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We have but two ears and one mouth so that we may listen twice as much

as we speak.
Thomas Edison
Listening is a life skill impacting personal lives, daily activities, career and
employment. It is not merely a process that focuses on input of information into the
ears. Being equipped with effective listening skills improves interpretation, reduces
miscommunication, increases self esteem, maximizes productivity, enhances
relationships and assists one to become a competent speaker. Very often effective
listening is impeded by individuals struggling with low lexical density, limited content
knowledge, accent, intonation, stress and inflection. The module Integrated
Language Skills: Listening provides learners with strategies to hone in on their
listening skills. Some of the kills taught include listening for specific details, word
stress and main ideas, making predictions, drawing conclusions, understanding
sentence types and responding to them appropriately. The ten interactive chapters
train learners to receive, understand, remember, evaluate and respond to information
from spoken texts in a user friendly way incorporating theories, examples, main
activities and post activities. The chapters are free for all to exploit and interactions
with the module creators online allow questions and feedback to be forwarded to
clarify doubts. Users set their learning pace and the learning environment that is both
the verbal and visual form help to maintain interest.