> 18:40 <rdw> to give people time to wipe shit
18:41 < Sabu> me==xavier de leon. when I did security research in the "greyhat"
18:41 < Sabu> not my real name obviously
18:41 < Sabu> just a moniker I made up to release my research
18:42 <@sup_g> <rdw> i told them about xavier de leon
18:42 <@sup_g> in other words
18:42 <@sup_g> he told everything he knew
18:42 <~elChe> all this makes me think we shouldnt trust twitter for anything
18:42 <@sup_g> cooperated fully
18:42 <@sup_g> end of story
18:42 < Sabu> yup
18:42 <@sup_g> he gave them access to his servers ffs
18:42 < Sabu> yup
18:42 <~elChe> Sabu and i m talking about q DMs also
18:42 <@sup_g> didn't even make them go through the court order process
18:43 <@sup_g> yeah? he was doing a lot of messages?
18:43 <@sup_g> feds probably read em
18:44 <~elChe> i mean: Sabu and that goes for those q's DMs between you guise
18:44 < Sabu> yeah
18:45 <@sup_g> speaking of
18:45 <@sup_g> where's q?
18:45 <~elChe> twitter will give up minimun all IPs
18:45 < Sabu> good question. last I heard he was having irl problems
18:45 <~elChe> they are forced to do that
18:45 < Sabu> and wanted to escape
18:45 < Sabu> don't be surprised if he never comes back
18:45 <~elChe> hm
18:45 < Sabu> 1) opsec. 2) moves on
18:45 < Sabu> hes not v& and they'll never find him
18:45 < Sabu> same as they'll never find sup_g
18:46 <~elChe> irl related to us? or just their own ones?
18:46 <@sup_g> hopefully
18:46 < Sabu> irl as in hes having physical issues
18:46 <~elChe> ok ok
18:46 <@sup_g> oh with his personal life
18:46 < Sabu> yeah
18:46 <@sup_g> nothing to do with hacking the matrix
18:47 <~elChe> hm sucks
18:47 <@sup_g> well if they ever find and arrest me, there'll be no doubt in
anyone's mind that it was indeed me all along
18:48 <~elChe> well i think they didnt really get kayla
18:48 < Sabu> likewise. I'm in this for the long haul
18:48 <~elChe> proof of that im still here
18:48 < Sabu> I already got a banging attorney on retainer to hold me down
18:48 < Sabu> its just a matter of playing te waiting game
Page 69


18:48 < Sabu> andowning them until then
18:49 < Sabu> shits just crazy
18:49 < Sabu> I grew up on the streets. I never thought I'd be here with you
niggas :)
18:49 <~elChe> Sabu u never got updates about her?
18:50 < Sabu> kayla? nein.
18:51 <~elChe> she could identify me possitively if she cooperates so i m pretty
much sure shes fine
18:51 < Sabu> but apparently she will be in court with ryan on january 17th
18:51 < Sabu> so we will know the truth about kayla then
18:51 <@sup_g> btw currently merging someloser's and evilworks' cracked md5 list
and applying it to the .mil and .gov accounts that were in the 860,000 users.csv
18:51 < Sabu> apparently from what ryan says kayla was indeed arrested
18:51 <~elChe> oh no poor kayla
18:51 < Sabu> sup_g: sounds good
18:51 <~elChe> fucking shit
18:51 <@sup_g> !!!!!
18:51 <@sup_g> for real?
18:52 < Sabu> and he will be in court with kayla jan 17th so I think we need to
do something
18:52 <@sup_g> dude if thats true
18:52 <@sup_g> that just makes me want to own even more police
18:52 <~elChe> hm release something on 17 ?
18:53 <@sup_g> well the 31st is a good day for a few reasons
18:53 <@sup_g> the noise demo thing I was telling you about
18:53 <@sup_g> in greece, they firebomb jails and probation offices and shit
18:53 < Sabu> yeah
18:56 <~elChe> Sabu can u get someone with some really fucking dangerous malware?
18:57 <~elChe> we r not exploiting emails as we should
18:59 < Sabu> yes
18:59 < Sabu> I feel like a fucking middle-man of the underground haha. a pimp
and shit
19:01 <~elChe> lol
19:02 <~elChe> What's a #stratfor? Jimmy holds it upside down, and so does
#AntiSec #LulzXmas #Anonymous
19:02 <~elChe> tweeted
19:02 <~elChe> lol
19:16 <~elChe> lol
19:16 <~elChe> check this out
19:16 <~elChe> Pirata13 \u2620 Master Pirate \u2620
19:16 <~elChe> Emergency Christmas #Anonymous Press Release THE STRATFOR #HACK IS
NOT THE WORK OF ANONYMOUS Stratfor is an (cont)
19:16 <~elChe>
19:18 <@sup_g> Sabu and his crew are nothing more than opportunistic attention
whores who are possibly agent provocateurs. As a media source, Stratfor's work is
protected by the freedom of press, a principle which Anonymous values greatly.
19:18 <@sup_g> This hack is most definitely not the work of Anonymous.
19:18 <@sup_g> lol
19:20 <~elChe> sup_g, ur definitively an agent provocateur working for 1%
19:20 <~elChe> now i m sure about it
19:20 <~elChe> thanks pirate13!!
19:20 <@sup_g> dude
19:20 <@sup_g> q seriously asked me that once
19:20 <@sup_g> no joke
19:20 <~elChe> ahhhaha
19:21 <@sup_g> he's like 'mm all these attacks on police targets? are oyu sure
you are not trying to provoke the police into attacking real protesters?'
19:21 <@sup_g> i'm like kid? real protestesr? I been in the street a decade ago,
unlike these OWS newbies
19:22 <@sup_g> getting my ass beat.
19:22 <@sup_g> and then anarchists and now hacker who target police are blamed
for what the police do
19:24 <~elChe> in my own experience provoking police help to expand and dynamize
things, i like final results over faggotry
19:25 <~elChe> the usual resource about police sending infiltrators to justify
their violence
19:25 <~elChe> nowadays doesnt work anymore
Page 70


19:26 <@sup_g> police will brutalize people regardless
19:26 <@sup_g> and some people have every reason, personal or political, to get
19:26 <@sup_g> but anyway as far as stratfor
19:26 <~elChe> we all learnt from london riots
19:26 <@sup_g> besides their own organization or politics
19:26 <@sup_g> their client base is the main target here =)
19:26 <~elChe> too much doesnt work neither
19:28 <@sup_g> Emergency Christmas Anonymous Press Release
19:28 < Sabu> ind33e
19:28 <@sup_g> ------------------------------------------19:28 <@sup_g> fuck is this bullshit
19:29 <~elChe> lol ignore it
19:29 <~elChe> there will always be trolls
19:32 <~elChe> ColonelPoge Colonel Poge
19:32 <~elChe> @
19:32 <~elChe> @AnonymousIRC What sound does a #stratfor make? WAH-WAH! #AntiSec
#LulzXmas #Anonymous
19:33 < Sabu>
19:34 < Sabu> lololool
19:34 < Sabu> Ramin Rabieian you are a security firm with the job to reduce risk
and you didn't encrypt your client's info, thank g-d you guys have my expired
credit info. LOL what a joke.
19:35 < Sabu> the facebook page is getting flamed
19:35 <@sup_g> Hahaha
19:35 <@sup_g> FUck yeah.
19:35 <@sup_g> tweet it!!
19:35 < Sabu> Jens Wiechers Yeah, just what you need when you get up on Dec.
25th, two hours on the line with AMEX trying to get a human to get your card
killed before some prickly fourteen-year old script kiddie buys boatloads of
certain implements intended for specifically female orifices, typically pink, to
send to your house...
19:36 <~elChe> Victor Gebilaguin The hackers ought to be shot then hanged upside
down in public.
19:36 <~elChe> then how the fuck they can call us radicals???
19:38 <~elChe> omg
19:38 < Sabu> tweeted
19:38 <~elChe> i ll rt
19:39 <@sup_g> this is hilarious
19:39 <@sup_g> they are PISSED
19:40 < Sabu> that roger guy is fucking cazy
19:40 <@sup_g> some of these quotes will make the zine .txt
19:40 <@sup_g> they are too hilarious to pass up
19:41 <@sup_g> Also.
19:41 <@sup_g> We can cross check these names....
19:41 < Sabu> Roger W. Isom They need to be HURT and HURT BAD!!!!I put Anonymous
in league with POL POT.... and I view SUPPORTERS of that group JUST AS POL POT
nothing MORE!
19:41 < Sabu> pol pot
19:41 < Sabu> LOLOL
19:41 <@sup_g> in the user/cc list.
19:42 < Sabu> didnt he kill millions of people ?
19:42 <@sup_g> yes he did
19:43 <~elChe> hahah
19:43 < Sabu> hahahahahahahahaahha
19:43 < Sabu> e is RAGING
19:43 < Sabu> you guys musta raped his cc
19:43 < Sabu>
THESE thugs ANONYMOUS are the typical SUPPORTER of
the ASSAD REGIME in SYRIA and THE LOONS in TEHRAN....Their LEADERS need to be
19:43 < Sabu> 30 seconds ago
19:43 < Sabu> AHHAHAH
19:43 <@sup_g> Name:
19:44 <@sup_g> CC Number:
19:44 <@sup_g> Expiration:
19:44 <@sup_g> CVV:
19:44 <@sup_g> Username:
Page 71



<@sup_g> Pass (md5):
<@sup_g> E-mail:
<@sup_g> Address:

19:45 < Sabu> LOL
19:45 < Sabu> win
19:45 <~elChe> interesting
19:45 <@sup_g> Didn't expire yet, either.
19:45 <@sup_g> Yall can go ahead and ride on him.
19:49 <~elChe> wait weres that guy in the comments
19:50 <~elChe> cant find it again now
19:52 <@sup_g> elche you want to go and order something?
19:54 <~elChe> i just posted that on anonops
19:54 <~elChe> i guess many will take care
19:55 <@sup_g> lol.
19:55 <@sup_g> i'll pastebin for the fuck of it
19:55 <@sup_g> then you can twitter
20:01 <~elChe> nah
20:01 <@sup_g>
20:01 <@sup_g> well it's on
20:01 <~elChe> hm we ll give that fag more importance he has
20:01 <~elChe> agh
20:01 <~elChe> i m so so so so tempted to tweet that
20:01 <~elChe> lol
20:02 <@sup_g> Hmm.
20:02 <@sup_g> It's not that big of a problem.
20:02 <@sup_g> I'm gonna look up all these people pasting negative hularious shit
20:02 <@sup_g> it'll make for good readings in thie zine =)
20:03 <@sup_g> now this roger guy I'd REALLY like to hit.
20:03 < Sabu> sup_g: ever hear of a security researcher by the name of landstock
20:03 < Sabu> from efnet
20:03 < Sabu> mid-90s?
20:04 < Sabu> hes hitting me up acting all emo
20:04 <@sup_g> Nope
20:05 <~elChe> aghh i hate when i do something cause the lulz is stronger than
20:06 <~elChe> tweeted
20:07 <@sup_g> =)
20:07 <@sup_g> That FB is picking up steam, now.
20:13 <~elChe> ok we r on mashable again
20:14 < Sabu> yeah/
20:14 <~elChe>
20:26 <~elChe> ooh my fucking god
20:26 < Sabu> guess who I'm talkin to
20:26 < Sabu> that snitch faggot root
20:26 <~elChe> we r really stirring a fucking storm
20:26 < Sabu> the one that wrote this email
20:26 < Sabu>
20:26 < Sabu> elche I know this stratfor might overtake my hbgary hack :(
20:26 <~elChe> ioerror oen?
20:26 <@sup_g> hah I saw that earlier
20:26 <@sup_g> snitched on ioerror, too
20:27 <@sup_g> got his real name?
20:27 <~elChe> lol nothing will overtake your hbgary hack
20:27 <~elChe> its anon history
20:27 <~elChe> it seems is that verisign employee
20:28 < Sabu> yeah
20:28 < Sabu> hes a verisign employee
20:28 <@sup_g> sabu I just saw the colbert report vid of the hbgary hack for the
first time
Page 72


20:28 <@sup_g> fucking classic.
20:29 < Sabu> ya
20:29 < Sabu> I hope kayla tells them the truth that it was me that did it all.
I'd rather her get hit with conspiracy. they cant prove shit against her
20:29 < Sabu> 20:24 <STRATFOR> i've created spent half my life trying to sell
Verisign as a secure trusted root solution
20:29 < Sabu> 20:24 <STRATFOR> because of me all the Verisign root certs are in
every device
20:29 < Sabu> 20:24 <Sabu> haha
20:29 < Sabu> 20:24 <Sabu> you're delusional
20:29 < Sabu> 20:24 <STRATFOR> the point is what are you doing for the noble
20:29 < Sabu> 20:24 <STRATFOR> maybe i am
20:29 < Sabu> 20:24 <Sabu> you're literally delusional. like, crazy delusional
20:29 < Sabu> 20:25 <Sabu> this year alone CA' around the world have been hacked
back and forth
20:29 < Sabu> 20:25 <Sabu> and don't be surprised if verisign is owned
20:29 < Sabu> 20:25 <STRATFOR> yes it is
20:29 < Sabu> 20:25 <STRATFOR> by Symantec actually
20:29 < Sabu> 20:25 <Sabu> have the feds spoken to you at all face to face about
the little you know/
20:29 < Sabu> 20:26 <Sabu> I'll be surprised if they even talk to you
20:29 < Sabu> 20:26 <STRATFOR> maybe? maybe not
20:29 < Sabu> 20:27 <STRATFOR> the point is what's the noble purpose of it all?
20:29 < Sabu> 20:27 <STRATFOR> FBI is spending a considerable amount of resources
trying to chase you and your reminding five
20:29 < Sabu> 20:28 <STRATFOR> the guys arrested for LOIC is a waste of tax payer
20:31 < Sabu>
sigh I wish we had a kingkope on our
team that kept 0days 0day
20:31 < Sabu> his remote telnetd exploit will own so much shit
20:31 <@sup_g> who really runs telnetd these days tho?
20:32 < Sabu> a lot of isps
20:32 < Sabu> trust me
20:32 < Sabu> I owned in te 2000s with GOBBLES remote telnetd root
20:32 < Sabu> took over several hundred servers
20:32 < Sabu> abut 50k domains isntantly
20:33 <@sup_g> lol gobbles.
20:33 < Sabu> ;x
20:33 < Sabu> x
20:33 < Sabu> x;
20:33 < Sabu> ;x
20:35 <~elChe> actually at least at one thing apart symantec he s right
20:36 <~elChe> about fbi spending resources
20:36 <~elChe> and after this shit on stratfor
20:36 <~elChe> sure it ll get all mad
20:36 < Sabu> yup
20:36 <~elChe> quinn already told me journos involved on hacker stories
20:36 <~elChe> are being spied
20:37 < Sabu> ?
20:37 <@sup_g> hmmm
20:37 <~elChe> ?
20:37 <~elChe> i thought u already knew it
20:38 <~elChe> they mad
20:38 <@sup_g> I asked SteveD3 about it before.
20:38 <@sup_g> He said his office got some calls.
20:38 < Sabu> who is being spied/
20:38 <@sup_g> And wouldn't elaborate.
20:38 <@sup_g> He broke the Vanguard news story before we made it public
20:38 <~elChe> quinn was in the past
20:38 < Sabu> probably parmy is a good one
20:38 < Sabu> shes most likely spied
20:38 < Sabu> big time
20:39 <~elChe> parmy is being spied for sure by gchq
20:39 <~elChe> just they need to intercept her calls
20:39 <~elChe> absolute comfort
20:40 <@sup_g> sabu also
20:40 < Sabu> yup
Page 73


20:40 <@sup_g> regarding 0day
20:40 <@sup_g> we can trade password lists
20:40 <@sup_g> i've got a lot in the archive
20:40 < Sabu> mhm
20:40 < Sabu> I guess the most valueable are whitehats/security research passes
20:40 <@sup_g> or trade bounce boxes I've got a few
20:40 < Sabu> store those somewhere
20:40 < Sabu> and I'll find the right people
20:40 <@sup_g> you know what would be an epic breach
20:41 <@sup_g> idefense
20:41 <@sup_g> err no wait
20:41 < Sabu> I told you guys ac1db1tc3z hit me up again?
20:41 <@sup_g> zdi disclosures.
20:41 <@sup_g> zdi disclosures would be absolute win.
20:41 < Sabu> agreed
20:41 < Sabu> I honestly would love to hit them all
20:41 <@sup_g> almost every week they brag on full-disclosure about having PoC
code for vulnerabilities they report to the vendor.
20:41 <@sup_g> what's AB up to
20:42 < Sabu> just giving us props. letting us know they're watching our progress
20:42 < Sabu> (but wont give us their precious 0days... maybe one day...)
20:42 <@sup_g> nice.
20:42 <@sup_g> I was worrying hostilities were brewing.
20:43 < Sabu> we seem to be doing one thing right that they can't argue against
20:43 < Sabu> mayhem
20:43 < Sabu> the fact we are staying in line with el8s idea of mayhem is enoug
to shut niggas up
20:44 <@sup_g> more white hats are getting owned now than ever before
20:44 <@sup_g> just not the normal names youd expect to get hit
20:44 <@sup_g> but really, how many times can mitnick and kaminsky get owned
20:44 <@sup_g> aaron barr was the worst of ALL of them, imo
20:45 <~elChe> lol
20:45 <~elChe> Jason Wimler h0h0h0 all your lulz are belong to Xmas
20:45 < Sabu> agreed
20:45 <@sup_g>
Atlanta Federal Reserve

20:45 <@sup_g>

Federal Reserve Bank of

20:45 <~elChe> what is happening at facebook is crazy lol
20:46 < Sabu> can you guys count how many whitehats we owned since hbgary?
20:46 < Sabu> greg from and jussi (nokias security expert) was one of
my highlights (besides owning dan kaminsky0
20:46 < Sabu> I always hated that commercialization of rootkits
20:46 < Sabu> so owning greg hugland made me smile
20:52 <@sup_g> Um.
20:52 <@sup_g> BTW
20:52 <@sup_g> Of the 40,000 and addresses that were in users table
20:52 < Sabu> ya
20:52 <@sup_g> 4500 of them cracked so far.
20:52 < Sabu> good shit
20:52 <@sup_g> Looking at the plaintexts now =D
20:53 <@sup_g> If we do this right, we can guarantee ownings well into 2012
20:53 <@sup_g> I am thinking that maybe we can trade with this.
20:53 <@sup_g> Or even give it out to our trusted comrades to keep priv8 and rape
20:53 <@sup_g> At this point clock is ticking, as they been notified of breach.
20:56 <~elChe> yep totally agreed
20:56 <~elChe> i think total chaos will come on monday
20:57 <~elChe> since we catch em all with the pants down this xmas
20:57 <@sup_g> =D
20:57 <@sup_g> I can upload our private list to the .onion
20:57 <@sup_g> and we can give the URL to only our closest comrades with the
understanding it is to be kept priv8
20:59 < Sabu> yup
Page 74


20:59 <~elChe> then Sabu will have to jump server to server
20:59 < Sabu> you can run an onion on my 2tb box actually
20:59 <~elChe> lol Sabu u ll not sleep today
20:59 < Sabu> its unmetered gigabit line
21:01 <@sup_g> you sure that's wise?
21:01 <@sup_g> is that box connected to you personally, if discovered?
21:02 < Sabu> apparently
linux/debian telnetds are vulnerable also
21:02 < Sabu> the box is not connected to me, but to a host I fuck with
21:02 < Sabu> I'd rather not lose the box, but if its behind an onion it should
be fine
21:03 <@sup_g> theoretically
21:03 <@sup_g> but that is good though, another .onion to host them emails
21:03 <@sup_g> we need to copy mails to more servers ASAP
21:03 < Sabu> 20:58 <STRATFOR> i had a choice, i knew the FBI wasn't going to do
21:03 < Sabu> 20:58 <STRATFOR> unless i took a deal
21:03 < Sabu> 20:58 <STRATFOR> in regards to the 40 something US IP's
21:03 < Sabu> 20:58 <STRATFOR> of the honey potted IP data
21:03 < Sabu> 21:00 <Sabu> so you got caught up?
21:03 < Sabu> 21:01 <STRATFOR> well they would have ultimately found my Tor
Button code signing manifest
21:03 < Sabu> 21:01 <STRATFOR> you already know since Verisign code signing certs
are considered as an elevated trust root cert
21:03 < Sabu> 21:02 <STRATFOR> most extensions for example automatically install
once you click the .xpi if you have an elevated trust coding signing cert
21:03 < Sabu> 21:02 <STRATFOR> it was going to take some time for the San Fran IC
task force to get that Tor button
21:03 < Sabu> 21:02 <STRATFOR> but once they do
21:03 < Sabu> 21:03 <Sabu> so you abused your power at verisign to setup that tor
21:03 < Sabu> 21:03 <Sabu> better question is
21:03 < Sabu> 21:03 <Sabu> do you still have power have verisign? can you make us
21:03 < Sabu> I'm going to abuse this kid if he really has verisign access
21:05 <@sup_g> lol nice.
21:05 <@sup_g> make him feel guilty about that snitching shit
21:05 <~elChe> lol looking at google news i dont think we ll have problems about
media coverage
21:05 < Sabu> yup
21:05 < Sabu> 21:03 <STRATFOR> yes.... but the problem is pki logs
21:05 < Sabu> 21:04 <Sabu> where are pki logs stored at
21:05 < Sabu> 21:04 <STRATFOR> they are stored on a secondary database that i
don't have administrative access at
21:05 < Sabu> 21:04 <Sabu> if you give us access to verisign, we'll get access to
that db and wipe your los
21:05 < Sabu> 21:04 <Sabu> logs
21:05 < Sabu> 21:04 <STRATFOR> and the problem is that database doesn't use
Active Directory authenticaion
21:05 < Sabu> 21:04 <Sabu> we help each other out
21:05 < Sabu> 21:04 <Sabu> but you can't fucking narc on us dude
21:05 < Sabu> 21:05 <Sabu> what does that other db use?
21:05 < Sabu> 21:05 <Sabu> I'll make sure your logs disapear in return for
verisign access. what say you/
21:05 < Sabu> 21:05 <STRATFOR> it uses a RSA goldkey OTP
21:05 < Sabu> this will be epic.
21:05 < Sabu> ahaha
21:05 <@sup_g> but
21:06 <@sup_g> he may be entrapping you
21:06 < Sabu> thats fine
21:06 < Sabu> he can entrap me all day
21:06 <@sup_g> he did email the FBI saying he had info on you
21:06 < Sabu> (he doesnt9
21:06 <~elChe> about servers
21:06 <@sup_g> also is there anything about evilworks I should know?
21:06 <@sup_g> he been talking with me all day
21:06 <~elChe> i ll get more servers this week to mirror
21:06 < Sabu> evilworks is a faggot
Page 75


21:06 <~elChe> so i think stratfor mails would be fine
21:06 < Sabu> he has an ego problem. he doesnt like lulzsec/antisec
21:07 < Sabu> he feels we are/were a burden to anonymous/anonops
21:07 <@sup_g> hmm.
21:07 < Sabu> I donated $1200 to them
21:07 <@sup_g> for some reason he is passing me shit
21:07 < Sabu> and he still /clear'd #antisec every other day
21:07 < Sabu> what is he saying/
21:07 <~elChe> i have good relationship with evilworks
21:07 <~elChe> he ll be nice
21:07 <@sup_g> he pasted me logs from blowfish where blowfish was telling him
about how he has vulnerabilities in american family association
21:07 <@sup_g> AFA has come under fire for some islamophobic shit recently
21:08 <@sup_g> in fact wasn't AFA owned recently?
21:08 < Sabu> yeah
21:08 < Sabu> it was
21:08 < Sabu> by exph1nity
21:08 <@sup_g> sup with that guy btw
21:08 <@sup_g> he doing some half assed ownigns of big targets and claiming
21:09 <@sup_g> if he is owning shit, it'd be nice to work on shit a bit deeper
with him
21:09 < Sabu> I think hes a newbie but he did own big things
21:09 < Sabu> he just doesnt know wtf to do with it
21:09 < Sabu> I will speak to him and others like him to come to me with the dbs
before releasing
21:11 <~elChe> One receipt - to the American Red Cross - had Allen Barr's name on
21:11 <~elChe> Barr, of Austin, Texas, recently retired from the Texas Department
of Banking and said he discovered last Friday that a total of $700 had been spent
from his account. Barr, who has spent more than a decade dealing with cybercrime
at banks, said five transactions were made in total.
21:11 <@sup_g> Hilarious.
21:12 < Sabu> indeed
21:12 <@sup_g> The financial meltdown aspect of this owning really sets it off
over the top.
21:12 <@sup_g> I'm creaming my pants thinking of these DHS and FBI assholes
getting calls from the AP and the credit card corporations.
21:12 <@sup_g> "They donated to WHAT??"
21:13 < Sabu> yup
21:14 <@sup_g> ""It made me feel terrible. It made my wife feel terrible. We had
to close the account.""
21:14 <@sup_g> Not save the children!
21:18 <~elChe> agh why they crying
21:19 <~elChe> we did reasonable donations
21:19 <~elChe> only at big scale
21:19 <~elChe> but no so so so money from each one
21:19 <~elChe> so much*
21:39 <@sup_g> =)
21:39 <@sup_g> so anyway elche
21:40 <@sup_g> think we should get on that next list sometime?
21:43 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Input/output
21:45 <~elChe> u want to drop now?
21:47 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
21:47 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
21:51 <~elChe> sup_g:
21:52 <@sup_g> We probably should post at least one more set today.
21:52 <~elChe> do u want to drop something else ?
21:52 <~elChe> ok
21:52 <~elChe> make it as lulzy as u can
21:52 <@sup_g> Sure.
21:52 < Sabu>!/sabu I wonder if we can own this acct :X
21:52 <@sup_g> The "B"s?
21:52 < Sabu> why not fuck with whitehats
21:52 <~elChe> ascii included if possible
21:52 < Sabu> and post whitehats dox
21:53 < Sabu> with ccs
Page 76


21:53 < Sabu> raytheon etc
21:53 < Sabu> I saw many whitehats in there
21:54 <~elChe> fuck he doesnt update since 2007
21:54 <@sup_g> Actually, Bs aren't that many. Maybe we should do "B" and "C".
21:55 <~elChe> .____
____ ___
21:55 <~elChe> |
__ __| | _______\
\/ / _____ _____
21:55 <~elChe> |
| | | | \___
/ /
\\__ \ / ___/
21:55 <~elChe> |
|___| | | |__/
/ /
\| Y Y \/ __ \_\___ \
21:55 <~elChe> |_______ |____/|____/_____ /___/\ |__|_| (____ /____ >
21:55 <~elChe>
21:56 <@sup_g> Nice.
21:56 < Sabu> is the niggas mail
21:56 < Sabu> I either crack his shit or be nice and email him
21:56 < Sabu> hmmm decisions
21:57 <~elChe> spearph him pressing to connect to twitter or lost his account
cause it wasnt updated since 2007
22:00 < Sabu> working on it
22:00 < Sabu> I see someone cracked!/anonymous and using it
for gay shit
22:00 < Sabu> trolling
22:01 <~elChe> haahha
22:10 < Sabu> this stratfor shit is exploding moer than I thought
22:10 < Sabu> question; where is hyr?
22:10 < Sabu> homeboy disappeared
22:11 <@sup_g> well
22:11 <@sup_g> uid0 and wicked said he popped on a few days ago
22:11 <@sup_g> just for a few minutes
22:12 <@sup_g> apparently, he spends most of his time out on the sea
22:12 < Sabu> hes got way more hacks in his sleaves
22:12 < Sabu> hes romanian you know he got mad shit
22:13 <@sup_g> Yes actually thye ahve more targets lined up and want our help
22:14 <@sup_g> Mostly syrian shit
22:14 <@sup_g> elche you there?
22:14 <@sup_g> is our .onion up? can't ssh or sftp to it
22:14 <~elChe> yep
22:14 <~elChe> agh
22:14 <~elChe> wait
22:15 <~elChe> hm
22:15 <~elChe> i can
22:15 <~elChe> hm
22:15 <~elChe> and u r logged currently
22:16 <@sup_g> nm I got it.
22:16 <@sup_g> it's just slow, not sure if it's me or them
22:16 <@sup_g> yes
22:16 <~elChe> hm seem fast here
22:17 <@sup_g> seems to be me
22:19 <~elChe> RT_com RT
22:19 <~elChe> Some #Anonymous members claim responsibility for #Stratfor hack,
group's press release denies it
22:20 <~elChe> which group's press release?
22:20 <@sup_g> probably that dumbass pastebin statement
22:21 < Sabu> I got good news gents
22:21 < Sabu> I got this kid to expose who was behind bricksquad/HTP hack of
anonops. dox and all that
22:21 <~elChe> wasnt fox?
22:21 < Sabu> apparently the kid is "zeekill" if you google it you see him
talking about #command
22:22 <~elChe> hm
22:22 <@sup_g> evilworks was talkinga bout zeekill
22:22 < Sabu> we have our target.
22:22 < Sabu> gotta own him
22:22 < Sabu> what did evilworks say about him?
22:22 < Sabu> <zeekill> I pasted all the chats from operation payback #command
22:22 < Sabu> <zeekill> pastebin doesn't delete chatlogs
22:23 <@sup_g> evilworks say he wishes someone would target zeekill because of
all the pain he brings
22:24 <@sup_g> I believe he actually said if we kill zeekill, anonops is all ours
Page 77


