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If you are not familiar with EFT, then I suggest you go to WWW.emofree.com and download the manual. Also do a search for tapping charts. To better understand the quantum K. experience try it yourself, at http://www.quantumk.co.uk/index.htm I have found the combination of the quantum K. experience and EFT to be a very powerful instrument. I give all credit to the quantum K. experience EFT and Kelly for helping me put this together.

Set up statement is to be done 3x. Even though the Quantum K experience is alternative approach to my healing, I deeply on all levels of my being throughout my entire multi dimensional (Karate chop point) Existence, love and except myself no madder what life brings or takes away.

Physical Healing

In preparation for detoxification, (Top of head) I balance all my drainage pathways, (Eyebrow) including my colon, flora, spleen, (Side of eye) liver, lymph, gall bladder and kidneys. (Under eye) When my drainage pathways are clear, (Under nose) I excrete all toxins from my body, (Chin) including parasites, heavy metals, chemical residues, (Collarbone)

pathogenic bacteria and viruses. (Under arm) I also release residues and negative effects (Under breast) of medicines, recreational drugs, (Tip, side of thumb) cigarettes and nutritional supplements, (Tip, side of 1st finger) including any blockages they may create to the (Tip, side of 2nd finger) existing and generation of my energetic pathways. (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) I also release the bacteria, virus and any (Tip, Side of 4th finger) other toxic residues left from vaccinations, (Top of head) I release these toxins from any areas affected, (Eyebrow) including my brain, cerebellum, (Side of eye) brain-stem and cerebrospinal fluid. (Under eye) I delete any pathogenic bacteria, viruses, (Under nose) parasites and metals released from amalgam fillings, (Chin) my gums dental tubules, tonsils, (Collarbone) root canals, sites of tooth extractions, (Under arm) my jaw bone and any metastases. (Under barest) I uncloak stealth adapted viruses and (Tip, side of thumb) parasites by converting rigid signals to alert signals. (Tip, side of 1st finger) All fluid consumed and already is in my body (Tip, side of 2nd finger) to have a negative electrical potential of minus (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) 238 millivolts and the properties to (Tip, Side of 4th finger) water approaching +4 degrees centigrade. (Top of head) I increase my immune function to 100%. (Eyebrow) I restore my natural cranial resonance to (Side of eye) Universal resonance, ignoring all interference, (Under eye) from electromagnetic stress and (Under nose) any negative belief systems I hold. (Chin) I delete any stress receptors activated (Collarbone)

on my brain or nervous system, (Under arm) restoring full function of any of my cells (Under breast) where stress receptors have been de-activated. (Tip, side of thumb) My left and right brain (Tip, side of 1st finger) hemispheres are perfectly balanced. (Tip, side of 2nd finger) My gut lining has the optimum level (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) of permeability, allowing nutrients through (Tip, Side of 4th finger) in their most useable form. (Top of head) It is free from toxins. (Eyebrow) I restore and repair all directional (Side of eye) plates in the joints of my body. (Under eye) My ileo-caecal and houston valves (Under nose)

functional at 100% competency, (Chin) with no stress receptors activated on them. (Collarbone) I release all stored memory of shock, (Under arm) trauma or impact from my tailbone. (Under breast) I replace the tailbone in its proper position (Tip, side of thumb) and restore proper movement of my bone marrow. (Tip, side of 1st finger) I repair all fixations and subluxations (Tip, side of 2nd finger) of my vertebrae, restoring balance from (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) cranium through to coccyx. (Tip, Side of 4th finger) I also release all chemical, environmental, (Top of head) emotional and physical imbalances. (Eyebrow) I turn off my stress receptors activated (Side of eye) on my sensory systems i.e. my sight, (Under eye) hearing, touch, taste, smell and perception. (Under nose) I restore cells affected to optimum function. (Chin)

