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About World Youth Day- What is catechesis?
Catechesis is sharing and learning about faith and life. Catechesis begins with prayer, song, teaching, questions and discussions and concludes with the celebration of the Eucharist and lunch. Registered pilgrims will participate in Catechesis from the Wed to Friday between 9am and 12noon in over 250 different locations throughout Sydney in many different languages. The three days of Catechesis are centered on the Holy Spirit and mission and the topics for each day will be: 1. Called to live in the Holy Spirit 2. The Holy Spirit, soul of the Church 3. Sent out into the world: the Holy Spirit, the principal agent of mission. All Saints will be hosting 850 pilgrims each of the 3 days of Catechesis and we are proud to announce that the language at Liverpool is:

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Parish pilgrims registered …and counting!!!

Pilgrim Meetings start this week!
These meetings are for all registered pilgrims in the parish groups to meet, keep up to date with news & information and get our hearts and minds ready for the WYD experience! • Pilgrim Formation Meeting 1 Wednesday 4th June 2008 Loreto Place, 7.00pm • Pilgrim Formation Meeting 2 Saturday 21st June 2008 Mass at 6pm in the Church followed by activities in the high school PA Hall. • Pilgrim Formation Meeting 3 Thursday 3rd July 2008 From 3.30pm All Saints’ will be hosting the WYD Cross & Icon as part of the 15 Day Walk, including an evening session. • Final Overview meeting Saturday 12th July 2008 Mass at 6.00pm, afterwards in Loreto Place

HomeStay- Is there room at your place?
20,000 pilgrims are still in need of HomeStay spots. So, if you have some spare space (no need to supply a bed!) and could accommodate some pilgrims fill out a form from the Church or contact us!! Your hospitality would be most appreciated ☺

Jobs from Monday 14th – Monday 21st July 2008 MONDAY: Welcome and check-in pilgrims that will be staying in schools and homes at Liverpool. TUESDAY 5.45-8.00am: 8.00-9.00am: 9-10.00am: 4.00-9.00pm: set up and serve breakfast. clear up breakfast. Clean up time! hospitality in Loreto Place

Sydney, World Youth day is good for you
…When 125,000 young pilgrims from overseas join 100,000 young Australians for the week of WYD celebrations, it will be a magical time for all Sydney, and for all Australia, not just the Catholics, not just the youth. Ordinary people will join the pilgrims in big numbers and will have an emotionally and spiritually uplifting time. At least, that’s been the experience in every previous host city. So what’s going on here? Why the constant negativity in some quarters? One reason may be “Sydney Events Syndrome”. A senior reporter recently told us WYD08 was suffering the “bash ‘em up” phase. But he thought that would finish soon and erstwhile critics and sceptics would then move to the “How good is this?” phase. Ultimately, we will have the “We’re so proud we did this” phase. But in the meantime some prefer to whinge about costs and road closures ... It was the same with the Olympics. And the Rugby World Cup. Doom and gloom, then grudging admissions that this might not be so bad after all, then growing excitement, then the joy of being hosts for something so special and, finally, pride afterwards. What that tells us about Australia is interesting. We want to be a big player on the world scene. We want big events here. But as soon as we realise they are coming, we become like a horse that habitually takes fright just before the gates are opened. This seems to be especially the case for Sydney. As Deputy Lord Mayor Tony Pooley put it recently, rather more colourfully than a bishop might, “I don’t think (Sydney) can pretend to be a global city unless we occasionally invite the bloody globe here.” The recent papal visit to the US offers some interesting points of comparison. It was a great celebration for America. There wasn’t all the negativity in the months leading up to it. Just excitement and expectation, an expectation that, in the end, was more than fulfilled. Of course there are other critics apart from the gloom merchants and nervous nellies. A few seem to be driven by a mixture of old-fashioned anti-Catholicism and more newfangled feeling against all religion. Sectarianism and intolerant secularism are ugly parts of Australia’s spiritual landscape which, happily, is more commonly marked by very willing co-operation among churches and faiths and those who are still searching. Certainly, that’s been the WYD08 experience. All the churches and religions are working with us in various ways, from practical help with venues, accommodation and volunteers, to taking part in spiritual, musical and other cultural activities. Sydney and Australia will love World Youth Day. It will build up the faith and idealism of our young people and move us all in the process. The time has come to put aside all the divisive antagonisms and the end-of-the world talk. In company with God, the Holy Father, and the youth of the world, let’s move on to the “How good is this?” phase. (Bishop Anthony Fisher OP, co-ordinator of WYD 2008.)

WEDNESDAY 5.45-8.00am: set up and serve breakfast. 8.00-9.00am: clear up breakfast 8.30-9.00am: usher for catechesis. 9-10.00am: clean up time! 12-12.30pm: usher and information. 4.00-9.00pm: hospitality in Loreto Place THURSDAY & FRIDAY 5.45-8.00am: set up and serve breakfast. 8.00-9.00am: clear up breakfast 8.30-9.00am: usher for catechesis. 9-10.00am: clean up time! 11.30-1.00pm: set up & serve lunch. 1.00-2.00pm: clean up time! 4.00-9.00pm: hospitality in Loreto Place. SATURDAY (Sunday & Monday TBA) 5.45-8.00am: set up and serve breakfast. 8.00-9.00am: clear up breakfast. 9-10.00am: clean up time! Hospitality in Loreto Place At All Saints we hope to provide a space for pilgrims to go for some quiet time and relaxation, where they can get a hot coffee or maybe a bowl of soup. We can only achieve this if we have enough volunteers! Fill out a VOLUNTEER FORM after mass and let us know when we can put you on the volunteer roster for WYD Week.

10 scarves already received! Keep knitting Liverpool!!