22:25 <@sup_g> this 'stratfor hack was not anon' is gaining traction
22:25 < Sabu> so kill it
22:29 <~elChe> Sabu i only hope u dont give early access to BB to your server
22:30 <~elChe> cause what hes saying on projpm is making me getting a headache
22:30 <~elChe> and how the hell he now knows its 2.7 mill
22:30 < Sabu> I don't even speak to bb
22:31 <~elChe> and not 2.4 as early he stated
22:31 < Sabu> only ones with access to my box is alex
22:31 <~elChe> fuck shit
22:31 <~elChe> someone is passing info
22:31 < Sabu> passing info about what/
22:31 < Sabu> ?
22:31 < Sabu> what is being said
22:31 <@sup_g> bb access to sabu's server?
22:31 <~elChe> sup_g: when u discussed with him yesterday did u say 2.7 mil?
22:31 < Sabu> trust me. no one has access to any of my shit
22:31 <~elChe> i ll paste here
22:32 < Sabu> ya
22:32 <@sup_g> elche I don't think so, but I might have
22:32 <~elChe> 3:38) < BarrettBrown_> anyone good guys who could potentially be
put at risk over
%TarenCap~ the release
22:32 <~elChe> (23:38) < BarrettBrown_> Wikileaks obviously worked with a couple
outlets on that,
but got burned by at least one Guardian editor in
doing so
22:32 <~elChe> (23:39) < nix> right. how many emails r there?
22:32 <~elChe> (23:39) < BarrettBrown_> in this case, we could inform the CEO
that we'd consider
BarrettB~ any such redactions
22:32 <~elChe> (23:39) < BarrettBrown_> apparently 2.7 million
22:32 <~elChe> (23:39) < nix> wow. a lot of hrs to go through but it cd be done.
22:32 <~elChe> (23:40) < BarrettBrown_> well, it likely won't be done, based on
what happened with
just 70,000 e-mails from HBGary that were
released under
more dramatic and media-friendly circumstances
22:32 <~elChe> (23:40) < BarrettBrown_> which is why we should start thinking
about what keywords,
names, etc we should focus on when the search
22:32 <~elChe> and before that
22:32 <~elChe> rrettBrown_> and how awesome is it that my e-cig plus into my
laptop via
a USB?
22:32 <@sup_g> that log is fucked up
22:32 <~elChe> (23:37) < BarrettBrown_> there's one more thing that might be done
at this point
22:32 <~elChe> (23:37) < BarrettBrown_> regarding Stratfor
22:32 <~elChe> (23:37) < BarrettBrown_> assuming we have the cooperation of the
folks who possess
the data
22:33 <~elChe> (23:37) <&JohnMcCain> ?
22:33 <~elChe> (23:38) < BarrettBrown_> we could talk to them and ask if they'd
like to make any
evilwork~ reasonable requests of redaction before those
e-mails go out katanon
22:33 <~elChe> (23:38) < BarrettBrown_> for instance, if they talked on
background to activists
under dictatorships, etc

<~elChe> yep well i have many terminals opened
<~elChe> it was a tiny one
< Sabu> mm
< Sabu> I'll speak to this faggot in a minute
< Sabu> give me a minute
< Sabu> tell him to shut the fuck up
<~elChe> (23:39) < BarrettBrown_> in this case, we could inform the CEO
Page 78


that we'd consider
any such redactions
22:35 <~elChe> (23:39) < BarrettBrown_> apparently 2.7 million
22:35 <~elChe> (23:39) < nix> wow. a lot of hrs to go through but it cd be done.
22:35 <~elChe> (23:40) < BarrettBrown_> well, it likely won't be done, based on
what happened with
just 70,000 e-mails from HBGary that were
released under
more dramatic and media-friendly circumstances
22:35 <~elChe> (23:40) < BarrettBrown_> which is why we should start thinking
about what keywords,
names, etc we should focus on when the search
22:35 <~elChe> (23:40) <@Morpeth>
22:35 <~elChe> (23:41) *** Joins: o [o@CLOAK-5co.g1u.t8mv64.IP] has joined
22:35 <~elChe> (23:41) < BarrettBrown_> for instance, there will be e-mail
addresses of certain key
intel officials we'll want to search for
22:35 <~elChe> (23:41) < BarrettBrown_> and contractors, of course
22:35 <~elChe> he s just making plans about the mails as if its already sure he
ll get preview
22:36 <~elChe> we should just give access to some important media and thats all
in that case
22:36 <~elChe> we could get AJE or perhaps Wired
22:36 <@sup_g> yeah I saw that
22:37 <~elChe> i m not comfortable with the idea we took all risk and then he
goes bragging publicly and then
22:37 < Sabu> thats why we shut him down
22:37 < Sabu> honestly my nigga
22:37 < Sabu> he doesnt have those emails
22:37 < Sabu> you and I know this
22:38 < Sabu> hyr couldnt even root any of the servers
22:38 <~elChe> want to sell a book using all he got when we leave him sneak
22:38 <@sup_g> they never tried I think
22:38 < Sabu> yeah
22:38 < Sabu> so hes bluffing
22:38 <~elChe> he never was in optunisia from beginning and he wants to write a
book about that
22:38 <~elChe> wtf?
22:41 < Sabu> bro
22:41 < Sabu> I was in optunisia from day one
22:41 < Sabu> I hacked prime ministers website and took down its entire internet
22:41 < Sabu> by my fucking self
22:41 < Sabu> for ihm to write a book on it
22:41 < Sabu> makes me sick
22:41 < Sabu> you understand how I feel?
22:41 <~elChe> sure
22:41 <~elChe> i was k0mplk2 at the beginning
22:42 < Sabu>
22:42 <@sup_g> elche
22:42 <@sup_g> almost ready with the upload of Bs and Cs
22:42 <~elChe> ok
22:42 <@sup_g> Do we need another pastebin?
22:42 <@sup_g> Or can we just post the files.
22:42 <~elChe> pastebin
22:43 <~elChe> ascii lulz and trolling included
22:43 <@sup_g> K I don't have any additional text included.
22:43 <~elChe> put clear u rooted their servers
22:43 <@sup_g> Also, I have to leave in 5-10 =(
22:43 <@sup_g> only for like an hour or two.
22:43 <~elChe> well we can wait if u want
22:43 <~elChe> or give me preview and i ll add silly things
22:44 <@sup_g> I dont have any text prepared.
22:44 <@sup_g> You want to go for it?
22:44 <@sup_g> I'll just give you link to files.
Page 79


22:49 <@sup_g>
22:49 <@sup_g>
22:49 <@sup_g> brb
22:50 <@sup_g> also that wikisend link is all I have for now
22:50 <@sup_g> can you reupload?
22:52 <~elChe> ok i ll make shorter version
22:52 <~elChe> but u ll love it
22:59 <@sup_g> u got what you need?
23:00 <@sup_g> busy
23:00 <@sup_g> but
23:00 <@sup_g> BB just pm'd me this out the blue
23:00 <@sup_g> *BarrettBrown_* Earlier it occurred to me that it might be a good
idea to tell Stratfor that you guys will consider making any reasonable
redactions to e-mails that might endanger, say, activists living under
dictatorships with whom they might have spoken
23:00 <@sup_g> *BarrettBrown_* if they fail to cooperate, it will be on them if
any claims are made about this yield endangering anyone
23:00 <@sup_g> *BarrettBrown_* if they do cooperate, they might try to propose
redactions that are intent on saving their asses or those of their
clients/sources, in which case we'll be alerted to those things
23:00 <@sup_g> *BarrettBrown_* haven't thought it through entirely, but give it
some thought
23:02 <~elChe> #LulzXmas...and more candy coming
#Anonymous #LulzSec #AntiSec #rootd
23:02 <~elChe> check it
23:13 <@sup_g> nice.
23:17 <~elChe> now well sit waiting how the fear of 0day on our side spreads
23:31 < Sabu> lets stop uploading shit to public sites like megaupload. it just
compromised more ips we use.
23:31 < Sabu> stick to piratebay
23:32 < Sabu> which one of us has access to the antisec acct?
23:32 <~elChe> sup_g:
23:33 <@sup_g> yes
23:33 <@sup_g> I got it.
23:33 <@sup_g> well, I have the tpb account
23:33 <@sup_g> but I don't have seedbox
23:33 <@sup_g> I can upload torrent but I cant make them or serve them
23:33 < Sabu> ok lets figure that out asap then
23:33 <@sup_g> and also, am I the only one who has it? because q gave it to me,
and Im not sure anyone else does.
23:34 < Sabu>
23:39 <~elChe> furyoku has seedboxes
23:39 <~elChe> as far as i know u only to have tpb
23:39 <@sup_g> ok I will ahve to give someone it then
23:39 <@sup_g> also
23:40 <@sup_g> hmm nm.
23:47 <@sup_g> also someloser is starting to check the passes from our private
list against their mailservers
23:47 <@sup_g> to see if we can get us some .gov and mil spools
23:47 < Sabu> great
--- Day changed Mon Dec 26 2011
00:50 <~elChe> oh
00:51 <~elChe> we got front page in google news
00:51 <@sup_g> badass.
00:58 <~elChe>
00:59 < Sabu> yo yo
00:59 < Sabu> sn1ffle passed a message over here
00:59 < Sabu> to shout out dkline in our zine
00:59 <@sup_g> yeh?
01:00 <@sup_g> elche did we use that hbgary card?
01:00 <@sup_g> yeah?
01:00 <@sup_g> it shall be so then.
01:00 < Sabu> what hbgary card?
01:01 <@sup_g> I just pasted in our #antisec
01:01 <@sup_g> Name:
01:01 <@sup_g> CC Number:
Page 81


01:01 <@sup_g> Expiration:
01:01 <@sup_g> CVV:
01:01 <@sup_g> Username:
01:01 <@sup_g> Pass (md5):
01:01 <@sup_g> E-mail:
01:01 <@sup_g> Address:
01:01 <@sup_g>
01:01 <@sup_g>
01:01 <@sup_g>
01:01 <@sup_g>
01:02 < Sabu> lolololololololollolol
01:02 < Sabu> WIN!
01:03 <@sup_g> go!!!!!
01:03 <~elChe> hahah
01:03 <~elChe> no nop
01:03 <~elChe> i dont remember that
01:03 <~elChe> need to ask uid0 if he did it
01:03 <@sup_g> do it up!!
01:03 <~elChe> wait
01:03 <@sup_g> hmm yes
01:03 <~elChe> ok
01:03 <@sup_g> we can wait
01:03 <@sup_g> but he will probably find out soon
01:03 <@sup_g> it's in the news
01:08 <~elChe> hm declined
01:08 <~elChe> but i have the screenshots before that
01:08 <~elChe> we can use it to troll
01:09 < Sabu> true
01:11 <@sup_g> do it
01:12 <@sup_g> its on u
01:12 <~elChe> ok ready to go
01:14 <~elChe> do they have official twwt?
01:15 <~elChe> like @hbgary?
01:16 <~elChe> hbgarypr?
01:17 <~elChe> and for those nostalgics
#LulzXmas @HBGaryPR ! #Anonymous #AntiSec
01:21 < Sabu> Woops! That image may have been removed, remember Imagebin is for
temparary image storage. Sorry.
01:21 < Sabu> the removed it
01:22 <~elChe> fucking shit
01:22 <~elChe> lasted 2 min
01:23 <~elChe> whatelse can i use?
01:25 <@sup_g> mirrorcreator
01:26 <@sup_g> imgur, imageshack
01:29 <~elChe> lol
01:29 <~elChe> ok
01:29 <~elChe> several times
01:32 <@sup_g> that was taken down quick
01:32 <@sup_g> i'm sure feds and stratfor employees in chat
01:32 <@sup_g> crying
01:33 < Sabu> haahhahah
01:33 < Sabu> @cnn and
01:33 < Sabu> this shits getting massive
01:34 < Sabu> Twitter is over capacity.
01:34 < Sabu> my man lololol
01:34 < Sabu> this is beautiful
01:35 <~elChe> have u tweeted that cnn one, i ll rt you
01:37 <@sup_g> "you want an interview? send a /privmsg to Abu"
01:38 <@sup_g> <wicked> completely unrelated but could IRC RT or tweet out this
update on GoDaddy? They now require written authorisation to transfer domains -!/YourAnonNews/status/151122677522903040
01:39 <~elChe> ok
01:39 < Sabu> hahahahah
01:40 <~elChe> if brazilians start flooding
01:40 <~elChe> will get anonymous hashtag on trending topics
Page 82


01:58 < Sabu> Benny YaSeewhatweyedidthere Bones Learn to encrypt ya stupid fucks
01:58 < Sabu> lolol
01:59 <~elChe> xD
02:00 <@sup_g> the more hilarious quotes from angry customers the more lulzy the
zine .txt will be
02:00 <~elChe> haahah
02:00 <~elChe> we need to keep the hype up now that big media are catching story
after weekend
02:01 < Sabu> yup
02:01 < Sabu> keep posting gentlemen
02:01 < Sabu> I'm RTing like a fucking champion
02:01 < Sabu> keep the media frenzy exploding
02:01 < Sabu> what about posting every hour on the dot a-z users
02:02 <~elChe> sup
02:02 <~elChe> sup_g: anything handy to drop?
02:02 <@sup_g> ok I'm thinking tomorrow we open up the morning with more dumps
and another demand
02:02 <@sup_g> maybe this time NDAA/SOPA?
02:02 <@sup_g> if it's not dropped by the end of the day and all
02:03 <@sup_g> we also have the wildcard, the specialforces credit cards and
addresses, that's 8k cards / 14k addresses
02:03 <~elChe> hm
02:03 <~elChe> why not drop those ones?
02:04 <@sup_g> yeah we can do them anytime
02:04 <@sup_g> maybe early in the AM?
02:04 <@sup_g> I think we should wait till tomorw
02:04 < Sabu> :x
02:05 < Sabu> I'm open
02:05 <@sup_g> we already did a lot today
02:05 < Sabu> sup_g: :x
02:05 <@sup_g> we still got almost a week for the rest
02:05 < Sabu> sup_g: :x
02:05 < Sabu> sup_g: :x
02:05 < Sabu> sup_g: :x
02:05 < Sabu> sup_g: :x
02:06 <~elChe> hm ok meanwhile i ll repost that pastebin as proof of rooted
server with diff troll
02:07 < Sabu> 1:58 <wicked> you know...if you guys just dumped everything you had
on Stratfor atm, it might create some unpleasant waves in the market tomrw
02:07 < Sabu> 02:02 <Sabu> how so?
02:07 < Sabu> 02:02 <wicked> trying to get the @Anonymous and @Antisec
Twitter names? Considered phishing them?
02:07 < Sabu> 02:03 <Sabu> I am too lazy for phishing
02:07 < Sabu> 02:04 <Sabu> if you guys want to try by all means
02:07 < Sabu> 02:04 <Sabu> we'll be happy
02:07 < Sabu> 02:05 <wicked> well, look at the CNN article kat just posted in
chan. DOD is clearly shaking in their boots, ppl dont know
02:07 < Sabu>
what ya'll have, lots of uncertainty. Markets don't
like uncertainty. Flood out all CCs and millions of
02:07 < Sabu>
mails belonging to fed agencies, banks, companies
etc, and that creates even more turbulence. That's my
02:07 < Sabu>
opinion, at least.
02:07 < Sabu> he has a point
02:07 < Sabu> stratfor is more important that we think
02:07 < Sabu> we're holding onto mails that a lot of media and intelligence
relied upon
02:09 <@sup_g> yes
02:09 <@sup_g> big score, big score
02:10 <@sup_g> speaking of mails we need to get it out there ASAP
02:10 <@sup_g> while it's hot and while we have eager volunteers
02:10 <~elChe> we need journos
02:10 <~elChe> true journos and not trash
02:11 <~elChe> sup_g: can u give me some other bunch of CCs?
02:11 <~elChe> like 500
02:11 <~elChe> or something?
02:12 <@sup_g> sure
02:12 <@sup_g> i'll give you the ones with blank names that actually were above
Page 84


the "A"s
02:13 <@sup_g> names aren't blank, just stored in the billing address section
02:13 <@sup_g> but cause of the way it's sorted
02:13 <~elChe> hmm ok
02:13 <~elChe> its just to include something new
02:13 < Sabu> I feel like posting a pic of my cock on twitter
02:13 <~elChe> on the same root paste
02:13 < Sabu> and just completely mindfuck 30,000 people
02:13 <~elChe> hahahah
02:13 <~elChe> i ll rt
02:14 < Sabu> lolol
02:14 < Sabu> my lady might get upset. cant :X would be hilarious though
02:14 <~elChe> anonymous cock is anonymous
02:14 <~elChe> use lex steele one...
02:14 <~elChe> hahahaha
02:18 < Sabu> I just figured out why brazillians love us
02:18 < Sabu> anonymouSabu The Real Sabu
02:18 < Sabu> @
02:18 < Sabu> @AnonIRC @programapanico huehuehuehuehue :PppppPPPppppP
02:18 < Sabu> I can impersonate their smiles and laughs to perfection
02:18 < Sabu> remember when I played BR4ZIL under lulzsec?
02:18 < Sabu> hahahhahahhahaha
02:18 <~elChe> lol
02:19 <@sup_g> uploading for you elche
02:19 <@sup_g> also booz allen hamilton is in this set
02:20 <@sup_g> did we rape that card yet?
02:20 <@sup_g> CC Number:
02:20 <@sup_g> Expiration:
02:20 <@sup_g> CVV:
02:20 <@sup_g> Username:
02:20 <@sup_g> Pass (md5):
02:20 <@sup_g> E-mail:
02:20 <@sup_g> Address:
02:20 <@sup_g>
02:20 <@sup_g>
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
02:20 <@sup_g>
02:20 <@sup_g>
02:20 < Sabu> invite someloser I think hes here
02:20 <@sup_g> he's cool
02:21 <~elChe> ?
02:21 <~elChe> ok
02:21 <~elChe> pastebin ready
02:21 <~elChe> just need the link
02:23 * elChe reads news
02:23 < Sabu> not sure if you niggas can tell
02:24 < Sabu> but im in a lulzy fucking mood
02:24 < Sabu> im usually a cranky fuck
02:24 <~elChe> hahahahahahahaahha
02:24 <@sup_g> I know
02:24 <@sup_g> You were hitting on katanon and everything
02:24 < Sabu> hahahahahahhaha
02:24 < Sabu> :X
02:26 <~elChe> xD
02:27 <@sup_g> still uploadin
02:27 <~elChe> holy shit
02:29 <@sup_g> slow
02:29 < Sabu> ?
02:35 <@sup_g>
02:36 <@sup_g> more comin
02:36 <~elChe> agh ok
02:36 <~elChe> more?
02:36 <@sup_g> well if you want more mirrors
02:36 <@sup_g> but that's good if you just want to go with that
02:42 -!- someloser [] has joined #LulzXmas
02:42 < someloser> yeah!
02:42 <@sup_g> =)
02:42 < someloser> (in the style of BJ Blackowitz at the end of Wolfenstein)
02:42 <@sup_g> elche still uploading on if you want more than
Page 85


02:42 <@sup_g> hell yes, wolfenstein.
02:42 <@sup_g> fuckin dos
02:42 <~elChe> yep ok i llwait
02:43 <~elChe> meanwhile i check the paste
02:45 < someloser> bitches don't know about my 72-pin dimms
02:49 < Sabu> thats my mother fucking
shit sup_g we need to get ATR out there on the next big hack
02:49 < Sabu> I migt even come out in my mask like whoa
02:51 < Sabu> holy shit
02:51 < Sabu> I want to throw my laptop out my window
02:51 < Sabu> and drop kick the next cop I see
02:51 * Sabu is too excited
02:51 <~elChe> hahahaha
02:52 <~elChe> hows going the upload?
02:53 <@sup_g> 99% done
02:53 <@sup_g> links in 2-3 minutes
02:55 < someloser> If asshole-cops are just bad apples, where are the good-guy
cops who are supposed to report them? In their silence, they corroborate.
02:59 <@sup_g> elche this ain't working for me
02:59 <@sup_g> <3 someloser
02:59 <@sup_g> slow net connection elche sorry this multiupload failed
03:04 < Sabu> gh3y
03:06 <~elChe> ok
03:06 < Sabu>
03:06 < Sabu> 155G
03:06 < Sabu> so sexy
03:10 < Sabu>
03:10 < Sabu> dazzlepod going in
03:15 <~elChe> ok done
03:15 <~elChe> Merry #LulzXmas II -Can I haz rootz? -yeah sure, all their base
are belong to us anyway.
#Anonymous #OWS
03:18 < Sabu> <3 showing love to kayla on mine
03:18 < Sabu> ill rt yours if you rt mine o_O rawr
03:18 <~elChe> lol
03:19 <~elChe> done
03:31 < Sabu> sup_g:
03:31 < Sabu> LOLOLOL
03:31 < Sabu> 03:30 <rootkit>
03:31 < Sabu> 03:30 <rootkit> that's a blind sqli on icann
03:31 < Sabu> thats fucking comical
03:31 <@sup_g> oh, shit
03:31 <~elChe> ...
03:31 <@sup_g> so many people submitting shit this week
03:31 <@sup_g> fuck is up
03:32 < Sabu> I dont know. 2012 feels like its going to be a fucking
rollercoaster ide
03:32 < Sabu> ride
03:32 < Sabu> you gents ready for it?
03:32 <@sup_g> ready to ride
03:32 <@sup_g> ;D
03:33 < Sabu> I got my helmet ready
03:33 * elChe takes his viagra box
03:44 < Sabu> yoooooooooooooooo
03:46 <~elChe> hahahahah
03:46 <~elChe> we really trolled parallax9
03:46 < Sabu> really?
03:47 < Sabu> link!
03:47 <~elChe> replias on his tweet
03:47 <~elChe> wait
03:47 <~elChe> nicraus Gerry Healy
03:47 <~elChe> Just bought the "The Coming Insurrection" on recommendation from
...from iTunes #irony
03:47 <~elChe> also
03:47 <~elChe> lol
03:47 < Sabu> lolololoo
Page 86


03:48 <~elChe> >>
03:48 <~elChe> Parallax Nine
03:48 <~elChe> Parallax9 Parallax Nine
03:48 <~elChe> Was the "real" Kayla(s) not arrested? Doubtful. #lulzsec
#anonymous #antisec @anonymouSabu
03:48 <~elChe> 19 minutes ago
03:48 <~elChe> Kate Warne
03:48 <~elChe> KateWarne Kate Warne
03:48 <~elChe> @
03:48 <~elChe> @Parallax9 what made you think of that? lol @anonymouSabu
03:48 <~elChe> 15 minutes ago
03:48 <~elChe> Parallax Nine
03:48 <~elChe> Parallax9 Parallax Nine
03:48 <~elChe> @
03:48 <~elChe> @KateWarne @anonymousabu Do you believe "she" is still out there?
03:48 <~elChe> 16 minutes ago
03:48 <~elChe> jones
03:48 <~elChe> wesleypipes12 jones
03:48 <~elChe> @
03:48 <~elChe> @Parallax9 @katewarne @anonymousabu if you talk to kayla
groupies.. They say she is still out there...
03:48 <~elChe> 6 minutes ago
03:48 <~elChe> in reply to ^
03:48 <~elChe> Parallax Nine
03:48 <~elChe> @Parallax9 Parallax Nine
03:48 <~elChe> @wesleypipes12 @katewarne @anonymousabu If anyone talks to Kayla,
ask how Noodles is doing. #Anonymous
03:49 < Sabu> lolol
04:07 -!- elChe [Che@B1887B64.EE24DE46.84E78E68.IP] has quit [User quit:
08:00 -!- uid0 [] has joined #LulzXmas
08:00 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o uid0] by FBI
08:01 <@uid0> yoyo
08:01 < Sabu> y0h
08:03 <@uid0> Sabu: massive media impact! :D
08:03 <@uid0> Even radio stations around here are reporting.
08:03 < Sabu> hell yeah
08:03 < Sabu> its crazyness
08:04 <@sup_g> big time
08:04 <@sup_g> and we can stretch this shit out
08:09 <@uid0> "Our intent is to see what can be done regarding appropriate
redaction, other specifics.
08:09 <@uid0> IS he serious?
08:09 <@uid0> Full disclosure, asshole!
08:11 < Sabu> well sup_g and I have a plan
08:11 < Sabu> we will let BB talk to them
08:11 < Sabu> to get a hilarious response for our zine
08:11 < Sabu> and we will full disclsure anyway
08:11 < Sabu> haha
08:11 <@uid0> oic, that's nice.
08:11 <@uid0> Hope they'll pull a Penny and total humiliate themselves.
08:11 < Sabu> of course they willl
08:12 <@sup_g> BB already talked to kevin gary, sr programmer
08:12 <@sup_g> Hopefully this won't end bad for him
08:13 <@uid0> Nah, didn'T end bad for him when he talked to HBGay either.
08:16 <@sup_g> if today we asked for a decent meal on the streets for bradley
manning, what will we ask for tomorrow
08:17 <@uid0> Occupations have stormed fortress Walls, with-in-tents and taken up
residence; leaks and revelations have led to revolutions, a deluge of ferment.
Ladies and gentlemen, if twenty-eleven was a prelude, a portent of things to
come, then it's dramatically clear we're in for a massive year.
08:17 <@uid0> Rap News X is awesome
08:18 <@sup_g> Oh yeah saw that shit earlier
08:19 < Sabu> ind33d
10:33 -!- elChe [Che@7033C2C3.EE24DE46.84E78E68.IP] has joined #LulzXmas
10:33 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+qo elChe elChe] by FBI
10:35 <~elChe> hi guise
10:36 <@sup_g> hey hey
Page 87


10:36 <@sup_g> ready for another round???
10:36 <@sup_g> haven't slept in a day
10:36 <@sup_g> i'm writing statement for next drop now
10:38 < Sabu> yes
10:38 < Sabu> I havent slept either
10:38 < Sabu> FUCK IT
10:38 < Sabu> LETS DO IT
10:39 <~elChe> ok
10:39 <@sup_g> hey also
10:40 <@sup_g> fixing this mail tar is top priority
10:40 <@sup_g> I dont' know what the fuck is wrong with it.
10:40 <@sup_g> But I'm worried, because we got people asking to look at it, the
sooner the better
10:40 <~elChe> hm
10:41 <@sup_g> sabu said he had ideas
10:41 < Sabu> I'll look at it in a second
10:41 < Sabu> Im sober
10:41 <@uid0> We lost mail?`
10:41 < Sabu> sup_g: this convo with hyrr is win
10:42 <@sup_g> yeah he's pretty voodoo
10:42 < Sabu> we have a new task sup_g
10:42 < Sabu> operation get hyr's 0days
10:43 < Sabu> GH0 for short
10:43 < Sabu> working n mails
10:43 < Sabu> brb
10:44 <@uid0> What's wrong with the mails?
10:44 <@sup_g> uid0: tar and cdio both die out
10:44 <@sup_g> it's 160GB
10:44 <@sup_g> but apparently it has issues after 2GB?
10:44 <@sup_g> bsd
10:45 <@uid0> so we can't get mail?
10:45 <@sup_g> well there's a few options
10:46 <@sup_g> sabu said he suspects he knows what's wrong, alex might have a
clue too
10:46 <@sup_g> also, I did copy ~10-15 spools by hand
10:46 <@sup_g> but we need to copy them from a bounce
10:47 <@sup_g> but yes we need to get on this mail, it's top priority
10:47 <@sup_g> we alreayd showed our hand in the media that we have it
10:47 <@sup_g> if we fuck it up it'll be hard to control the spin
10:48 < Sabu> don't worry ma'am
10:48 < Sabu> im from the internet
10:52 <@sup_g> so you got it then?
10:54 <@sup_g> we shouldn't have rm'd if we weren't sure =(
10:54 < Sabu> its decompressing now
10:54 < Sabu> I'll let you know if its
10:55 < Sabu> so far so good but im still on 0/420
10:55 <@sup_g> yeah it goes to 442
10:55 <@sup_g> then dies
10:56 <@sup_g> if this guy h is for real
10:56 <@sup_g> this is like superhero level
10:56 < Sabu> he is forreal sadly
10:56 < Sabu> he literally controls
10:57 < Sabu> syrias internet
10:57 < Sabu> hes shown me
10:57 < Sabu> if hyr decides right now
10:57 < Sabu> to shut down syria
10:57 < Sabu> he can
10:57 < Sabu> haha
10:57 < Sabu> I kind of feel like a lamer
11:01 -!- elChe [Che@7033C2C3.EE24DE46.84E78E68.IP] has quit [Ping timeout]
11:06 < Sabu> trying a different method now
11:08 <@sup_g> damnit.
11:08 <@uid0> That be like epic fail if we lost those.
11:08 <@sup_g> it really would
11:08 <@uid0> Is the tarball corrupted or smth?
11:09 <@sup_g> it's 160GB of something, that's for sure.
11:09 <@sup_g> I skimmed it and it appears to be email correspondence.
11:09 <@sup_g> Maybe it can be repair. Or maybe it's also just incomplete
Page 88


