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GSC is consider as partial e-commerce. GSC cinemas not only provide physical product
but also selling services.

The man product that GSC selling is the movie ticket. Consumers do not have the
right to enter the cinema and enjoy the movie without purchasing the ticket
through online or from the counter of the cinemas. GSC has classified their tickets
based on some criteria, namely types of seat, people, and ___?

Food and Beverage

Besides, GSC also selling some food and drinks for consumers. GSC is selling
popcorn, soft drinks, mineral water and various snacks like chocolate and biscuit
at the counter near the ticket purchasing counter. Of course, GSC cinema will
ensure that no one will bring outside food into the cinema. By doing this, it can
increase their fnb sales as well as make sure that no consumer will feel
uncomforted because of food with strong smell.

GSC cinemas also provide services for consumers based on their requirement. Therefore,
GSC has classified their hall into many types. The three basic types of cinema halls
offered y GSC cinemas are standard class, premiere class and gold class.

Standard class
Standard class is for the standard threatre halls that accommodate connedcd seats.
The ticket prices of standard class is usually from RM8 to RM 15. Of course, the
price of ticket is usually increase slightly during weekends and public holidays. In
fact, GSC has set the price tickets slightly lower on every Wednesday compare to
the other days at most of the GSC chain.

Premiere class
GSC cinema has offered premiere class hall for those consumers who want to
have a more spacious and comfortable place to enjoy their movie. The seats are in

pair and consumers can have more space to enjoy their movie. Not only have that,
the auditorium of Premiere classed hall also attached to lounge and toilets that
ease the consumers to use. The ticket price for premiere class is slightly higher
than the standard class, which is from RM13 to RM20. The premiere hall is

available at the Gardens Mall, Berjaya Times Square and Gurney Plaza.
Gold class
Gold Class seats are highly comfortable for consumers. Unlike Premiere class
seats, Gold class seats provides spacious armchairs. The seats are also properly
spaced out as same as the Premiere Class seats but they come with a small table.
The seats are put in pair and a table is attached to every two seats. The seats also
provide extra leg space. Consumers will be provided blanket and pillow for extra
comfort. In addition, consumers can also order food and beverage and wait the
worker to deliver for them. When consumers want to order extra food and
beverage, they may call the workers by clicking the service button on the table for
the butler service. Gold class halls have less seats compared to Premiere class hall
and therefore consumers can enjoy movie with better privacy and of course, enjoy
thr better sound system compare to the other halls. On the other hand, Gold class
hall have a lounge area connected to the cinema hall which equipped with sofas,
bar, restroom and provide Wifi services, open for consumers 30minutes before the
movie start. Gold Class halls available at The Gardens Mall, Pavilion KL and 1
Utama (New Wing). Theticket price is from RM50 to RM75.

There are also many types of halls that has GSC provided except the three basic types of

GSC Maxx
In fact, the first GSC Maxx in MalaysiA located at Berjaya Times Square. Gsc
maxx has many features, for instance, huge screen, spanning floor-to-ceiling, and
IMAX theatres also provide higher quality pictures that are brighter and sharper
when compared to the standard theatres. Apart from a better 3D movie
experience, GSC also offer the more advanced 4D movie experience. These
theatres also boast a more accurate digital surround system. GSC claims that its
IMAX theatre is the largest 2D and 3D digital hall in Malaysia. GSC Maxx can be

found in Berjaya Times Square, Ipoh Parade and IOI City Mall with affordable

price for pulic, which is around RM17 for adults and RM 10 for children.
GSC cinemas also concern aboutconsumers at small market. Therefore, GSC can
provide lighter, modest and accessible manner to consumers by giving the ssame
quality of product and services. Therefore, consumers can enjoy movies with a
lower price. GSC Lite now available at Mentakab Star Mall, Berjaya Megamall,
Terminal One, Amanjaya and Bintang Megamall. The price range is between
RM6.50 to RM11.50.