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From: diamond@andromeda (Robert Diamond)
Subject: RECIPE: Stuffed shrimp with bacon
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Date: 19 Sep 86 03:28:48 GMT
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.RZ "STUFFED SHRIMP WITH BACON" "A high-cholesterol appetizer with shrimp, cheese,
and bacon"
.IH "Serves 2\-4"
.IG "12" "large shrimp"
(The larger the better)
.IG "1 lb" "low moisture mozzarella" "500 g"
.IG "1 lb" "bacon" "500 g"
(as little fat as possible)
.SK 1
Steam shrimp lightly\(emjust about 30\-60 seconds after they begin to turn
.SK 2
Plunge shrimp into ice water to cool. Do this immediately.
.SK 3
Peel and butterfly the shrimp.
.SK 4
Cut the mozzarella into strips that are a little smaller than the shrimp.
.SK 5
Put mozzarella in shrimp and (this is important) roll shrimp from tail to
head while it is open (butterflied). This keeps the cheese from leaking.
.SK 6
Wrap shrimp-cheese roll in \(12 slice of bacon and put on skewer.
.SK 7
Cook on grill or barbecue, over moderate heat, until bacon looks done.
When shrimp are butterflied, cut them almost all the way through
so they can lay flat when open. This makes them easier to roll.
The fire will flare up due to bacon fat. Turn the skewers often to cook
evenly. The bacon should be slightly charred when done.
The reason why the shrimp are cooked lightly first is that they tend to
cook slower than the bacon.
.I Difficulty:
easy to moderate.
.I Time:
5 minutes preparation, 5 minutes cooking.
.I Precision:

no need to measure.
Robert Diamond
Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey