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Walter Russells Cosmology lies in the secret of the wave.

The universal 2cycle wave of nature allows for a fundamental shift in the understanding of
the principles of light. The Law requires only a few words: Rhythmic
Balanced Interchange. Still magnetic LIGHT acts at the fulcrum for the
electric simulated universe. The RBI or sex conditioned dance between dual
sets of polarized light spirals seeking balance and equilibrium within the
zero curvature planes of the cubic magnetic wave-field, simulates all motion
and energy in the electrical universe. In order to find equilibrium within the
fulcrum point of magnetic stillness, pairs of light spirals void as they occur,
repeat as they are voided, and record as the repeat. All motion is curved and
spiral. Centripetal motion compresses inward from the periphery to the
cathode like a convex lenses, polarizing and generating heat, charge,
gravity, matter, and life by multiplying concentratively, pushing inward
from without. Centrifugal motion unwinds from the center, pushing outward
from within, expanding and decentratively dividing like a concave lense
towards the anode, depolarizing, cooling, discharging, and radiating. The
opposite pressure conditions create the tension of positive electricity
(charge) and negative electricity (discharge) during their gyroscopic vortex
transition from a sphere to a disc in 9 stages of locked potentials. These
spirals meet at the apices at wave amplitudes to create spheres of matter and
the other opposed pair meets at the cone upon wave axes to void both
matter and motion. Cold generates, generation contracts, contraction heats,
heat radiates, radiation expands, and expansion cools. The motion is
projected and reflected from the magnetic boundaries of the cubic wavefield onto the screens of space through the inert gases, or sometimes called
the Akasha, which record all that happens and has happened.
Within the electrical universe there is only motion which simulates the one
universal still thought. This is recorded electrically by the inert gases and
the senses. All matter comes out of space by the action of positive
electricity and is returned to space by the action of negative electricity.
White-hot suns come from the blackness of cold space and cold space
radiates from hot suns. Space is expanded light and matter is compressed
light. Electricity does all the work. Magnetism performs no work. Scientific
academia confused LIGHT with waves and corpuscles of incandescent suns.
Sunlight is an effect of two equally opposed light conditions that interweave

the universe into visible solids surrounded by nebulous space gases.

Electricity is the strain or tension set up by the two opposing desires of
universal Mind thinking: the desire for balanced action and the
desire for rest. It acts as the measure of compression at any one point in the
universe. It is the expression of energy from the fulcrum but NOT energy
itself whose power is a function of vortex motion. Waves are electric
pressure conditioned octaves of tones. Positive electric conditions compress
large volumes of light waves into small volumes by winding them up
centripetally into spiral vortices by thrusting inward from without causing
gravitation The negative electrical condition expands small volumes of
light waves into large volumes by unwinding them centrifugally into
voiding equators where matter disappears causing radiation. Electricity
alone performs work. Electricity is the two way lever which extends from
the fulcrum to give universe its pulsing heartbeat of simulated life death
sequences. Stillness centers motion.
Magnetism or the magnetic still LIGHT is the ONE. It is CAUSE. It is the
still light comprising the cubic wave-field boundaries balancing the equality
of electric vision. The still magnetic Light universe of Gods knowing is an
invisible, unchanging, unconditioned and unmeasurable quality from which
visible, changing, conditioned and measurable quantities spring to simulate
those qualities through two-way wave motion.
The zero-universe is without shape but the electrical universe can be
modelled by the cube. It is an infinite mirrored extension from a point
within which it withdraws and disappears to reappear in pulsing sequences.
Every point in the universe is the same point. Three internal planes of
magnetic stillness project images out into the wave field and the six
boundary planes are used to reflect images back towards their origin.
WRC culminates into a nine octave spiral periodic table of elements with 21
pre-hydrogen gases and the inert gases as the fundamental tones of creation.
Carbon sits at the balance point between centripetal and centrifugal
movement. The spiral is built of pressure planes or points where the
elements gather on their way to being balanced at 4-0-4 building to a
sphere. Russell also developed zero point energy coil systems and
transmutation protocol of hydrogen verified by NORAD. Russells

confidant, Nikola Tesla claimed Russell should hide this work for 1000
years, because we are not ready. WE ARE READY NOW! John EchEL

Eternal gratitude for the illjminate works of Walter and Lao and all who
contribute to the release of WRC. Official Russell site:
Dale Pond of SVP:
Chris Plouffe:
Robert Otey - Verbelli Presti
John EchEL
9 Octave Periodic Spiral of Elements

9 Locked Potentials of Cubic Wave-field

Anode and Cathode Wave