I build an organic sheath around (Collarbone) high voltage/amperage in any part of (Under arm) my body where it must be isolated away (Under breast from bio-electromagnetic energy (Tip, side of thumb)

at low voltage and low amperage. (Tip, side of 1st finger) My cells are to ignore electrical signals (Tip, side of 2nd finger) that exceed my body's natural voltage/amperage (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) and repair my internal circuits so damaged. (Tip, Side of 4th finger) I isolate my physical and energetic body (Top of head) at all levels and dimensions from the negative influences (Eyebrow) of man-made electromagnetic energy of any type. (Side of eye) I now assess the energy flow through the circadian (Under eye) rhythm of my jaw generated through all my tooth pegs, (Under nose) checking my teeth individually and in conjunction (Chin)

with all neighbors, during bite and at rest. (Collarbone) I ignore any negative vibrations and electromagnetic (Under arm) impulses being generated in my tooth pegs (Under breast) either outside the normal predominance time for that (Tip, side of thumb) meridian or at a voltage/amperage above normal parameters. (Tip, side of 1st finger) I release any manifestation of brain damage or (Tip, side of 2nd finger) other disability resulting from suggestion of this (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) as a possibility by anyone, especially around my birth. (Tip, Side of 4th finger) I release all residual trauma resulting from any (Top of head) invasive procedures, including ultrasound, MRI scan, (Eyebrow) chemotherapy, foetal monitoring, dentistry, (Side of eye) EEG/ECG, amniocentesis and all surgery. (Under eye) I release also any retained stress from the (Under nose) birth of myself or my children from circumcision, (Chin)

X-rays, injections, radiotherapy and vaccinations. (Collarbone) I remove excess free radicals resulting from (Under arm) emotional stress, fat consumption, drugs, pollutants, (Under breast) smoking, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, (Tip, side of thumb) allergic reactions and excessive exercise. (Tip, side of 1st finger) I have vibrational harmony within all atoms (Tip, side of 2nd finger) of my body, across all dimensions. (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) I identify any epigenome activity (Tip, Side of 4th finger) (environmental gene suppression). Where needed, (Top of head) I open the chromatin so that silenced genes (Eyebrow) can re-establish connection and expression with my DNA. (Side of eye) I look for similar epigenome imbalances (Under eye) inherited from previous generations through (Under nose) environmental and emotional stresses. (Chin) I cancel these taints so that my gene (Collarbone) expression can follow my perfect blueprint. (Under arm) I use the RNA interference process to stop (Under breast)

the replication of any organism foreign to my body, (Tip, side of thumb) such as viruses, parasites and bacteria. (Tip, side of 1st finger) I remove all emotional blocks that inhibit the (Tip, side of 2nd finger) communication between my DNA (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) and the crystalline lattice around it. (Tip, Side of 4th finger) I restore the right spin of my cells to aid the (Top of head) healing process and the correct function (Eyebrow) of my sodium potassium pump. (Side of eye) My cells have sufficient receptor sites to ensure (Under eye) optimal release of toxins into my extracellular fluid. (Under nose) My chromosome replication to exclude any (Chin)

inherited negative traits from the Psora, (Collarbone) Syphillinum, Influenzae, Carcinosin, Tuberculosin, (Under arm) Gonorrhea and any other miasms. (Under breast) I correct any x and y chromosome imbalances (Tip, side of thumb) resulting from my attempts to honor a parental (Tip, side of 1st finger) desire for a baby of the opposite sex. (Tip, side of 2nd finger) I eliminate excessive nitrogen from my body to (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) optimize internal gasses and allow perfect (Tip, Side of 4th finger) photosynthesis within my cells. (Top of head) My cells to be stimulated in the ratio (Eyebrow) Hydrogen x5, Nitrogen x1, Oxygen x3, Carbon x3. (Side of eye) In artificial light conditions, I enhance the restricted (Under eye) wave range to the spectrum of natural sunlight by (Under nose) drawing the missing elements from the Zero Point Field. (Chin) I neutralize the flickering perceived by my brain (Collarbone) from fluorescent lighting of other restricted wavelength (Under arm) sources, thereby removing the risk of fit, (Under breast) seizure or other neurological distress. (Tip, side of thumb) I correct the balance and volume of my ions to maintain (Tip, side of 1st finger) perfect alkaline/acid balance in all my bodily systems. (Tip, side of 2nd finger) I produce Gulonalactone Oxidase to complete the (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) enzyme conversion of blood glucose to Vitamin C. (Tip, Side of 4th finger) I absorb all necessary vitamin, mineral, amino acids, (Top of head) essential fatty acids, fluids and cell salts at optimum levels. (Eyebrow) I draw the vibration of any missing (Side of eye) nutrients from the Zero Point Field. (Under eye) My cellular reproduction to include optimum (Under nose) number of receptor sites for nutritional stimulation. (Chin)

