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Today we are better than we were yesterday and tomorrow even better


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1. Circle or underline the uncountable nouns:

House, car, cheese, apple, money, table, sugar, coffee, cup, pencil, milk,
wine, potato, bread, petrol, shoe, film, tea, newspaper, book, water, watch,
toast, juice, glass, salt, oil, pen, class, meat, butter, sandwich, ham, egg,
advice, holiday, time, chocolate, information, pen, orange, tuna.

2. Charles is making an omelet for the first time. He asks his wife
Alice who is watching TV.
Fill in the gaps with some or any:
Charles: Alice! Have we got ____________ eggs?
Alice: Yes, there are ____________ in the cupboard.
Charles: Have we got ______________ cheese?
Alice: Yes, theres ____________ in the fridge.
Charles: Can I use ___________ olive oil?
Alice: Yes, of course.
Charles: I need ____________ tomatoes.
Alice: We havent got _____________. Charles, would you like ___________ help?
Charles: No, thanks, Im OK.

3. Cross out a/an if it is wrong and substitute it with some. If it is

correct, put a tick.
1. Can you give me an ____________ information, please?
2. I bought a ____________ suitcase yesterday.
3. We need a ____________money for the cinema.
4. Hes eating a ____________ bread.
5. Id like a _____________ advice about my future.
6. We stopped at the filling station to get a ___________ petrol.

7. I really need a _____________ holiday.

8. Can you give me a ___________water, please? Im thirsty.
9. Can you pass me a ____________ newspaper?
10. Do you want an ___________ apple?

4. Fill in the gaps with some, any or no.

1. Im really thirsty. I need ____________ water, please.
2. I went to the library, but I couldnt find __________ books about art.
3. Can you give me ___________ coffee, please?
4. She sent _____________ postcards to her friends, but she didnt make
_____________ phone calls when she was in Britain.
5. Its very cold, so there are ____________ children playing in the street.
6. I bought __________ coffee, but I didnt buy ____________ tea.
7. Have you got ______________ chocolate biscuits? Im sorry, there are
____________ biscuits left.
8. Mary, Im afraid theres __________ juice in the fridge.
9. They ate ____________apples, but they didnt eat ___________ oranges.
10. A. Do you want _____________ cheese? Its delicious. B. Ok, give me
11. Im sorry, but Ive got __________ time to help you.
12. He prepared ____________fruit for dessert.
13. I wanted to invite you, but Ive got __________ money.
14. Is there _____________ oil in the kitchen?
15. We need _____________ coins for the car park. Have you got ___________,

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