11:09 <@uid0> Oh, so you aren't even sure it's email?
11:10 < Sabu> ra/store/0/442/msg/17/73532-95079.msg
11:10 < Sabu> opt/zimbra/store/0/442/msg/17/70665-90918.msg
11:10 < Sabu> opt/zimbra/store/0/442/msg/17/69940-89627.msg
11:10 < Sabu> opt/zimbra/store/0/442/msg/17/73580-95124.msg
11:10 < Sabu> opt/zimbra/store/0/442/msg/17/73472-95011.msg
11:10 < Sabu> opt/zimbra/store/0/442/msg/17/71296-92191.msg
11:10 < Sabu> opt/zimbra/store/0/442/msg/17/73642-95181.msg
11:10 < Sabu> opt/zimbra/store/0/442/msg/17/71852-92739.msg
11:10 < Sabu> opt/zimbra/store/0/442/msg/17/71668-92565.msg
11:10 < Sabu> opt/zimbra/store/0/442/msg/17/72230-93361.msg
11:10 < Sabu> whose the fucking man anarchaos
11:10 < Sabu> whose daddy
11:10 < Sabu> say it loud
11:11 < Sabu> haha this shit is crazy
11:11 < Sabu> whatever alex did to this tar
11:11 < Sabu> nigga must have fucking beat it with a stick
11:12 <@sup_g> wait what?
11:12 <@uid0> you got Sabu?
11:12 <@sup_g> yes it ended at 442 for me
11:12 <@sup_g> I got that far
11:12 < Sabu> gay
11:12 <@sup_g> and yes uid0 what is there is definitely email
11:12 < Sabu> it stopped now
11:13 <@sup_g> sabu I am talking with biella now
11:13 <@sup_g> you keep at mail
11:13 < Sabu> ok
11:13 * Sabu works
11:13 <@sup_g> hmm
11:14 <@uid0> cpio doesn't work either?
11:15 <@sup_g> it errored out at the same point
11:15 <@uid0> error message?
11:15 <@sup_g> yes
11:16 <@uid0> which one I mean :D
11:16 <@sup_g> Don't worry if you missed it, because there's still much more
mayhem in store.
11:16 <@sup_g> nohup cpio -ivd <../mails.tar > ~/cpio.out &
11:16 <@sup_g> err weird paste
11:16 <@sup_g> but 2nd line is what I tried.
11:16 <@sup_g> cpio: Damaged tar archive: Invalid argument
11:16 <@sup_g> after a while.
11:17 < Sabu> im running gtar with -R now to see where exactly at what block does
it die at
11:18 < Sabu> then going to hexedit my happy ass to that part of the file and see
what the FUC is going on
11:19 <@uid0> backup first! :>
11:19 <@sup_g> I did copy it actually
11:20 <@uid0> otherwise try "dar". it's able to detect data corruption thanks to
crc. only the file(s) with data corruption won't be restored. all others will be.
11:21 < Sabu> sweet
11:27 <@sup_g> luck?
11:29 < Sabu> tried 6 different methods of doing this
11:30 < Sabu> the one method that seems to not have failed is runnin gtar with -i
which ignores errored/zeros
11:30 < Sabu> but it hasnt produced any new mails since 442 watever
11:30 < Sabu> going to let it run in a screen
11:30 < Sabu> if it doesnt recover any mails we're going to do something ghetto
11:30 < Sabu> basically unconsider this .tar a mbox file. we'll need a mbox
converter to break this one file into a entire hierachy
11:31 < Sabu> tar doesnt compress so its essentially a mbox file
11:31 < Sabu> ill let you know of progress
11:32 < Sabu> its running in a screen on that box just -x it if I fall asleep
11:33 <@sup_g> where are you oututting too
11:33 <@sup_g> yeah it's essentially one big mbox file
11:33 <@sup_g> if we have to, we'll have to split it up manually
11:33 < Sabu> yup
11:33 <@sup_g> which will be ridiculous
11:33 < Sabu> haha
Page 89


11:33 < Sabu> block 4192794: opt/zimbra/store/0/442/msg/24/99879-133217.msg
11:33 < Sabu> block 4195934: /usr/local/bin/gtar: Skipping to next header
11:33 < Sabu> block 39475285: ** Block of NULs **
11:33 < Sabu> block 39504716: ** Block of NULs **
11:33 < Sabu> block 39528437: ** Block of NULs **
11:33 < Sabu> block 42074681: ** Block of NULs **
11:33 < Sabu> block 42299276: ** Block of NULs **
11:33 < Sabu> block 42559489: ** Block of NULs **
11:33 < Sabu> block 42560124: ** Block of NULs **
11:33 < Sabu> block 42927253: ** Block of NULs **
11:33 < Sabu> block 42943126: ** Block of NULs **
11:33 < Sabu> this is where the drama is
11:34 <@sup_g> NUL?
11:34 <@sup_g> That's a lot of blocks.
11:34 <@sup_g> Blocks of nul.
11:34 <@sup_g> where'd elche run off ot
11:34 < Sabu> probably when alex transfered the tar using ascii mode
11:34 < Sabu> aha
11:34 < Sabu> block 42560124: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 42927253: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 42943126: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57606435: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57606436: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57606437: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57606438: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57606439: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57606440: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667154: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667174: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667175: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667176: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667177: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667178: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667179: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667183: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667184: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667185: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667186: ** Block of NULs **
11:34 < Sabu> block 57667187: ** Block of NULs **
11:35 <@sup_g> those are sizeable chunks
11:36 < Sabu> if we recover like 3gb of mail from this I'm going to lol
11:37 <@sup_g> well.
11:37 <@sup_g> we're not COMPLETELY fucked.
11:37 < Sabu> well while this dumb shit tries to recover files im going to look
for a mbox converter
11:38 <@sup_g> on our webshell, I did copy like 10-15 spools.
11:38 < Sabu> extractor
11:38 <@sup_g> mhonarc
11:38 <@sup_g> is it
11:38 < Sabu> kk
11:38 < Sabu> let me grab that shit
11:38 < Sabu> brb
11:38 <@sup_g> but we still need to split up stops and starts
11:38 <@sup_g> can't just tell it to run on a giant 160GB file
11:38 <@sup_g> fuck I have trouble converting archives bigger than 3GB
11:38 <@sup_g> mem errs
11:39 < Sabu> ill let you know how it goes negro
11:39 <@sup_g> I am finishing up this PR for today,
11:39 <@sup_g> then I will get back to work on your server to extract shit from
11:46 <@sup_g> sabu where are you exporting the mail to?
11:48 < Sabu> /var/tmp you should see a cockload of html files being generated by
11:48 < Sabu> and /var/tmp/opt is the output of gtar
11:48 < Sabu> both running simultaniously
11:49 < Sabu> mnoharc is working, but, each .html file contains not one email. it
contains like 50 emails per html file
11:49 <@sup_g> hmm may be able to configure that with separators
Page 90


11:49 < Sabu> but
11:49 < Sabu> I have an idea
11:49 < Sabu> give me a minute ;)
11:49 < Sabu> lolol
11:49 < Sabu> if this works
11:49 < Sabu> I will fucking
11:49 < Sabu> lol
11:50 <@sup_g> hmm
11:50 <@sup_g> sabu I don't think it's picking up attachments or anything
11:50 <@sup_g> it's not splicing the attachments into separate files
11:50 <@sup_g> but there's probably a mhonarc config option
11:51 < Sabu> yeah
12:02 <@sup_g> also
12:02 <@sup_g> can we invite h here?
12:03 <@sup_g> so instead of dropping all that ridiculous shit in #antisec, it
could be at least here
12:03 <@sup_g> the cat's out the bag on stratfor anyway so I don't think there's
too much risk
12:03 < Sabu> yup
12:04 <@sup_g> can you add?
12:04 <@sup_g> to axx
12:05 < Sabu> I beleive elche runs this
12:05 <@sup_g> ah yes
12:07 -!- hyrriiya [] has joined #LulzXmas
12:07 < hyrriiya> o hai!
12:08 <@sup_g> =)
12:08 < hyrriiya> i keep making excuses not to work :X that's why im pwning sap's
right now
12:08 <@sup_g> hmm this is sorta a workload disaster
12:08 <@sup_g> shit's last minute as fuck
12:08 < hyrriiya> do 1 line of my doc, hax 1 box :D
12:08 < hyrriiya> let me know if i can help with anything
12:08 < hyrriiya> i'll do anything to avoid actually doing my job :D
12:09 <@sup_g> hmm we need to repair and render these mails
12:09 <@sup_g> .tar file has issues
12:09 <@sup_g> we need more deployment servers as well that have enough space
12:10 <@sup_g> touching up press release and uploading this morning's card dump
to multiple sites now, then i'll try extracting the attachments from their sql db
12:10 <@sup_g> sorry not as fun as owning shit
12:18 < hyrriiya> kk
12:18 < hyrriiya> can u upload that tar file into a server of mine ?
12:19 < hyrriiya> what protocol do u prefer, sftp ?
12:20 <@sup_g> either, i'll copy via screen
12:20 <@sup_g> but hmm wait
12:21 <@sup_g> might want to check with sabu first, as it's his box, and ip info
must be guarded
12:21 <@sup_g> this is just our first base of operations till we can move it
12:21 <@sup_g> which we need to despareately
12:21 < hyrriiya> ahmmm i dont have legit boxes
12:22 < hyrriiya> what i can do is pwn a fresh box with mah 0day :P
12:22 -!- elChe [Che@106E28E6.D10FA275.84E78E68.IP] has joined #LulzXmas
12:22 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+qo elChe elChe] by FBI
12:22 <@sup_g> yo homey
12:22 <~elChe> hi
12:22 < hyrriiya> hernesto, how is the guevara family ? :P
12:23 <~elChe> hi man
12:23 <~elChe> fine
12:23 <~elChe> troubled but fine
12:23 <~elChe> lol
12:23 < hyrriiya> so i hear there is this silc server
12:23 < hyrriiya> patch me through :P i hate talking in irc :X
12:23 <@sup_g> elche we got troubles for sure
12:23 <@sup_g> about this mail tar being broken
12:23 <~elChe> fuck
12:24 < hyrriiya> :x
12:24 <@sup_g> but possibly recoverable
Page 91


12:24 <~elChe> fuck
12:24 < hyrriiya> tar is sequential
12:24 < hyrriiya> so only the last bits will be fuqt
12:24 <~elChe> at least we should recover something
12:24 <@sup_g> worst case scenario we have the 10-15 spools on that one bounce
12:24 <@sup_g> also we need this shit on other servers asap
12:25 <~elChe> ok
12:25 <@sup_g> I am prepping the next drop and text
12:25 <~elChe> we should try to recover all we can
12:25 <~elChe> on current one
12:25 <~elChe> then evaluate loss
12:25 <@sup_g> also we were hit up by AJEMatteen about wanting to do a video
12:25 <~elChe> and mirror all
12:25 <@sup_g> passed him screenies, the lulzxmas teaser vid, the text we
released so far
12:25 <~elChe> fine
12:25 <@sup_g> biella was somewhat interested in maybe going on the air but shes
12:26 <~elChe> hurting?
12:26 <~elChe> i ll talk to her
12:26 <@sup_g> hurting hospital wise
12:26 <@sup_g> see pm elche
12:28 <~elChe> ok
12:28 <~elChe> what???
12:28 <~elChe> wtf
12:28 <~elChe> she what?
12:33 <@sup_g> also
12:33 <@sup_g> crackpot scheme barrettbrown had
12:33 <@sup_g> convinced me and sabu it was a good idea
12:33 <@sup_g> but he actually called up stratfor and was trying to talk to them
about the mail
12:33 <@sup_g> his concern is that activists in some countries who was leaking
information to news might be compromised similar to WL shit
12:34 <~elChe> how s going syria hyrriiya?
12:34 <@sup_g> and asked if whether stratfor would be interested in helping
redact the info from the mail
12:34 <@sup_g> he got kevin garry, sr programmer, on the phone
12:35 <~elChe> hm.
12:35 <~elChe> i dont like to negotiate
12:35 <@sup_g> it's ridiculous for a million reasons
12:35 <~elChe> someone once told me BB ask for money
12:35 <@sup_g> how's new servers going btw
12:35 <@sup_g> sooner we can get this on multiple systems the better
12:36 <~elChe> ok ok
12:36 <~elChe> i ll get servers to mirror it
12:36 <~elChe> but we need to know how much from those mails left
12:36 <@sup_g> we still ahve the full file and it's probably recoverable
12:37 <@sup_g> it's just parsed and split up incorrectly
12:37 <~elChe> well we need to untar
12:37 <~elChe> and see whats up
12:37 <@sup_g> it stops after ~2GB
12:37 <~elChe> fuck
12:37 <@sup_g> with cdio as well
12:37 <@sup_g> and gtar and a few other tricks
12:38 <@uid0> sup_g: you tried dar?
12:39 <@sup_g> I assumed sabu did but lemme see.
12:40 <~elChe> bzip2recover if fits
12:43 <~elChe> hm
12:43 <~elChe> have u tried cpio isnt it?
12:44 <@sup_g> also uid0
12:44 <@sup_g> yes I tried cpio
12:44 <~elChe> cpio -ivd -H tar < file
12:44 <@sup_g> nohup cpio -ivd <../mails.tar > ~/cpio.out &
12:44 <@sup_g> stops at same spot tar did
12:44 <@sup_g> uid0 can you tweet
Page 92


12:44 <@sup_g> that's jefferson city, which was targeted during the IACP hack,
and had all their SSNs and addresses dropped
12:45 <@sup_g> now they winning awards for cyber security lol
12:47 <~elChe> fuck...with tar...
12:53 <@sup_g> elche I have a preview of a statement if yu want to look at it
12:53 <@sup_g> wicked offered to touch it up as well? he worked on the intro for
the zine a bit too
13:03 <~elChe> ok
13:04 <@sup_g> k 1 min
13:09 <~elChe> dont forget the lulz sup_g
13:11 <@sup_g> ok
13:11 <@sup_g> I am copying to you and wicked
13:11 <@sup_g> tell him your ideas he will go over it
13:11 <@sup_g>
13:11 <@sup_g> pass: yoyoyo
13:11 <@sup_g> warning, it's a really shitty first draft but we got to hurry,
markets open in the US in 15 minutes
13:12 <~elChe> and random pseudo-schizo loquacity on the comments..
13:12 <@sup_g> ok
13:12 <@sup_g> talk to wicked I just sent it to thim too
13:13 <~elChe> ok
13:19 <~elChe> looks fine
13:19 <~elChe> need more lulz
13:20 <@sup_g> wicked will add to it some
13:20 <@sup_g> and if it's still not to your liking, you can go at it
13:20 <@sup_g> I do think we should have at least one more 'serious' thing a day
13:20 <@sup_g> but whatevers clever
13:25 <@sup_g> hmm
13:25 <@sup_g> aparently in the US this is a major day int he market
13:25 <@sup_g> sort of like black friday or cyber monday or something
13:25 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Input/output error]
13:33 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
13:33 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
13:33 <@sup_g> back
13:35 <@sup_g> today is boxing day? incorporate somehow?
13:57 <@sup_g> elche
13:57 <@sup_g> can you hit up biella on
14:07 < hyrriiya> domains: 1034
14:07 < hyrriiya> mail boxes: 1968
14:07 <@sup_g> shiiiit.
14:07 < hyrriiya> databases: 911
14:07 < hyrriiya> oops
14:07 < hyrriiya> wrong win :D
14:07 <@sup_g> some random box?
14:07 < hyrriiya> yeah :)
14:07 < hyrriiya> .ch
14:08 < hyrriiya> i think im gonna poke about
14:08 < hyrriiya> see if they have more
14:08 < hyrriiya> i love the ovh .pl boxes i have :)
14:08 < hyrriiya> got about 4k good boxes :)
14:09 < hyrriiya>
14:09 < hyrriiya> metanet or whatever
14:27 < hyrriiya> 13:43 <~elChe> how s going syria hyrriiya?
14:27 < hyrriiya> good :)
14:27 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Ping timeout]
14:27 < hyrriiya> problem with syria is that its hard to make a diference for the
14:27 < hyrriiya> i've gonna try and keep the access i have as long as possible
14:27 < hyrriiya> but i have doubts it will get better for the people there
anytime soon
14:28 < hyrriiya> if NATO comes into play, it will suck
14:28 < hyrriiya> if assad stays, it will suck
14:28 < hyrriiya> there is no institution that u could contact that is interested
in helping the people
14:28 < hyrriiya> so im quietly getting in deeper :)
14:28 < hyrriiya> i currently control all internets there
14:28 < hyrriiya> im looking to grab 3g/WCDMA access now
14:29 < hyrriiya> i also have access to the military VPN's and the atomic energy
Page 93


research center :P
14:29 < hyrriiya> see if i can poke about and get good shits
14:29 < hyrriiya> but i feel for the people there, they are getting murdered and
i cant do anything to help :(
14:30 < hyrriiya> but whatever happens there, i plan to keep my access forever :D
14:30 < hyrriiya> i currently have 3 banks there, so once the embargos go away i
can fuck their cash
14:41 <~elChe> hi
14:42 <@sup_g> sounds like a serious situation h
14:43 <@sup_g> elche see pm
14:43 <~elChe> ok
14:57 <~elChe> hyrriiya: if u dont want to release syrian stuff
14:57 <~elChe> just mess all there
14:57 <~elChe> discretely
14:58 <~elChe> hit the infrastructure as much as u can without losing control on
14:58 <~elChe> ofc focusing on govt one
15:07 < hyrriiya> yeah we're releasing some stuff in revolusec
15:07 < hyrriiya> but my long term view is more like, "hax everything critical
and keep access"
15:08 < hyrriiya> u never know when it might be useful to be able to geolocate
phones in there
15:08 < hyrriiya> or to do whatever in the banks
15:11 <~elChe> tell me when u release i ll rt you
15:15 <@sup_g> hey
15:15 <@sup_g> we just got this submitted to us
15:15 <@sup_g>
15:16 <@sup_g> pass: lulzC0ntr0l
15:16 <@sup_g> its some dox/intel on combined systems /
15:16 <@sup_g> lethal
15:16 <@sup_g> they were in the news recently for rovoding "less lethal" weaponry
to police that has been used against OWS and others
15:16 <@sup_g> hyrriiya: notice a few of those hosts appear ot be plesk
15:17 <~elChe> hm that remembers me we got scan on north korea
15:21 < hyrriiya> sup_g: if u get port
15:21 < hyrriiya> i can prolly pwn it
15:22 <@sup_g> 1 min.
15:22 <@sup_g>
15:22 <@sup_g> Trying
15:22 <@sup_g> Connected to plesk.
15:22 <@sup_g> Escape character is '^]'.
15:22 <@sup_g> =D =D =D
15:23 <@sup_g> that is a major target, especially concerning police brutality and
15:23 <~elChe> lol
15:23 <@sup_g> I'd quit my job and work on this shit full time for a month
straight if we can get that target.
15:24 <@sup_g> hrm. aspx
15:24 <@sup_g> hate windows systems with a passion.
15:25 < hyrriiya> its windows yeah
15:25 < hyrriiya> on windows there is a caveat
15:25 < hyrriiya> i can pwn it
15:25 < hyrriiya> BUT
15:25 < hyrriiya> what i can really do
15:25 < hyrriiya> is change the admin password :P
15:25 <@sup_g>
15:25 <@sup_g> Trying
<- mail server, no
15:25 <@sup_g> hmm makes me want to audit plesk
15:26 < hyrriiya> dont :p
15:26 < hyrriiya> dont find my vuln plox :P
15:26 <@sup_g> oh so it's like that now eh??
15:26 < hyrriiya> anyway, on windows i can password reset
15:26 < hyrriiya> if u want i'll try :p
15:26 < hyrriiya> ehehehe :P
15:26 <@sup_g> well.
15:26 <@sup_g> maybe we should wait.
15:26 < hyrriiya> trying to preserve mah 0day :x
15:26 <@sup_g> until we have free time, in the middle of the US night
Page 94


15:26 <@sup_g> and this mayhem winds down a bit
15:26 < hyrriiya> ah kk
15:27 < hyrriiya> i guess they'll notice when the admin password no longer works
15:27 <@sup_g> yes tis verbose
15:27 <@sup_g> btw alex is on box working on mail
15:27 <@sup_g> trying to write a script to manually splice out contents of .tar
15:27 <@sup_g> err, not manually persay
15:32 <~elChe> ok guise
15:32 <~elChe> we r doing just great on media
15:32 <~elChe> if u r looking for pwn something else
15:33 <~elChe> its pretty much a nice timing
15:33 <~elChe> we attack without giving them time to breath
15:33 <@sup_g> It's a good idea.
15:33 <~elChe> the shock will blow them out
15:36 <@sup_g> More attacks the merrier. I was really hoping some other allied
crews had something lined up for lulzxmas but apparently not.
15:36 <~elChe> if we had something else right now during the hype
15:36 <~elChe> = win
15:36 <~elChe> add*
15:36 <@sup_g> oh also elche
15:36 <@sup_g> we NEED to get those other spools up
15:36 <@sup_g> within days
15:36 <~elChe> ok
15:36 <@sup_g> because it is set to go off on the 30th
15:37 <@sup_g> just the three ca ones
15:37 <~elChe> how many gb we got clean from tar?
15:37 <@sup_g> alex is on it this minute, btw
15:37 < hyrriiya> crap that plesk box is virtualized aside from being windows
15:37 < hyrriiya> my currenty exploit doesnt work well :P
15:38 <@sup_g> I wouldn't worry about it for now hyrriiya
15:38 < hyrriiya> so if there is a real need to grab it let me know, i'll have to
change a few things
15:38 < hyrriiya> kk
15:38 <~elChe>
15:38 <~elChe> hacked
15:38 <~elChe> yeah not clean one
15:39 <~elChe> but i think ppl are trying to follow the wave
15:39 <~elChe> and thats good
15:41 <~elChe> missemily2012 Emily Elise Ryan
15:41 <~elChe> Happy that @CNN made it clear that #anonymous was NOT involved in
Stratfor, BUT how the hackers only wanted to embarrass the clients. #SOPA
16:07 <~elChe> sup_g:
16:07 <@sup_g> yo
16:08 -!- alex [alex@B9161A8F.B33E1A3.1FCB516D.IP] has joined #LulzXmas
16:08 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o alex] by FBI
16:08 <@alex> sup
16:09 < hyrriiya> hai alex
16:09 <@sup_g> alex h here is a superhero
16:11 < hyrriiya> ehheehe :)
16:11 < hyrriiya> cool
16:11 <@alex> suo
16:11 <@alex> *sup
16:11 <@alex> show me your power D
16:12 <@sup_g> alex is fixng up tar as we speak
16:29 <~elChe> sup_g: u around?
16:29 <@sup_g> yes
16:32 <~elChe> do u have time for something?
16:32 <~elChe> pm
16:33 <@sup_g> yes
17:03 -!- uid0 [] has joined #LulzXmas
17:03 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o uid0] by FBI
17:03 <@uid0> yo
17:04 <@sup_g> homoii
17:04 <@sup_g> yoyoyo
17:05 <@uid0> o/
17:05 <@uid0> what's the tar doing?
17:05 <@sup_g> alex is on it now
Page 95


17:05 <@sup_g> wrote some java to fix up
17:06 <@sup_g> it's good =)
17:06 <@uid0> cool stuff, sounds good
17:11 < hyrriiya> be back in 5hours
17:12 -!- hyrriiya [] has quit [Input/output error]
17:50 < Sabu> yo yo
17:50 <@sup_g> hey homeboii
17:50 <@sup_g> its' all real good =)
17:50 < Sabu> :)( just woke up
17:50 < Sabu> took a na
17:50 < Sabu> na
17:50 <@sup_g> alex hooking it up with custom script to parse them things as we
17:50 < Sabu> hows the news looking?
17:50 <@sup_g> I been going hard all night
17:51 < Sabu> I heard we're all over the news papers
17:51 < Sabu> you mother fuckers are going to get me raied
17:51 < Sabu> HAHAHAAHA
17:51 <@sup_g> we put out 30k cards, the dump, and another
17:51 <@sup_g> dude it's big..
17:51 < Sabu> raided
17:51 < Sabu> if I get raided anarchaos your job is to cause havok in my honor
17:51 < Sabu> <3
18:01 < Sabu> sup_g:
18:01 <@sup_g> it shall be so
18:01 < Sabu> julian assange pretty much just messaged me on jabber through his
18:02 < Sabu> I think wikileaks wants the emails
18:02 <@sup_g> then let's chat
18:02 < Sabu> one sec
18:03 <@sup_g> lol. JA on the line for you
18:03 <@sup_g> 'let him wait a minute, owning something'
18:03 < Sabu> :x
18:03 < Sabu> its cause me and kayla hacked iceland for him during lulzsec
18:03 < Sabu> nigga loves us
18:03 -!- alex [alex@B9161A8F.B33E1A3.1FCB516D.IP] has quit [User quit: Lost
18:04 <~elChe> agh
18:04 <~elChe> Sabu
18:07 < Sabu> yes brother
18:07 <~elChe> check your invites
18:07 < Sabu> ok JA says he wants to look at mails first, see if they can do
something with it
18:07 < Sabu> if the mails are in fact juicy to the point wikileaks will accept
it then its a wrap
18:07 < Sabu> imagine the headlines... we'll fuck the news world up
18:07 < Sabu> shaking shit
18:08 < Sabu> "Anonymous hands over 200GB of intelligence emails to Wikileaks"
18:08 <~elChe> cool
18:08 <~elChe> Sabu then accept invite...
18:08 < Sabu> what invite?
19:02 <@sup_g> here
19:02 < Sabu> jEA
19:03 <@sup_g> yeah
19:03 <@sup_g> WL would be pretty groundbreaking.
19:03 <@sup_g> Plus, we wouldn't have to do half the work.
19:04 < Sabu> yup
19:12 <@uid0> Sabu: which jabber server are you using if you say
isn't secure?
19:14 < Sabu> which is as bad
19:14 < Sabu> about to setup our own shit
19:16 <@uid0> Sabu: Well, marduks been using for really long time
and he's not v&.
19:16 < Sabu> which ironically he's been gone 2 months
19:16 < Sabu> haha
19:17 < Sabu> joking. I know he's ok
19:17 <@uid0> yeah, but we'd have heard of it if he got v& :p
Page 96


