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Tomas del Rosario College

Capitol Drive, San Jose, Balanga City
Telefax No: (047) 791-6152; Tele No: (047) 791-6082

Second Semester, SY 2013 - 2014
Consultation Time: Monday, 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Venue: Education Department Office
I. Course Description:
This course is design to help the students reflect on the existing Basic Education Curriculum. They will be expected to verify the
cognitive, metacognitive, motivational, socio-cultural, and individual difference factors of the acquisition of knowledge in the
classroom setting. The students will chances to experience the application of teaching principles in the classroom. Opportunities for
the students to compare and contrast various modes of planning lessons designing learning tasks and preparing assessment tools
through observation and reflection will also be provided.
II. General Objectives:

Reflect on the different theories in learning and knowledge acquisition.
Identify the teaching method and strategies utilized by the teachers.
Develop learning activities and design instructional materials that promote cognitive and metacognitive processes, positive
motivational processes.

Truth and Goodness in Man and for all others through Education

Do you feel the materials are appropriate for the pupils being taught? Are the Hours 3 – 6 Complete and Accurate Midterm Accomplishment of the books up to date? What decisions has the teacher made in deciding on what materials to use? Read the material thoroughly and find out what questions can be asked. Developmental dimensions in learning. Course Credit: 1 unit IV. Frame questions that arise from materials read. 2. 3. III. Obtain answers to Truth and Goodness in Man and for all others through Education Activities or Episodes . Course Content: OBJECTIVES 1. psychomotor. ACTIVITY 3 Review the curriculum used by the teacher critical review on one specific topic ASSESSMENT Complete and Accurate Hours 1&2 Examine the course materials used by a teacher. Time Allotment: 17 hours (one hour per week) V. socio-cultural dimensions of learning and utilization of diversity as a resource for learning. ACTIVITIES / EPISODES TASKS TIME FRAME ACTIVITY 1 Read research and theories Write a reaction paper or a Prelim on Learning and Knowledge Acquisitions ACTIVITY 2 Review a supervising teacher’s plan book and documents the levels of cognitive. and affective objectives utilized. Determine the materials that are appropriate for the pupils. Explain theories in learning and knowledge acquisitions.

Maria Rita D. Write a narrative principles. VI. Determine the principles utilized in the classroom and select methods and strategies for teaching. ACTIVITY 4 Observe a series of lessons Prepare a daily log on your and document the teaching observations. and final examination. methods and about your insights. written... Publishing Inc. Write a narrative that describes your questions and how you sought clarifications. Course Requirement - A rating of at least 75% in all quizzes. and E.A. Reganit. Gavino. A. et. Lucas. Inc. GRADING SYSTEM Truth and Goodness in Man and for all others through Education Accomplishment of the Activities or Episodes . projects. and R. Assignments.6 strategies.these questions by asking some teachers or school authorities. 4.L. 2007) 2. al. test and preliminary. Final Hours 1 . Field Study (c: Lorimar Publishing. VII. and oral reports. midterm. Active participation in group discussion and other learning activities. 2008) VIII. Field Study 2 (c: C. References 1.R.

m. + F. VASQUEZ MRS.T. + M. San Jose. 3 Prepared by: Recommending approval: Approved: MRS. – 4:00 p. SY 2011 .G.G.T.G. Tele No: (047) 791-6082 SYLLABUS IN FIELD STUDY 4 Second Semester. Venue: Education Department Office Truth and Goodness in Man and for all others through Education College Dean . MARINA B. VALDECAÑAS DR. Balanga City Telefax No: (047) 791-6152.2012 Consultation Time: Monday. 3:00 p. LOURDES L.m.Preliminary Grades Midterm Grades Final Term Grades Final Rating = 2 (CS) + Long Test 3 = P. NORMA C. SANTOS Instructor Department Chair Tomas del Rosario College (TRC) Capitol Drive.

