Edmund Fung 12/10/07 Quilt Project Fictional History Story [Japanese invasion of Hong Kong December 8th, 1941] I am Joseph

. I am 5. I am in China. Here in China were days of poverty. There wasn’t much food on the table daily and water would be a treat. Learning special skills were the only way to survive. The average and normal never survived. I have five siblings. All of them were male and I was the oldest. We lived on the border of China, somewhat close to Hong Kong. Hong Kong right now was an internationally known city, a business intensive city. My dad and I had an idea, thought about it and it was a nice idea. Two weeks later, my dad and I had come up with an idea, and soon we were already on the move. We were on the move to Hong Kong. Hong Kong was a good and easy place to find a paying job. Over a few days, we finally arrived there. Our main goals was the earn money and send it back to the rest of our family. We work and sent and work and sent. For about three years we did this. Although we worked really hard, the money was barely enough to fit our needs. When I was ten, with out knowing it, I was in a war. The Japanese had invaded Hong Kong. The Hong Kong military surrendered and soon after the English military surrendered. Instantly, Hong Kong was under Japanese rule. At first my father and I didn’t know but the news traveled quickly. It traveled like a lightning bolt from the sky to the earth. The only think we knew, was to run. Easy to say, but hard to do. The Japanese were brutal. They dug giant holes and filled them. What did they fill them with, you may ask? They filled it with died bodies. The Japanese went to every house and killed everyone. Physically. They used anything they could find. Including knifes, wood, guns or even firecrackers. Most of the things they used were from the houses of the civilians. My dad and I knew we had to move quickly to avoid being killed. We hid in basements, boxes, trashcans, and different people’s houses. We ate tree roots or anything that was available. Often we stole food. Not long later the Japanese were everywhere. They invaded every house; even our little hut was torn down. Swiftly, we hitchhiked on to cars, lived in mountainous areas. Slowly and carefully we made it back to homeland China. We were actually spotted once or twice. With luck, we made it alive. During the short period I was down in Hong Kong, we made lots of money to use, but yet it will soon run out. In result, in later years when the Japanese were defeated and I was about 16 years old, I went back down to Hong Kong and started my life again in the city of luckiness. Hong Kong.

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