19:17 <@sup_g> I use as well.
19:17 <@sup_g> Should I be concerned?
19:17 < Sabu> the reason I say this
19:17 <@sup_g> I do a lot of dirty dirty work form tere.
19:18 <@sup_g> Mostly sexting with sabu
19:18 < Sabu> I have a journalist in germany who frequents ccc
19:18 < Sabu> and says the admins who run that server have contacts with LEAs
19:18 < Sabu> and have to respond to requests from the government for records
19:18 < Sabu> of course this could be 100% bs
19:18 < Sabu> but, I for some reason don't trust CCC
19:19 < Sabu> don't mind me <3
19:19 <@uid0> Sabu: They don't like us, but they certainly dislike german gov
even more.
19:20 < Sabu> yo im having a brainfart sup_g do you remember those famous ass
pakistani hackers that were owning in the 90s?
19:20 < Sabu> they hacked whitehouse with their 0days
19:20 < Sabu> they were like
19:20 < Sabu> pakistan strike force or some shit
19:21 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Ping timeout]
19:35 -!- sup_g [] has joined
19:35 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
20:15 <~elChe> another whitehouse would be great
20:15 <@sup_g> yes that would set it off
20:16 <~elChe> its still drupal isnt it?
20:16 <@sup_g>
20:16 <@sup_g> never looked
20:16 <@sup_g> but
20:16 <@sup_g> have you looked at that private passwrd csv list?
20:16 <@sup_g> 4.5k cracked, some of them are juicy looking
20:16 <~elChe> hm
20:17 <~elChe> whats the current state of the tar?
20:17 <@sup_g> just checked a minute ago
20:17 <@sup_g> 900k emails recovered correctly and going hard with no signs of
errors or slowing down
20:17 <@sup_g> =D
20:17 <@sup_g> alex really put it toether at the last second
20:18 <@sup_g> that would have been a disaster =(
20:18 <~elChe> 900k will be maximum available?
20:18 <@sup_g> oh no
20:18 <@sup_g> it's still going
20:18 <~elChe> oh great
20:18 <@sup_g> it has already correctly recovered 900,000 of the emails so far
20:19 <@sup_g> and is still going fast and strong
20:19 <@sup_g> we'll probably get em all
20:19 <~elChe> i ll look if i got answer about customised server
20:19 <@sup_g> yes please
20:19 <@sup_g> cause this will be ready in a few hours
20:19 <@sup_g> or at least the source files will be
20:19 <@sup_g> rendering is another issue
20:19 <~elChe> ok ok
20:35 <~elChe> sup_g: check pm
21:14 <~elChe> sup_g:
22:40 <@uid0> Z
22:40 <@uid0> yo elChe is it ok to run irc shell from latvian box?
22:41 <@uid0> vpn --> ssh chain --> tor --> shell --> tor --> irc :>
22:55 <~elChe> shell tor irc
22:55 <~elChe> yep why not
22:55 -!- someloser [] has quit [Ping timeout]
23:01 <@uid0> nice, ty
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14:08 <@alex> sup o/
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19:01 <~elChe> hey guise
19:01 <~elChe> biella want to visit us
19:09 <~elChe> sup_g: if not we can invite her here
19:09 <@sup_g> k
19:10 <~elChe> i would like u interact with her lil bit also sup_g
19:10 <@sup_g> oh I talk to her somewhat often
19:11 <~elChe> keep in mind she catalyze us through the world
19:11 <~elChe> ok ok
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10:53 <~elChe> hm
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--- Day changed Thu Dec 29 2011
00:21 <~elChe> hm
00:21 <~elChe> Sabu
00:21 <~elChe> Sabu
00:22 <@sup_g> sabu sabu sabu
00:24 <~elChe> sup_g: do u want we tried the DM?
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from Cryto IRC (Session limit exceeded)]
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01:10 < Sabu> yo
01:10 < Sabu> yo
01:10 < Sabu> yo
01:10 < Sabu> yo
01:10 < Sabu> im here
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18:04 <@uid0> yoyo
18:04 <@sup_g> hey hey =)
18:04 <@sup_g> mail being sent to wikileaks as we speak
18:05 <@sup_g> but we should probably keep that association private for now
18:05 <@uid0> sure thing
18:05 <@uid0> also awesome
18:07 <@sup_g> yes if this collaboration works out it will be for the best
18:07 <@sup_g> responsible disclosure
18:07 <@sup_g> professionals doing all the good prep work
18:07 <@sup_g> takes workload off our plates
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20:57 <~elChe> sup_g
20:58 <@sup_g> uo
20:59 <@sup_g> whats good
20:59 <@sup_g> that tar is 120GB and climbing
20:59 <~elChe> hm ok
20:59 <~elChe> go jabber
20:59 <@sup_g> so it will be a few hours still until we can copy
20:59 <@sup_g> k
21:08 <~elChe> hm
21:43 <@sup_g> uid0
21:43 <@sup_g> you gonna be around within the next 2 hours?
21:44 <@sup_g> would like to do another teaser today
21:48 <@uid0> sure
21:49 <@sup_g> k
21:49 <@sup_g> I will be back in 30 minutes and get started on it then
21:50 <@uid0> alright, i'll be "there" ;)
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22:58 <~elChe> hi
23:00 <@sup_g> yoyo
23:00 <@sup_g> preparing the next drop
23:00 <@sup_g> all the CCs and users DB
23:00 <@sup_g> may as well drop it off now and get a buzz going for the 31st
23:00 <~elChe> hm ok
23:00 <@sup_g> u want to polish off this statement?
23:00 <~elChe> yep its fine
23:00 <~elChe> link?
23:01 <@sup_g> $ du -sh *
23:01 <@sup_g> 11G
23:01 <@sup_g> 39G
23:01 <@sup_g> 152G
23:01 <@sup_g> JA almost done copying the files
23:01 <@sup_g> btw, that tar is done
23:01 <~elChe> how much its left ?
23:01 <~elChe> time to finish i mean
23:01 <@sup_g> mbackup looks like it might be done
23:02 <@sup_g> asking
23:02 <~elChe> time for JA to finish
Page 99


23:02 <~elChe> ok ok
23:02 <@sup_g> still finishing up this statement btw almost done
23:03 <~elChe> no leaks about this partnering?
23:03 <~elChe> i saw strange BB tweets
23:04 <@sup_g> I have not told anyone outside of #antisec channel
23:04 <~elChe> hm ok
23:04 <@sup_g> and have stressed that we should keep this quiet
23:04 <@sup_g> until WL announces
23:04 <~elChe> hm
23:04 <@sup_g> we don't want to jeapordize WL cntact
23:04 <~elChe> i saw some strange tweets
23:05 <@uid0> sup_g: what will ja do with those files now?
23:05 <~elChe> i ll post on jab
23:05 <@uid0> also antisec chan is not a good idea sup_g :\
23:05 <~elChe> we want at least CEO part released as soon as possible
23:05 <~elChe> hm?
23:05 <~elChe> wtf???
23:05 <@sup_g> our antisec channel?
23:05 <@sup_g> no good?
23:05 <@uid0> sup_g: aye
23:06 <@sup_g> theoretically, everyone is vouched
23:06 <~elChe> wait have we post about WL on antisec???
23:06 <~elChe> they snitch to BB
23:06 <~elChe> someone does at least
23:06 <@uid0> no, since the leak to BB it's no longer that way sup_g
23:06 <~elChe> wait i paste something
23:07 <@sup_g> wait
23:07 <@sup_g> is anything specific out there confirming WL collaboration,
besides heresay and rumors?
23:07 <@sup_g> because I saw stories two days ago blaming JA for this
23:07 <~elChe> BarrettBrownLOL Barrett Brown
23:07 <~elChe> @
23:07 <~elChe> @dailydot Uh, I'm not a member of Antisec. But some of them, like
Sabu, are in my IRC giving me updates, etc. Your source is wack.
23:07 <~elChe> 23 hours ago
23:07 <@sup_g> pff.
23:08 <@sup_g> me and sabu were both on project-pm shooting the shit a few days
23:08 <~elChe> @BarrettBrownLOL Barrett Brown
23:08 <~elChe> @FruzsE @dailydot @forbes "us" and "we" is accurate; the Antisec
folks have assisted with our investigation, as did Lulzsec. They're Anons
23:08 <@uid0> elChe: Well, that's his unwarranted self importance and
23:08 <~elChe> so..we work for him
23:08 <~elChe> didnt know it
23:08 <@sup_g> he will do some shit like this regardless
23:09 <@sup_g> but
23:09 <@sup_g> is there specific info that BB knows about WL collaboration?
23:09 <@sup_g> or that word got out somehow
23:09 <~elChe> wait one moer
23:09 <~elChe>
\u262e \u2665 u\u01ddss\u01ddi\u0287 u\u0265o\u0638
\u2665 \u262e
23:09 <~elChe> So I take it the #ProjectPM is not going down. If that is true you
left a lot hanging, #Anonymous @ #Wikileaks @ #Antisec credit is down
23:09 <@sup_g> I don't understand
23:09 <~elChe> and then there was some post in wikileaks section on reddit by BB
23:10 <@sup_g> from ja: mbackup.tar is almost done
23:10 <@sup_g> i'll wait for him to get that finished before we backup our own
23:10 <~elChe> ok
23:10 <@sup_g> which btw elche
23:10 <@sup_g> compression or encryption recommendation?
23:10 <~elChe> ok
23:10 <@sup_g> the new .tar is complete
23:10 <~elChe> since last time with clearspace
23:10 <~elChe> i was worrying about 7z
23:10 <~elChe> for big shits
23:11 <@sup_g> can we just tar.gz and then use gpg to encrypt?
23:11 <~elChe> yeah gpg is fine
Page 100


23:11 <~elChe> symmetric 256
23:11 <~elChe> ascii armor
23:12 <@uid0> wikileaks WikiLeaks by BarrettBrownLOL
23:12 <@uid0> Milions of emails between some of the most powerful men in the
world are about to be released. Help us search them
23:12 <@sup_g>
<23:12 <@sup_g> notice that's logo is the squatter's rights symbol?
23:12 <@sup_g> lol.
23:13 <~elChe> xD
23:14 <~elChe> hm
23:14 <~elChe> if needed i ll tweet something about bb
23:14 <~elChe> but i would prefer to avoid drama
23:14 <@uid0> yeah, no drama atm
23:15 <~elChe> ok
23:15 <~elChe> agh i would really like to send him to hospital ...
23:15 <~elChe> if we were irl... fuck...
23:15 <@sup_g> lol @ "Hmmmm. Where are the comments about these being incapable
"script kiddies" now?"
23:15 <@sup_g> honestly
23:15 <@sup_g> I think we should avoid public condemnations of others
23:16 <@sup_g> with all BB's faults aside, a lot of news groups referred to his
statement as being supportive
23:16 <@sup_g> even if he had nothign to do with the op, his public support is
23:16 <@sup_g> in spite of the media's attempts to make anon community look
23:16 <@sup_g> if we condemn him, itll make us look even more fractured
23:17 <~elChe> he made the right statement to avoid being plugged off
23:17 <~elChe> literally
23:17 <~elChe> but yeah i m raging
23:17 <~elChe> but i ll avoid drama
23:18 <~elChe> Sabu was around earlier i think
23:19 <@sup_g> from ja
23:19 <@sup_g> here is the safe way to move data
23:19 <@sup_g>
23:19 <~elChe> we should ask him about BB too
23:19 <@sup_g> ask him what, his thoughts on this nut?
23:20 <~elChe> no
23:20 <~elChe> cause BB tweeted he was giving updates to him
23:20 <~elChe> at least to know if he s lying on that
23:21 <@sup_g> I told you what he said when I asked about Sabu right/
23:21 <@sup_g> he said as a matter of protocol they don't talk about whether they
do or do not talk to other sources
23:21 <~elChe> no
23:21 <@uid0> wow, Elle MacPherson is still hot @ 48 :o
23:22 <~elChe> hahahahah since when bb takes care about protocols
23:22 <@uid0> elChe: Since he's abt to lose his sources and all axx to
23:22 <~elChe> hm
23:22 <~elChe> wait sup_g u r talking about JA or BB
23:22 <~elChe> ?
23:23 <~elChe> ok i guess ur talking about JA and sabu call thingy
23:23 <~elChe> so nvm then
23:23 <@sup_g> yes
23:23 <@sup_g> asking JA about sabu
23:23 <@sup_g> since sabu mentioned working with WL in the past
23:23 <~elChe> yeah got it now
23:23 <~elChe> no no
23:24 <~elChe> sabu just said he called his assistent or secretary
23:24 <~elChe> thats all i know
23:24 <@uid0> Sandra?
23:24 <~elChe> probably
23:24 <@sup_g> Who knows, who knows
23:24 <@sup_g> JA said he has not spoken to anybody directly about Stratfor yet
until me
23:24 <~elChe> whatever doesnt matter now i guess
Page 101


23:25 <~elChe> ok that makes sense
23:25 <~elChe> since sabu never talked to him directly
23:25 <@sup_g> "Leaked E-Mails
23:25 <@sup_g> ?
23:26 <~elChe> so i think for the moment WL is being really WL
23:26 <~elChe> cant reach
23:26 <@sup_g> <NBE> sepr the "Leaked E-Mails
23:26 <@sup_g> <whitekidney> ah =D
23:26 <@sup_g> <BarrettBrown> yo
23:26 <@sup_g> <o> except for the fact that the emails were not leaked yet.
23:26 <@sup_g> <BarrettBrown>
23:26 <@sup_g> <BarrettBrown> sup o
23:26 <~elChe> wtf is that sup_g
23:26 <@sup_g> <BarrettBrown> any word yet?
23:26 <@sup_g> <whitekidney> BarrettBrown:
23:26 <@sup_g> <whitekidney> you're uh.. gonna have to contact some people
23:26 <@sup_g> <o> word is
23:27 <@sup_g> <NBE> o I don't know ... I just arrived here so I could
"volunteer" to help and I'm just following the urls in the topic ...
23:27 <@sup_g> * eznet_ has quit (Quit: Leaving)
23:27 <@sup_g> <o> bout to dump some secret missile launch codes
23:27 <@sup_g> <whitekidney> BarrettBrown: you're gonna have to get in touch
with people willing to offer hosting
23:27 <@sup_g> <o> go and tweet that
23:27 <@sup_g> <Morpeth> cool nbe, will be plenty of research to join in with
23:27 <@sup_g> <BarrettBrown> cute, but any idea when e-mails will come out?
23:27 <@sup_g> <BarrettBrown> Sabu
23:27 <@sup_g> <BarrettBrown> hai anonpanda
23:27 <@sup_g> tool
23:28 <~elChe> hm
23:28 <~elChe> ok cant see that i2p thingy
23:28 <@uid0> same
23:28 <~elChe> wahts there?
23:28 <@sup_g> no idea I don't use i2p
23:28 <@sup_g> there's some i2p bridges out there somewhere
23:29 <@sup_g> btw gzip'n mailparse.tar
23:29 <@sup_g> almost done with statement
23:29 <@sup_g> "<Morpeth> the link was to hbg emails which are still available
23:29 <~elChe> hm
23:29 <~elChe> trolls
23:30 <@uid0> only the two of you + alex have axx to mails, right?
23:30 <@sup_g> and now, JA
23:30 <@sup_g> and sabu
23:30 <@sup_g> his server onv
23:30 <~elChe> uid0: remember me to nuke BBs router when all this finished
23:30 <@sup_g> obv
23:30 <@uid0> elChe: fuck it, I'll do it myself -.- that guy is costing me years
of lifetime
23:30 <~elChe> hahahah
23:30 <~elChe> i took a valium earlier
23:31 <~elChe> when talking with sup_g
23:31 <~elChe> xD
23:31 <@sup_g> it's gonna be nothing but blunts and bitches after the 1st
23:31 <~elChe> sup_g: say to JA to publish something about Strtfor as soon as
23:32 <~elChe> or paranoia and madness will consume our hearts
23:32 <~elChe> lol !!!
23:32 <@sup_g> ok
23:32 <@uid0> elChe: tbh i'm fine when knowing that BB will be last person on
earth to get hands on these mails before rls :p
23:32 <~elChe> we can keep nuking his router during a month
23:33 <~elChe> and also pm irc
23:33 <~elChe> lol
23:34 <@sup_g> I just asked him what his thoughts are on PR and WL
23:34 <@sup_g> about deadlines, announcements, etc
23:34 <~elChe> ok
Page 102


23:34 <~elChe> this thing is hot now
23:35 <~elChe> its needed to went out soon meanwhile hype is high
23:35 <@sup_g> the suspense can be useful
23:35 <~elChe> and thats go also for WL interests not only our
23:35 <@sup_g> but I agree, more people will read over it and find dirt quicker
when it's hot
23:35 <~elChe> yeah
23:35 <~elChe> and also will avoid potential leaks
23:36 <~elChe> at least WL should post announce they will publish them soon
23:36 <~elChe> we could select some from stratf CEO
23:36 <~elChe> and publish those bunch in our servers saying
23:37 <~elChe> 'get all mails soon in Wikileaks'
23:37 <~elChe> or something like that
23:37 <@sup_g> sounds good to me
23:37 <~elChe> that will enough to keep suspence
23:37 <@sup_g> but i'd like to hear more about WL's strategy
23:37 <~elChe> sure
23:37 <@sup_g> but he agreed that we need to get something out ASAP
23:38 <@sup_g> just to demonstrate it's existence, give folks something to read
into initially, and also to put stratfor on the defensive
23:38 <~elChe> WL can play wahtever strategy they want
23:38 <@sup_g> not that they aren't still trying to get back on their feet from
our insurrectionary fury
23:38 <~elChe> just post something now
23:38 <~elChe> only thing we r asking now
23:38 <~elChe> at least some PR saying they partnerer up with us
23:39 <@sup_g> well.
23:39 <~elChe> or just we gave them the shit
23:39 <@sup_g> that is the best bet
23:39 <~elChe> whatever
23:39 <@sup_g> but
23:39 <@uid0> This might get WL in a better position again. So win win. I mean 1
year ago all of the "higher ups" where shaking when hearing their name. Today
they lost that image somehow.
23:39 <@sup_g> I wonder how criminally liable JA and folks could be
23:39 <@sup_g> by admitting having received hacked stolen and controversial files
from us
23:39 <~elChe> well npr wanted them
23:39 <~elChe> AJE wanted them
23:40 <@sup_g> ther'es hundreds of news articles talking about 2.7 million emails
23:40 <~elChe> so i think ppl prefer to get the hands first on the mails
23:40 <~elChe> and later think aobut legal stuff
23:40 <@sup_g> there were a few good points though
23:40 <@sup_g> that someone mentioned regarding the need for professionals to go
through and prep these emails
23:40 <~elChe> yep its ok about it
23:40 <@sup_g> what if there is info on some correspondents in mexico regarding
23:40 <@sup_g> informants
23:40 <@sup_g> or activists in certain countries with dictatorships
23:40 <~elChe> journos can work on that
23:41 <~elChe> but we r not asking more than WL saying they ll publish our mails
23:41 <~elChe> the only condition we r asking for
23:41 <~elChe> not big deal isnt it?
23:41 <@sup_g> Mr Lipski, whose personal information was published online by
hackers, said the impending release of the emails could amount to a
"mini-WikiLeaks". He said that if hackers were able to penetrate Stratfor's
biggest income-earner, its consulting arm, threats to release the 2.7 million
emails were ominous.
23:43 <~elChe> ok
23:43 <@sup_g> still asking
23:44 <~elChe> that would also bring some relief to us...
23:44 <~elChe> thinkin about it
23:44 <~elChe> hm
23:44 <@sup_g> also
23:44 <@sup_g> and haven't heard back yet
23:44 <~elChe> i mean once world know WL have the emails
23:44 <@sup_g> but they may want to confirm the contents of these files before
Page 103


admitting that "We have the emails".
23:44 <@sup_g> it would look bad if they announced that and it turns out it's
23:45 <@uid0> ofc they will
23:45 <~elChe> LE will accept they cant get on us before making it public cause
its too late
23:45 <@uid0> Read "Inside Wikileaks". Lots of bashing in there, but their modes
of operation are described pretty clear.
23:45 <~elChe> thats pretty much understable
23:45 <~elChe> ofc they need to check we gave waht we said we gave
23:46 <~elChe> but they dont need 2 months to do that
23:46 <@uid0> They not only check content, they also look if stuff looks credible
at all or made up
23:46 <~elChe> one day of full work would be enough to
23:46 <@uid0> elChe: They worked almost 11 months on the cables.
23:47 <~elChe> yep but cables was diff
23:47 <~elChe> they trusted one soldier bringing all that shit
23:47 <~elChe> without more to verify
23:47 <~elChe> all world know we pwnd strtfor
23:47 <~elChe> site is offline
23:47 <~elChe> all raeped
23:48 <~elChe> obviously something happened
23:48 <~elChe> and sup_g asked them to verify with anIRC
23:48 <~elChe> the twt account releasing all news about the shit
23:49 <~elChe> without mentioning the CCs donations...
23:49 <~elChe> the context on this situation is pretty much different
23:50 <~elChe> but finally we r not pressing them to publish all quickly
23:50 <~elChe> we r just asking to release some PR saying they have possesion of
23:50 <~elChe> and they ll work on them
23:51 <~elChe> or something similar at least
23:51 <@sup_g> ok talking to him again
23:51 <~elChe> so we can move on from this thing
23:51 <~elChe> and feel less pressed ourselves
23:51 <~elChe> about publishing them
23:52 <~elChe> and please this time they shouldnt let some rogue to erase the
23:54 <@sup_g> yeah right? dropped the ball on that mofo
23:54 <@uid0> rogue? erase things?
23:54 <@sup_g> including some nazi leaks that I was really, really looking
forward to.
23:54 <@sup_g> what was that douch's ame...
23:54 <~elChe> the BofA shit uid0
23:54 <@uid0> oic, yeah
23:55 <~elChe> Daniel Domscheit-Berg
23:55 <@sup_g> "well. it remains to be seen what browns agenda is."
23:55 <@sup_g> lol.
23:56 <~elChe> that fucking asshole destroyed the BofA whole candy
23:56 <@sup_g> k elche lemme get oyu that statement
23:57 <@sup_g> "he's propped himself up as a main spearhead of this leak but we
don't work with him in any capacity" <- me
23:57 <@sup_g> "yes, that is what I understood.
23:57 <@sup_g> By the very fact that he has been so talkative." <- ja
23:58 <@sup_g> btw
23:58 <@sup_g> his writing style is very similar to what I've seen form previous
leaked logs between DDB and JA
23:58 <@sup_g> not that that means anything necessarily but it's interesting
23:58 <~elChe> hm
23:58 <~elChe> ok
23:59 <~elChe> yep seems him...
23:59 <~elChe> he ll start being acid then
--- Day changed Fri Dec 30 2011
00:00 <@sup_g> "no point in spilling until there is a nice search system. But it
will hit a lot harder if we give all our contacts a couple of weeks to mine it.
almost no media will if there is no exclusivity."
00:01 <@uid0> That'll get us 1 major media outlet in each country of the western
00:01 <@sup_g> trickle systems work well
Page 104


00:01 <@sup_g> because it keeps the supply low (value high), and people gradually
become interested.
00:01 <@sup_g> the trade off is how long the enemy has to prepare to do damage
00:01 <@sup_g> but little impact = little damage
00:02 <~elChe> hm
00:02 <~elChe> yeah
00:02 <~elChe> anyway it looks fine for me
00:03 <~elChe> still we r looking for some PR saying wikileaks is studying those
emails or kina
00:03 <~elChe> kinda
00:03 <~elChe> not so difficult to do that for gods sake
00:04 <@uid0> elChe: That's not how they roll usually.
00:05 <~elChe> yep but its our head here also
00:05 <~elChe> ppl annoying us about mails and so
00:05 <~elChe> nobody will say a shit if WL is working already on them
00:05 <@sup_g> "We're down with that.
00:05 <@sup_g> 7:14
00:05 <@sup_g> But, we'd like some assurance that WL got it handled, what are
your thoughts on announcing that WL has the files or is taking a look at them.
(upon verification of the content of course)"
00:06 <@sup_g> "back in 30. first we spread the encrypted stuff. then survey the
data types (we need to find that consultancy!), then plan strategy timetable
00:06 <@sup_g> we like to give the enemy NOTHING.
00:06 <@sup_g> misinformation or no information.
00:06 <@sup_g> 7:15
00:06 <@sup_g> (the former is always better)"
00:07 <@sup_g> If we get everything safely and it's not all spam, we will be
delighted to handle it.
00:07 <~elChe> hm i undestand they ll start mirroring now
00:07 <@sup_g> then me: "There's concern from folks here that this is a ruse, and
that if we hold off on publishing any data for a month, and yall aren't going to
work on it or publish it, that we fucked up majorly (Folks still worried since
it's just me and you talking that you are fake)
00:07 <@sup_g> But I understand the need to first mirror data, then examine for
legitimacy, before any announcements"
00:09 <@sup_g> "We can tweet something to assure them. But it will be in code."
00:09 <~elChe> hm i got already a tweet
00:09 <@sup_g> yeah that's what I said
00:09 <@sup_g> he took off for a few
00:09 <@sup_g> well all we can do is make our own encrypted mirrors
00:09 <@sup_g> as backup in case WL drops the ball, or that this is fake
00:10 <~elChe> we r looking for just 'wikileaks got his hands on this shit, well
analyze its authenticity and value'
00:10 <~elChe> agh we r jumping into prison each time we do everything
00:10 <~elChe> its not a big risk that shit for them
00:11 <@sup_g> I don't think they operate like that
00:11 <@sup_g> They are far more careful and restrained then we are
00:11 <~elChe> i understand but we have this hack burning everywhere
00:11 <@sup_g> Though.
00:11 <@sup_g> We could always just announce it ourselves that we gave it over to
00:12 <@sup_g> That would have the added bonus of finding out whether this
contact is legit or not, because then the real WL would be like eh????
00:12 <~elChe> yep but we need them agree to do that
00:12 <@sup_g> I know.
00:12 <@sup_g> Might anger them.
00:12 <~elChe> we ll not tweet anything that would damage friends
00:12 <~elChe> if they agree its ok
00:12 <@uid0> sup_g: can't this person you're talking to just tweet exactly what
you tell her? :p
00:13 <@sup_g> her?
00:13 <@uid0> it...the person
00:13 <@uid0> him
00:13 <@uid0> whatever
00:13 <~elChe> uid0: we got dm from wikileaks earlier
00:13 <~elChe> check it
00:13 <@sup_g> was a rando hash
Page 105


00:58 <@sup_g> nice
00:58 <@sup_g> i'm still gonna change it back to global financial meltdown
00:59 <~elChe> hm if u want but we risk to alienate some friendly ppl
00:59 <@sup_g> and 'santa got a big boner' wont'? =p
00:59 <~elChe> everyone will like global revolutions for sure
00:59 <~elChe> lol
00:59 <~elChe> ahhahah
01:00 <~elChe> thats to estimulate testosterone
01:00 <@sup_g> god damnit elche
01:00 <~elChe> between men and sexual tension on girls
01:01 <@sup_g> hey
01:01 <@sup_g> h is providing a box or two for us to copy
01:01 <@sup_g> seeing as we are encrypting the backup it's no worry?
01:01 <@sup_g> or shoudl we wait?
01:02 <~elChe> for encrypted backup i would say its ok i guess if u want it
01:02 <@sup_g> though
01:02 <@sup_g> maybe we should wait for another server first.
01:02 <@sup_g> giving up sabu's box's ip to wikileaks is one thing
01:02 <@sup_g> but this is not as secure
01:03 <~elChe> ok we ordered one and payment is being processed
01:03 <@uid0> sup_g: rats for donavon. <-- ?
01:03 <~elChe> 500gb
01:03 <@sup_g> uid0? hm?
01:03 <~elChe> so jsut waiting for it
01:03 <@uid0> wl just tweeted this
01:04 <@sup_g> from JA: "We have tweeted 'rats for donavon' which is an anagram
for 'stratford on avon'
01:04 <@sup_g> looking good homeys
01:05 <~elChe> ok guise so the pastebin?
01:05 <@sup_g> im posting now
01:05 <~elChe> u cant take out the big boner if u want
01:06 <~elChe> but i can guarantee success on it
01:06 <~elChe> can take*
01:06 <@uid0> "AnonSanta is cumming in town..." :>
01:06 <~elChe> hahahahahhha
01:06 <~elChe> i missed that uid0
01:06 <~elChe> yeah yeah
01:08 <@uid0> It's a pretty offensive release text, but I liek.
01:09 <~elChe> offensive...
01:09 <~elChe> yeah.
01:12 <~elChe> ok its getting late on european timezone
01:12 <~elChe> can we get it out soon
01:14 <@sup_g> yes
01:14 <@sup_g> ready
01:17 <~elChe> so is this a PR or statement?
01:17 <@sup_g>
01:17 <@sup_g> its a half assed statement with links ot the dump
01:17 <@sup_g> not meant for serious media exposure
01:17 <@sup_g> gogogogo!!!!!!
01:18 <~elChe> done
01:18 <@uid0> tweet it?
01:18 <~elChe> ohai guise, even more #LulzXmas gifts!!! and statement :3
#Anonymous #AntiSec #LulzSec #OWS
01:23 <@sup_g> =(
01:24 <@sup_g> some collateral damage on an ally:
01:27 <@sup_g> also
01:27 <@sup_g> can we tweet this:
01:27 <@sup_g> Updated list of NYE Prison Noise Demos
01:27 <@sup_g> but maybe in like 30-50 minutes
01:31 <~elChe> ?
01:31 <@sup_g> new years eve prison demonstrations
01:31 <@sup_g> at the same time that we ar egoing to attack two police targets
01:33 <~elChe> oh shit
01:33 <~elChe> poor sabzbrach
01:33 <~elChe> but well
01:33 <~elChe> shit happens
01:33 <~elChe> ppl should care about where to use their cards
01:33 <@sup_g> An unofficial spokesman for the hackers, Barrett Brown, solicited
Page 107


volunteers online Tuesday, posting that 3.3 million ?emails between some of the
most powerful men in the world are about to be released.?
01:33 <@sup_g> ?Please prepare to help search through them.?
01:33 <@sup_g> During an online chat late Wednesday, he said the emails would be
released within the next day or two.
01:34 <@sup_g> BB is setting our release dates/times apparently
01:34 <~elChe> well good luck to deal with WL then
01:34 <@uid0> @BarrettBrownLOL No such rls date. umad?
01:34 <@uid0> He's pushing me to attacking him in some way. -.01:34 <~elChe> lol
01:35 <~elChe> nah probably better to ignore him
01:35 <~elChe> and make his assertions fail
01:36 <@sup_g> yeah please don't
01:36 <@sup_g> breakups are messy as it is
01:36 <@sup_g> and twitter never helps
01:36 <@sup_g> just ask abhaxas
01:41 <@sup_g> also
01:41 <@sup_g> we need seedbox
01:41 <@sup_g> for NYE's release
01:42 <~elChe> yep ask furyoku
01:42 <~elChe> wehn hes around
01:42 <@sup_g> yeah
01:42 <@sup_g> that's who I'm talking to
01:42 <@sup_g> he is asking if we have one
01:43 <@sup_g> gotta split in 4
01:43 <@sup_g> anything else needed from me till tomorrow?
01:43 <@sup_g> some sweeting loving maybe?
01:44 <~elChe> sup_g: sleep well
01:45 <@sup_g> hm,
01:45 <@sup_g> funny messages from jc..
01:45 <@sup_g> a while ago i read that wikileaks have china govt data
01:45 <@sup_g> i wonder if u can offer them my friend and i to translate
01:45 <@sup_g> or read to see if important to release
i dont do anything
01:47 -!- elChe [] has quit
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01:47 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Input/output error]
01:55 -!- uid0 [] has quit [NickServ (GHOST command used by
01:56 -!- uid0 [] has joined #LulzXmas
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02:01 -!- elChe [] has joined #LulzXmas
02:01 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+qo elChe elChe] by FBI
11:40 <~elChe> hm
13:21 <@uid0> elChe: O/
14:17 <~elChe> hi
18:19 <@uid0> elChe: pls got on jabber, b0tm0ns waiting for you
18:48 -!- sup_g [] has joined
18:48 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
22:29 <~elChe> ohai
22:41 <@sup_g> yoyo
22:51 <~elChe> hi
22:52 <~elChe> sup_g: do u know b0p?
23:05 <@sup_g> not well
23:05 <@sup_g> I talked to him like twice
23:05 <@sup_g> on #antisec on anonops
23:06 <~elChe> hm ok
23:06 <~elChe> he s working on something for us
23:07 <~elChe> in theory he s a greenpeace hacker
23:27 <@sup_g> hacker for greeneace?
23:27 <@sup_g> peace?
23:29 <~elChe> yep
--- Day changed Sat Dec 31 2011
00:14 -!- sup_g [] has quit
[Input/output error]
11:55 <~elChe> hm
12:46 -!- elChe [] has quit [Ping timeout]
Page 108


