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Tanita A.

2316 Wellborn Dr. Columbus, GA 31909
Cell: 706-363-2372 WEBSITE:
Twitter: @TanitaG_WTVM
Digital Journalism: Proficient in Associated Press (AP) style for both print and online.
Familiar with the WorldNow Content Producer Management system. Both PC and Mac computer
interfaces, all Microsoft Office Suites, Blogger and WordPress blogging interfaces, Adobe
PhotoShop, Macromedia Flash, HTML Formats. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN Oasis, digital
properties and newsgathering tools. Photo editing. Edius video editing. CoverItLive web chat
room forums. Verve application management systems. Google analytics, Flurry, comScore.
Social Media: (including, but not limited to) About.Me, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
Foursquare, Google+, Skype, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, RSS Feeds, Instagram, Tout, Vine,
Storify, Snapchat.
Leadership: Member and graduate of the 2014 Raycom Newsroom Leadership Class in
B.A. Speech Communications, August 2011
The University of Georgia - Athens, GA
August 2006 - August 2011
Studied Journalism-Broadcast News and Speech Communications.
Relevant Coursework: Public Relations, Small Group Communications, Interviewing,
Persuasion, Media Law, Argument and Logic, Television Production and New Media,
Telecommunications Arts, Multimedia Writing, Journalism Practices, Journalistic Writing, News
Writing, Information Systems in Business Technology, Interpersonal Communications, Public
Speaking, Research Methods, Rhetoric & Pop Culture, Rhetorical Criticism, Social Movement
Digital Content Director
WTVM - Raycom Media-owned, Columbus, GA
October 2014 - PRESENT
Manage, curate and creates content for WTVMs website.
Posts stations stories to the web and all social media pages.
Helped redesign the home page.
Manages and curates content from the WTVM News Leader 9 app.
Began new social media initiatives to increase page views and social media following
across platforms.

Tanita A.Gaither
2316 Wellborn Dr. Columbus, GA 31909
Cell: 706-363-2372 WEBSITE:
Twitter: @TanitaG_WTVM
New Media Content Producer
Raycom Media - RNN Digital Hub, Montgomery, AL
November 2012 - October 2014
Graduate of the 2014 Raycom Newsroom Leadership class.
Writes, creates and produces content from raw newsfeed for more than 40 news stations
through news feeds.
Writes original content for more than 40 affiliate news stations.
Proofreads online copy for 10 Meredith Corp. stations for their websites.
Interviews contacts for original content.
Produces content from news sources, such as slideshows, polls and other supplemental
news material.
Utilizes social media to aid in production, dissemination of multimedia.
Creates video packages, provides voiceover for weekly news package Your Week in
Created weekly pop culture column, Your Week in Pop Culture - June 2013.
Created weekly college football column, The World outside the SEC - September 2013.
Helped moderate coverage for several media events using the CoverItLive chatroom
Creator, Principle Writer
The Southern Fried Sports Girl
July 2010 - November 2012
An overview of major sports events and news in Georgia and nationwide to inform,
entertain, and create a public brand for my writing.
Online Athens/Spotted Photographer, Contributing Blogger
Online Athens - The Athens Banner-Herald
August 2012 - November 2012
Posted pictures and information of local events in Athens and on UGAs campus for the
Athens Banner-Herald website. Creates galleries and small posts detailing those events. Given
site administrative duties to create and manage content.
Help organize, maintain and promote events and galleries through social media efforts.
Creates blog posts pertaining to specific events photographed and are published on the
Online Athens website.

Tanita A.Gaither
2316 Wellborn Dr. Columbus, GA 31909
Cell: 706-363-2372 WEBSITE:
Twitter: @TanitaG_WTVM
She's Out of Your League Contributing Editor
Aerys Sports
March 2011 - November 2012
Posted articles about major Atlanta sports teams.
Sports Writer (September 2007 - September 2008), Sports Editor (September 2008 - April 2008)
Infusion Magazine, Athens, GA
January 2007 - April 2008
A once-a-semester campus-wide publication, detailing experiences of campus students,
and other events going on at UGA
Contributing Writer
The Sports Jury
October 2010 - October 2011
Posted articles about 2010 Atlanta Falcons football during the 2010-2011 NFL Season.
Contributing Writer
Sports News Nightly
December 2010 - December 2011
Posted articles on the NFL, NCAA BCS Division football.

Tanita A.Gaither
2316 Wellborn Dr. Columbus, GA 31909
Cell: 706-363-2372 WEBSITE:
Twitter: @TanitaG_WTVM
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