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Som Raj Bhatti 31st May 1971 V.P.O. Barnala Kalan Dist: Nawan Shahar Punjab, India 91-98144-33949

CAREER OBJECTIVE A professional with excellent abilities to work in pressure, looking for a position in a dynamic environment to utilize the technical skill to enhance organization’s performance. EDUCATION *BA (Arts) *MA (History) *(P.G.D.C.A) Post graduation diploma in computer application *(MSc IT) Master in computer science of information technology Exam: Introduction to Oracle SQL/PL, Windows NT : Oracle Database, Oracle Developer2000, UNIX (shell programming) : Borland C++ (for windows Programming), .NET : Turbo C and C++ (for object oriented programming) TECHNICAL SKILL RDBMS: ORACLE 9i, PL/SQL, DB2 And Program Language C, C++ Operating system: Windows NT 2000/2003 Adv server, Windows XP, UNIX Storage: RA 8000, EVA 4000 PERSONAL TRAITS Sincerity, Hardworking, interesting in Programming and troubleshooting hardware and Software EXPERIENCE 3 years experience as Oracle Database Administration, Having experience in Database Administration of Oracle on Unix/windows server WORK HISTORY Currently working with (Globeck Technologies) a complete hardware and software Computer Maintenance company .I work as a Database Administration since May 2005 till date. Globeck Technologies is a private company that provides software development consultancy maintenance and hardware components .The various role and responsibilities that I perform is as installation software and hardware, trouble shooting.

Project Handle
PROJECT TITLE: BRICK-KILN Information System (BKIS) Description: There is multiple information system for its employee with Brick-Kiln industry such as employee detail, employee work hours, employee payment, on the Customer side order detail, price, description etc. On the production side daily production, Annual production, total profit, annual profit etc. PROJECT TITLE: ENCRYPTOR/DECRYPTOR Description: Today in the world of computer every body wants security in system on files as well as data of the system .This system offer very fast and accurate results with different type of levels they are widely used to security to an office or department .For building a computer based security system to an organization. We need to understand the security system concept and how organization operate as a system and then designed appropriate computer based security system that will meet the organization requirements. OBJECTIVES OF PROPOSED SYSTEM Primary objective: The Database is the fundamental stone of future application development. It should make application easier, cheaper faster and move flexible The data can have multiple uses different users who perceive the same data differently Employee can use them in different ways. Intellectual Investment: Protects exiting programs and logical data structure will not have to be redone when change are made to the database. Clarity: Users can easily know and understand what data are available to them. Ease to Use : User can gain access to data in a simple fashion .Complexity is hidden from the readers by the database managements system the data can be used or searched in flexible ways with different access paths. Unanticipated: request for data can be handled quickly Spontaneous request for data can be written (a time consuming bottleneck) by mean of high-level query or report generation system. Performance: Data request can be satisfied with speed suitable to the usage of data. Secondary Objective: Physical data Independence. Logical data Independence. HARAWARE / SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS Hardware Requirements:Celeron/Pentium Processor 10M Min. Hard Disk RAM: 64MB Floppy Drive: 1.44MB Disk SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS:Front End: Back End:Operating System: Date: 1st June 2008 Developer 2000, Microsoft .Net Oracle 8i UNIX, Windows 9x and Above