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Alignment Chart

Seanne Schwantes
Problem Identification
My Company is an insurance company that handles disability claims. The company needs to find a way to increase the conversation
between internal claim managers and claimants by establishing goals, increasing product knowledge, and providing tools for claim managers
to use when handling calls with claimants.
The goal of this training program is to:

Create goals and standards for claim managers to use during phone calls with claimants
Provide resources accessible by claim mangers to consistently meet goals and measurements
Establish a personalized conversation with claimants
Effectively document phones call with claimants

Delivery Options
The training session will be conducted virtually; this allows participants to interact with the instructor with a large group. Participants will also
be divided into small groups to work through exercises in a team.

Chart Information
The alignment chart below provides an overview of the training. The chart lists the high level or Terminal Objectives,
Enabling Objectives, assessment as well as activities that will take place to support the participants learning.
Terminal Objectives are high level, and are comprised of Enabling Objectives, which are learnings that need to take
place in order to accomplish the Terminal Objectives. This structured approach allow for incremental steps or actions to
be created. Absorb, Do, and Connect Activities are created to support the action listed in the Enabling Objectives and
assessments are created to validate the participant can complete the action. The chart sets the expectations for the
instructional designer when creating the course materials, and keeps the materials focused and on task.

Terminal Objective: Claim representatives will be able to research employee claim policies and employer history for
return to work options for the employee.
Enabling Objectives
Assessment Idea
Absorb Activity
Do Activity
Connect Activity
Locate all benefits and
Discussion and Pickfeatures that relate to the
employee returning to
work, within claim policy.

Verbally answer employees

questions regarding return
to work benefits, using the
claim policy, during phone

Utilizing online employer

files, describe two or more
return-to-work options the
employer has previously

Multiple copies of
company claim policies
will be provided to the
participants. The
participant will review
each policy and pick the
features and benefits
relating to returning to
work for each policy from
a list of possible answers.
Discussion and
Performance based
A scenario will be
provided, along with an
electronic version of key
policy and employee
information. Participants
will respond to the
employees question by
choosing the best
response from several
options. The scoring rules
for the assessment will be
pass/fail. Participants
may reference the key
data at any time during
the assessment.
Discussion and
Performance based.
A simulated example of

provided to employees out

on disability.

an electronic employer
file. Participants will
navigate to the correct
location of the employer
files to retrieve the
previously return to work
options provided.
The scoring for the
assessment will be

Terminal Objective: Claim representatives will be able to analyze employee constraints or obstacles to
returning to work.
Enabling Objectives

Assessment Idea

Given claimants
information regarding
an injury and recovery,
list potential concerns
the employee may
have returning to work
in a factory,
professional, and
hospital environment.

Discussion and Pick multiple

ng techniques, to
assess how the
employee feels about
returning to work both
mentally and
physically, during
phone conversation.
Given multiple claim

Participants will be provided a

scenario of employees with
various injuries and work
environments. Participants will
identify concerns associated
with each scenario.
This assessment will be

Discussion and Pick one


Do Activity

Connect Activity

scenarios, respond to
a list of employee
concerns in writing.

A scenario will be provided

and participants will respond
to questions by selecting a
response. This assessment
will be scored.

Terminal Objective: Claim representatives will be able to explain options to employee for returning to work
after disability.
Enabling Objectives Assessment Idea
Do Activity
Connect Activity
offered by the
employer, during
phone call with

Given claimants
reason for disability
and work
environment offer at
least one option for
job accommodation
to the employee,
during phone call.

Discussion and Matching List