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List of Consultants for Solar, Wind, SHP, Bio in India

Suzlon Energy Ltd

Integrated wind power company whose activities include consultancy, design,
manufacturing, operation & maintenance services; among the Top 10 in the world; based
in Pune, with operations in Australia, New Zealand, China, USA etc
Tata BP Solar India Ltd
Company that designs, manufactures & installs solar power systems; based in Bangalore;
joint venture between Tata Power & BP Power; products: photovoltaic cells, home
lighting kits, street lights, water heating systems, road studs, pumping systems etc
RRB Energy Ltd
Company that offers custom-built turnkey solutions in the area of harnessing wind
energy for power generation; is also an Independent Power Producer; based in Chennai
BF Utilities Ltd (BFUL)
Tel: 020-2670-2460
Mundhwa, Pune, Maharashtra, India
Infrastructure company that is part of the Bharat Forge (Kalyani Group); businesses
include Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprise Ltd, Nandi Highway Developers Ltd,
and wind energy
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd
Company based in Jalgaon, Maharashtra; makes drip & sprinkler irrigation systems &
components; other activities: PVC, polyethelene, piping systems, processed fruits,
dehydrated onions & vegetables, greenhouses, solar power systems etc
Maharashtra Seamless Limited (MSL)
Manufacturers of seamless steel pipes & tubes & ERW pipes based in New Delhi; flagship
company of the D.P. Jindal Group; products: hot finished pipes & tubes, cold drawn
tubes, line pipes etc; also has interests in wind power generation

NEPC India Limited

Wind power generation company based in Chennai; manufactures & markets wind
turbine generators
Wipro EcoEnergy
Tel: 080-4199-4000
88 MG Road, Bengaluru 560001, India
Cleantech business of Wipro Ltd providing intelligent, sustainable alternatives for energy
generation, distribution & consumption; offers sustainability consulting, solar PV
systems, engineering services, managed services etc
Indosolar Ltd
Tel: 011-26841375
Friends Colony (East), New Delhi 110065, India
Manufacturer of photovoltaic cells, with a production facility in Greater Noida & office in
New Delhi; makes & markets low leakage, high shunt, and low series resistance multicrystalline solar cells
Moser Baer Projects Private Limited (MBPL)
Tel: 011-4762-4100
213B Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III, New Delhi 400020, India
Integrated power company involved in power generation, power trading, EPC,
development & renewables (solar)
Entegra Infrastructures Ltd
Company involved in financing & aiding renewable energy & power generation, energy
trading, & infrastructure development (SEZs, ports, transportation); established in 1995
by Mukul Kasliwal in Mumbai, with offices in Chennai, Barbil, and Noida
Epic Energy Ltd
ISO 9001:2000 certified company engaged in the manufacture of energy conservation
and renewable energy devices like wind-solar hybrids, solar water heaters, solar lanterns,
solar street lights, integrated back-up power systems etc; located in Mumbai

Frontline Corporation Ltd

Flagship company of the Agarwal Group; engaged in the business of bulk transportation,
trading of auto components & coke, manufacturing of refractory items and wind energy
generation; located in Ahmedabad

IKF Technologies Ltd

Company that provides cost effective solutions in the field of information technology and
business outsourcing solutions to a global clientele; also engaged in non-conventional
energy production (bio-fuel and wind power projects); located in Kolkata
Tel: 080-4127-9386
Kundanahalli, Bangalore 560066, India
Bangalore-based clean energy company with expertise in PV (photovoltaic) design,
installation, & operation; other services: grid connected & captive power plants, fossil
fuel replacement, hybrid power, industrial steam uses etc
Veer Energy & Infrastructure Ltd
One of the first independent wind farm developers in India; engaged in the development
of infrastructure in the power sector including setting up of wind turbine generator
(WTG) farms & associated infrastructure; located in Mumbai
Airier India
Tel: 080-23636753
89 Krishna Complex, Kodigehalli, Sahakaranagar, Bangalore 560092, India
Manufactures of industrial air ventilators, industrial fans, ventilation systems etc;
products include turbo, eco, no-power, rooftop, attic, air, wind turbine, industrial, wind
ventilators, solar water heaters, exhaust fans etc
Ammini Solar Pvt Ltd
An ISO 9001 company manufacturing solar based systems including solar lanterns,
home systems, street lighting systems, solar inverters, etc; services include OEM
supplies, product designing & solar PV module manufacturing; based in Trivandrum

ATR Solar (India)

A renewable energy company based in Madurai; products include roof integrated solar
air heating systems, water heating systems, street lighting systems, home lighting
systems, solar cookers and dryers
Auro Mira Energy Company Pvt Ltd
Wind energy company based in Chennai; activities include setting up wind farms, sale of
points in wind farms to prospective customers, making wind energy generators, erection,
commissioning, maintenance etc
Auro Mira Energy Company Pvt Ltd (AME)
Clean energy company whose focus is on the biomass, small hydro & wind sectors; based
in Chennai
Bhambri Enterprises
Tel: 011-65451149
3 Park Area, Karol Bagh, New Delhi, India
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of solar energy products; products on offer are ETC
type solar water heaters, garden lights, torches, multi-functional lamps, lanterns,
mosquito repellents, mobile chargers, cookers, etc; based in New Delhi

