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Curetarrah D.

Yisrael (Witcher)
Comprehensive Unit
July 17, 2016
Name of Client: Ebony Jackson
Title of Client: 4th Grade Teacher
Email Address of Client:
Organization of Client: Cascade Elementary School, Atlanta
Public Schools

Instructional Problem/ Needs Assessment

Learning Need:
Ms. Jackson needs a multimedia presentation that would
introduce her new 2016-2017 4th grade class to their Georgia
Standards of Excellence in the area of Math, Reading/ELA,
Social Studies and Science. She has never taught this
grade, so she wants to get them acquainted with the
standards early in the school year. Being that there are so
many standards and elements to those standards, we
decided to do an overview of the standards in the form of
highlighted topics for each subject area such as Native
American Cultures for Social Studies.
Description of the redesigned lesson:
Though she has done this in past years, she has only used
PowerPoint as a presentation source. Her students will need
more visuals and audio to assist them in gaining interest in
each subject area. We will connect various hyperlinks to
websites cool images/ illustrations to convey each subject
are standards and elements to the students. The need is to
convey the coming years standards to the kids in a very
proactive, interesting, and colorful way.

The learners are new 4th graders to Ms. Jacksons class.
The learners are students who attend a Title I elementary
school, usually ranging from 9-10 years old, gender based
class (all males or females), more than likely 70% African
American, possibly students who are gifted and a few
exceptional education students. Ms. Jacksons goal is to
meet the needs of all students and their learning styles and
skill levels. In the multimedia presentation is will have
leveled activities or websites that offer this.
Method to assess/ evaluate the lesson
To assess student learning students will:
1. Write about their favorite content area and how new
standards will further their interest (must site two
standards discussed).
Respond to a survey/ questionnaire about presentation
Content Area
The content area is 4th grade Math, RELA, Social Studies
and Science standards being introduced.
An explanation supported by your own learning in this
class as of why you think the artifact(s) you developed
is the right solution.
I think by using a hypermedia tool that is like PowerPoint but
allows for more details to be added, will allow for the
students to approach their learning differently, and make a
deeper connection to where their interest are when
concerning academic subjects.

Address one or more of the ACRL Visual and Literacy

Competency Standards
Standard Five
The visually literate student uses images and visual media effectively.
Performance indicators:
The visually literate student uses images effectively for different
Learning Outcomes:
a. Plans for strategic use of images and visual media within a project
b. Selects appropriate images and visual media aligned with a projects
c. Integrates images into projects purposefully, considering meaning,
aesthetic criteria, visual impact, and audience
d. Uses images for a variety of purposes (e.g., as illustrations, evidence,
visual models, primary sources, focus of analysis)
e. Uses images for subject-specific and interdisciplinary research,
communication, and learning

The visually literate student uses technology effectively to work

with images.

Learning Outcomes:
a. Uses appropriate editing, presentation, communication, storage, and
media tools and applications to prepare and work with images
b. Determines image file format, size, and resolution requirements for a
project, and converts images accordingly
c. Edits images as appropriate for quality, layout, and display (e.g.,
cropping, color, contrast)
The visually literate student uses problem solving, creativity, and
experimentation to incorporate images into scholarly projects.
Learning Outcomes:

a. Experiments with different ways of integrating images into academic

b. Uses visual thinking skills to clarify and solve problems

The visually literate student communicates effectively with and

about images.

Learning Outcomes:
a. Writes clearly about images for different purposes (e.g., description,
analysis, evaluation)
b. Presents images effectively, considering meaning, aesthetic criteria,
visual impact, rhetorical impact, and audience
c. Discusses images critically with other individuals, expressing ideas,
conveying meaning, and validating arguments
d. Includes textual information as needed to convey an images meaning
(e.g., using captions, referencing figures in a text, incorporating keys or
e. Reflects on the effectiveness of own visual communications and use of

Learning Objectives/ Overall Goal

At the end of the presentation students should be able to
complete a student content area survey/ questionnaire, and
write about something new they learned about the future
content/ standards they will be introduced to.
Learning Objectives:
Students will be able to identify a minimum of 3 major topics
to be discussed in each content area for their 4th grade
school year.
Students will be able to write/ create an opinion piece based
on their favorite subject/ content area. (They will journal
about their favorite subject and why they believe the new
standards will further their interest in the subject)

Students will be able to fill in a KWL chart about the

Standards to be addressed in the multimedia presentation
are 4th Grade Georgia Standards of Excellence in the
content areas of Math/ RELA/ S.S. and Science.
Learning Activities
Students will:
- Take notes/ KWL chart as they go through the
- Respond to a survey/ questionnaire
- Write about their favorite subject area and how these
standards will further their interest
Multimedia Resources
I plan to use HyperStudio as my main resource. Multimedia
resources that will be included are links to various websites,
detailed text, animation/ images (cartoon and photographs) ,
videos and audio links.
To accommodate learners with disabilities we will:
1. Assist the student in finding effective peer note-takers
from the class. Alternatively, you could provide the
student with a copy of your lecture notes or outline.
2. Allow the student to tape record lectures.
3. Allow the student additional time to complete in-class
assignments, particularly writing assignments.

4. Provide feedback and assist the student in planning the

workflow of assignments. This is especially important
with large writing assignments. It may be helpful to
break the larger assignment into smaller components
with opportunities for draft feedback.
5. Provide assistance with proofreading written work.
Copyright and Fair Use
I plan to include information for credits when appropriate
(photos, music, etc.), cite websites, books and any other
media that was used in the creation of the presentation. I
may also create a bibliography or reference page.