My digestive enzymes, stomach acid and bile (Collarbone) are at optimal levels to ensure perfect (Under arm) digestion of all food and drink I ingest. (Under breast) I have perfect blood chemistry. (Tip, side of thumb) I block all man-made electromagnetic stimuli (Tip, side of 1st finger) to the lattice surrounding my DNA that block (Tip, side of 2nd finger) my desire and ability to be healthy. (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) I release all chronic physiological (Tip, Side of 4th finger) reactions in response to stress. (Top of head) I optimize my homocysteine levels by using (Eyebrow) the vibration of folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12 (Side of eye) ensuring complete conversion of the (Under eye) amino acid methionine to cysteine. (Under nose) I create perfect resonance of the arachnoid (Chin) membrane of my brain and my cranium. (Collarbone) My higher self and internal control systems (Under arm) to agree my optimum body weight and composition, (Under breast) releasing all negative thoughts and any 'famine' (Tip, side of thumb) worries created by previous low calorie or restricted diets. (Tip, side of 1st finger)

EMOTIONAL HEALING I release any negative core beliefs from (Tip, side of 2nd finger) all levels of my energy field, (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) across all times and dimensions. (Tip, Side of 4th finger) I replace any negative core beliefs with full (Top of head) acceptance of the following statement: (Eyebrow) "I am unique, beautiful, talented and lovable. (Side of eye) I accept that everything I do, feel and say on (Under eye)

my life's path is part of my growth to higher (Under nose) states of understanding and consciousness, (Chin) and that the world is a wonderful playground (Collarbone) for me to express my magnificence." (Under arm) My cellular replication to occur without receptor (Under breast) sites generated by emotional addictions. (Tip, side of thumb) If relevant, I remove receptor sites connected with smoking. (Tip, side of 1st finger) I assess cellular memory from all previous time (Tip, side of 2nd finger) periods and remove inappropriate belief (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) and behavior patterns generated from: (Tip, Side of 4th finger) Inherited beliefs from my family or (Top of head) identification with unhelpful characteristics (Eyebrow) Imprints on my subconscious created (Side of eye) during times of emotional stress (Under eye) All past negative experiences and traumas (Under nose) Self-destructive and self-punishing tendencies (Chin) Conflicts within my internal belief system (Collarbone) Body comparisons with other people (Under arm) Negative body comments including metaphors (Under breast)

e.g. 'you are a pain in the neck' (Tip, side of thumb) I release any negative energy attached to vows. (Tip, side of 1st finger) In particular, I release the negative consequences (Tip, side of 2nd finger) of promising long-lasting love to an ex-partner, (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) including marriage vows to a previous spouse. (Tip, Side of 4th finger) I release and cancel any negative energy attached (Top of head) to curses and limiting comments; including those (Eyebrow) made to me by people in authority (Side of eye) such as teachers, doctors and parents. (Under eye)

I remove any 'psychological reversal' that is (Under nose) encouraging the survival of any organic toxins (Chin) in my body, including memories of old traumas (Collarbone) that are supporting self-destructive tendencies. (Under arm) I release any stored trauma and negative memories (Under breast) from being laughed at, scolded, crying, (Tip, side of thumb) sobbing or being made to cry or sob. (Tip, side of 1st finger) I restore natural instinctive functioning of my amygdala. (Tip, side of 2st finger) I ensure normal processing of frightening stimuli (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) at an unconscious level in the ventral region of my (Tip, Side of 4th finger) amygdala and at the conscious level in the dorsal region. (Top of head) I remove all the fear from memories (Eyebrow) stored in my anterior cingulate cortex. (Side of eye) I review all memories from conception onwards (Under eye) and heal all negative emotions resulting from them, (Under nose) including depression, fear and anxiety. (Chin) If my conscious mind is sustaining symptoms through (Collarbone) excessive attention and over-analysis, (Under arm) my higher-self should encourage a reduction (Under breast) in this intellectual ownership of symptoms. (Tip, side of thumb) I provide opportunities for playful fun so that the (Tip, side of 1st finger) purity and optimism of my inner child (Tip, side of 2st finger) may be release and allowed to thrive. (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) I bring into awareness all past experiences held (Tip, Side of 4th finger) within my conscious, subconscious and body (Top of head) intelligence that are being avoided or denied. (Eyebrow) I recognize, heal and release the blocked emotions. (Side of eye) I review all relationships, during any time period. (Under eye)

