Excerpt from official trial transcript in State v. Chandler (Case No.

Judge Nancy Parrish expresses concerns about probable cause affidavit
March 12, 2012 (Page 234, lines 18-25 and Page 235, lines 1-7)

18 THE COURT: This says -- it looks like
19 Kipp Low's.
20 MS. SPRADLING: Kipp Low signed the
21 affidavit for Sergeant Volle who was out of
22 town at the time the case was filed.
23 THE COURT: I'm not going to. It's
24 says Richard Volle and I wouldn't anyway
25 just as a -- it looks like someone other
1 than Detective Volle signed this. I'm not
2 sure how the affidavit is any good when
3 someone other than the person who is the
4 affiant signs it. So I have grave concerns
5 about admitting for those reasons and in
6 addition to for the reasons Mr. Bennett
7 mentioned.