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Who says it’s too hard

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to start your own staffing business?
Kellie Wilson, owner of Kellie Works Personnel Solutions, is testament to the fact that confidence, determination, experience and the right support can carry you a long way. After managing a Manpower branch and then a privately owned staffing service for the past seven years, this entrepreneur decided that it was her time to enjoy the benefits produced from the hard work that goes into providing quality staffing services. Her first undertaking led her to open a staffing business along with a partner. But, last summer, she decided to move in a different direction and to launch a new firm on her own. What made it such an easy decision? Her background proves that she knows the industry well and that she knows where to go for the resources she needs. And, as she said, “There is plenty of money and business to go around.” By December of 2007, Kellie Works Personnel Solutions officially opened its doors for business in Alexandria, Louisiana. Operating as a full-service temp, temp-to-hire and direct hire staffing firm, Kellie Works also provides employee screening and skills assessment services.

Mind over matter
But, don’t get her wrong - the venture didn’t come without its daunting challenges. Wilson had forgotten about the pains involved in operating a staffing business: the crucial recruiting, running the front and back-office efficiently, the employee screening process, generating sales, producing effective marketing… all of the daily operating responsibilities that take their toll. So, what’s her advice for an entrepreneur who is dreaming about starting his or her own staffing firm? For Wilson (who doesn’t accept the notion that she can’t make her own success), it’s simple: “Do your homework, pace the floor and just do it. Don’t whine, just do it!” She lives by one of her favorite Maya Angelou quotes - “Nothing will work unless you do.”

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Laying the foundation
From her previous management experience, Wilson was attuned to the effect that not using a specialized staffing solution could have on business. And, with so many staffing software providers in the industry, she looked for a partner that offered valueadded, differentiating services. For Wilson, TempWorks was the apparent solution because it offered a “total package” which she feels gives them an edge (good service from the get-go and a four hour car ride by Venture VP of Sales, Jack Terrana, to say “hello” didn’t hurt either). Payroll funding and processing are a part of the Venture service package that Kellie Works selected. “I love growth, but I fear growth because I need the money to back it”, said Wilson. “With the payroll funding, I have that taken care of – it’s a load off my shoulders which allows me to keep moving forward and to get what needs to be done, done.” The other part of the Venture package is, of course, staffing software. Using the new TempWorks Enterprise user-interface, Wilson “loves the ease of the program” that allows the business to operate faster. The time from when a job order is placed to when the job is filled has been reduced down from five days to two days. Better service has helped the company to hold on to employees and clients better, and using an automated system lets Kellie Works keep in closer contact with them. As an added benefit, working in a paperless environment brings Wilson closer to her objective of “going green”.

Primed for Success
After only six months in business, her homework and hard work have paid off. Consistently growing since its launch, Kellie Works Personnel Solutions has just won a large account and will soon be placing up to 200 temps at a local manufacturing company. As the only locally woman-owned company in the area, Wilson believes that her business stands out from the other competing staffing companies. Wilson doesn’t just live in the moment; she sets goals in a business plan for the future of her company. In the Kellie Works three-to-five-year forecast, the staffing firm plans to open three to four more offices in Louisiana. From Kellie Wilson’s obvious perseverance, we’re pretty confident that she’ll make it happen. For more information on Kellie Works Personnel Solutions, visit:

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CEO’s Commentary

Trainer’s Tip
For the Ultimate in Email Efficiency

From Harems to Surface Computing: How Technology has Changed the Staffing Industry