I remove all negative emotions still held within my energy field. (Under nose) I assess whether my symptoms are self-serving (Chin) at any level and, if so, I remove all of the underlying (Collarbone) emotional causes that work against my optimum life plan. (Under arm) I undo the negative effects on my cells and DNA (Under breast) of astrological influences, whether real (Tip, side of thumb) or perceived from birth onwards. (Tip, side of 1st finger) I reassess all memories to see if any perceived 'facts' (Tip, side of 2st finger) are in reality distorted belief systems. (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) If so, I correct any misconceptions and remedy (Tip, Side of 4th finger) any adverse effects they are having on my behavior. (Top of head) I heal any inappropriate senses of rebellion against (Eyebrow) other people and institutions, including family (Side of eye) members and myself. I replace these with patience, (Under eye) kindness, forgiveness and understanding. (Under nose) If my parental bonding has not occurred fully or is (Chin) inappropriately strong or smothering, (Collarbone) I rebalance this bond now. I release any feelings (Under arm) of insecurity that may have resulted. (Under breast) If a previous trauma has stopped my natural (Tip, side of thumb) maturing process, I ensure that all elements of (Tip, side of 1st finger) my mind, body and soul operate at the correct emotional age. (Tip, side of 2st finger) For symptoms of depression, I ensure that levels (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) of Cortical Releasing Factor (CRF) and the ACTH it (Tip, Side of 4th finger) stimulates are produced at blueprint levels, (Top of head) thereby reducing my levels of these stress hormones. (Eyebrow) GENERAL HEALING I re-iterate to infinity the natural fractal progressions set (Side of eye)

at conception where they have moved out of perfect alignment. (Under eye) I assess my 'pilot wave' (the vibrational frequency (Under nose) I put out ahead of me that attracts people, (Chin) events and situations into my life). (Collarbone) I cleanse the wave of any negative energies and emotions. (Under arm) I correct all electrical switching within my energy meridians. (Under breast) I remove all geopathic and underground water stress (Tip, side of thumb) from my home and place of work, (Tip, side of 1st finger) converting all negative lines to positive lines. (Tip, side of 2st finger) I delete the negative effects on all dimensions of the (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) expansion of the psychic centers of my body, (Tip, Side of 4th finger) while still allowing full development of my (Top of head) intuition and connection to my Higher Self. (Eyebrow) My five senses, supported by every DNA sequence (Side of eye) in my body, translate all waveforms I receive into (Under eye) an accurate interpretation of physical reality. (Under nose) In so doing, I ignore interference and bias from (Chin) negative emotions, trauma, pollutants, chemicals (Collarbone) and man-made electromagnetic energy fields, (Under arm) subliminal programming and symbolism. (Under breast) I heal and close any inappropriate vortices of energy (Tip, side of thumb) resonating within my chakras, (Tip, side of 1st finger) or anywhere else within my energy field. (Tip, side of 2st finger) I return my Assemblage point to its optimum position (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) and angle, correcting any fragmentation and anchoring (Tip, Side of 4th finger) it at this new point. I behave, feel and see (Top of head) the world in line with this new position. (Eyebrow) I cancel any inappropriate survival mechanisms (Side of eye)

that go beyond my basic protection in times of (Under eye) acute physical danger. In particular; I cancel any (Under nose) programs based on sabotage, suppressed traumas, (chin) self-limiting fears and beliefs, shock and secondary gain. (Collarbone) I understand that true success is a reflection (Under arm) of what I become rather than what I achieve or accumulate. (Under breast) I have balance between the various archetypes (Tip, side of thumb) that help define my personality and character, (Tip, side of 1st finger) using the positive attributes of each style to support my life's journey. (Tip, side of 2st finger) I maintain an optimal aura width so that my (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) energy field is protected from unwelcome interference (Tip, Side of 4th finger) from other people. I adjust my aura width (Top of head) depending on circumstances and environment. (Eyebrow) SPIRITUAL HEALING I ask my higher self to phase conjugate, or block, (Side of eye) all foreign vibrational transmissions that are (Under eye) inhibiting my natural balance in any way or my (Under nose) ability to detect foreign energies within my energy field. (chin) Under the Laws of Grace, I ask the powers of the Light, (Collarbone) with my grateful thanks, to clear and protect all levels (Under arm) of my energy field and of my family, loved ones and soul group. (Under breast) I ask that this protection is applied within all (Tip, side of thumb) dimensions and at all times, past, present (Tip, side of 1st finger) and future, across the entire Universe. (Tip, side of 2st finger) I ask that the property and environment of myself (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) and my loved ones are cleansed and protected at all times. (Tip, Side of 4th finger) I ask that all negative though forms, energetic attachments, (Top of head)

