Edmund Fung Period 2B

My Country of Origin
I came from China, specifically, Hong Kong, China. Hong Kong is the place where you can find a diverse modern metropolis with a unique blend of Eastern and Western Traditions. This is because it has been controlled by two very different countries. The full name of Hong Kong is, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong comprises Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories, and other small islands. It covers 1104 square kilometers of land. Currently, there are 6.9 million people living in Hong Kong. Hong Kong was part of United Kingdom by the Treaty on Nanking from 1842 to July 1, 1997 when it was returned to China. Since it was under United Kingdom’s rule, its official language is both, Cantonese (a type of Chinese dialogue) and English. Hong Kong is quite special region. Even though it is under China’s control, they have there own laws, regulation, custom policies, etc. China is only responsible for the protection of the people and the foreign affairs. Hong Kong even has its own kind of money called, Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). China’s money is called, Renminbi (RMB). There are a total of 18 districts in Hong Kong and I am from the Wan Chi District. Like all large cities, Hong Kong has an international airport, seven colleges, and lots of transportation. The airport is called the Hong Kong International Airport and was opened in July 1998. Since March 11, 1912, the first Hong Kong University was opened. On the 1916, they had 23 graduates. The transportation facilities in Hong Kong are very abundant. The transportation varies from double-decker buses, mini vans, subways, trams, and taxis. Since Hong Kong is so compact, you can almost walk to a lot of places by foot. In technology, Hong Kong is very advanced in common people technology. In fact, they are the first in using RIFD cards available to the common people. There is a card called the “Octopus” card, a type of electronic payment card. It is very much like a debit card except there is no need to slide the card. This card is accepted at places like convenient stores, Mc Donald’s or on certain transportation. All you have to do is to place the card on an sensor area and its wirelessly pays for your transaction. You really don’t even have to take it out of your purse or wallet. Just place your wallet or purse on the area! Another use for this card is to use it as a key. Residents can use this to access their building and students can use this to check in. Hong Kong has a very open and diverse in economy. It is one of the World Financial Centers. Most of the industries are exporting goods, and tourism. The economy is built on the free economy, and government non-intervention policies. One special thing compared to the United States of America, is that there are no taxes on the sales tax. The exception is that there is an extremely high tax on car ownership, therefore not many people drive cars.

I really like my origins, because it sounds like an awesome places to be. Although the census recorded that an average people has at least two cell phones which is pretty cool, I think Texas would be a better choice. Simply because Hong Kong is too crowded and the places here are a lot bigger and quieter than Hong Kong.

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