12:47 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Ping timeout]
17:38 -!- elChe [] has joined #LulzXmas
17:38 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+qo elChe elChe] by FBI
17:39 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
17:39 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
17:39 <@sup_g> hey hey
17:41 <~elChe> hows going?
17:41 <@sup_g> good,
17:41 <@sup_g> got a lot of work over the next five hours
17:41 <@sup_g> I haven't even finished up the statement yet
17:41 <~elChe> great
17:42 <~elChe> i ll be around
17:42 <@sup_g> we may as well forget aobut the torrent for at least a day or so
17:42 <@sup_g> great
17:42 <@sup_g> well defacement is going off as planned
17:42 <@sup_g> I'll doubl check again in a few minutes anyway
17:42 <~elChe> yep sure about torrent
17:42 <@sup_g> even if we can't release the full zine, or the torrent
17:42 <~elChe> ok i perfect
17:42 <@sup_g> we can still deface cslea with their CC info
17:42 <@sup_g> and drop the CA/NY emails
17:42 <~elChe> yep great
17:42 <@sup_g> omfg
17:42 <~elChe> thats pretty muchs something cool on eve
17:42 <@sup_g> this stratfor list had henry kissinger
17:43 <~elChe> hahah probably
17:43 <@sup_g> former cia director
17:43 <@sup_g> jim woosley
17:43 <@sup_g> and former vice president dan quayle
17:43 <@sup_g> I can't think of many people higher on the food chain
17:44 <~elChe> great
17:44 <~elChe> u should pick up also
17:44 <~elChe> some of them
17:44 <@sup_g> henry motherfucking kissinger
17:44 <~elChe> to post
17:44 <@sup_g> well we already posted em
17:44 <~elChe> like teaser
17:44 <~elChe> ok
17:45 <~elChe> if u can put them all together i ll tweet it too
17:45 <@sup_g> lol @ hilarious statement being quoted by CNN and shit
17:45 <~elChe> hahhahha
17:45 <@sup_g> nah it's probably not that significant
17:45 <~elChe> next time u need to trust me for offensive shits
17:45 <~elChe> lol
17:46 <~elChe> u should have leave anonsanta big boner
17:46 <~elChe> xD
17:46 <@sup_g> some stuff, some stuff
17:46 <@sup_g> lol.
17:46 <@sup_g> I might disconnect in 10-15
17:46 <~elChe> ok
17:46 <@sup_g> but I will be back in another 20 after that
17:46 <~elChe> i ll be around for next hours
17:46 <~elChe> for sure
17:46 <~elChe> i could take time for answer if i taking some drinks
17:47 <~elChe> but i ll be all on for here
17:47 <@sup_g> k
17:47 <@sup_g> hmm JA is idle
17:47 <@sup_g> wonder if xfer completed
17:47 <@sup_g> that new box up? maybe we should copy
17:47 <~elChe> lol he s partying girls for sure
17:47 <~elChe> i ll wait for our friend to confirm
17:48 <@sup_g> it's still early here
17:48 <~elChe> yesterday we finished money transfer stuff and account
17:48 <@sup_g> awesome
17:48 <~elChe> so it should be online soon
17:48 <@sup_g> this defacement will feature some badass ASCII art
17:48 <~elChe> then i ll cp your keys
Page 109


17:48 <@sup_g> from gorgon
17:48 <~elChe> and u can start using it
17:48 <~elChe> also i ll give alex root there
17:48 <@sup_g> k
17:48 <~elChe> both of you
17:49 <@sup_g> nice
17:49 <~elChe> sup_g: keep the lulzxmas video on some place
17:49 <~elChe> so its clear we r still going hard in our lulzxmas campaign
17:49 <~elChe> for end of year
17:50 <~elChe> lulzxmas brand has got good vibes
17:50 <~elChe> and stirred motivations
17:50 <@sup_g> k I was gonna try to put another vid or two
17:50 <~elChe> yep sure
17:50 <@sup_g> we can't skip the hardcore rap
17:51 <~elChe> ok
17:51 <@sup_g> it's always been a running theme for my defacements
17:51 <@sup_g> got to have ASCII, got to have rap, got to have hacklog
17:51 <~elChe> great man
17:52 <~elChe> do u want i start stirring things?
17:52 <~elChe> or not yet?
17:52 <@sup_g> Sure.
17:53 <@sup_g> Actually, I may have a few teasers lined up
17:53 <@sup_g> Gonna try to get a live account again.
17:59 <~elChe> hm
18:06 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Ping
18:13 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
18:13 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
18:13 <~elChe> sup_g? u around?
18:13 <~elChe> need feedback
18:14 <@sup_g> k
18:14 <@sup_g> back
18:14 <@sup_g> false alarm on that disconnect
18:14 <~elChe> ok
18:14 <~elChe> look this
18:14 <~elChe> Reporting Live from Battle for Internet: just heard a massive cock
impacting against a cylon server... countdown to lulz started #ExpectUs
#Anonymous #AntiSec #LulzSec #LulzXmas
18:16 <@sup_g> lol
18:16 <@sup_g> whatever's clever
18:38 <@sup_g> ok elche
18:38 <@sup_g> u want to preview this bad ass ascii header graphic?
18:38 <@sup_g> for the zine
18:39 <@sup_g> I will copy a small preview to the .onion
18:44 <@sup_g> wicked sys can we get this trending!/search?q=%23Anonymous2012
18:44 <@sup_g> maybe a RT
18:46 <~elChe> hm
18:47 <~elChe> lol
18:47 <~elChe> can i haz ascii?
18:47 <@sup_g> ok check out /test.html
18:47 <@sup_g> on the onion
18:48 <@sup_g> it's a little bit tall, but I think it's badass
18:48 <@sup_g> I hope it renders correctly in most browsers. It uses extended
ASCII characters
18:49 <~elChe> ok
18:51 <~elChe> holy shit
18:51 <~elChe> lol
18:52 <@sup_g> u like?
18:53 <~elChe> shit yeah!!!
18:53 <@sup_g> shit's badass.
18:53 <@sup_g> gorgon has been making badass ascii
18:53 <@sup_g> he made another 'antisec' bubble logo letters as well as the guy
fawkes mask
18:53 <~elChe> hm
18:54 <~elChe> u should sort that better
18:54 <~elChe> for example after ascii
18:54 <~elChe> u have list of sites
Page 110


18:54 <@sup_g> yeah actaully after the ASCII will go the statement itself
18:54 <@sup_g> it's just not quite finished
18:54 <~elChe> some of them seem more important that others
18:54 <~elChe> so they need to move up on the list
18:54 <~elChe> even if its just a name
18:55 <~elChe> its the perception of importance
18:56 <@sup_g> I hear ya
18:56 <@sup_g> I just copied off their site
18:59 <@sup_g> ok this is the winner:
19:00 <@sup_g> it's especially good because boots riley from the coup lives in
oakland and is involved with the occupation there
19:01 <@sup_g> the vid is just some generic shit, it wasn't produced by boots
himself, just a fan
19:02 <@sup_g> actually this video sucks, I just want the song
19:04 <@sup_g> going with because it
has the original album cover art, which in itself is controversial
19:04 <@sup_g> blowing up the world trade towers
19:04 <@sup_g> was made before 9/11
19:04 <~elChe> no miley cyrus video?
19:04 <~elChe> :3
19:04 <~elChe> lol
19:05 <@sup_g> u wish
19:05 <~elChe> hahahh
19:05 <@sup_g> nah this is teh winrar
19:05 <@sup_g> hrm.
19:05 <@sup_g> chief
changed his pass
19:05 <@sup_g> so no fbivirtualacademy
19:06 <@sup_g> unless he never changed that pass
19:08 <@sup_g> nope, no good
19:08 <@sup_g> o well
19:11 <@sup_g> ok need to make a todo list
19:13 <@sup_g> btw I have made up my mind
19:13 <@sup_g> i'm going on the run
19:13 <@sup_g> after this shit
19:21 <~elChe> hm
19:21 <~elChe> it looks really well
19:23 <@sup_g> what does?
20:53 <@sup_g> elche
21:51 <~elChe> yep
21:51 <@sup_g> problem
21:51 <@sup_g> emergency
21:51 <@sup_g> see jabber
21:51 <~elChe> ok
22:54 < Sabu> yo yo
22:54 < Sabu> sup_g: you sexy mofo
22:54 < Sabu> and elche you gettin trolled by bitches?
--- Day changed Sun Jan 01 2012
00:44 <~elChe> here
00:44 <~elChe> Sabu i m always trolled by girls saddly
00:44 <@sup_g> hey
00:44 <@sup_g> tweet
00:44 <~elChe> ok
00:44 <~elChe> give me twett
00:44 <@sup_g> and maybe our .onion/ca and .onion/ny
00:44 <~elChe> tweet
00:44 <~elChe> as u want it out
00:45 <@sup_g> antisec pwns pigs from coast to coast
00:45 <@sup_g> dunno make something up
00:45 <~elChe> hahahh
00:45 <~elChe> ok
00:48 <~elChe> done
00:48 < Sabu> done
00:49 <~elChe> i ll rt sabu for ny
00:50 <~elChe> done
00:54 <~elChe> happy new year my friends
00:54 -!- sup_g [] has quit [User quit: This
computer has gone to sleep]
00:55 < Sabu> likewise my brother
Page 111


00:55 < Sabu> <3
01:03 <~elChe> i m drunk as fuck
01:03 <~elChe> love u guise
01:03 <~elChe> no homo
01:03 <~elChe> lets say everything ill say here now will not count , ok?
01:03 <~elChe> hahahhah
01:03 <~elChe> XD
01:06 < Sabu> <2
01:06 < Sabu> <3
01:06 < Sabu> im high. you're drunk and supg is offline cuddling with squatters
01:07 < Sabu> we're ogod broo
01:08 <~elChe> hahaah
01:08 <~elChe> yeah
01:08 <~elChe> quinny and biella send kisses
01:08 <~elChe> biella asking for you
01:08 <~elChe> if u r ok
01:08 <~elChe> ping her when u have time
01:10 < Sabu> ok where is she ? irc?
01:11 <~elChe> biella still online in jabber
19:29 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
19:29 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
21:13 -!- uid0 [] has joined #LulzXmas
21:13 -!- mode/#LulzXmas [+o uid0] by FBI
21:13 <@uid0> herro!
21:14 <@sup_g> <3
21:14 <@sup_g> what's going down
21:14 <@uid0> nm, was pretty drunk the last 2 days ;)
21:15 <@uid0> Did I miss anything?
21:17 <@sup_g> yeah we went ahead and defaced cslea
21:17 <@sup_g> dropped the CA and NY spools
21:17 <@sup_g> gorgon made some *badass* ascii
21:17 <@uid0> anything new in case of "rats for donavon"? :>
21:18 <@sup_g> they confirmed they got it all
21:18 <@sup_g> well actually there's three smaller DBs I am uploading now
21:18 <@sup_g> that aren't as important, but, it's being handled
21:19 <@sup_g> they tweeted our CA and NY leak too
21:19 <@uid0> aye, just saw that
21:19 <@sup_g> it's pretty good
21:19 <@sup_g> when we get our 500GB server up
21:19 <@sup_g> we can start going through their mail ourselves
21:19 <@sup_g> we should at least leak one of the spools - george friedman's
21:19 <@sup_g> ourselves.
21:20 <@uid0> Are there eany snapshots of the defacement?
21:21 <@sup_g> yes it's on zone-h
21:21 <@sup_g> 1 min
21:21 <@sup_g>
21:23 <@sup_g> it was a bit cheesy though
21:23 <@sup_g> though I confirmed a month ago I was able to overrite
index/default.asp, they have changed it since
21:23 <@sup_g> so all I coudl do was insert news and then do a full screen div
and iframe to our defacement
21:23 <@sup_g> it worked well and regardless they took the server down (it's
still down)
21:24 <@uid0> btw no "happy new year" tweet by now!?
21:24 <@uid0> Herro folks around the world. We wish a happy 2012 to all our
friends, enemies, haters, supporters and everyone else. Let's rock this year! <-agreed?
21:26 <@sup_g> Do it
21:30 <@uid0> sup_g: Is a mailspool of Joe Arpaio in there?
21:30 <@sup_g> no, joe arpaio is arizona
21:30 <@sup_g> he just got in trouble, btw
21:31 <@uid0> Ah, damn. Always mixing them up -.21:31 <@sup_g> but let me see if any of his fool friends are up on that
21:33 <@sup_g> none for
21:33 <@sup_g> I am currently trying hashes for 'infosec'
21:38 <@sup_g>
Page 112


21:38 <@sup_g> doesn't work on pop3 on that server though =(
21:43 <@uid0> cute, how they think this 74. ip is of any help :>
21:44 <@sup_g> which?
21:44 <@sup_g> confused
21:46 <@uid0> sup_g: some IP based in Seattle. IN those mails.
21:46 <@uid0> From that hosting guy to Ken.
21:46 <@sup_g> ah
21:47 <@sup_g> eh
21:47 <@sup_g> i'm over cslea
21:47 <@sup_g> if anything, go after the doj targets in those passwords
21:47 <@sup_g> but I could not for the life of me get anywhere with
21:47 <@sup_g> I hand tried every one of those passwords on both and
21:47 <@sup_g> and could not find any other login portal, email, nothing
21:47 <@sup_g> same for, had no luck
21:48 <@sup_g> so let crowds sort em out, I'm mostly interested in seeing where
these hashes lead us
21:50 <@sup_g> I still can't believe we got henry kissinger's CC.
21:51 <@sup_g> He is wanted in many countries as a war criminal
21:52 <@sup_g> LOL he used the pass '
21:58 <@sup_g> I will fuck a duck if we get into kissingers email
22:00 <@sup_g> Don't look like it tho.
22:06 < Sabu> Y0H
22:06 < Sabu> Y0H
22:06 < Sabu> Y0H
22:08 <@sup_g> sup big homey
22:09 < Sabu> you already know neegah
22:09 < Sabu> poppin off
22:10 <@sup_g> ;D
22:10 <@sup_g> it's going to take at least a few days to properly format these
22:10 <@sup_g> it's all messy
22:10 <@sup_g> so zine will be a few days
22:10 <@sup_g> plus writing a manifesto type rant at the end that maybe people
could contribute to when i'm finished with draft
22:10 <@sup_g> mostly explaining our contributions as antisec, our relationship
with anonymous, etc etc
22:10 <@sup_g> black hat bs
22:10 <@sup_g> btw I tried every hash/pass combo from users.csv that matched
22:11 <@sup_g> a few cracked but none of them double on their servers
22:12 <@sup_g> lol @",""
22:12 <@sup_g>
who we already hit
22:15 < Sabu> hilarious
22:15 < Sabu> scan for security companies
22:15 <@sup_g> pain will never end for him
22:15 <@sup_g> this is a big email/md5 dump..
22:15 < Sabu> raythen is def in there
22:15 <@sup_g> a LOT of high profile people are in this, now it's a race to get
their spools before passes are changed
22:15 <@sup_g> i'm gonna look at the 'spyfiles' for a list of targets
22:17 < Sabu> mhm
22:17 <@sup_g> there's a few palantir hashes here
22:19 <@sup_g> but none were cracked by google.
22:21 <@sup_g> I never even HEARD of the majority of these companies on the
spyfiles list
22:27 <@sup_g> a *lot* of hashes.
22:27 <@sup_g> A major electronic systems company acting in areas such as
defence, aerospace, airlines security and safety, information technology, and
transportation ...
22:39 <@sup_g> cannot find any outwards facing mail servers
22:44 <@sup_g> uid0
Page 113


22:44 <@sup_g> can we tweet
22:44 <@sup_g> it's a nicely compiled list of many leaks, mostly ours
22:46 <@uid0> Aye, wait a sec.
22:51 <@uid0> sup_g:
| Many great #leaks from 2011 compiled
in one pastebin. So much fun, fun, fun and it's not even Friday! #Antisec
22:51 <@uid0> tweeted
22:52 <@sup_g> <3
23:40 <@uid0> sup_g:
23:44 <@sup_g> lulz.
23:44 <@sup_g> hacked?
23:44 <@sup_g> btw prsec loser:
23:45 <@sup_g> tweet!!
23:45 <@uid0> sup_g: not hacked
23:46 <@sup_g> wow, a congressman is legion?
23:46 <@uid0> sup_g: Not worth a tweet that pastebin.
23:46 <@uid0> Just the usual "flames" and stuff from the usual trolls.
23:47 <@sup_g> oh no I was sayin tweet that congressman
23:47 <@uid0> oic, yeah
23:47 <@sup_g> dont' want to give these prosec trolls any attention
23:50 < Sabu> I spent last week collecting all the hacks we did under lulzsec
that we didn't release
23:51 < Sabu> it was nostalgic
23:51 <@sup_g> fucking slow internet
23:51 <@sup_g> takes forever to google these hashes
23:54 <@sup_g> I really hope people are taking full advantage of this giant ass
password list
23:54 <@sup_g> this net is frusrtating
23:54 <@sup_g> sabu any leads or potentials?
23:55 < Sabu> all .gov hacks, a lot of them we pillaged but never released. but
nothing whitehat or interesting
23:55 <@sup_g> btw any target that runs plesk, h can root and hand over to us
23:55 <@sup_g> just check port 8443
23:55 < Sabu> I'll upload list in a few
23:55 < Sabu> got you
23:55 <@sup_g> either way
23:55 < Sabu> also
23:55 <@sup_g> it's only been a day and I want to get my hands dirty
23:55 < Sabu> spent new years with sn1ffle
23:56 <@sup_g> hah you losers
23:56 < Sabu> it was good because
23:56 < Sabu> I got us some things
23:56 < Sabu> 1) hes rooted sourceforge up and down and has 45+ projected
trojaned and giving me info later
23:56 <@sup_g> i'm collecting a list of grepped 'securit' hashes that have been
cracked, btw
23:56 <@sup_g> that's pretty amazing
23:56 < Sabu> 2) coreutils is backdoored. he gave me the keywords used
23:56 < Sabu> 3) linux kernel is backdoored by ab and I am trying to get it off
23:57 < Sabu> I also got to see all their faces on tinychat
23:57 < Sabu> sn1ffles a neckbeared
23:57 < Sabu> haha
23:57 <@sup_g> lol.
23:57 <@sup_g> like weev used to be
23:57 < Sabu> ya
23:57 <@sup_g> fuck weev
23:57 < Sabu> weev hit me up
23:57 < Sabu> privately
23:57 <@sup_g> dude, fuck him
23:58 <@sup_g> he is a real pile, and now that he was busted, he's trying to hop
on the anon/ows bandwagon
23:58 < Sabu> he admitted he wanted to argue with me publicly so he can get
enough attention to write a story and make money off of it
23:58 < Sabu> but I shut him down
23:58 < Sabu> even biella messaged me like NICE!!!
23:58 <@sup_g> he used to be all white supremacist, but the small amount of time
he did probably changed his tune
23:58 < Sabu> fuck that homey. I ain't lettin niggas get over on me you crazy
Page 114


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05:05 -!- uid0 changed the topic of #LulzXmas to: elChe & sup_g, please remember
#SSS in the light of latest "advance warning" by the FBI. Might be related in
some way!
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22:01 <~elChe> hm
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22:40 <@sup_g> what is "#SSS"?
22:40 <@sup_g> the sheriffs?
22:41 <@uid0> shooting sheriffs saturday
22:41 <@uid0> Remember, they got an "advance warning" from the FBI and moved
their box to increase lulz.
22:42 <@sup_g> ah right
22:42 <@sup_g> that was right after topes got busted
22:42 <@uid0> aye
22:42 <@sup_g> any further speculation as to what's up with this leak?
22:43 <@uid0> no
22:43 <@uid0> But something sounded strange to me.
22:43 <@uid0> We talked abt stratfor & the police thing alike.
22:43 <@uid0> But Stratfor apparently didn't receive any warnings.
22:43 <@sup_g> Or did they?
22:44 <@uid0> Nah, they would have done everything to avoid this.
22:44 <@sup_g> Sysadmin emails did seem to talk about 'security situation'
22:44 <@sup_g> but yes,
22:44 <@sup_g> they would have been able to protect themselves
22:44 <@uid0> I can't even imagine how much money they're losing atm.
22:44 <@sup_g> smart decision would be to pull all boxes offline
22:44 <@sup_g> All of it, probably.
22:44 <@sup_g> Whatever they have left is probably going to CSID
22:44 <@uid0> hopefully :>
23:07 <~elChe> lol
23:07 <~elChe> they pretty much totally raped
23:08 <~elChe> also about cslea
23:08 <~elChe> this was my fav today
23:08 <~elChe> Teresa Dobbins, an employee of the Department of Justice, never
got word of the breach in November. And she wasn't informed that her personal
information, including her email address, phone number, and home address, were
leaked onto the web New Year's Day, until News 10 contacted her.
23:08 <~elChe> "If they were aware of it, they should have tried to notify me
before the media did," Dobbins said.
23:08 <~elChe> "I feel so violated...I really do because that is personal
information," said Dobbins. "It's way unnerving because all these people have
your info and they know you are part of law enforcement. It makes you
23:09 <@sup_g> delaying the emails might even be beneficial
Page 117


23:09 <@sup_g> because then we can fuck them up all over again
23:09 <@sup_g> lol.
23:09 <~elChe> sup_g: can u give me youtube link to the music of cslea defacement
23:09 <@sup_g> imagine how the people they investigate and imprison feel
23:10 <~elChe> cant get it out of my head
23:10 <@sup_g> search 'five million ways to kill a ceo'
23:10 <~elChe> ok ty
23:10 <@sup_g> pretty much every coup song is badass
23:10 <@uid0> elChe:
23:11 <~elChe> ty
23:11 <@sup_g> the album cover is pretty controversial
23:11 <@sup_g> as it came out days before 9/11
23:11 <@sup_g> and it's got them pushing the button blowin that shit up
23:11 <~elChe> hhahh yeah
23:11 <~elChe> it fucking catchy
23:15 <@sup_g> I am seeing a very low rate of doubled passwords
23:15 <@sup_g> on these hashes
23:15 <@sup_g> Probably the multiple notifications from stratfor
23:17 <@sup_g> WE UNDER ATTACK
23:17 <~elChe> ?
23:17 <~elChe> wtf?
23:17 <@sup_g> I shouldve put that in quotes
23:17 <~elChe> agh
23:17 <~elChe> fuck you sup_g
23:17 <~elChe> second time u almost kill me
23:17 <@sup_g> =p
23:17 <@sup_g> so frustrated at this computer and wifi
23:17 <@sup_g> brb
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23:42 <~elChe> uid0: go jabber
23:45 <@uid0> see j
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<~elChe> 5
<&Sabu> sex+
<~elChe> fasten your seatbelt Sabu
* Sabu puts on his helmet
<~elChe> @AnonymousIRC
<~elChe> #Anonymous Zine #LulzXmas Edition. May The Lulz Be With You.
#AntiSec #LulzSec #OWS #WikiLeaks
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20:26 <~elChe> hi sup_g
20:26 <@sup_g> yoyo
20:26 <~elChe> i m having problems with that new box
20:26 <~elChe> they dont reply
20:26 <@sup_g> hrm.
20:26 <~elChe> no reply to ticket
20:26 <~elChe> anything
20:26 <@sup_g> sabu says he is getting a new box today btw
20:26 <~elChe> fucking assholes
20:27 <~elChe> ok
20:27 <~elChe> i ll get an ukrainian one
20:27 <@sup_g> hopefully you won't lose teh cashes
20:27 <~elChe> the worst thing i cant find anything good
20:28 <~elChe> and offshore and easy to account to
20:28 <@sup_g> hmm yes
20:28 <@sup_g> that is problem
20:28 <~elChe> giving me big quotq
20:29 <@sup_g> we can use sabu's new server
20:29 <@sup_g> but
20:29 <@sup_g> we should have something separate from sabu as well
20:29 <@sup_g> just in case
20:29 <~elChe> i ll try to find another isp
20:29 <@sup_g> I believe that if for whatever reason the feds have been holding
off on busting people, I think this latest round of attacks will cause increased
20:29 <@sup_g> congress and other powerful people are probably raging at the feds
to make arrests
20:29 <~elChe> also if u want we can get 120gb servers
20:29 <~elChe> and split files
20:30 <@sup_g> hrm
20:30 <@sup_g> I suppose we COULD do that..
20:30 <@sup_g> our current one si 120GB, no?
20:30 <@sup_g> cz
20:30 <~elChe> at least i can get those easily and quickly
20:31 <@sup_g> well
20:31 <@sup_g> if our current one is 120GB
20:31 <@sup_g> we may as well just use that for now
20:31 <@sup_g> and use sabus when he gets it online
20:31 <@sup_g> not sure how useful more 120GB ones will be
20:31 <@sup_g> h gave us some hacked servers but they are all on the same subnet
20:31 <@sup_g> and since we blew the fuck out of two of those boxes sending spam
20:31 <@sup_g> they are all likely monitored/soon to be busted
20:31 <~elChe> yeah
Page 119


20:32 <@sup_g> btw did you see them social security numbers on cslea
20:32 <@sup_g> those were there as recent as a week ago
20:32 <~elChe> no
20:32 <@sup_g> which means that even despite the breach and FBI tipoff
20:32 <@sup_g> they were still storing cleartext social security numbers
20:32 <~elChe> lol
20:32 <@sup_g> search the hacklog for .tab files near the CSLEA
20:32 <@sup_g> there's a bigass directory of .tab files and I echo a few of them
20:32 <@sup_g> only like two or three SSs tho
20:33 <@sup_g> months ago I downloaded them all but I unfortunately lost that
part =(
20:33 <@sup_g> but it's OK: in the hacklog displaying it is proof enough that
they were that irresponsible
20:33 <~elChe> yeah
20:34 <@sup_g> no one noticed that publicly yet apparently
20:34 <@sup_g> maybe CSLEA will be forced to make an admission of it
20:34 <@sup_g> btw did you see texaspolicechiefs relaunched brand new website
20:34 <@sup_g> and is currently accepting online registration forms for an
upcoming conference in april
20:34 <~elChe> theres that invest request made by those peace officers blah blah
20:34 <@sup_g> through their zencart system
20:35 <~elChe> i guess they ll be hitting on that thing
20:35 <@sup_g> it'll all come out
20:35 <@sup_g> it's been a good week
20:35 <@sup_g> i'm actually going underground btw
20:36 <~elChe> i ll check some news now
20:36 <~elChe> dont u know if they picked the spamm thingy?
20:36 <@sup_g> yes
20:36 <@sup_g> CNN did
20:36 <@sup_g> a few others as well
20:36 <~elChe> link?
20:36 <@sup_g> did you see response from stratfor?
20:36 <@sup_g>
20:36 <@sup_g>
20:37 <@sup_g> stratfor did another press release as well as another video saying
that it was a fake email
20:37 <@sup_g> major lulz
20:37 <@sup_g> another news article said antisec sent FBI butthurt forms
20:38 <@sup_g> "Marcelo Blay Unfortunately I was mislead and open the attachment.
What are the recommended measures?"
20:38 <~elChe> NDAA Updates, CIA/Anonymous Connection, Treason, And Obama's New
20:38 <~elChe> lol
20:39 * sup_g puts tin foil hat on
20:58 <~elChe> hm
20:58 <~elChe> sup_g: we should post the original mail we sent
20:58 <~elChe> can u pastebin it, ill tweet it
20:58 <@sup_g> I think it's online in some places
20:58 <@sup_g> but yes
20:58 <~elChe> so ppl can see the lulz
20:58 <~elChe> also they can see the rickroll
20:59 <~elChe> cause i didnt see mention to that
21:02 <@sup_g> elche:
21:02 <@sup_g> some of the news reports say rickroll
21:03 <~elChe> thanks
21:16 <@sup_g> The goal of the emails also appears to be to have some fun at the
expense of the recipients, as a second link promises a video announcement but
leads to a clip of 80s pop star Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up," a
common internet meme known as rickrolling. A third link asks users to rate
Stratfor's incident response, but is actually an image of a joke report form.
21:16 <@sup_g>
21:33 <~elChe> lol
21:33 <@sup_g> epic
21:41 <@sup_g> gotta slit
Page 120


