26-4 Groups of Stars

Name __________________________________

Completion Complete each sentence or statement. 1. Which of the following is true about more than half of all stars? 2. Why is studying star clusters useful? 3. How do open star clusters differ from associations? 4. A large group of older stars would be found in which of the following star clusters? 5. Galaxies are classified into four groups based on their 6. Older stars are most likely found in 7. A group of two or more stars held together by gravity is called a(an) ____________________. 8. A large spherical group of older stars is called a(an) _________________________. 9. A binary system in which one star passes in front of the other, blocking some light from reaching Earth is called a(an) ____________________ binary. 10. New stars are not forming in older ____________________ galaxies.

11. What is a group of stars called that appears to form a pattern when seen from Earth? 12. Why do globular clusters generally contain only old stars? 13. What does recent evidence suggest is at the center of our galaxy?

14. Besides shape, what is the difference between an elliptical galaxy and an irregular galaxy?

Draw / Color: A Constellation

Explain: What a Constellation is:

Draw / Color: An example of a star Cluster

Explain: 1.What a start cluster is. 2. List the three basic types and describe each types:

Draw and color: 1. A Spiral Galaxy 2. A Barred-Spiral Galaxy

Explain what the following look like and their make up 1. A Spiral Galaxy 2. A Barred-Spiral Galaxy.

3. Name an example of Each type (Or give Cluster found
Draw and color an Elliptical Galaxy
in) Explain what the Elliptical Galaxy looks like and its make up

Explain any specials interest associated Elliptical Galaxies

Draw and color an Irregular Galaxy

Explain what the Irregular Galaxy looks like and its make up

Explain any specials interest associated irregular Galaxies

Draw & Explain the Features of the Milky Way Galaxy

Draw & Explain the features of a Quasar:

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