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Semi Detailed Lesson Plan in Grade 8


At the end of the 60 minute session at least 75% of the students are expected to;
a. Identify the characteristics/attitude revealed in the poem.
b. Analyze the elements of the poem, the title, the message, mood and tone.
c. Summarize the poem entitled Yes, I am an African child based on their
own interpretation of the text.


Topic: Yes, I am an African child
Materials: Manila paper
Pentel pen
Hand outs


a. Motivation:
Ask the students if they have experienced discrimination or they have
experienced being discriminated.
b. Abstraction:
Ask the students about their own understanding of the piece that they have
read. (What the poem is all about)
c. Analysis:
Why is it entitled Yes, I am an African child.
What do you think is the message of the poem?
As a student, how do you deal with discrimination?
d. Application:
Each group will give their own interpretation of the line Teach me me to
think like the star within me


Write a reflection about the poem (insights, lessons learned and relate it to
your personal experiences.)