21:41 <@sup_g> slit
21:41 <@sup_g> split
21:44 -!- sup_g [] has quit
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23:07 ! FBI invited sup_g into the channel.
23:10 -!- sup_g [] has joined #LulzXmas
23:10 -!- mode/#lulzxmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
23:20 <~elChe> hi sup_g
23:21 <@sup_g> yoyo
23:21 <@sup_g> hey
23:21 <@sup_g> hrm need some crackers
23:22 <~elChe> WL rt'ing us, probably they want to send signal they r still
working on that
23:22 <@sup_g> Yeah I saw that
23:22 <@sup_g> They seem to be paying us more attention / favor
23:22 <@sup_g> Which is good, considering that they are kidn of under fire for
allegedly working with us
23:22 <~elChe> hope they publish soon
23:23 <@sup_g> yeah sooner the better
23:23 <@sup_g> as soon as we get that sabu server up
23:23 <@sup_g> we can transfer
23:23 <@sup_g> and then we can get to work on our own
23:25 <~elChe> lol google news tech section
23:25 <~elChe> is full of hacking related stories
23:25 <@sup_g> this is the year my friend
23:25 <@sup_g> shit just blew the fuck up
23:25 <~elChe> u know wath quinn told be about wired redaction
23:26 <~elChe> making jokes about if ppl came with sci-fi book back to 2009
23:26 <~elChe> telling what happened last year
23:26 <@sup_g> wait what?
23:27 <~elChe> they would get hard advice about re-writting it to make it more
23:32 <@sup_g> and also, seedbox
23:33 <@sup_g> we need to get a torrent out
23:39 <~elChe>
23:39 <@sup_g> sym says code is outdated
23:39 <@sup_g> from discontinued product
--- Day changed Sat Jan 07 2012
00:46 <&Sabu> y0h
00:46 <&Sabu> pop off!
00:46 <&Sabu> got us a new server
00:47 <&Sabu> gigabit line with another tb
00:47 <@sup_g> hell yes
00:48 <@sup_g> let's transfer over that baby then
00:48 <&Sabu> let me get login in a few
00:48 <@sup_g> ok
00:48 <@sup_g> also
00:48 <@sup_g> can I pass off a 600 user file to you for your cracking buddies
00:48 <@sup_g> for a side project not related to antisec
00:48 <@sup_g> nazis
00:49 <&Sabu> yup
00:49 <&Sabu> do it
00:50 <@sup_g> ok
00:50 <&Sabu> also work with dv0, he's headin the german/austrian side of
00:50 <&Sabu> hes been ownin some shit on the side
00:50 <@sup_g> really
00:50 <@sup_g> then maybe I shoudl talk with him
00:51 <&Sabu> hes with the german group pwnies
00:51 <@sup_g> most of the released opblitzkrieg shit I've seen int he past week
00:51 <@sup_g> has all beens hit I dropped in the past year
00:51 <&Sabu> mhm
00:51 <@sup_g> also
00:51 <@sup_g> that 600 user file is on your server
00:51 <@sup_g> ~root/kkk.ql
00:51 <@sup_g> kkk.sql
00:51 <&Sabu> got you
00:51 <@sup_g> I wrote a shitty PHP script to crack vbulletin hashes
Page 121


00:52 <@sup_g> but it's taking FOREVER to just run one user
00:52 <@sup_g> btw we got some good press coverage fro rickrolling the stratfor
860,000 list
00:52 <@sup_g> with our zine, butthurt form, and rickroll vid
00:53 <&Sabu> I saw thahahahaha
00:53 <@sup_g> they even made a youtube video of themselves denying the email
00:53 <@sup_g> so easy to troll
00:53 <@sup_g> most people still don't realize From: email header ca be spoofed
00:55 <&Sabu> haha
00:55 <&Sabu> nuberts
00:56 <&Sabu> sup_g: want some good news now or later? ;0
00:56 <@sup_g> hah
00:56 <@sup_g> now obviously
00:57 <&Sabu> owned. I'm getting db now
00:57 <@sup_g> yo this stratfor hash list is hot
00:57 <@sup_g> oh shit for real?
00:58 <&Sabu> sn1ffle got it
00:58 <&Sabu> but hes hitting it first
00:58 <&Sabu> before we get it
00:58 <@sup_g> get teh spools
00:58 <@sup_g> 'cyber security and national security'
01:00 <&Sabu> workin on it. these niggas is greedy
01:00 <&Sabu> you know how they be
01:01 <&Sabu> 01:00 <@vigorish> Sabu, seems and are
running <= 2.0.58 apache, you might mod_rewrite that shiz.
01:01 <@sup_g> remember our new MO
01:01 <@sup_g> mail spools: get them first, get them all
01:01 <@sup_g> those two targets are invaluable
01:02 <@sup_g> considering repression of p0isan0n
01:02 <@sup_g> who is skiddie as fuck
01:02 <@sup_g> but s in trouble
01:02 <&Sabu> yup
01:03 <@sup_g> the only thing that sucks about these stratfor hashes
01:03 <@sup_g> is that they have been notified a million times
01:05 <&Sabu> hahahaah
01:05 <&Sabu> yeah
01:05 <&Sabu> but I bet you still will find niggas still using the passwords
01:05 <&Sabu> also the obvious; just because they change their exposed email
address password doesn't mean their alts are chaned
01:05 <&Sabu> or other logins like linkedins, facebooks etc
01:05 <&Sabu> we can use those (especially high profile targets) for SE
01:06 <@sup_g> yep
01:10 <@sup_g> well
01:10 <@sup_g> I am just gonna keep trying hashes
01:10 <@sup_g> while it is 'newer'
01:10 <&Sabu> sending your list to my team
01:11 <@sup_g> I appreciate it
01:11 <@sup_g> Ima have to hit up dv0 I had no idea
01:13 <&Sabu> yea. why do you think I have him around
01:13 <&Sabu> hes my connection to german and austrian hackers
01:13 <&Sabu> :)
01:14 <@sup_g> was he the one you gave that bigass nazi pass list
01:16 <&Sabu> yup
01:17 <@sup_g> nice.
01:17 <@sup_g> ima hit him up
01:17 <&Sabu> in fact
01:17 <&Sabu> he asked me for it again. you know I dont save shit
01:17 <&Sabu> so pass it over fam
01:17 <@sup_g> I will
01:17 <&Sabu> might help him on his neo-nazi tarets
01:17 <&Sabu> targets
01:17 <@sup_g> great =)
01:18 <@sup_g> nazis have been getting hit hard
01:18 <@sup_g> check
01:18 <@sup_g> ;D
01:25 <&Sabu> sup_g: that new box will be in our hands tomorrow
01:26 <@sup_g> nice
01:28 <&Sabu> these niggas are being greedy for some reason
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01:29 <@sup_g> bout what?
01:31 <&Sabu> 0days, their linux kernel backdoors, and and other whitehat
01:31 <&Sabu> if they gonna hold it all back why even tell me anything about it
01:32 <@sup_g> eh
01:32 <@sup_g> let em
01:32 <@sup_g> they can release hweover they like, but if they need help
01:32 <&Sabu> yeah
01:45 <&Sabu> that list is cracking
01:45 <&Sabu> ill have results for you
01:46 <&Sabu> sup_g: you know my boys got heat for that one tweet I posted? about
the 92% cracked list?
01:46 <@sup_g> for real?
01:46 <@sup_g> because
01:46 <@sup_g> I saw the 92% figure referenced later
01:46 <@sup_g> in news posts
01:46 <&Sabu> niggas started doing research and put 2 and 2 together
01:46 <&Sabu> months ago
01:46 <&Sabu> hashcat team lost competition to russian team at defcon
01:46 <&Sabu> and I defended them to bitter end
01:46 <&Sabu> remember that?
01:47 <&Sabu> fast forward those same russian nigas hit them up on irc like
01:47 <&Sabu> "stop helping sabu crack hashes we know its you"
01:47 <@sup_g> damn
01:47 <@sup_g> well good thing it's not official
01:47 <&Sabu> yup
01:48 <&Sabu> nigga our squad is fire
01:48 <&Sabu> we gotta official crack teams <3ing us
01:49 <&Sabu> also
01:49 <&Sabu> we got a heads up
01:49 <&Sabu> mikko from f-secure is goin after us hard. he does 90% contracts
for finnish government
01:49 <@sup_g> fuck that guy
01:49 <&Sabu> and we leaked their secret service equivalent passwords with
01:50 <@sup_g> he talked mad shit about lulzxmas
01:50 <&Sabu> exactly
01:50 <@sup_g> white hat gotta die
01:50 <&Sabu> because we dropped passwords on his clients
01:50 <&Sabu> so he's oing after us
01:50 <&Sabu> I'm like
01:50 <&Sabu> ok
01:50 <&Sabu> FIRST OFF I already rooted f-secure before
01:50 <&Sabu> it can happen again
01:50 <&Sabu> niggas need to sit the fuck down
01:50 <&Sabu> we dont play games over here
01:51 <&Sabu> you see those indian kids hacked indian intellience and dropped
nortn sources? they got much more sources
01:51 <&Sabu> and they rep anonymous
01:51 <&Sabu> I'm tryin to connect to them
01:51 <&Sabu> see if we can access that drop before they release it
01:51 <@sup_g> nice
01:52 <&Sabu> or at least if they drop it to rep #antisec instea
01:52 <&Sabu> d
01:53 <@sup_g> tried like 30-40 accounts in the past 20 minutes
01:53 <@sup_g> none worked
01:53 <&Sabu> don't waste time. you know that list is cooked sadly
01:54 <&Sabu> if we had more time wit it then it coulda produced
01:54 <&Sabu> that one pass list owned 85% of top federal cntractors in the u.s.
01:55 <@sup_g> yes
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17:09 <@sup_g> yoyo
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21:41 <&Sabu> y0h
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17:52 <@uid0> @AnonymousIRC Weren't you guys supposed to release a bunch of
Stratfor emails? All I saw were email addresses. Who cares abou that?
17:52 <@uid0> @AnonymousIRC It seems like you're holding something back. That
certainly makes it seem like you're working for something government...
17:52 <@uid0> lawl
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17:54 <@sup_g> hey hey
17:54 <@uid0> o/
17:55 <@uid0> @AnonymousIRC Weren't you guys supposed to release a bunch of
Stratfor emails? All I saw were email addresses. Who cares abou that?
17:55 <@uid0> @AnonymousIRC It seems like you're holding something back. That
certainly makes it seem like you're working for something government...
17:55 <@uid0> any word from wl?
17:55 <@sup_g> lol
Page 124


17:55 <@sup_g> inside job
17:55 <@sup_g> I did talk to JA yesterday
17:55 <@sup_g> asking when can we see some results or be able to do private
17:56 <@sup_g> he said they are making progress with the search engine and we
should see something within a week
17:56 <@uid0> that's good news
17:57 <@sup_g> yes
17:57 <@sup_g> however
17:57 <@sup_g> we should still pursue our own private version of the mails
17:57 <@sup_g> just in case
17:57 <@sup_g> elche just got the hookup
18:01 <~elChe> yeah
18:01 <~elChe> i think they ll honor their word
18:01 <~elChe> i was seeing some signals towards us
18:01 <~elChe> so we r fine for the moment
18:02 <~elChe> ofc we need to cp those mails on our own
18:02 <~elChe> just in case
18:02 <@uid0> they RTed us some times since they received the mails.
18:08 <@sup_g> ok
18:08 <@sup_g> copying mail to new server
18:08 <@sup_g> finally we will have a second copy
18:08 <@sup_g> I been biting my nails for a month
18:08 <~elChe> lol
18:08 <@sup_g> yeah since they been tipping their hat to us it seems like solid
clue as to WLs legitimacy
18:09 <@sup_g> JA said he would be hitting sabu up too but not sure how that went
18:09 <@sup_g> also maybe we should consider a more permanent move to shellserver
19:00 <&Sabu> word
19:03 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Input/output error]
19:35 <~elChe> hope we ll get an ukrainian one
19:35 <~elChe> high quality box
19:35 <~elChe> soon
20:20 <~elChe> lol uid0
20:20 <~elChe> double post
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02:32 <@sup_g> woah woah
02:39 <&Sabu> bring our crew here
02:40 <&Sabu> invites/msgs
02:40 <@sup_g> well
02:40 <@sup_g> gorgon has technically been a part of us
02:40 <@sup_g> but maybe he's not need to know
02:40 <@sup_g> my homey
02:52 <@uid0> re closing #antisec: Was there another leak or just precaution?
02:54 <@sup_g> well we should keep it hush hush till it's confirmed and until
more official announcements are made
02:54 <@uid0> ?
02:55 <@sup_g> well
02:55 <@sup_g> apparently jackal was raided
02:56 <@uid0> today?
02:56 <@sup_g> suposedly
02:56 <@sup_g> I dont know details, sabu is talking to motormouth about it
02:56 <@uid0> He left just 2 hrs ago.
02:56 <@sup_g> hrmmm.
02:56 <@sup_g> yeah I have no idea what the fuck is going on
02:56 <@sup_g> he's not in custody though
02:57 <@uid0> after being online for ~2 minutes
02:57 <@uid0>
02:57 <@uid0> not good if true
02:57 <@sup_g> no, no it isn't
02:57 <@sup_g> time to change shit around again
02:57 <@sup_g> more than due
02:58 <&Sabu> true
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04:38 <~elChe> hm
04:42 <@uid0> lets all cuddle and grouphug now
04:44 <@sup_g> nah I'm leavin yal
04:55 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Ping timeout]
04:56 <@uid0> elChe:
10:14 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Input/output error]
13:59 ! [Knock] by someloser! (mornin all)
14:02 ! Sabu invited someloser into the channel.
14:03 -!- someloser [] has joined #LulzXmas
14:03 < someloser> awesome, thx
14:03 < someloser> just us eh?
14:03 <&Sabu> <3
14:03 <&Sabu> yes brother
14:03 < someloser> s'cool
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17:38 <@uid0> Yoho, hoist the colors!
18:40 <~elChe> uid0:
18:40 <~elChe> check devel api
18:41 <@uid0> elChe: nvm, got it
18:41 <@uid0> did you add mobile web app?
18:41 <~elChe> only one
18:41 <~elChe> lulztweeter
18:41 <~elChe> no more
18:41 <@uid0> I though abt revoking all axx but lulztweeter
18:42 <~elChe> ok
18:42 <@uid0> Mobile Web by Twitter
18:42 <@uid0> Twitter Mobile Web
18:42 <@uid0> read, write, and direct messages access . Approved: Sat December
24, 2011
18:42 <~elChe> u can always recreate them if needed
18:42 <~elChe> ?
18:42 <~elChe> oh ok
18:42 <~elChe> no...
18:42 <~elChe> ..
18:43 <~elChe> dont know someone using a phone?
18:43 <@uid0> not me
18:43 <~elChe> not me
18:44 <~elChe> revoke just in case
18:48 <@uid0> done
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22:37 <&Sabu> yoo
22:39 <@sup_g> yoyo
22:39 <@sup_g> what's up homey
22:44 < someloser>
Canadian Police Association, 172 databases,
22:44 < someloser>
is vuln
22:46 <@sup_g> for real?
22:46 <@sup_g> shit
22:46 < someloser> gogogo!
22:46 <@sup_g> are you sqlmappin dumpin it?
22:46 <@sup_g> or should I
22:46 < someloser> I'm dumpin away
22:46 <@sup_g> nice.
22:46 <@sup_g> if there is admin tables or admin section
22:46 <@sup_g> there may be a way to upload shells and make the dump
smoother/less noisy in logs
22:50 <@sup_g> nice
22:50 <@sup_g> they have a login/passwrod
22:51 <@uid0>
Page 126


22:52 <@sup_g> someloser
22:52 <~elChe> pee pee
22:52 <@sup_g> see if the users table has an admin access or level type field, if
so maybe we can just find a way to dump those DBs manually instead of throguh
22:53 < someloser> I might suck, I haven't tried too much, but they're not coming
down easily.
22:53 <&Sabu> missed you <3 someloser
22:53 < someloser> missed you too, bro
22:53 <@sup_g> yo someloser
22:54 < someloser> mah dawg?
22:54 <@sup_g> lol at /home/ directory listing
22:54 <@sup_g> giving up backup folders and shit
22:55 <~elChe> ?
22:55 <~elChe> sql backup?
22:55 <@sup_g> 1 min ff crahed
22:56 <@sup_g> nah
22:56 <~elChe> waht ff r u using?
22:57 <@sup_g> backups were just of index.asp
22:58 < someloser> I'm taking a 10 min break - go nuts, guys. I'd be glad to
tackle to hashes if they come up
22:58 < someloser> <3 o/
22:58 <@sup_g> =)
22:58 <@sup_g> working on other targets atm
22:58 <&Sabu> sup_g: wanna release that list of 92% cracked stratfor hashes?
22:58 <@sup_g> hrm
22:58 <@sup_g> your call..
22:58 <@sup_g> i'd err on the side of no, so that way we can more fully exploit
22:59 <@sup_g> but then again we got even more targets to work on now
22:59 <@sup_g> so
23:00 <~elChe> what about release it couple of days before mails go online
23:01 <@sup_g> which btw I started unpacking on new server
23:02 <@sup_g> and is copying over to sabu's new server
23:02 <@sup_g> as we speak
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--- Day changed Thu Jan 12 2012
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00:33 <@uid0> elChe:
00:33 <@uid0> @google @gmail @facebook @twitter It would be a powerful sign
against #SOPA to join in on @reddit s protest @ Jan 18th 8am-8pm EST! <-- just
tweeted that
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00:34 <~elChe> cool
00:34 <@uid0> or rather trying to tweet ^^
00:35 <@uid0> tor keeps dying today
00:35 <~elChe> hm
00:36 <~elChe> also looks waht i got
00:36 <~elChe> <xxxxxx> sorry.. parents. urg. be back soon!
00:36 <@uid0> :>
00:36 <@uid0> lawl, underage, lawl
00:36 <~elChe> thats not professional..
00:36 <@uid0> one day you'll get SEd while cybering...I tell you!
00:36 <~elChe> yeah i know
00:37 <~elChe> once i told biella
00:37 <~elChe> i m sure i ll have better security
00:37 <~elChe> if i keep my penis inside my pants
00:37 <@uid0> xD
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03:31 <@uid0> ok, found the source of my lags :D
03:32 <@uid0> maybe exchange hong kong node with teheran ^^
03:49 <@uid0> What do I have to read abt pwnsauce on Twitter? :\
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04:12 <@uid0> Maybe we should ask and @wikileaks to join in on
04:19 <@sup_g> hmm?
04:20 <@uid0> sup_g: Jan 18th!
04:20 <@uid0> reddit will shut down between 8am and 8pm EST
04:20 <@uid0> We're trying to get other big sites to join in!
04:24 <@sup_g> ahhhhh
04:28 <@sup_g> we can also shut down other sites =)
04:29 <@uid0> No, must be voluntary ;)
04:31 <&Sabu> y0h
04:53 <@uid0> Sabu: Yo, what's the news on Jackal btw?
04:58 <&Sabu> he spoke to wicked
04:58 <&Sabu> says its about his involvement with opbart and the bart hack
04:58 <&Sabu> which ironically I think we did?
04:59 <@uid0> elChe: Just got her to join #SOPAblackout
04:59 <@sup_g> I remembered when that shit happened
04:59 <@sup_g> but I don't think it came directly out of our team?
05:00 <&Sabu> I know one of us dumped it
05:00 <&Sabu> oh yes
05:01 <&Sabu> I think it was someloser
05:01 <&Sabu> if they backtracked to jackal for spreading the dump
05:01 <&Sabu> I know someloser uses tor so he should be ok
05:04 <@uid0> will join #SOPAblackout
05:05 <@sup_g> lol.
05:05 <@sup_g> yo jc has been stalking me
05:05 <&Sabu> yeah
05:05 <@sup_g> ever since he found out bout wikileaks
05:06 <&Sabu> he wants chinese intel
05:06 <@sup_g> he asks me almost every day to get him in touch with someone there
05:07 <@uid0> You still believe he's chinese intel sabu? ^^
05:07 <&Sabu> tell him we need servers in china. with space. in return we'll get
him all the results of grep -i "china" from the mails
05:07 <@uid0> we need boxes in hong kong and shanghai
05:07 <&Sabu> uid0: at the end of the day no one really knows what he is
05:07 <&Sabu> be real
05:07 <@uid0> everything else is golden shield "protected".
05:07 <@sup_g> he has never hacked anything I've seen
05:07 <&Sabu> nobody here knows what he is EXCEPT for the fact he wants
Page 128


05:07 <@uid0> Sabu: But for real, better chinese intel atm than any other intel.
05:07 <@sup_g> not necessarily
05:08 <@sup_g> authorities do collaborate
05:08 <@sup_g> when it is convenient for them
05:08 <@sup_g> or if say the US wants someone, chinese intel may trade them that
info for something else
05:08 <@uid0> sup_g: CN & US cooperating is highly unlikely.
05:08 <@sup_g> not too sure about that
05:08 <&Sabu> tell him bluntly to get us chinese servers and we'll gladly give
him china-relate mails
05:08 <&Sabu> its a fair trade imo
05:11 <&Sabu> and what we'll do is use those servers for low
level-hosting/mirroring of files
05:14 <&Sabu> hopping on efnet for some flamin
05:14 <&Sabu> be are bees
05:20 <&Sabu> forget it. shits dead
05:23 <@uid0> Twitter is blowing up with #SOPAblackout
05:35 <@sup_g> what we need to do
05:35 <@sup_g> is test supporter targets
05:36 <@sup_g> companies, organizations, politician sites
05:36 <@sup_g> pro-copyright groups and lobbyists
05:42 <&Sabu> ( drdos big sites offline with hundreds of gigs per sec)
05:42 <&Sabu> and
05:43 <@sup_g>
05:44 <&Sabu>
05:44 <&Sabu> hahahaha
05:44 <@uid0> sounds gay
05:44 <&Sabu>
05:45 <&Sabu>
05:45 <@uid0> The NSA ;)
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computer has gone to sleep]
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13:25 <~elChe> bart hack was lamalime 5mg
14:38 <&Sabu> yo yo
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19:03 <@uid0> herro!
19:04 <@sup_g> <3
20:03 <@uid0> we haz a winrar
20:03 <@uid0> mermaidsrcsluts No One by anonymouSabu
20:03 <@uid0> CNN reporter says law enforcement wouldn't speak with CNN on camera
about Anonymous for fear of retribution/d0xing?
20:03 <@uid0> Also: Does the new Stratfor page have any vulns?
20:05 <~elChe> about anonyops
20:05 <~elChe> whats up?
20:05 -!- sup_g [] has quit [Ping
20:07 <~elChe> i saw that dm about eff
20:08 <@uid0> elChe: AnonyOps is usually doing quite the opposite of all other
anon accts.
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20:09 -!- mode/#lulzxmas [+o sup_g] by FBI
20:10 <@sup_g> so yeah
20:10 <@sup_g> lots moar targets
Page 129


20:10 <@sup_g> are owned
20:10 <~elChe> uid0:
20:10 <~elChe> i m thinking anonyops is working with feds
20:11 <~elChe> he dm'd us to meet for advice
20:11 <~elChe> about vpn
20:12 <@uid0> wth
20:12 <~elChe> i accepted to avoid potential drama and help to obfuscate you
20:12 <~elChe> also mess about q and shit
20:13 <~elChe> anonyops was proSi
20:13 <~elChe> before
20:13 <~elChe> we were friend at that time and i helped him to improve his
20:13 <@uid0> tell him to use as vpn. xD
20:14 <~elChe> but i know theres a chance right now he s lurking around
20:14 <~elChe> but we cant be sure about it
20:14 <~elChe> better to keep an eye open
20:14 <~elChe> i asked already around to confirm with EFF about that thingy
20:14 <~elChe> to know if hes just trolling
20:15 <~elChe> it could be just jealousy
20:15 <~elChe> he made up drama when anirc became main account by followers
20:16 <~elChe> and probably he figured out wikileaks added us
20:16 <~elChe> before he was only on the wL followers list
20:17 <~elChe> following*
20:18 <@uid0> maybe he still mad cause q and me slapped him down a few times for
stupid comments.
20:18 <~elChe> lol
20:23 <~elChe> uid0
20:24 <~elChe> did u listen quinns interview on radio?
20:29 <@uid0> not yet elChe
20:32 <~elChe> sup_g?
20:32 <~elChe> better u post here..
20:32 <~elChe> lol
20:34 <@sup_g> yeah
20:34 <@sup_g> that's where I though I was
20:34 <@sup_g> oh well
20:34 <@sup_g> but yes
20:34 <@sup_g> plesk is the worst shit in the world
20:34 <@sup_g> it stores fucking root password as a textfile
20:34 <~elChe> sup_g:
20:34 <~elChe>
20:34 <@sup_g> and all system passwords in cleartext mysql
20:35 <~elChe> mp3 quinn interview today early
20:35 <@sup_g> ill check it out
20:35 <~elChe> hahhahaah all cleartext???
20:35 <@sup_g> YES
20:35 <@sup_g> email, ssh, db passwords
20:35 <@sup_g> fortunately I still have all the shit left over from previous
plesk targets
20:35 <~elChe> holy holy shit
20:35 <@sup_g> scripts to parse and dumb all plesk shit
20:37 <~elChe> agh i askedd for upgrade
20:37 <~elChe> and not news yet
20:37 <@sup_g> I was talking to dumster earlier
20:38 <~elChe> ok
21:06 <@uid0> elChe: parmy will be on anonops tonight
21:08 <@uid0> elChe: polson, she's in anonreporter
21:13 <~elChe> was
21:14 <@uid0> aye ^^
21:20 -!- elChe [Che@1BDD90.CF29DE2.F8AFE688.IP] has quit [NickServ (GHOST
command used by c00d3R)]
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21:21 <~elChe> agh
21:24 <@uid0> We'll pull her in some dark sidechannel as soon as she comes back.
21:25 <@sup_g> ooh I love interrogations
21:26 <@uid0> Topes never gave me her cell number. :(
Page 130