By Gregg Dourgarian, CEO, TempWorks Software Although commonly associated with the rise of computers after WWII, staffing technology enjoys a long and rich history. Scheduling systems date back to the Chou dynasty when Chinese harem administrators developed algorithms to manage menstrual cycles and schedule conjugal visits with the emperor that would coincide with fertility. You can trace payroll back at least to ancient Rome, when paymasters devised a salary system based on salt (the word “salary” derives from the Latin “sal dare”, meaning to “give salt”). My Dad invented a search and retrieval system for aircraft engineers in the early 1950s using a sophisticated filing system in which skewers would wind their way through holes punched in talent cards to pull up candidates with specific skills. In the late 1960s, when Dad was running Manpower’s technical division in Milwaukee, he brought me to the office and I got to see an early payroll mainframe first-hand - the forerunner of Manpower’s legendary Midas pay/bill system. The programmer showed me what keypunch cards were and how he programmed them. To run payroll, you had to take a huge stack of these cards (which represented both the payroll program and the payroll records) and submit them as a deck to a card reader. It was more like an industrial machine than any technology device we’re familiar with today. Back then, computers were strictly for the accounting office. We had no notion that they could be used on a network, as desktop workstations, or as productivity devices like cell phones. The micro-computer revolution did little at first to move staffing technology out of the back office; it just made it cheaper and more available for everyone. After Dad got his own Manpower franchise in 1974, he and I developed a pay/bill system on an early micro-computer. We had to punch in the instructions to this system in machine code or assembler (a very low level computer language). For example, instead of writing “Move $5.00 to Bill Rate”, as you would in COBOL, we had to write something like this: “L,U A0,5; S A0,03726”. It was a very crude system in many ways, but it did the job and helped handle the load as sales went from $1,500/week to $1 million/year – big bucks for us back then. Staffing technology gradually moved from the accounting department to the front office throughout the 1980s. In 1993, I found myself writing a new system for the family staffing company - this time using Lotus Notes as a way to do email and power internal recruiters. A friend got me turned on to the internet in a big way. But, besides email, I didn’t see how the internet would affect staffing at the time. Nevertheless, this Lotus system could search thousands of candidate records, pull up a resume and email it - all in just a few seconds. Meanwhile, visionaries like the developers of realized that the internet would become the platform, and not just for email. continued on pg. 4

Do you spend a lot of your productive time copying and pasting information into your TempWorks database from emails which you have recieved in Microsoft® Outlook? If this sounds all too familiar to you, then you should ask about our Microsoft® Outlook Add-In product. Adding this efficiency-enhancing module not only allows you to upload new messages and contacts from incoming emails, but it also lets you parse resumes received as attachments to create new employee records, right from your inbox. Outlook Add-In also allows you to export information from TempWorks (ie. Employee and Contact records) to create new contact records in your Outlook application - you can even add activity items to your Outlook calendar! For more information, or a discussion about Outlook AddIn, please contact Alisha Arnold at: 651-452-0366, or at:

Don’t Forget Client Services!
If you’re a current TempWorks customer, you can login to the Client Services page on our website and view various documentation and system training videos! For documentation, simply select and download files from the lists. To see the training videos, navigate to the Training Videos link and click on a video category to expand and view a list of available topics. Select the link to watch the demonstration! To create an account, sign up now. To login to your account, simply visit the login page.

24/7 Customer Support!
Our Technical Support Center is available to help customers 24/7! If you need assistance outside of our regular business hours, our on-call Representative will address your needs. Call the TempWorks main office number at 651-4520366, and select option #2 from the voice menu.

By 1999, it seemed that everyone had picked up on the internet, and browser applications became all the rage in staffing. One big problem with browser applications, however, has been that they are hard and slow to use. If you are paying someone to work on an application all day, it gets really expensive to put up with all of the repainting and roundtrips to the web server. Add to that the incompatibilities between web browsers and constantly changing (notice I didn’t say evolving) standards and vendor interpretation of those standards, and you have yourself a real mess. Fortunately, Microsoft® came out with its Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) in 2006, and we pounced on it at TempWorks. If you’ve seen an iPhone, then you have an idea of what a WPF application looks like. To put it simply, WPF gives you all of the access and flexibility advantages of a browser, but in a user-interface that is easy to learn and really fast to use. We now have 58 staffing companies up on our WPF system, and we are adding new users every day, thanks to the easy deployment Microsoft® built into it. You’ll start seeing a lot of WPF applications in the coming years, including the Silverlight extension that Microsoft® is marketing aggressively as a replacement for Flash. By 2010, browser applications and old Windows programs will begin to seem like DOS programs – inflexible and slow. WPF interfaces will be commonplace in staffing environments, especially with touch-screen and surface computing. Although industries like porn, gambling and social media are often claimed to be the quickest to adapt to new technology, staffing is never far behind. It’s going to be a fun ride during the next five years.