fixed and fluid, possessions, foreign energies and (Eyebrow) negative cordings within my energy field be bound (Side of eye)

and taken into a place of choosing of the Light. (Under eye) May the same releasing process be repeated for myself, (Under nose) my soul group and my loved ones across all dimensions (chin) anywhere within the Universe and over all (Collarbone)

time periods, past, present and future. (Under arm) Please also cleanse my entire genetic heritage and (Under breast) release from me any foreign energies inherited from my ancestors. (Tip, side of thumb) Please cleanse also any transitional status, (Tip, side of 1st finger) such as in the womb, during conception, after death and (Tip, side of 2st finger) during the vulnerable periods around any significant vibrational change. (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) If any attached energy claims rights of access due (Tip, Side of 4th finger) to breaches of Universal Law, whether in this life, (Top of head) a past life, or through my ancestral lineage, (Eyebrow) I petition the powers of Light to heal these breaches. (Side of eye) Where an energetic attachment needs persuasion to (Under eye) leave its current home in favor of a journey to the Light, (Under nose) I invite the powers of the light to explain the truth to this lost soul. (chin) This explanation to include any of the truths (Collarbone) contained in the main 'Quantum K' system. (Under arm) Please apply the same cleansing and growth process (Under breast) to all my guides and spiritual supporters so that all (Tip, side of thumb) assistance from spirit comes from a place (Tip, side of 1st finger) of light and supports my optimum life plan. (Tip, side of 2st finger) I ask that all negative cords connecting me to other (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) energies are permanently cut and healed, (Tip, Side of 4th finger) with unconditional love, forgiveness and no judgment. (Top of head)

Please seal my energy field against further interference (Eyebrow) from powers of less that 100% light and maintain this (Side of eye) protection indefinitely, across all dimensions (Under eye) and all time periods, past, present and future. (Under nose) I ask to be released from all conscious and unconscious (chin) contracts made with energies of less than 100% light in (Collarbone) any lifetime, past, present or future and in any dimension. (Under arm) I ask that contracts made by me and my (Under breast) entire genetic lineage are included. (Tip, side of thumb) I ask that any and all soul elements and (Tip, side of 1st finger) personality traits I have left during previous (Tip, side of 2st finger)

traumas and relationships, in any time period (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) or lifetime, past, present or future and (Tip, Side of 4th finger) in any dimension, be healed with light. (Top of head) When clear of any negative influences, and at the (Eyebrow) appropriate time, please return these lost soul (Side of eye) elements to me and fully integrate them with (Under eye)

unconditional love, forgiveness and no judgment. (Under nose) I ask that the powers of the Light protect me against (chin) 'psychic attack' and 'psychic energy draining' from any source. (Collarbone) I ask that all elements of other people's souls and (Under arm) personalities attached to me are healed with light, (Under breast) relieved of any influences from energies of less (Tip, side of thumb) than 100% pure light and returned to their source. (Tip, side of 1st finger) Please also cut and heal all energetic bonds with that (Tip, side of 2st finger) source, with unconditional love, forgiveness and no judgment. (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) Please bring all my soul energy that has shifted (Tip, Side of 4th finger)

out of alignment, evacuated or faded, back into (Top of head) perfect balance, where it will be received with thanks and honor. (Eyebrow) Please sever and return to the light as light any vows (Side of eye) of poverty, chastity, solitude, isolation and suffering (Under eye) I have made in any lifetime, past, present or future, (Under nose) in any dimension, anywhere in the Universe, undoing (chin) the effects of these vows in all directions of time. (Collarbone) I petition Source and all relevant souls to release me (Under arm) from any adverse influences generated from past, (Under breast) concurrent and future lives, at any time, (Tip, side of thumb) in any dimension, and in any place. (Tip, side of 1st finger) Where forgiveness is required, I humbly request it (Tip, side of 2st finger) from all those affected and ask that it is accepted (Tip, Side of 3rd finger) with honor, unconditional love and no judgment. (Tip, Side of 4th finger) I ask all this from a position of respect, appreciation (Top of head) and understanding and I receive all changes and healing (Eyebrow) with thanks, honor and unconditional love. (Side of eye) Congratulations! You have now completed the 'Quantum K' experience. I hope you enjoyed it, and, in due course, will feel the first stages of some positive changes.

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