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from the
life of
Jesus as
in the
“Desire of

The energy of the Spirit has been felt all
through the week thanks to the VBS
ministry. Let’s praise the Lord as His
lambs contribute with their enthusiasm
and talent to today’s service. Welcome!

worship - july 30, 2016 11a

he must


Gra5tude is extended to the leadership
and the army of volunteers who did such
a magnificent job. Well done good and
faithful servants! TOMORROW morning
we need as many volunteers as possible
to disassemble the VBS props.

Welcome - Julio Tabuenca

Prelude – Angelica Prodan

Praise Songs - VBS Choir

Intercessory Prayer - Shiphrah Fepulea’i

VBS Report - Viana Vidales

It is important that all Board members
a`end today’s mee5ng at 7p.

Special Music - VBS Choir

Nicodemus & Jacob’s well

Baby/Parent Dedication

Abigail Andea, baby

Ligia & Ovi Andea, parents

Wednesday gathering will review two
extraordinary stories in Jesus’ ministry.
You may want to read DA chapters 17 and
19, Nicodemus and Jesus and the woman
with five husbands beforehand.

Offering Appeal - Christine Bautista
Offertory - VBS Choir
Memorable Verses - VBS Kids

“The FRIEND of the bride and the bridegroom” - Julio Tabuenca

Closing Hymn - Jesus Loves Me, #190

Benediction – Kiel Manzala

Postlude – Angelica Prodan


Campus Hill Adventist Church – 11057 Hill Drive, Loma Linda, CA 92354

909.796.0222 | |

Have you ever heard an incredibly
energe5c 90-year-old preaching the
Good News? Paul Damazo will be
that guest speaker next Sabbath.
Prepare yourself for a 5me of
inspira5on as he challenges us to live
and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

New members
Brother Roy Tambanua is reques5ng
his membership transfer from the
Azure Hills Church, and Andrae
Chambers is doing the same from
Berean Church, Atlanta, Georgia. It is
our privilege to welcome them with a
resounding AMEN!

Transfers out
First Reading: Karl & Marie McCalla to
Meridian SDA church, Meridian, Idaho;
Marla Thomas (Polk) to Keller Come-and-
See SDA Church, Ft. Worth, Texas; and
Geine Ardolado to North Miami Beach
SDA Church, Miami, Florida.

Sanctuary flowers are given by Debra

Anthony in honor of her daughter,
Ayanna’s birthday.

Study Time - 9:30"

To Serve You"

Leader: Josephine Perez"
Special Feature: Don’t Forget Us (video)"
Lesson: Jesus on Community Outreach"

Julio Tabuenca, Sr. Pastor: 909.771.4179"
Cristian Iordan, Worship, Media: 909.553.3996"
Shiphrah Fepulea’i, Young Adults, Women:
Viana Vidales, Youth, Children Coordinator:
Gabriel Katrib, Visitation: 909.478.9707"
Lourdes Gudmundsson, Head Elder: 951.522.5210"
Judi Wright, Adm. Assistant: 909.796.0222


Teachers: "
Class 1: Lourdes Gudmundsson"
Class 2: Don Johnson"
Class 3: Emmanuel Ogunji"
Class 4 Mother’s Room: Tom Gibson"
Class 5 North Wing: Dorothy Donesky