DD Berg Project Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Tel: 0124-4002342
Gurgaon 122016, Haryana, India
Renewable energy consulting company based in Gurgaon, Haryana; offers project
planning, designing, training, maintenance, PV manufacturing, solarfarms, PCB
manufacturing etc; part of Bergen Group of Companies
Deepa Solar Lighting Systems
Manufacturer and installer of solar lighting systems; products include solar lanterns,
solar home lighting systems, street lighting systems, garden lighting systems & solar
fencing; also offers solar power pack systems; based in Bangalore

Enercon India Limited

ISO 9001:2000 company engaged in manufacturing, installation and servicing of wind
energy converters; joint venture between Enercon GmbH, Germany and the Mehra
Group of Mumbai; has manufacturing plants at Daman and Sadodar
Enolar Systems Marketing Pvt Ltd
Company in Bangalore that deals in solar thermal systems (water heaters, cookers),
photovoltaic systems (lighting, power plants), charge controllers, pumping systems,
inverters, solar panels, air dryers, concentrators, etc

Goyal MG Gases Pvt Ltd

Manufacturers of industrial gases based in New Delhi; products include oxygen,
nitrogen, argon, Co2, etc; has a tieup with Messer Griesheim GmbH, Germany; also
makes storage tanks & owns over 50 windmills to generate electricity
Husk Power Systems (HPS)
Tel: 0612-228-3333
Shastri Nagar Market, Sheikhpura, Patna 800014, Bihar, India
Company that owns and operates 35-100 kW mini power-plants that use discarded rice
husks to deliver electricity to off-grid villages in the Indian rice belt; based in Patna,
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd (Ireda)
ISO certified public limited government company set up in 1987 under the control of
MNRE; aims to promote & extend financial assistance for renewable energy & energy
conservation projects & schemes; also aims to bring down the cost of renewable power
Kenersys India Pvt Ltd
Tel: 020-3046-2899
Keshavanagar, Pune 411036, Maharashtra, India
Firm in Pune & Germany, designing & manufacturing Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs)
for the global wind energy sector; also provides wind farm development & maintenance
services; a subsidiary of Kalyani Group

Lifeway Solar Pvt Ltd

Solar power company based in Cochin, Kerala; offers photovoltaic modules, street
lighting systems, solar water heaters, lanterns, LED torches, DC fans, hydro power
package, poultry incubators, milking machines, LED signboards etc
Maharishi Solar Technology
An ISO 9001 manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products like wafers, multicrystalline/
monocrystalline cells, lanterns, home lighting systems, fans, desert coolers, water pumps
& power plants; based in New Delhi; factory in Andhra Pradesh
Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
Ministry whose activities include policy-making, planning & promotion in the areas of
solar energy, small & micro hydel projects, wind energy, biomass energy, energy from
urban & industrial wastes, hydrogen energy etc
Moserbaer Photo Voltaic Ltd
Company in New Delhi engaged in the areas of photovoltaic and solar power markets;
wholly-owned subsidiary of Moser Baer India Limited; makes silicon solar cells, solar
photo-voltaic modules & concentrator photo-voltaic products
Narangs International Hotels Ltd
Hotel, flight catering & fast food catering company based in Mumbai; has three hotels
(Ambassador) two flight kitchens & several food stores (Croissants etc); has also started
a wind power project in Tamil Nadu
Netel India Ltd
Company in Thane operating in the areas of environment and process instrumentation,
renewable energy sources, environment management services, and water and waste
water treatment etc
Nuetech Solar Systems Pvt Ltd

An ISO 9001 manufacturer of solar water heating systems for domestic and industrial
applications; products include water heaters, evacuated tube collectors & vacuum tube
collectors; based in Bangalore
Pioneer Wincon Pvt Ltd
ISO certified manufacturer of wind turbines based in Chennai; factory is located in
Puducherry; offers turnkey installation, operation & maintenance services etc; part of
Pioneer Asia Group
Prolight Systems
Manufacturer of solar photo voltaic (SPV) systems; product range includes solar
lanterns, street lights, indoor lights, thermal water heaters, water pumps, wind hybrid
systems, village lighting systems, power plants & energy parks; based in Bangalore
Regen Powertech Pvt Ltd
Company in Chennai engaged in the manufacture & supply of wind energy generators
(WEGs) in India in technical collaboration with M/s Vensys Energiesysteme GmbH &
Co. KG
Renewable Energy Centre
Aluva, Kerala, India
Fully solar educational institution and a pilot NGO initiative in India for propagation of
renewable energy; located in in Aluva, Kerala; focuses on conducting training
programmes, international symposiums, exhibitions, workshops, seminars etc
Savemax Solar systems (P) Ltd
An ISO 9001 company manufacturing solar water heating systems; products include
solar water heaters (aluminium powder coated), portable solar lanterns, invertors, box
type & parabolic solar cookers; based in Pune
SELCO Solar Light (P) Ltd
Company in Bangalore that sells and services solar photovoltaic systems for home
lighting, electricity, water pumping and other applications

