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About World Youth Day
World Youth Day (WYD) is the largest youth event in the world and will be held in Sydney from Tuesday 15 to Sunday 20 July 2008. Organised by the Catholic Church, WYD brings together young people from around the globe to celebrate and learn about their faith on a more regular basis. WYD08 will be the largest event Australia has ever hosted and will mark the first visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI to Australia. The experience offers young people a pilgrimage in faith and the love of God. World Youth Day is an invitation from the Pope to the youth of the world to celebrate their faith around a particular theme. Everyone is welcome to attend.

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Parish pilgrims registered …and counting!!!

Facts & Figures
• Up to 225,000 registered pilgrims are expected to take part in WYD08, including 125,000 international visitors and 100,000 Australian pilgrims. • An estimated 8,000 volunteers, 2,000 clergy and 700 Cardinals and Bishops will be present. • 3.5 million meals will be served to pilgrims. • 100,000 will sleep in 700 schools and parishes, up to 40,000 will be billeted and 20,000 will stay in Sydney hotels. • Up to 500,000 people are expected to attend the Final Mass at Randwick Racecourse • The four official WYD08 languages are: English, French, Italian and Spanish.

Important events for pilgrims to attend: • Pilgrim Formation Meeting 1 Wednesday 4th June 2008 Loreto Place, 7.00pm • Pilgrim Formation Meeting 2 Saturday 21st June 2008 Mass at 6pm in the Church followed by activities in the high school PA Hall. • Pilgrim Formation Meeting 3 Thursday 3rd July 2008 From 3.30pm All Saints’ will be hosting the WYD Cross & Icon as part of the 15 Day Walk, including an evening session. • Final Overview meeting Saturday 12th July 2008 Mass at 6.00pm, afterwards in Loreto Place • Multicultural Youth Festival Event Sunday 13th July 2008 Starts with 10.30 mass with bishop Porteous at Marconi Club, Wetherill Park.

What is happening at All Saints’ during World Youth Day Week?
Pilgrims will be sleeping at the schools: o 349 at the Primary school o 193 at the Boys’ school o 442 at the Girls’ school o 400 at the Senior school 850 pilgrims will attend Catechesis at the Church on the Wed, Thurs and Friday. What is catechesis? Check out ‘The Power’ next week for more info☺

Volunteering for WYD week at All Saints
There will be various roles we will need parishioners to fill at various times throughout the day and night! Start thinking about putting time aside to help out. We will be asking for volunteers from next week, but, to get you thinking some of the jobs you can volunteer for are: serving breakfast and lunch, cooking, clearing up, hospitality, meet & greet, translators, tour guides + many more.

In the meantime you can…

Grab a flier at the door on your way out!

Volunteer for HOMESTAY!
Contact the Parish office for more info!
Start planning to join the WYD Cross & Icon on the 15 Day Walk (From 1st to 15th July) More info next week. Start praying for our pilgrims and all of the pilgrims from around the world that will join us in Sydney.

YOUNG PEOPLE: CULTIVATE SPIRITUAL LIFE AND FORMATION "Youth", he told his audience, "real youth, is not a question of years and physical vigour. ... There are, unfortunately, people young in years but old within. ... Being young means having discovered the things that do not pass with the swift passage of the years. If young people discover the real and great values, they never grow old, despite the fact that the body follows its own laws". "Only people who are good and generous are truly young", he said. "I hope you will remain young; not fashionable, for fashions disappear in the winking of an eye, hurtling by in a frenetic career. Youth, on the other hand, the youth of goodness, remains forever. Indeed, it will be perfect and resplendent in heaven with God". "Youth still has all its future ahead. ... The future is full of promise. Today however, for many, it is also full of threats, especially the threat of a great void. Hence many people want to hold back time for fear of a future in emptiness". Faced with such a situation, "it is important to choose real promises that open to the future, even by making sacrifices. ... And the first fundamental choice must be God". The Holy Father invited the young people "to cultivate spiritual life. ... The life of the soul…is meeting with Him, the real Face of God, it is silent and persistent prayer, it is sacramental life, it is meditating upon the Gospel, it is spiritual accompaniment, it is cordial membership of the Church and of your ecclesial communities. "Yet how", he added, "can one love what one does not know? ... Hence the need to delve more deeply into the mystery of Jesus, the truth of His thought that resounds in the Gospel and in the Church's Magisterium. Without a solid formation", he went on, "how will it be possible to explain the faith to your peers, so full of questions about life, about themselves, about Christian faith, and the Church?" The Holy Father encouraged the young people to announce the Gospel "in the various areas of life, in your parishes, in the most difficult neighbourhoods, in the streets. Announce Christ the Lord, hope of the world. The more man distances himself from God (Who is his Source) the more he loses himself; human coexistence becomes difficult and society crumbles. Remain united to one another, help one another to live and grow in faith and Christian life, in order to become intrepid witness of the Lord". "If you remain united to Christ and the Church, you can achieve great things. This is the hope I consign to you" he concluded. "Goodbye until we meet again in Sydney!" (Pope Bendict XIV, 18th May 2008)