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Experience Mr. Billings has strong, “in the trenches”, experience in the areas of environment, business, technology and education. As a graduating high school senior, he became a full scholarship recipient from the National College of Education(1), based on his implementations of innovative work with Special Olympics and self-esteem interventions for Cerebral Palsy children. Mr. Billings changed his collegiate studies to the environment starting a consulting company immediately after graduation. His focus on Hydrology, resulted in a corporate growth to $6 million per year revenue. During this business pursuit, Mr. Billings obtained four patents on remediation of volatile organics in the subsurface, with an example referenced at the US Patent and Trademark Office(2). These patents become licensable under the trademark name of “SVVS®”, serving commercial and government licensees, throughout the US and Europe. The technology was selected by the US Environmental Protection Agency under a Bilateral Technology Trade Agreement between the US and Germany. Mr. Billings has published scientificallyreviewed papers dealing with subjects ranging from; acid rain, to radioactive isotope tracers, to hazardous waste remediation. During this time he also presented at both national and international, technical conferences to audiences nearing 1,000 people. His company received the US Chamber of Commerce, “Blue Chip” Enterprise Award, prior to the sale of his interests, after 15 years under his corporate leadership. Mr. Billings then focused on Information Technology, specifically related to the K-20 education industry. In 1994, he helped develop an innovative partnership with a public elementary school, Sonoran Sky(3). Using high bandwidth, data connectivity, the school pioneered online content by elementary students and staff, resulting in several awards: Official Education Content Partner of Super Bowl XXX; Apple Computers - What Works in Education; Kids Voting AZ Online. This partnership allowed Mr. Billings to become the first Arizona Education Association’s, “Business Partner of the Year”. Mr. Billings then expanded his information technology participation in the education industry through consultation with public schools and districts. Consultation ranged from

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back-office operations of servers and network gear, to professional development of teachers in the integration of technology into the learning process. This experience yielded his current position by the Paradise Valley Unified School District(4) as their Director of Information Technology (IT). Since 2000, Mr. Billings has managed this department of 35 people, with broad talents of programming, technology integration specialists and network engineers. He manages a capital and operational budget of approximately $11 million per year. In his IT Director role, Mr. Billings has been instrumental in the vision of a range of initiatives, many of which have been reported in trade magazines and newspapers. Some of these initiatives include; •Wireless WAN - conversion of a leased, wired, Wide Area Network, to a wireless-microwave, internally-owned, network. Bandwidth increased over two orders of magnitude. •Multimedia Carts - deployment of some 3,000 multi-media carts to K-12 classrooms, with wireless laptop computer, LCD projector, document camera, and audio speaker, housed on a mobile cart. •STR - Developed and championed the Site Technology Representative program, where addenda-funded, teachers are trained and supported in the implementation of technology at the school. •Mobile Labs - deployment of 5,000 wireless laptops in a 30 computer per mobile lab specification. •ConnectMe - an integrated, online system for 3,000 teachers and 35,000 students, providing communication and collaboration using email, calendaring, chat, web, bulletin board and voice mail technology. •pIGB - internally-developed, online, standards-based, gradebook for K-6 teachers, students and parents. •pOGB - internally-developed online 9-12 gradebook, wrapped around the current student information system, providing real time student achievement connection between the teacher, student and home. •VoIP Conversion - promoted and succeeded in the organizational shift from nonconverged data, voice and video networks, to an IP-based converged network. •pOSE - internally-developed, online IEP and MET system for facilitation and compliance documentation on progress of special education students. •GenYes - implementation of the GenYes(5) program throughout the high, middle and elementary ranks. The program is implemented through courses at High and Middle levels, and as part of the Media Center curriculum at Elementary level. •pDAT - internally-developed, online, open source portal and data warehouse for district records, allowing all student achievement records to be correlated to date, location and teacher. •Distancia - development of an online, open-source, portal for conducting courses at the high school level, using the Moodle Content Management System.

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•pSAM - an internally-developed, online system for the capture and immediate review of hundreds of thousands of district and classroom, standards-aligned, measures. •Real Time - program for integration of over 6,000 handheld devices to be used exclusively in over 200 classrooms to aid cross-curricular learning in the K-8 grade levels. •LDAP - Conversion of an approximate 50 campus network from a proprietary Windows framework to a current LDAP, open architecture. (in progress) •TAC - provided vision, advocacy and success in the organizational shift to a priority, committee-based, approach of information technology decisions. •pOTH - provided vision and implementation of a program to refurbish “older” computers for deployment to lower, socio-economic students for home use of information technology. Developed partnership with MTI(7), for free, home internet access to students, through the district’s network. •KOA - implementation of an innovative professional development and technical resolution program. Training was taken to the schools, in a “camping at the school” type model, efficiently utilizing teacher “prep” periods. •pTV - development and implementation of a large, enterprise system for the conversion to an IP network of television and cable audio/video signals, delivery of internally-developed audio/video, and distribution of commercial content. pTV was selected as a finalist for the 2008 Cox Technology in Education. Mr. Billings has expanded his service to the education industry by being requested to serve as the Information Technology Policy Advisor to the Arizona State Superintendent of Public Education(8) . In this capacity, Mr. Billings provided advisement on the Student Accountability and Information System, general IT operations, and was the visionary behind the IDEAL(9) (Integrated Data to Enhance Arizona’s Learning), online system. Said online system is providing curricular resources such as United Streaming, professional development through Asset, standards-based formative assessments, online AP courses, etc., to every teacher and student in Arizona. The system was chosen as one of five initiatives by the State Superintendent in his State of Education speech for 2005(10). As part of this initiative, Mr. Billings provided the online instruction for the Arizona Department of Education's first online high school course through IDEAL - Advanced Placement, Environmental Sciences. Mr. Billings has presented at district and state level, education conferences. He was a recent, Featured Speaker(11) at the 25th Anniversary of the Microcomputers in Education Conference, where he presented on one-to-one computing(12). He is an avid believer in the good, the power and the necessity of life long learning. He has three children, and is married to his high school sweetheart (and best friend....;-)...).

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Education Bachelor of Science Masters of Business Administration (with Distinction) Skills Mr. Billings is an Arizona Certificated Substitute, a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), an Apple Product Professional (APP), a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE-NT), an IBM-AS400 Associate Operator, and is CompTIA Net+ certified. He has taught semester and year long courses at the High School Level and was an Adjunct Instructor for Network Essentials and Network Security for the University of Advancing Technology(13) and Media Communications at Arizona State University(14).

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