To read more of Gregg’s comments and insight on the staffing and recruiting industry, please visit his blog at:

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Product Focus

More Ways that TempWorks Enterprise Tops the Charts
We’ve been having a blast showing off our new TempWorks Enterprise interface ever since it had its debut last year at the ASA Staffing World show in San Antonio. It’s been rewarding to hear how our clients are performing their day-to-day work faster and easier with Enterprise. Using one system, they are completing more profit-increasing activities and delivering differentiating customer service - with less staff. This month, we’re focusing the microscope on the BI dashboard, email interface, and payroll and invoicing areas.

Dashboard Reporting
Imagine logging in to your application and being greeted with up-to-the-minute reports and easy-to-read graphs about what’s going on in your department. That’s the Business Intelligence dashboard in Enterprise. While your competition is finishing their morning donut and still trying to get organized for the day, you’re already prepped for important decision-making and can take the day by storm. And, the dashboard can be customized by the user, so that each of your staff can tailor it to their needs. It’s always working in real-time. So, whenever you choose to return back to it, fresh and updated information is waiting for you.

Email Interface
Viewing and reacting to new emails in our inbox is another task that usually begins our workday. Electronic communication has taken a stronghold on the business world, and the staffing industry is no exception. Enterprise has a direct interface to Microsoft® Outlook and mimics its design layout, too. Our clients use that familiarity to work quickly through their emails. From email messages, customers can create contact records, log messages to specific records, schedule new tasks or appointments and work with attached documents like resumes by parsing them and saving them to a disk or in the database.

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Payroll & Invoicing
Your back-office is where you want the least amount of staff working for the shortest amount of time. The Payroll and Invoicing home screen is displayed as a flow chart, using wizard-like guidance to walk you through timesheets, transaction, payroll and invoicing. Your important alerts are clearly displayed at all times.

Keep business flowing...

... pay faster, invoice faster, collect faster.


TempWorks Team

About TempWorks

Brandon Johnson

We’d like to introduce you to Brandon Johnson, a TempWorks employee for just over a year now. Brandon is a member of our Web Services team, where he specializes in installing our WebCenter web portal suite for customers. After implementation, Brandon typically steps over to a technical support role, offering the customer assistance with the application when needed. Before coming to TempWorks, Brandon completed an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science. He accepted a position as a Database Administrator, where he uncovered new market information through data mining techniques. He also developed a new application that was used company-wide and steered the organization away from paper dependency. We’re happy that Brandon is now putting his talents to work for us, and he seems pretty happy about it, too, “I love how laid- back it is here. It’s very positive to not feel pressured by authority like I’ve experienced at previous places of employment,” said Brandon. Brandon’s favorite pastimes are pretty uncomplicated – he likes to relax by watching movies or messing around on his computer. And, since he will be tying the knot this August, we suggest that he soaks in all of the free time that he can now!

Innovating in staffing since 1959, TempWorks provides a full suite of enterprise staffing solutions designed to automate and streamline all facets of a staffing firm’s daily operation. Our industry-leading, fully-integrated information system and our email and web-based applications cut costs and increase margins to provide an incomparable competitive advantage for our clients. We’ve leveraged our extensive, large-enterprise expertise to also meet the demands of smaller and mid-sized staffing companies, where margins are exceptionally vital to success. You can rely on our preplanning, consulting analysis, implementation and support services for technology that will help you grow profitably. From recruiting to payroll and everything in between, TempWorks Software puts technology to work for staffing firms and their clients.

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