Shurjo Energy Pvt Ltd

Tel: 033-2502-5146
Kalyani 741235, West Bengal, India
Independent company in Kolkata, supplying low-cost solar PV panels to produce
electricity from sunlight; manufactures thin film panels using Copper Indium Gallium
diSelenide (CIGS) cells

Solar Devices
Manufacturer of solar devices including water heaters, heat exchangers, dryers, sine
wave inverters, etc; also makes servo controlled voltage stabilisers; based in Kochi
Solar Semiconductor
Company in Hyderabad established for providing cost efficient and affordable solar PV
(photo voltaic) technology; offers a comprehensive range of PV modules for grid
connected as well as off-grid applications
Standard Engineering Company
Tel: 020-26870237
131/7B Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Pune, India
Manufacturer of solar water heating systems including collectors, insulated storage
water tanks and connecting pipelines under the Sunbeam brand; based in Pune
SunTechnics Energy Systems Pvt Ltd
Tel: 080-41880900
Indiranagar, Bangalore 560038, Karnataka, India
100% owned subsidiary unit and a brand of the Conergy Group based in Bangalore;
focuses on providing renewable energy solutions in photovoltaics, solar thermal, small
wind, biomass and hybrid technologies

Suryapranam Group of Companies

Group of companies based in Pune specialising in construction (Surya Pranam Group
and Associates), manufacturing of engineering products (Ghagare Engineering Pvt.Ltd),
farm products (Ghagare Farms) and pipes for industrial uses (Suryama Agencies )
SV Marketing (India) Pvt Ltd
Firm in Bangalore that provides solar energy solutions & water treatment solutions in
partnership with Tata BP Solar & Pentair water India; products include solar water
heaters, solar lighting systems, inverters, water treatment systems, etc

Tathastu Corporation
Manufacturer of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems; products include heating
systems, lighting systems (street, garden, house), solar panels, cookers, mobile chargers,
generators, distilled water plants, etc; based in Rajkot
Titan Energy Systems Ltd
An ISO 9001 company based in Secunderabad manufacturing crystalline and amorphous
solar photovoltaic modules; products and services include applications (on grid & off
grid systems), & energy storage devices
Ushdev International Limited
Power generation & steel trading company based in Mumbai; generates wind power &
trades in steel flat products like hot rolled (HR) coils, HR pickled coils, cold rolled (CR)
sheets, galvanized sheets & coils etc
USL Photovoltaics Pvt Ltd
Company engaged in design & manufacture of PV Modules with power output >140 Wp
for the grid markets in Germany; products include solar photovoltaic cells & solar
photovoltaic modules; UPL is a contract manufacturer for Shell Solar GmbH

XL Energy Limited
Tel: 040-2788-3333
Vikrampuri, Secunderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500009, India
Secunderabad-based manufacturer of solar photovoltaic modules; partnered by Coming,
Inc, and Kyocera Inc. of USA
Zenith Energy Services Pvt Ltd
Consulting organisation in Hyderabad engaged in promotion of renewable energy
projects; business associate of IREDA; services include biomass resource assessment,
energy audit, development of CDM projects, project monitoring services etc
Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA)
State government agency that promotes renewable energy technologies & energy
conservation measures; based in Vadodara; sponsors research programmes, provides
financial assistance, studies environmental effects etc
Electric Transportation Solutions

- Offering electric scooters, bikes, cars, and

electric golf carts to support a clean, green environment.

Howard Associates

- Provides consulting services in green building, energy studies,

and technology research.

Independent Power & Light

- Provides consulting, equipment, and/or installation

of independent solar or hydro electric power solutions to the homeowner and small

IT Power India - Provides sustainable and renewable energy services and

management solutions.

OES Consulting - Offers solutions for electric utility and energy company asset and
risk management, project development, acquisitions, financial and economic analysis,
strategy, and finance.

Optimal Energy - Consulting agency specialising in energy efficiency and renewable

PanAero Corp - Serve the wind-energy industry in project planning, implementation,
wind turbine selection, wind resource assessment, and wind measurements.
Sustainable by Design - Providing sustainable energy multimedia services. Includes
tools for calculating sun angles and positions, window heat gain, and overhang design.
Zenith Corporate Services - Offers consultancy and promotion services for solar,
biomass, wind, and hydro energy projects.
ZT Services, Inc. - Information and consulting services for the thermoelectric energy
conversion community.