21:30 <~elChe> no?
21:30 <~elChe> he offered it to me i refused
21:30 <~elChe> back to first time she interviewed him
21:31 <~elChe> fuck i d know it i would get it
21:31 <~elChe> but i dont like phonesex..
21:31 <~elChe> lol
21:32 <@uid0> elChe: She already gave birth, so she may be worn out. :p
21:32 <~elChe> oh
21:32 <~elChe> hm
21:33 <@uid0> At least her facebook profile displayed her carrying a child once.
21:33 <~elChe> so then better to keep cybering swedish underage teens
21:33 <~elChe> lol
21:33 <@uid0> :>
21:33 <@uid0> OpSwedishGirls now?
21:34 <~elChe> wtf
21:34 <~elChe> i d never forget our dear danish ones
21:34 <@uid0> Don't pull an Assange elChe. Swedish girls are dangerous.
21:34 <~elChe> we r just avoid falling back to limitations...
21:34 <~elChe> surprise!!!
21:35 <~elChe> xD
21:40 <@sup_g> anyone aware of a method of taking money from someones paypal and
getting away with it?
21:40 <@sup_g> if you have access to their account
21:41 <@uid0> sup_g: You have to transfer it to some more or less anonymous
21:41 <@sup_g> like bitcoins? are there paypal to bitcoin services?
21:42 <@sup_g> oh shit
21:42 <@sup_g> brandon darby's home address
21:43 <@sup_g> notorious FBI snitch
21:43 <@sup_g> sent a few anarchists to prison during the RNC protests a few
years back
21:47 <@uid0> sup_g: There sure are pp->btc services
21:51 <~elChe> lol sup_g r u goint to rip off his money? xDDD
21:51 <@sup_g> nazis?
21:51 <@sup_g> why the fuck not?
21:51 <~elChe> darby
21:52 <@sup_g> oh hah
21:52 <@sup_g> he's in here actually
21:52 <@sup_g> as a customer
21:52 <@sup_g> he actually went super right-wing
21:52 <@sup_g> after anarchists kicked him out of everything
21:52 <@sup_g> once they found out he was a snitch
21:52 <~elChe> oh talking about it
21:52 <~elChe> thanks to remember me
21:52 <~elChe> EFF doesnt have any idea about that shit
21:52 <~elChe> the AnonyOps dm
21:53 <@uid0> hu?
21:53 <~elChe> ^ uid0
21:53 <@uid0> oic
21:53 <@uid0> well, lets just play along
21:53 <~elChe> eff blog post coming soon
21:53 <~elChe> about sopa actions
21:54 <~elChe> probably will help to clarify
21:55 <~elChe> basically it seems they prefer blackout
21:55 <~elChe> change avatars pic
21:55 <@sup_g> boooring
21:55 <@sup_g> can we own some shit
21:55 <~elChe> but no stopping tweeting cause
21:56 <~elChe> it willl damage spreading about campaign
21:56 <~elChe> whatever
21:56 <~elChe> hm sup_g
21:57 <~elChe> do u want scan on north korea infrastructure?
21:59 <@sup_g> ok
21:59 <@sup_g> err
21:59 <@sup_g> don't care
22:00 <@sup_g> I am busy trying to steal this 0day from plesk logs
22:00 <~elChe> hahha
22:00 <@sup_g> I have it isolated to the file
Page 131




now I just need to audit it
hrm fuck
cat agent.php

22:07 <@sup_g> it's encrypted or some shit
22:07 <@sup_g>
22:07 <@sup_g> was original request
22:07 <~elChe> hm
22:09 <@uid0> elChe:
22:12 <@sup_g> it's def in agent.hp
22:13 <~elChe> hm
22:18 <@sup_g> ok apparently also this was discovered and reported
22:18 <@sup_g> sometime october 2011
22:26 <@sup_g> dumping mails/sql dbs
22:26 <@sup_g> blah
22:29 <@sup_g> and yes this is definitely the right file
22:30 <@sup_g> if we can get a copy of agent.php source we can discover plesk
vuln ourselves
22:30 <@sup_g> there are millions of plesk sites out there
22:30 <@sup_g> now h did say he was gonna give me vuln eventuallly
22:30 <@sup_g> and he is owning sites for me
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22:49 -!- Netsplit over, joins: elChe
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22:50 <~elChe> sup_g: hows going?
22:50 <~elChe> sorry
22:50 <@sup_g> well
22:50 <@sup_g> I cant find source code for plesk
22:50 <@sup_g> it's in the API RPC plugin
22:50 <@sup_g> in agent.php guarnateed
22:51 <@sup_g> I'll pick h's brain when he comes back on
22:51 <@sup_g> meanwhile I just dumped mails and databases for a bunch of sites
22:51 <~elChe> ioerror
22:51 <@sup_g> some 4000 orders from new york city police
22:51 <@sup_g> sigh
22:51 <~elChe>
22:51 <~elChe> i ll look
22:52 <@sup_g> if you could find source code for agent.php we win
22:52 <@sup_g> h said it was an auth bypass of some kind
22:52 <@sup_g> I see documentaiton for agent.php
22:52 <@sup_g> apparently it's some API that lets people write scripts to control
plesk like create account etc
22:52 <@sup_g> i'm damn good at auditing php code so if we get source it's over
22:53 <~elChe>
22:53 <~elChe> is related to those calls?
22:53 <@sup_g> that is perl code that will interact with Plesk's API
22:53 <@sup_g> but we need plesk's api code itself
22:54 <~elChe> i m looking to docs
22:54 <~elChe> here
22:54 <~elChe>


you know
when we get this vuln
the internet is ours
ok elche
new targets, where should I upload spools and dbs
cz or brand new server?
holy shit
i m dowloading the whole plesk shit
Page 132


23:10 <@sup_g> source?
23:10 <@sup_g> hopefully agent.php isn't similarly encrypted
23:10 <@sup_g> it seems to want to be ran through
23:10 <~elChe> wait i ll download this package
23:10 <~elChe> and then i ll see whats inside
23:11 <~elChe> 638mb
23:11 <@sup_g> k
23:15 <@sup_g> uploading to cz
23:22 <~elChe> lol uid0 at ur last RT
23:23 <~elChe> German court confirms that ISP cannot be ordered to manipulate DNS
servers to block gambling sites (in DE)
23:24 <@sup_g> omfg
23:24 <@sup_g> omfg
23:24 <@sup_g> big site
23:24 <&Sabu> yo yo
23:24 <~elChe> how big
23:25 <@sup_g> one of the biggest police forums and stores
23:25 <@sup_g> sabu we're on fire
23:25 <@uid0> elChe: Well, it's somehow irelevant, but on the other hand it's
related to the whole SOPA discussion.
23:25 <&Sabu> JEA
23:25 <&Sabu> sounds good to me
23:25 <@sup_g> I am uploading mail spools and databases to a large new york city
police supply store
23:25 <@sup_g> and working on this other big target now
23:26 <&Sabu> <3 wonderful
23:26 <&Sabu> you moved everything to /home/backup/ ?
23:26 <&Sabu> just upoaded hashes to crack in that bitch
23:26 <&Sabu> got my squad ready to crack
23:26 <~elChe> Sabu we need some cool malware
23:27 <&Sabu> ok working on it
23:27 <&Sabu> pdf doc docs et al?
23:27 <~elChe> yeah
23:27 <~elChe> to target high profile ppl
23:27 <~elChe> spearphish campaign
23:28 <&Sabu> I'll see if I can set that up. we need 0days though
23:28 <&Sabu> lets try to raise some $$ in case we need to buy some priv8 shit
23:28 <&Sabu> or recruit a browser/plugin/ext based researcher
23:29 <~elChe> alex was dreaming about SIPRnet...
23:29 <@sup_g> find plesk targets
23:30 <@sup_g> usewithtor telnet 8443
23:36 <&Sabu> hyr is mass scanning tonight
23:36 <&Sabu> and auto-exploiting mass ranges o of isps
23:37 <&Sabu> brb supermaret
23:37 <@sup_g> let's get a list of custom targets though
23:45 -!- sup_g [] has quit
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--- Day changed Fri Jan 13 2012
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00:20 <~elChe> have u tweeted about that time article uid0 ?
00:20 <~elChe> about the blackout?
00:21 <@uid0> uhm, which one? I tweeted several articles.
00:23 <~elChe>
00:23 <~elChe> if not tell me i m ready with a tweet
00:24 <@uid0> Not sure elChe. ^^ Just tweet it.
00:25 <~elChe> lol ok
00:25 <~elChe> done
00:25 <~elChe>
00:32 <@uid0> elChe: YourAnonNews received a message from EFF.
00:32 <@uid0> "We're thinking not tweeting on #j18 is a bad idea. Sites
blacked-out direct users to take action, giving SOPA more attention, which is
Page 133


00:32 <@uid0> "But users not tweeting gives SOPA less attention b/c people who
don't already know about SOPA will have no way of knowing about the protest"
00:32 <@uid0> "There's an impt Internet security anti-SOPA hearing on Jan 18 that
needs to get attention too & not tweeting will hurt"
00:32 <@uid0> "That's just our two cents. Regardless, thanks for working so hard
to defeat SOPA!"
00:33 <~elChe> thats mainly what EFF guys passed to me
00:34 <@uid0> Actually I think it's bs what they say.
00:34 <@sup_g> 3.4GB compressed mail spools from a police site
00:34 <@uid0> The word can and will get out before and after the blackout.
00:34 <@uid0> But sometimes silence can be louder than words.
00:34 <~elChe> well probably
00:35 <~elChe> but sure we cant risk this sopa thingy battle messing it with
00:35 <~elChe> so better we try to coordinate whatever possible
00:35 <~elChe> even if we r not likely all that happy
00:35 <~elChe> we need to win this on any way
00:36 <@uid0> I see it like this: there will be thousands of tweets regarding
SOPA the next days, so just keep tweeting won't make ANY impact at all.
00:36 <~elChe> we need to keep pressure on big companies
00:37 <@uid0> What I'm not sure abt is whether to dos gov pages during the
00:37 <~elChe> im trying to get some friend lobbying google to move its fucking
00:37 <@uid0> wikipedia definitely taking part would be awesome.
00:38 <~elChe> yeah
00:38 <~elChe> for real
00:38 <@uid0> Also I'm looking around for a new avatar to use until 18th or maybe
00:41 <@uid0>!/jimmy_wales/status/157084880575016960 <-For the good of all of us :D
00:47 <~elChe> trying inversing colors in current one
00:47 <@uid0> Maybe we should all use this for avatar:
00:48 <@sup_g> ok folks
00:48 <@sup_g> I just got a bigass mail dump from a pretty decent sized site
00:48 <@sup_g> and I had an idea
00:49 <@sup_g> this guy sepr has been offering to host and parse and index/browse
through some shit for us for a while
00:49 <@sup_g> obviously we're not going through him for strat
00:50 <@uid0> wait, sepr was raided once, no?
00:50 <@sup_g> but what you say if we give him a few random spools and see if he
can deliver for us
00:50 <@uid0> inverting colors looks terrible, elChe xD
00:50 <@sup_g> was he?
00:52 <@uid0> or maybe I'm wrong
00:52 <@sup_g> I told him no mention of name of target to anybody, no bb, nobody
00:52 <~elChe> lol
00:52 <~elChe> ?
00:53 <@sup_g> if it gets blown up, it's no major loss, as we already have mysql
and mail dumped
00:53 <@sup_g> then well know
00:53 <~elChe> ok fine for me
00:53 <~elChe> tho
00:53 <@uid0> He worked with BB in #OpMetalGear
00:53 <~elChe> not direct upload to his servers
00:54 <@sup_g> I know he hosts shit for project-pm
00:54 <@uid0> And he used his real ip on anonops. :B
00:54 <~elChe> from our resources
00:54 <@sup_g> elche yes
00:54 <@sup_g> thing is
00:54 <@sup_g> i'm dumping spools too fast to go through and parse myself
00:54 <@uid0> Actually I'm against working with ppl who work with BB, but not my
00:55 <@uid0> Meh, need food before stores are closing. -.- brb
00:55 <@sup_g> also elche how goes downloading those old ca/ny spools so we can
upload to his seedbox?
00:57 <~elChe> agh
Page 134


00:57 <~elChe> #!/opt/psa/bin/sw-engine-pleskrun
00:57 <~elChe> <?php die("The file {$_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME']} is part of Plesk
9 distribution. It cannot be run outside of Plesk 9 environment.\n");
00:57 <@sup_g> yes
00:57 <@sup_g> then comes the binary garbage
01:03 <~elChe> openssl
01:04 <@sup_g> is that what it is?
01:04 <@sup_g> any way to reverse?
01:05 <@uid0> Back and it's pizza again! :>
01:05 <@sup_g> YES
01:08 <@sup_g> hrm
01:09 <@sup_g> interesting, this bounce box I was working on myseriously died
01:09 <~elChe> hm
01:10 <@sup_g> hmm no good, no good
01:11 <@uid0> btw I won't be around on Caturday.
01:11 <@sup_g> yes it def died
01:11 <@uid0> Feds don't pay me on the weekends, so I won't spy one you. xD
01:11 <@uid0> *on
01:11 <~elChe> lol
01:12 <@sup_g> I did own a few sites on this bounce tho
01:12 <@sup_g> but that would be hella quick for them to maybe find it and then
raid a box in another country
01:14 <~elChe> hm
01:14 <@uid0> Maybe just bad luck. Couldn't reach one of my ssh nodes in hongkong
the whole morning.
01:14 <~elChe> check later
01:14 <~elChe> just in case it was something else
01:15 <@sup_g> well I'll use another for now
01:17 <@uid0> btw was Friedman drunk when he did that video? Talking about the
"destruction" of their servers. oO
01:17 <@sup_g> I loved the other interview where he described it in even more
ridiculous detail
01:17 <@sup_g> bout it being nuked
01:17 <@sup_g> rm'd
01:18 <@uid0> "Hacktivists threatened to release stolen emails but nothing much
has come of this threat so far."
01:18 <@uid0> Also this inquirer article is the shit.
01:19 <@uid0> "Anonymous boasted of stealing Stratfor's confidential client list
as well as email spools and more than 4,000 credit card details after extracting
20GB of data from Stratfor's systems. "
01:19 <@sup_g> better recount your cash homey
01:20 <~elChe> hm
01:20 <~elChe> surely the module to decrypt its the java compiled part
01:21 <@sup_g> sw-engine-pleskrun
01:21 <~elChe> we need barely legal girls to get this sort out
01:22 <~elChe> or sw-engine-cgi
01:23 <@sup_g> well
01:23 <@sup_g> I can just wait and see if h will give more deets
01:23 <@sup_g> he did say he'd hook it up
01:23 <~elChe> if alex around
01:23 <~elChe> we should ask if he know cool decomp
01:23 <@sup_g> but since then I've spotted some straight up high profile targets
01:24 <~elChe> and then look if key are like string
01:24 <~elChe> and not hex
01:25 <~elChe> then test with lib openssl
01:26 <@uid0> elChe: You ok with unfollowing @AnonNep?
01:26 <@uid0> That account is annoying and doesn't have valuable content imho.
01:27 <~elChe> lol if u want..she ll be mad
01:27 <@uid0> idc what she will be
01:28 <~elChe> we unfollow
01:28 <~elChe> and then accuse twitter about it
01:28 <~elChe> XD
01:28 <&Sabu> y0h
01:28 <~elChe> hi Sabu
01:29 <@uid0> elChe: y accuse twitter? if she asks, I'll there her like it is.
01:29 <@uid0> -- ok, you have stopped following user anonnep.
01:29 <~elChe> lol
Page 135


01:29 <@uid0>
01:29 <@uid0>
01:30 <&Sabu>
01:30 <&Sabu>
01:30 <&Sabu>
01:30 <&Sabu>
01:30 <&Sabu>
was to expose
01:31 <&Sabu>
01:31 <&Sabu>
01:31 <&Sabu>

yo Sabu
sup fam
aight so
one of you who is willing to take up the task
anon_finland not sure if you know is dying. his last will/wishes
finlands failing security state
he tweeted for the last time
and gave us control of the account
10:03 <&|Mohican|> and anon_finland twitter password is

01:31 <~elChe> what?
01:31 <~elChe> waht?
01:31 <&Sabu> one of you take it over and can issue RTs or handle finnish updates
01:31 <~elChe> hows that he dying?
01:31 <&Sabu> brain cancer
01:31 <~elChe> holyshit
01:31 <&Sabu> he's traveling to helsinki now to prep his last few weeks of life
01:32 <~elChe> fuck shit
01:32 <&Sabu> yup
01:32 <&Sabu> we handled his last wishes by exposing finnish issues etc
01:32 <&Sabu> so he's happy
01:33 <&Sabu> his last words:
01:33 <&Sabu> 09:33 <&|Mohican|> So, I posted my last tweet
01:33 <&Sabu> 09:34 <&|Mohican|> The account is all Yours from today on
01:33 <&Sabu> 09:39 <&|Mohican|> It's been a great pleasure to "meet" and talk to
You, seriously
01:33 <&Sabu> 09:40 <&|Mohican|> and thanks a lot for supporting and getting
interested in AnonFinland
01:33 <&Sabu> 09:56 <&|Mohican|> I'm sure AnonFinland is in good hands with You
and the AntiSec guys
01:33 <&Sabu> 09:57 <&Sabu> my brother
01:33 <&Sabu> 09:57 <&Sabu> much love and respect
01:33 <&Sabu> 09:57 <&Sabu> whats the password to the account? I'll pass it to
one of my highly trusted comrades
01:33 <&Sabu> 09:58 <&|Mohican|> password is:
01:33 <&Sabu> 09:59 <&|Mohican|> do You still have that notepad with all the
Finland info I made for You and sent to You? Everything is there, passwords
included (for Twitter,
01:33 <&Sabu>
email, pastebin)
01:33 <&Sabu> 10:02 <&Sabu> yup
01:33 <&Sabu> 10:03 <&|Mohican|> Perfect. Everything is there (:
01:33 <&Sabu> 10:03 <&|Mohican|> and anon_finland twitter password is
01:33 <&Sabu> 10:03 <&|Mohican|> Well man, it's time for me to go
01:33 <&Sabu> 10:04 <&|Mohican|> Please pwn everybody this year, from Talvivaara
to Mikko to the Finnish government and racists :D
01:33 <&Sabu> 10:06 <&|Mohican|> Good luck for everything and for AntiSec
01:33 <&Sabu> 10:07 <&|Mohican|> and hey, send my greetings to someloser!
01:33 <&Sabu> 10:07 <&|Mohican|> haven't talked to him for couple of weeks :(
01:33 <&Sabu> 10:07 <&|Mohican|> But well... goodbye man o/ Thanks for everything
01:33 <&Sabu> 10:08 -!- |Mohican| [Mohican@The.Last] has left #anonfinland []
01:33 <&Sabu> so whoever is up for the task, let me know
01:35 <~elChe> ok i saved data
01:35 <~elChe> we could setup some rt
01:35 <&Sabu> yeah
01:35 <~elChe> auto rt pointing to us
01:35 <~elChe> and eventually post things related to finland
01:36 <~elChe> hm
01:36 < someloser> Mohican, my bro - i miss him, and hope he's well.
01:37 <&Sabu> indeed
01:37 <~elChe> it could be a crontab using ttytter scripting capabilities
01:37 <&Sabu> it made sense why he wanted to focus on finland so bad
01:37 <&Sabu> he didn't expose his condition to me until this last week
01:44 <~elChe> wait wait wait
01:45 <~elChe> Sabu please tell me q is not under similar situation
01:45 <~elChe> 478 tweets
Page 136


01:46 <@uid0> elChe: I start to worry abt him more and more every day he's not
back. :\
01:46 <&Sabu> he's fine
01:47 <~elChe> i ll run pattern recogn on finland account
01:47 <~elChe> isnt that q
01:48 <~elChe> isnt it?
01:48 <&Sabu> its no q
01:48 <&Sabu> I promise
02:06 <@sup_g> k
02:06 <@sup_g>
/officer.html for lulz
02:06 <@sup_g> 20MB tho
02:07 <@sup_g> of private messages rendered to html
02:07 <@sup_g> mails are being copied
02:07 <@sup_g> databases already dumped
02:07 <@sup_g> my job is done for the day
02:07 <~elChe> waht u want to do?
02:08 <~elChe> publish publicly ?
02:08 <~elChe> or not yet?
02:08 <@sup_g> oh hell no not ye
02:08 <@sup_g> t
02:08 <@sup_g> this is a big target
02:09 <@sup_g> this is just for our personal perusing
02:09 <@sup_g> we first want to crack hashes and check passwords
02:09 <@sup_g> have mails processed / rendered etc
02:09 <~elChe> ok just to keep it clear
02:09 <@sup_g> maybe line u a few more targets and go on another spree
02:09 <~elChe> tho it must be after 18
02:09 <~elChe> we need to focus on j18 campaign
02:10 <~elChe> hm
02:10 <~elChe> probably target hollywood related companies
02:10 <~elChe> or discography
02:11 <@sup_g> yes
02:11 <@sup_g> plenty of pro-copyright groups websites firms lobbyists etc
02:11 <@sup_g> again come up with list of domains
02:11 <@sup_g> and check for 8443
02:12 <@uid0> is running Drupal
02:12 <~elChe> too
02:14 <@sup_g> well i'm bout out
02:14 <@sup_g> so good luck
02:14 <~elChe> sleep well sup_g
02:15 <@uid0> take care sup_g
02:18 <@uid0> elChe: I'll try that tresor kernel patch soon
02:19 <~elChe> to use with?
02:19 <~elChe> big diff if for icore featuring aes accel intructions
02:21 -!- sup_g [] has quit [User quit: This
computer has gone to sleep]
02:22 <@uid0> I have an old machine for testing shit, 6-7 years old...athlon 64
or smth like that. :>
02:29 <~elChe> we need to buy a cray system
02:29 <~elChe> next time we got financial details
02:29 <~elChe> we buy one
02:29 <~elChe> for the lulz
02:30 <@uid0> Then run a Minecraft Server on it. :>
02:30 <@uid0> Over 9k slots
02:31 * elChe wears up his tron suit
02:31 <@uid0> :D
02:32 <@uid0> cybering up ma3a? ;)
02:32 <~elChe> \:D/
06:07 <@uid0> elChe: Jackal hanging around in #antisec
08:34 <&Sabu> y0h
09:32 <~elChe> hm
09:54 <~elChe> hm
09:54 <~elChe> we have an issue here
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14:04 <@uid0> <~elChe> we have an issue here <-- what is it?
Page 137


14:07 <@uid0> elChe:
14:07 <@uid0> elChe:
14:07 <@uid0> elChe:
14:07 <@uid0> elChe:
14:08 <~elChe> hi
14:08 <~elChe> oh yeah
14:08 <~elChe> well i was thinking
14:10 <~elChe> jackal was original owner of youranonnews, tho this account is
shared nowaday we r not sure if feds have entire access to it currently...big
risk then they use dms
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14:16 <@uid0> elChe: copypasta plx :\
14:17 <@uid0> last i could read was: <~elChe> well i was thinking
14:18 <~elChe> jackal was original owner of youranonnews, tho this account is
shared nowaday we r not sure if feds have entire access to it currently...big
risk then they use dms
15:09 <@uid0> elChe: dms?
15:09 <@uid0> I could talk to wicked for acc takeover
15:09 <@uid0> oh...DMs
15:09 <~elChe> yeah DMs sorry
15:10 <@uid0> I don't put any information in DMs anyway.
15:10 <@uid0> Only general stuff where I don't care who might read it.
15:14 <@uid0> Wow, this RNG is fucking fast. 320gb filled with random data in 4
15:17 <~elChe> lol
15:28 <~elChe> hm
15:28 <~elChe> wait
15:29 <~elChe> waht u doing uid0 ?
15:29 <~elChe> what rng?
15:40 <@uid0> elChe:
15:41 <@uid0> gtg now! keep firing Twitter :D l8rs
15:44 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Ping timeout]
17:46 <&Sabu> y0h
17:57 <~elChe> hi
18:09 <~elChe> Sabu have u read the last piece from biella?
18:10 <~elChe> AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC
18:10 <~elChe> The logic of #Anonymous-online army, agent of chaos, and seeker of
justice by @BiellaColeman #OWS #J18 #WikiLeaks
18:10 <~elChe>
18:10 <~elChe> ^
18:55 <&Sabu> readin now
18:59 <&Sabu> nice
18:59 <&Sabu> I saw it before it was released
19:00 <&Sabu> ood shit
19:00 <&Sabu> good
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18:28 ! [Knock] by someloser! (G'day)
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10:43 <&Sabu> sup_g: yo yo yo yo yoyo
10:54 <&Sabu> sup_g: vuln
11:03 < sup_g> passed it on
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22:17 <&Sabu> yoh
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00:19 < someloser> not invite only anymore?
00:19 < someloser> I just got right in with /j
00:19 <@uid0> hmm, modes dropped. :o
00:19 <@uid0> elChe: reset modes and mlock.
00:20 <~elChe> agh
00:20 * someloser nods
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03:30 <@uid0> Why does Jackal still have axx to antisec?
03:31 <~elChe> dunno
03:31 <~elChe> have anyone talked to him about the v& issue?
03:47 <~elChe> lol uid0
03:50 <@uid0> elChe?
03:51 <~elChe> jabber
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03:16 <@uid0> btw I'll register a tormail address to change AnonymousIRC email.
03:16 <@uid0> It's the best solution I could find.
03:18 <@sup_g> k
03:18 <@sup_g> I'd like access to that again at some point
03:18 <@sup_g> I don't use it often but when it's inactive or I find something
good i'd like to post
03:22 <@uid0> Didn't elche give you the keys?
03:22 <@sup_g> must have forgot
03:22 <@sup_g> keys work like cookies right?
03:23 <@uid0> they work without knowing the password, even if it's changed.
03:23 <@sup_g> nice
03:23 <@sup_g> well except the even if it's changed part
03:23 <@sup_g> is there a way to reset it so it won't be "in the wild" if stolen?
03:23 <@sup_g> not that it's tha timportant
03:23 <@uid0> yes
03:24 <@uid0> With the password one can revoke axx to certain apps.
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20:42 <~elChe> Sabu uid0
20:42 <@uid0> elChe:
20:42 <&Sabu> yo
20:42 <~elChe> its aobut talking about the Associated Press thingy
20:42 <&Sabu> what ap thing ?
20:42 <@uid0> yup
20:43 <~elChe>
20:43 <~elChe> Jonathan Stray
20:43 <~elChe> ^
20:43 <@uid0> Sabu: AP interested in strat mails
20:44 <~elChe> he would like axx to Stratfor mails for AP
20:47 <~elChe> i think we should ask WL before any decision
20:47 <~elChe> thats imho
20:47 <@uid0> elChe: wikileaks won't publish if others get axx first imho
Page 141


20:48 <&Sabu> honestly?
20:48 <@uid0> Since they have their own media deals which they drain money from
20:48 <~elChe> i think
20:48 <&Sabu> in my personal opinion
20:48 <&Sabu> (in my mind I'm starting to say fuck wikileaks)
20:49 <&Sabu> speaking to jA and speaking to people who worked with him
20:49 <&Sabu> their entire internal operations are weird. full of spying.
counter-spying. se. bunch of bullshit
20:49 <&Sabu> those people live in their own small deceptive world
20:49 <&Sabu> and JAs blazing through all those millions of dollars he made off
various donations and other shit
20:50 <&Sabu> and hasn't helped bradley manning besides sitting idle hoping
manning doesn't give him up on espionage charges
20:50 <&Sabu> also. they've had the stratfor mails for weeks
20:50 <&Sabu> put together a basic search engine and thats as far as they got
20:50 <~elChe> i c tho they could be good allies in these times. but im for
pressing them lil more to publish soon
20:51 <@uid0> yup ^
20:51 <~elChe> AP are ok also to work on the mails after public release too
20:51 <~elChe> but i m thinking about bringing this to press them lil bit to
20:52 <~elChe> they know we have our own copies so they dont have the keys for
the candy on exclusive
20:52 <@uid0> AP should give us over 9000 bitcoins for the mails. xD
20:53 <~elChe> just for pragmatical purpose i see the WL releasing them could be
a good media event for us
20:53 <~elChe> if we market it cleverly
20:53 <@uid0> yes
20:54 <@uid0> but also keep in mind, that there's no such thing as allies or
friends for JA.
20:54 <~elChe> tho i ll agree with any decision we took all of us about it
20:54 <@uid0> He even sold off DDB when he thought it was time to do so.
20:54 <~elChe> DDB was a traitor
20:54 <@uid0> no
20:55 <&Sabu> thats pretty much only it. wl releasing mails will be more
marketing us as a relevant source of information
20:55 <~elChe> ^
20:55 <~elChe> DDB deleted BofA shits
20:55 <~elChe> i m mad about it
20:56 <~elChe> that would have been its LOLcaust
20:56 <@uid0> elChe: Yeah, but what came before this was no betrayal.
20:56 <~elChe> but didnt happen
20:56 <~elChe> i m always all about leaving difference aside to go after the
common goal
20:57 <~elChe> results over drama
20:57 <~elChe> deleting BofA shits never was an option
20:57 <@uid0> Well, depends. I wouldn't support anything I couldn't personally
stand for either.
20:57 <@uid0> I would've given it to a neutral 3rd party.
20:58 <@uid0> But wouldn't have given it back to WL in that situation either.
21:01 <@uid0> TANGO DOWN #megaup/rt y1 ;)
21:01 <@uid0> rt y1? ^^
21:03 <&Sabu> seckz
21:04 <~elChe> i delelted
21:04 <~elChe> lol
21:04 <~elChe> terminal shit happens
21:06 <~elChe> i m mad about ite it for AIX server botnet
21:06 <~elChe> worst should be tweeting /msg Sabu can u pass me g3m updated code
to rewrite for AIX server botnet
21:06 <~elChe> oops
21:07 <@uid0> :>
21:19 <&Sabu> I miss aix boxes
21:44 <~elChe> hhahahah
21:44 <~elChe> guise someone is trolling me in anonops
21:44 <~elChe> or menacing dunno
21:45 <~elChe> u need to see this
21:45 <~elChe> (21:23) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] i found 2 old
accounts from u
Page 142


21:45 <~elChe> (21:23) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] with pics
21:45 <~elChe> (21:31) (->whidgle) yeah!!!
21:45 <~elChe> (21:31) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] :D
21:45 <~elChe> (21:39) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] buenas tardes or
buenas noches... ? ;)
21:45 <~elChe> (22:21) (->whidgle) ?
21:45 <~elChe> (22:47) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] honeypots,
skriptkiddies... hm, the only question for me is now if there is a guy with the
same name like u working for the gov of your homecountry or its u (i dont have a
pic of him-yet...em, who knows... research, research, research... hmm... time
will bring an answer & lets hope very fast :)
21:45 <~elChe> (22:49) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] i know its strange
these days
21:45 <~elChe> (22:49) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] fullmoon?
21:45 <~elChe> (22:49) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] nope
21:45 <~elChe> (22:51) (->whidgle) ?
21:45 <~elChe> (22:52) (->whidgle) lol
21:47 <@uid0> lawl
21:48 <~elChe> xD
21:48 <~elChe> trollz should keep logs
21:49 <~elChe> to learn troll better
21:58 <~elChe> (22:53) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] yeah, there is
someone, really
21:58 <~elChe> (22:55) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] if i would post his
email here u wont like it - we both know anonops isnt
so secure
21:58 <~elChe> (22:57) (->whidgle) ?
21:58 <~elChe> (22:57) (->whidgle) what? lol
21:59 <~elChe> (22:57) (->whidgle) wath r u talking about?
21:59 <~elChe> (22:58) (->whidgle) xD
21:59 <~elChe> (22:59) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] what* ... u meant
... or lets say u meant ?qu'e?
21:59 <~elChe> (22:59) (->whidgle) ..
21:59 <~elChe> (23:00) (->whidgle) r u on drugs?
21:59 <~elChe> (23:00) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] i? never!
21:59 <~elChe> (23:00) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] u again?
21:59 <~elChe> (23:01) (->whidgle) agh..
21:59 <~elChe> (23:01) (->whidgle) well c u around
21:59 <~elChe> (23:03) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] ok - i ll look if i
can find a pic or his age or whatever will make it
clear if there
is a connection between u and this guy :)
21:59 <~elChe> (23:03) (->whidgle) oh lol
21:59 <~elChe> (23:03) (->whidgle) ok
21:59 <~elChe> (23:04) (->whidgle) if i get it right u r trying to tell me u want
to dox me?
21:59 <~elChe> (23:04) (->whidgle) isnt it?
21:59 <~elChe> (23:05) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] but about YOU i
found out more than i thought before i started
21:59 <~elChe> (23:05) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] i wont call it dox
21:59 <~elChe> (23:05) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] doxing is for your
kiddies here & on twitter
22:00 <~elChe> (23:05) (->whidgle) well if u really want to do it, go ahead, but
dont menace me, just go and do it. i hope u dont make
Page 143