pedagogy and assessment. principles and approaches in designing. Prepare an alignment of developing objectives. III. The course in curriculum development shall develop teachers who can adjust and be flexible in designing and implementing curricula in learning environment for different students in different context. Course Content: FOCUS SPECIFIC TASKS LEANING EVIDENCE DOMAIN Truth and Goodness in Man and for all others through Education COMPETENCIES / .   and stakeholders. General Objectives:  Design a model of curriculum demonstrating considerations for basic and higher education. Field Study 4 we anchored to professional Education subject on Curriculum Development. Course Description: This course is intended to introduce the education pre-service students to effective curriculum design and assessment. lesson planning. II. educational assessment and pedagogy). delivering and addressing the curriculum.I. It can also apply a wide range of teaching process skills (including curriculum development. pedagogy and assessment at the classroom level. material development. appropriate community linkages. The course topics include curriculum models. Address the monitoring of curriculum implementation and assessment of curriculum. Course Credit: 1 unit IV. It emphasizes familiarity with contemporary curriculum policies and framework and their relevance or planning. Time Allotment: 17 hours (one hour per week) V.

Let’s Talk Visit a school and observe how the teacher provides the opportunity to the learners to Demonstrates that learning is interact with one another in doing one roles. and to attain high standards of learning defined indicates the teachers as a role model in in the curriculum. Episode 3: Tell Me Critique the information from the curriculum Report on Activities Curriculum and Evaluation theory and practice through observation of Truth and Goodness in Man and for all others through Education Recognizes general learning processes of individual learners. teachers serve as positive and Social Regard powerful role models of the for Learning values of the pursuit of Reflected learning log learning of different kinds of the effort to learn. Highlights the aspect of the dialogue that different sources. Make you own documentation of the Students working dialogue in the notes or conversation based observed roles that each one performs which you feel could have been livelier. . Record how roles are performed by the Curriculum Model different kinds from Curriculum teacher and the learners. Help students understand the Social regard for curricular goals and Learning objectives.PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Focuses on the ideal that the Nature of Curriculum Development Episode 1: Thermometer Check Visit a school and study its vision. Episode 2: Come. mission and goals in relation to the Simulated records of active learning plays school’s curriculum. developing the values in the process of Principles of Curriculum Design learning.

strategies (write. . information you gather. Identify Delivering the Linking Curriculum Involves in creative and development goals. judgments Curriculum consideration of stakeholders. and awards and the And see how the students. Learning Environmental b.. Assessment alternative teaching stakeholders rewards to certain practices in delivering Instruction and innovative thinking of community stakeholder are involved. attainment of professional Episode 5: Collect and Critique to solve the problem). cultural and Reflects on the extent of the change. Books & Internet resources used Write your observation including Uses meaningful and comprehensive knowledge of the the subject matter. Record the observations and the participation of Reflection paper that Reflect how the stakeholders participate in will show political processes. programs activities.the: a. Subject Matter c. relation to curriculum goals. approaches and link the the programs where the leaders create participation. Interview a teacher on how he/she prepares Truth and Goodness in Man and for all others through Education approaches and pedagogies. adopted Gather and analyze syllabuses and male processes as it relate to larger success of the school activities. Records of about students learning in historical. activities and educational Curriculum services to the stakeholders. social. Curriculum Deliver accurate and updated observation from content knowledge using teachers appropriate methodologies. Record of observation Episode 4: Bridging Educational Processes from the calendar of Visit a school and examine their calendar of activities. Reflect on your experience. etc.

projects. Ouano. Record the response. Examine a syllabuses and list down activities to achieve the desired learners outcome.. dela Torre. Active participation in group discussion and other learning activities. and oral reports. GRADING SYSTEM Preliminary Grades Midterm Grades = 2 (CS) + Long Test Final Term Grades 3 Truth and Goodness in Man and for all others through Education . written. Lourdes G. and final examination. test and preliminary. VII.. Course Requirement - A rating of at least 75% in all quizzes. Field Study VIII. ask how they link their curriculum to pedagogy and assessment. midterm. Salana. Jerome A.. Observe what common assessment procedures are used with the kind of pedagogies applied. Episode 6: Check Points Get a talk to any of the teacher in school. June P. VI.her curriculum. Assignments.. Marita Rita D. and ask further to examine the syllabus or lesson plan. Textbook Lucas.

T.G. VASQUEZ MRS. VALDECAÑAS DR. NORMA C.G.T.G. + M. + F.Final Rating = P. LOURDES L. 3 Prepared by: Recommending approval: Approved: MRS. SANTOS Instructor Department Chair Truth and Goodness in Man and for all others through Education College Dean . MARINA B.