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Historical Society Incorporated

July - August 2016

Prepared by Lisa Truttman, President and Editor

Acknowledging local history in
Avondale-Waterview District
It has been an interesting couple of months since the
June AWHS meeting. We’ve seen the Whau Local
Board congratulate themselves in their newsletter for
“acknowledging local history” with regard to Te
Kotuitanga Reserve on Tiverton Road (where they not
only discarded any acknowledgement to our local history
in terms of past Chinese settlers and landowners, but
actually dislocated an important Maori placename from
its true associations with Olympic Park. See the
Avondale Historical Journal No. 86).
Then again, the same Board did greenlight the spending
of funds to prepare and install — finally! — four interpretive panels for: Saunders Reserve, Riversdale
Reserve, Tait Park and Arthur Currey Reserve. Now, that
is acknowledging local history, folks. My sincere thanks
to the Council staff who saw this project through to completion. In the case of the Saunders Reserve sign , it involved 10 years lobbying for recognition of the
Robertson family (see more in this month’s Journal) but
— now we have had success at last.
Another way to acknowledge local history is to remember those in our past who helped to make it by seeing to
it that their names on the landscape.
A new street for a subdivision of the late Kurt Brehmer’s
land at 121 Avondale Road came up for naming decision
at the last Whau Local Board meeting (July). I didn’t go,
expecting yet another Maori word, in this case “Huakiwi
Lane” (modern Maori word for “kiwifruit”) to be rubber
stamped rather than the alternates “Haywards Lane” and
“Hayward Wright Lane”.
Bur, as it turned out, one Board Member spoke up on the
night for our heritage. Duncan Macdonald, who is also a
foundation member of the AWHS, disagreed with the
Huakiwi name, and successfully pushed for Hayward
Wright Lane.

No. 82

Kurt Brehmer said to me last decade that he wanted
Hayward Wright to be recognised on our landscape.
This was when we saw the naming of one half of
Fonteyn Street as Meliora Street after the name of the
homestead of the Jackson family, Quaker missionaries
who spearheaded the establishment of the Victoria Hall
on Rosebank Road in the 1890s (said homestead sadly
demolished by the current owners a few years ago).
It is very pleasing to see that Duncan, and those Board
members who supported him that night agreed with
Kurt’s vision. It has, somewhat, renewed my shaken
faith of late that our local heritage will be taken seriously by the Local Board, and by Auckland Council as a
Well done, Duncan!

Guest Speakers
Contact Alison Turner, 825-0300, if you have any suggestions for our Guest Speakers schedule for the new
Upcoming speakers:
6 August — Edward Bennett , speaking on
“St Kevins — the Centre of Everything”

In other news ...
Yet again — the Auckland Council have left our Avondale
Library’s event for Heritage Festival off their official list
for printed advertising — so keep an eye on their “Street
Stories”. I’ll try to get something from them for the next
I’ll be giving a talk at Howick Library during Family History month, 17 August, 11-12.30, on private maternity
Also during the Heritage Festival … I’ve been asked by
three libraries to speak during Heritage Festival.

Next meeting of the
Avondale-Waterview Historical Society:
at St Ninians, St Georges Road, Avondale
SATURDAY, 6 August 2016, 2.00 pm

28 September, 12 midday—Central Library — Soldiers
Corner of Waikumete Cemetery


5 October, 11 am—Blockhouse Bay Library — bits and
pieces on New Windsor.

29 September, 10 am—Pt Chevalier Library — Story of
the reserve that became Coyle Park