22:00 <~elChe> (23:06) (->whidgle) but i dont have time for menaces i thought u
wanted to discuss something more important than who i
am or could
22:00 <~elChe> (23:07) (->whidgle) and i dont work for govts for gods sake lol
22:00 <~elChe> (23:07) (->whidgle) c u and take care
22:00 <~elChe> (23:07) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] se~nor, YOU made the
mistakes :D bwahahahaha
22:00 <~elChe> (23:09) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] btw ... the guy is
from the same city like u, too ... wait... if it is not u - is it your dad?
22:00 <~elChe> wtf???
22:00 <~elChe> XD hahahahahaha
22:00 <@uid0> oO
22:00 <~elChe> (23:10) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] is your dad also
talking about honeypots, skriptkiddies, nmap, ssh-sniffer... u know...
22:01 <~elChe> hahahahaahah
22:01 <~elChe> epic fails is epic
22:01 <~elChe> i should pass him to you uid0 i m sure ull get lot of fun from him
22:09 <@uid0> elChe: Nah, trolls are boring me lately.
22:10 <@uid0> @AnonDaily asking strange questions
22:10 <@uid0> you know that account?
22:10 <@uid0> 18:14:48 <AnonymousIRC> sup, you wanna talk?
22:10 <@uid0> 18:15:04 <AnonDaily> Yo, getting sick of
22:10 <@uid0> 18:15:08 <AnonDaily> Cryto is the way to go
22:10 <@uid0> 18:15:17 <AnonDaily> fucking noobs over the wall
22:10 <@uid0> 18:15:34 <AnonDaily> throw me in to #antisec
22:10 <@uid0> 18:15:56 <AnonymousIRC> What you mean? Anything specific?
22:10 <@uid0> 18:16:27 <AnonDaily> Not really. Fuck ddos and all that shit. What
goes on in cryto
22:10 <@uid0> 18:17:02 <AnonymousIRC> nothing really, just chose this network
cause anonops isn't stable atm.
22:10 <@uid0> 18:17:27 <AnonDaily> need invite for #antisec here
22:10 <@uid0> 18:17:53 <AnonymousIRC> chan's closed, joe doesn't want it on here
22:10 <@uid0> 18:18:01 <AnonDaily> what are you in
22:10 <@uid0> 18:18:36 <AnonymousIRC> priv comms
22:10 <@uid0> 18:18:49 <AnonDaily> ioerror around?
22:10 <@uid0> 18:19:07 <AnonymousIRC> no
22:10 <@uid0> 18:19:17 <AnonDaily> shti ight, no worries, ill be around
22:12 <~elChe> hm
22:12 <~elChe> thats currently?
22:12 <@uid0> aye
22:12 <~elChe> wondering if its the same troll
22:19 <@uid0> elChe: dunno, unlikely
22:19 <@uid0> has 30k+ followers
22:22 <@uid0> 18:21:28 <AnonDaily> wheres youranon
22:22 <@uid0> 18:23:23 <AnonymousIRC> AnonOps I guess
22:22 <@uid0> 18:23:44 <AnonDaily> whats he under
22:22 <@uid0> 18:24:03 <AnonymousIRC> dunno, changes from time to time and not
really up to giving away nicknames
22:22 <@uid0> 18:24:14 <AnonDaily> hah nice, thx
22:22 <@uid0> 18:24:50 <AnonymousIRC> No offense, just if you wanna tlak to them
you should ask on Twitter. :)
22:22 <@uid0> 18:24:57 <AnonymousIRC> s/tlak/talk
22:22 <@uid0> 18:25:01 <AnonDaily> :) fuck twitt
22:23 <@uid0> 18:25:14 <AnonDaily> that;s just the poster on the wall
22:23 <@uid0> 18:26:33 <AnonymousIRC> Ofc, but that's just what it's supposed to
22:23 <@uid0> 18:27:01 <AnonDaily> skids dont understand that
22:26 <&Sabu> lame social engineering
22:27 <@uid0> idd
22:40 <~elChe> lol
22:42 <@uid0> that acc exists since yesterday and has 30k followers...wth Oo
22:43 <~elChe> ok
22:43 <~elChe> i think my troll is opnopro
Page 144


22:43 <@uid0> elChe: Mine is Arturas Rosenbacher.
22:43 <~elChe> hahahha
22:44 <~elChe> AnonDaily account exist since more time than that
22:44 <~elChe> wait look this guise
22:44 <~elChe> XD
22:44 <@uid0> Maybe he wiped tweets then.
22:45 <~elChe> (23:16) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] if my spanish would
be so good that i would be able to make complete
sentences i
would try to come close to your accent but hmm, i am only able to read it and
this "lisp" is cute
but cute isnt everything ;)
22:45 <~elChe> (23:27) [whidgle!Mibbit@AN-pg8.vna.ucl5h1.IP] oh, everyday i learn
new things ... CITEFA means The Armed Forces
Scientific and
Technical Research Institute... oha
22:45 <@uid0> elChe: should I do a /msg whidgle protip: elChe is military
22:45 <~elChe> thats must be opnopro he s convinced that, cause i use elChe, i
must be argentinien
22:46 <~elChe> i google it
22:46 <~elChe>
22:47 <&Sabu> coresecurity owned again:
22:49 <~elChe> hahaha uid0
22:49 <~elChe> almost tweet collission
22:50 <@uid0> ;)
22:50 <~elChe> i ll post a follow up to sabu
22:54 <~elChe> lol
22:54 <~elChe> Follow Sabu @anonymouSabu for the Lulz!!! #Anonymous #LulzSec
#AntiSec #SabuGetsCandiez #ThoseGood90s
22:54 <~elChe> xD
22:54 <&Sabu> kk seckz
22:55 <&Sabu> 90s<3
22:55 <@uid0>
ur-files-when-a-cloud-service-dies <-- elChe we already tweeted this?
22:55 <~elChe> yep
22:55 <~elChe> done
22:56 <@uid0> alright, almost tweet collision again then xD
22:56 <@uid0> I just had to hit enter on "y" xD
22:59 <~elChe>
22:59 <~elChe> tango down
23:01 <~elChe> copyright lawyers i guess
23:02 <~elChe> A Assembleia Geral, formada pelas associac~oes musicais, 'e
respons'avel pela fixac~ao dos precos e regras de cobranca e distribuic~ao dos
valores arrecadados.
23:04 <~elChe> the general assembly is composed by recording asoc and its on
charge about prices and rules and collection of copyright blah blah
23:04 <~elChe> something like that
23:09 <~elChe> v0ld4m0rt tom riddle
23:09 <~elChe> @
23:09 <~elChe> @AnonymousIRC @anonymouSabu if you want to end up in
jail...#anonymous are criminals treat them as such
23:09 <~elChe> he doesnt want to follow :(
23:10 <@uid0> elChe: lol, he's some guy ddosing jihadist pages, like jester
23:10 <~elChe> jesterfags...jelly jelly
23:14 <~elChe>
23:14 <~elChe> tango down
23:15 <~elChe> lol
23:16 <@uid0> no it's up
23:16 <~elChe> really
23:16 <@uid0> just very slow
23:17 <~elChe> oh it was
23:17 <~elChe> proxy error
23:18 <@uid0> meh, delete last tweet then plx
23:19 <@uid0> or wait, maybe down again
23:19 <@uid0> dunno ^^
23:19 <~elChe> perhaps the clicks will keep it down
23:19 <~elChe> lol
23:22 <@uid0> -Global( Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are
Page 145


expecting some turbulence due to someone sending half of AnonOps to the network you may experience some increased trolling. Please fasten your seatbelts, and
thank you for flying Cryto IRC. If there are any questions, network staff will
stand by in #cryto to answer them.
23:23 <~elChe> XD
23:25 <&Sabu> lol
23:26 <~elChe> monsanto
23:26 <~elChe> The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
23:27 <@uid0> same for me now
23:27 <~elChe> from WL
23:27 <~elChe>
23:27 <~elChe> rt'd
23:30 <~elChe> is that Avunit on anonops Avunit Avunit?
23:30 <@uid0> elChe: easy to find out.
23:30 <@uid0> lemme check!
23:31 <~elChe> its on reporter
23:34 <&Sabu> avunit is gone
23:34 <&Sabu> don't trust any fakers
23:34 <~elChe> hm..
23:35 <@uid0> not the real one
23:35 <@uid0> Just same name by accident.
23:35 <@uid0> Doesn't even know "our" Avunit.
23:36 <~elChe> :x
23:36 <&Sabu> he's gone. thats pretty much it
23:36 <@uid0> "Going on holiday...back in 2 weeks" that was the last I read from
him. long long time ago
23:41 <~elChe> MEGA TROLLOLOL
23:41 <~elChe> Former HBGary CEO fired from latest job for obsessive pursuit of
23:41 <~elChe>
23:42 <@uid0> elChe: aye
23:42 <@uid0> that's why I hit you up on Aaron this morning ;)
23:42 <~elChe> lol
23:42 <~elChe> did we post that? with that title?
23:42 <~elChe> XD
23:43 <&Sabu> I did ;)
23:43 <&Sabu> hes a birdcake
23:43 <@uid0> elChe: No, you said "i prefer to avoid comments yet"
23:45 <~elChe> lol yeah but that title is so so..
23:45 <~elChe> ok
23:46 <~elChe> i ll search sabu on to rt at least
23:52 <~elChe> uid0:
23:53 <~elChe> should we tweet about AnonDaily being rosenbacher
23:53 <@uid0> elChe?
23:53 <~elChe> or not?
23:53 <@uid0> elChe: That's no secret. ^^
23:53 <~elChe> to refresh memories about it
23:53 <@uid0> Don't think we should do anything.
23:53 <~elChe> ouch is telling me hes collecting money on behalf of 'us'
23:54 <@uid0> w00t?
--- Day changed Sun Jan 22 2012
00:05 <@uid0> lol, cahrriewong going 1337 in #opmegaupload :>
00:08 <&Sabu> 23:53 <~elChe> ouch is telling me hes collecting money on behalf of
00:08 <&Sabu> fake ouch? haha
00:19 <~elChe> fake ouch?
00:19 <~elChe> oops sorry i mean sup_g
00:22 <@uid0> btw elChe could you add me too aop list in opmegaupload?
00:23 <~elChe> i think i cant
00:23 <~elChe> yesterday i tried with sabu
00:23 <~elChe> and couldnt
00:23 <~elChe> being sop
00:23 <@uid0> strange
00:23 <~elChe> now axx list changed
00:23 <~elChe> and i got sabu half op
00:23 <~elChe> asking directly to net admin
Page 146


00:29 <@uid0> elChe: you're no sop
00:29 <~elChe> i dont get it then
00:29 <~elChe> i checked once
00:29 <~elChe> nad i have 9998
00:30 <~elChe> 9999
00:30 <~elChe> and sabu too
00:30 <~elChe> wait
00:31 <~elChe> agh
00:31 <~elChe> waht mess
00:46 <@uid0> oh, sabu has sop
00:46 <@uid0> and you too elChe now
00:47 <~elChe> but we ll get spoonzy trolling dream over next weeks
00:47 <~elChe> drama*
00:47 <@uid0> is spoonzy ircop?
00:48 <~elChe> talking about drama
00:48 <~elChe>
00:49 <~elChe>
00:49 <~elChe> on arturas
00:49 <@uid0> elChe: His provider is comcast (the one of AnonDaily)
00:49 <@uid0> Little bitch didn't know abt hostmasks. :>
01:09 <~elChe> hm
01:10 <@uid0> btw dunno if all of you have read this:
01:10 <~elChe> lol
01:10 <~elChe> maybe
01:23 <~elChe> hm?
01:23 <~elChe> lol
01:24 <~elChe> sabu ur not at anonops now
01:24 <~elChe> anything happened whilst i was changing nodes?
01:37 <&Sabu> yo
02:02 <~elChe> haaha
02:02 <~elChe>
02:08 <@uid0> Ruby is shit by design. :>
02:08 * uid0 no liek
02:10 <~elChe> NaNNaNNaNaNaNNaN batman!!!
02:10 <~elChe> xD
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02:27 -!- mode/#lulzxmas [+o uid0] by FBI
02:33 <~elChe> wb uid0
02:43 <~elChe> i think telecomix is really high right now
02:43 <~elChe> xD
02:45 <@uid0> seems like that xD
02:45 <&Sabu> fuck telecomix
03:11 <@uid0> omg
03:11 <@uid0> elChe:
03:11 <@uid0> elChe:
03:11 <@uid0> elChe:
03:11 <@uid0> we're so done :(
03:11 <~elChe> ?
03:11 <~elChe> what?
03:11 <@uid0> he actually found us...dunno how, that bastard did it -.03:11 <~elChe> what??
03:11 <~elChe> omg omg omg
03:12 <@uid0> he posted pix, see:!/testeux1/status/160935468920352768
03:12 <~elChe> holy shit!!
03:13 <~elChe> they found us....
03:13 <~elChe> and we cant run cause the overweight
03:13 <@uid0> heh, forever arone and ronery
03:20 <@uid0> elChe:!/AnonymousIRC/status/160941805561577473
03:20 <~elChe> lol
03:21 <~elChe> holyshit
03:31 <&Sabu> LOL
03:32 <&Sabu> elche you sexy man
Page 147


03:35 <@uid0> elChe: he so totally belives we're owen Oo
03:35 <@uid0> and he belives THIS is owen...but photos of him are public Oo
03:44 <~elChe> lol
03:44 <~elChe> yeah epic fail
03:45 <~elChe> owen pics are easy to find now
03:45 <~elChe> thats lame
03:50 <@uid0> elChe: We should put smth like "Not getting doxed since 2010" in
the new text for airc ;)
03:52 <~elChe> lol
03:54 <@uid0> testeux1 now believes owen in fact didn't get raided and didn't
appear in court :>
03:55 <~elChe> lol
07:11 <@uid0> elChe & Sabu: this testeux1 guy is totally obsessed with us Oo
07:11 <@uid0> But I may be able to drop dox soon.
07:27 <@uid0> oh lol, there already is full dox on him:
07:27 <@uid0> But that confirms what I've found.
08:20 <~elChe> hm
08:28 <&Sabu> yo yo
09:08 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Input/output error]
10:53 -!- elChe [] has
quit [Ping timeout]
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--- Day changed Mon Jan 23 2012
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16:40 ! FBI invited elChe into the channel.
16:40 -!- elChe [Che@54385825.9E41A13C.B9C01117.IP] has joined #LulzXmas
16:40 -!- mode/#lulzxmas [+qo elChe elChe] by FBI
16:41 <~elChe> back
16:42 <@uid0> elChe: o/
16:42 <@uid0> elChe: see updated twitter
16:42 <~elChe> ok
16:42 <@uid0> cmon, that text wasn't that bad, so you had to go offline :P
16:42 <~elChe> hhahaha
16:43 <@uid0> Thought abt changing the avatar a bit. removing the ascii horse and
adding the antisec head. But not quite sure.
16:43 <~elChe> ok
16:44 <@uid0> Or what'd be your idea?
16:45 <~elChe> lol its funny
16:47 <&Sabu> yo yo
16:47 <&Sabu> wheres supg nig ass
16:47 <~elChe> sleeping
16:50 <&Sabu> kk
16:50 <&Sabu> I was out all night
16:50 <&Sabu> had a blast
16:50 <~elChe> we have more dumps coming
16:51 <~elChe> i moved a 3.5 gb of mails yesterday
16:51 <&Sabu> anything interesting? I ended up having that whole alcohol list
16:51 <@uid0> Sabu: That was an amazing game. Exciting to the end :D
16:51 <&Sabu> but like a dickhead (as you know I am not saving anything in case
... )
16:51 <&Sabu> and rebooted system so all ram-stored shit went to hell
16:51 <&Sabu> got to recrack
16:51 <&Sabu> haha
Page 148


16:52 <~elChe> oh no
16:52 <~elChe> xD
16:52 <&Sabu> uid0: YES
16:52 <&Sabu> that game was win
16:56 <~elChe> r u in Jabber Sabu?
16:56 <~elChe> ok
17:19 <&Sabu> ya
17:32 -!- uid0 [] has quit [User has been banned from Cryto
IRC (Session limit exceeded)]
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22:00 <~elChe> hm
--- Day changed Tue Jan 24 2012
04:52 ! [Knock] by someloser! (Oh hai! <3)
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--- Day changed Wed Jan 25 2012
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08:29 -!- mode/#lulzxmas [+o uid0] by FBI
08:51 <@uid0> "you wouldn't download a car" re: last tweet :>
08:51 -!- sup_g [v@51BC5033.870C7BE1.49E80F3.IP] has quit [Input/output error]
08:57 <~elChe> hahahaha
08:58 <@uid0> <3
09:11 <~elChe> hahahahah
09:23 <~elChe> uid0:
09:23 <~elChe> have u tested the bindshells?
12:35 <@uid0> elChe: yes, they appear to work...but better test again on a live
12:44 <@uid0> ok, gtg...back in some hrs
12:46 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Input/output error]
13:38 <~elChe> hahahaha
13:38 <~elChe> i m autopwnd me
13:38 <~elChe> XD
13:39 <~elChe> sure?
13:39 <~elChe> well lol
13:39 <~elChe> i changed the shellcode
13:39 <~elChe> now its like this
13:39 <~elChe> =================================================
13:39 <~elChe> =
13:39 <~elChe> =
13:39 <~elChe> = flags:
Page 149


13:39 <~elChe> =
13:40 <~elChe> =
open parnt from pid of child
13:40 <~elChe> =
-o Specify the exit@plt function address
13:40 <~elChe> = ------------------------------------------- =
13:40 <~elChe> =
-1 get a local root shell (default)
13:40 <~elChe> =
-2 halt box for the lulz
13:40 <~elChe> =
-3 chmod 0777 /etc/shadow
13:40 <~elChe> =
13:40 <~elChe> =
-4 cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config
13:40 <~elChe> =
13:40 <~elChe> =
13:40 <~elChe> =
-5 add
user: systemfckd
13:40 <~elChe> =
13:40 <~elChe> =
13:40 <~elChe> =
13:40 <~elChe> =
Default: root local shell
13:40 <~elChe> =
13:40 <~elChe> =================================================
13:40 <~elChe> hm
13:40 <~elChe> ill change to clearify
13:40 <~elChe> that users is gid 0
13:41 <~elChe> all the shellcode is new
13:42 <~elChe> i remplaced those i picked up on internet to save time
13:42 <~elChe> all new and working
13:42 <~elChe> lol
13:42 <~elChe> im talking alone
19:03 <&Sabu> elche
19:03 <&Sabu> your job is to find out who got arrested:
19:03 <&Sabu> 10:51 <x> sup nigger
19:03 <&Sabu> 10:51 <x> 2 new people have been arrested. do you know who?
19:03 <&Sabu> 10:52 <x> keep this down low, its from my lawyers so you cant go
repeating it
19:03 <&Sabu> 10:52 <x> do a roll call check if everyone is ok
19:03 <&Sabu> u/win 19
19:26 <~elChe> ?
19:26 <~elChe> holyshit
19:26 <&Sabu> jea be on the lookout for anyone missing
19:27 <~elChe> who was that?
19:27 <&Sabu> ryan clearly
19:27 <~elChe> aproximately
19:27 <~elChe> so that was in uK
19:27 <&Sabu> ja
19:27 <~elChe> hm
19:27 <&Sabu> I know two people got arrested - x25_princess and abhaxas
19:27 <&Sabu> but why would they tell ryan that?
19:27 <~elChe> hm
19:28 <~elChe> movl was talking to one of them yesterday
19:28 <~elChe> of us*
19:28 <~elChe> supposedly hes abhaxas
19:29 <~elChe> we need to protect the guise as much as we can
19:30 <&Sabu> ja
19:30 <~elChe> they need to step up security and avoid exposing in strange irc
19:30 <&Sabu> our opsec must be strengthened
19:30 <&Sabu> none of speaks of anyting personal in our lives
19:30 <&Sabu> as soon as we do
19:30 <&Sabu> chastize
19:30 <&Sabu> be critical
19:30 <&Sabu> no dates. times. timezones. jobs. careers. girlfriends. nothing
19:31 <~elChe> but i understood the guise working actively pretty much know how
cover his asses
19:31 <~elChe> i got word they r after ouch and q
19:32 <&Sabu> ja
19:32 <&Sabu> btw
19:32 <~elChe> also we need to bring back kayla
19:32 <&Sabu> tis exploits going to fail on a lot of servers because of missing
19:32 <&Sabu> FILE *command = popen("objdump -d /bin/su|grep '<exit@plt>'|head -n
1|cut -d ' ' -f 1|sed 's/^[0]*\\([^0]*\\)/0x\\1/'", "r");
Page 150


19:32 <&Sabu> got to do some memory ninjutsu to avoid probs
19:32 <~elChe> they can do it and use the -o thingy in those without
19:33 <~elChe> do it on local*
19:33 <~elChe> ok
19:34 <~elChe> tho many servers come with objdump by default
19:34 <~elChe> but yeah
19:38 <~elChe> Sabu we need to troll as kayla is still around on inner secret
circles, they dont have anything substancial on that. so if ppl got arrested
theres no way they proved implicaton 'beyond any doubt'
19:41 <&Sabu> tats fine
19:41 <&Sabu> we should be able to write like her
19:41 <~elChe> i can
19:41 <&Sabu> what would win=if we could get her twitter
19:42 <~elChe> tho not needed to put kayla everywhere
19:42 <~elChe> she never talked too much on public chans anyway
19:42 <&Sabu> mhm
19:43 <~elChe> ok the shell is back and i took the rest of files
19:43 <~elChe> i ll look into there later
19:43 <&Sabu> which?
19:44 <&Sabu> your box/
19:44 <~elChe> if we get the vmsplice working..
19:44 <~elChe> no the brazilina govt
19:44 <~elChe> they have 22 and password enabled
19:44 <~elChe> no more sec options
19:44 <~elChe> if we put user on passwd and shadw
19:45 <~elChe> we got it
20:14 <&Sabu> mm
20:17 <~elChe> 5
20:19 <&Sabu> ?
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--- Day changed Thu Jan 26 2012
04:27 <@uid0> lolol, look what I found guys:
08:55 -!- uid0 [] has quit [Input/output error]
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18:16 <~elChe> ?
18:16 <~elChe> penis?
18:17 <@uid0> elChe:
18:17 <@uid0> penis!
18:17 <~elChe> hi uid0
18:17 <~elChe> hows going?
18:17 <@uid0> tired ^^ although I slept for hours
18:18 <~elChe> fucking lucky bastard
18:19 <@uid0> any news?
19:34 <@uid0> elChe Sabu did we get any word from Tope yet?
19:37 <@uid0> It's tomorrow, no?
19:41 <~elChe> back
19:42 <~elChe> yep
19:42 <~elChe> i think
19:42 <@uid0> should we tweet some statement of support?
19:42 <~elChe> i ll ping uk folks about it
19:42 <@uid0> parmy should know what's up.
19:42 <~elChe> good point
19:42 <~elChe> send dm
19:44 <@uid0> done
19:45 <~elChe> sgtsecondary is all happy
19:45 <~elChe> cause we get him to fuck 2 girls
19:45 <~elChe> XD
19:46 <@uid0> lawl
19:48 <@uid0> elChe: how did we do that? :p
19:49 <~elChe> look our tweets yesterday
19:49 <@uid0> oic xD
19:49 <~elChe> XD
Page 151


19:51 <@uid0> so, opinion abt some support statement for tope?
19:51 <~elChe> statement or hack?
19:51 <@uid0> dunno ^^ do we have some target available?
19:56 <@uid0> LOL elChe
19:56 <@uid0> Do we accept Trainees? xFD
19:56 <@uid0> zi5> [Thu Jan 26 20:58:30 +0000 2012] <Louisdpb92> @AnonymousIRC
Hello i know it's not the right place but
I'm looking for an internship outside
studying on a business school THxs
19:56 <~elChe> what???
19:56 <~elChe> hahahahahahahh
19:56 <~elChe> wtf?
19:56 <@uid0> Apparently he wants an internship at Anonymous. :>
19:57 <~elChe> XDBBBBB
20:25 <@uid0> elChe: zm0> [Thu Jan 26 21:21:05 +0000 2012] <@emeraldcan>
@AnonymousIRC Damn... As a Polish girl I have to admit
that I could use an
internship from you :P
20:34 <@uid0> elChe: parmy is here
20:37 <@uid0> elChe: polson, msg her pls
20:52 <~elChe> hm
21:13 <~elChe> ok uid0
21:14 <@uid0> :D
21:15 <~elChe> date postponed
21:15 <@uid0> yes, I know
21:16 <~elChe> not clear why
21:16 <~elChe> probably for 1 or 2 months
21:16 <~elChe> that mainly news
21:16 <~elChe> the *
21:16 <@uid0> aye, she said they wanna charge several ppl at the same time.
21:17 <@uid0> Tope, Ryan, the guys they believe to be kayla etc
21:17 <&Sabu> yea
21:17 <&Sabu> told me same shit
21:17 <~elChe> i asked to keep us informed
21:18 <@uid0> Should we tweet abt the court date being postponed?
21:18 <~elChe> only if u get a news article
21:18 <~elChe> link
21:18 <@uid0> kk
21:20 <~elChe> FBI Looking for a Good Facebook-Snooping App,2817,2399425,00.asp
21:21 <~elChe> why dont we code theirs app using a fake persona and we backdoor
21:21 <~elChe> XD
21:22 <@uid0> lawl, that'd be awesome
22:49 <@uid0> elChe: please see the last 2 tweets and delete if you don't agree.
22:52 <~elChe> ok
22:53 <~elChe> why wouldnt i agree?
22:54 <~elChe> i like to use the mccarthyism card
22:54 <@uid0> same xD
23:08 <@uid0> elChe:
23:19 <~elChe> hm
23:19 <~elChe> and u were saying
23:19 <~elChe> no french ppl was arrested yet
23:21 <@uid0> No, there have been ddos arrests in france in the past iirc.
23:52 <@uid0> elChe: also fakegregghoush at it again:
23:57 <~elChe> haahahah
23:58 * uid0 takes some notes "elChe working for comcast".
--- Day changed Fri Jan 27 2012
00:00 <~elChe> hahahhhahaha
00:01 <~elChe> shes fucking clueness
00:01 <~elChe> its pretty much funny
00:01 <@uid0> idd
00:01 <~elChe> can u prepare some tweet asking her for a blowjob?
00:01 <@uid0> Yeah...funny or sad. Sometimes I can't decide.
00:01 <~elChe> XD
00:02 <@uid0> No way. Oo Have you seen her? Wouldn't get hard at all. :P
Page 152


00:02 <~elChe> hahahhhaha
00:15 <~elChe> lol uid0
00:15 <~elChe> at that answer on fb
00:17 <@uid0> That's most probably completely wrong in spanish, but meh. :>
02:06 <@uid0> elChe: for next defacement:
02:09 <~elChe> trollolol
06:43 <@uid0> elChe: we should "talk privately" to fakegregghoush and offer her
some kind of "deal". She'll post shit on pastebin and will be even more convinced
that she's on the right trail. :>
06:45 <@uid0> So will be everyone else. Maybe some poor bastard will get v&, but
feds will be busy for some time until they notice they got the wrong guy.
06:48 <@uid0> <-- see here btw
07:55 <&Sabu> sex
07:55 <@uid0> cocks
07:56 <&Sabu> uid0: I DID THAT I said I worked for a fucking CERT to the broad
and she still to this day believes it
07:56 <&Sabu> I even told her I'm in military intelligence
07:56 <&Sabu> shes pretty crazy
07:57 <@uid0> Sabu: She was already mad during chanology.
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16:48 <@uid0> elChe: DM from yasmine
16:52 <~elChe> saw it
16:52 <@uid0> k
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18:04 <@uid0> Sabu:
18:04 <@uid0> TPB Stun just send this to me.
18:05 <@uid0> KPN is biggest telco in the netherlands
18:05 <@uid0> 16gb of data was leaked 2 days ago
22:34 <&Sabu> ok
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