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1st Issue of 2016
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At the beginning of Vietnam’s Traditional Lunar New Year
Dear NSRP colleagues,
Happy New Year!

I am pleased to send you the following message on the occasion of the beginning of the Lunar
New Year, 2016.
In the capacity as the General Director of NSRP since the beginning of Phase II, I have really
enjoyed working with you as a most dedicated and passionate team who are all looking to
contribute to the success of NSRP Project. On the occasion of the New Year, I thank you for all
your contributions in the last year and wish you and your family good health, happiness and
Looking over the progress of the Project up to today, you will be able to see the incredible work result we have
accomplished together so far. We welcomed the Year 2015 with an important landmark of the construction work when the 1st
heavy equipment landed safely in Nghi Son construction site in early January 2015. Since then, NSRP has come a long way
throughout the Y2015, achieving many key milestones, in both Project implementation and operational preparation
During 2016, we will approach more crucial milestones including the commencement of Utility facilities, the commissioning
of refining units and the Mechanical Completion.
So get yourselves ready for these exciting missions in this coming year.

safety is the highest priority in our operations. Every person in NSRP must always be alert and conscious of safety issues and raise your concern any time a risk comes to your attention.000 employees will continue to work as one unified team. with deep mutual understanding and respect for the multi-national cultures and values. we have maintained our focus on achieving this challenging goal and now we are going to accomplish it in Y2016 with safety. regardless of its impact on cost or schedule. We will continue to move forward with our plans so that once being fully capable. One of the keys for success is to enhance good communication and cooperation with the EPC Contractor as well as among our NSRP team and concentrate our united efforts on resolving any problems. safety is becoming more and more critical to avoid any possible injury or fatality. Devoted efforts have been made by our team with good results but there are still a lot of challenges to overcome. . Ready for Commissioning: One of the greatest challenges in this project is to execute our Operation Readiness Plan. all with strong characters and holding important values in "doing the right things". I strongly believe that all of our 1.NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE OF GENERAL DIRECTOR At the beginning of Vietnam’s Traditional Lunar New Year Mechanical Completion: Since we started the EPC work in Y2013. Commitment to Safety: As we stated in our commitment. Our organization is growing daily and we are now over 1. we would be ready to take over the facility and go for commissioning confidently.000 employees. together achieving our goals and feeling proud being part of this mega Project. quality and as scheduled. At this final stage of the construction and start of commissioning.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be with you today. Once again I appreciate the great contribution from all of you and I wish you success and happiness with your family in the year 2016. With deep appreciation. I look forward to working with you throughout this important year for NSRP.NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE OF GENERAL DIRECTOR At the beginning of Vietnam’s Traditional Lunar New Year NSRP is fortunate to have the strong commitment of not only NSRP employees but also our stakeholders. your hard work and professional support representing the spirit of dedication and service giving us hope that together we can overcome all challenges and achieve all the goals that we seek to materialize. Kazutoshi Shimmura General Director . Sincerely. I wish to pay tribute to all of you.

to commend great contributions in 2015 of subsidiary companies and affiliated companies of PetroVietnam.BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT & ACTIVITIES Mr. On behalf of Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical LLC Mr.Deputy General Director was honored to receive this noble reward from the Ministry Also on this occasion. Dinh Van Ngoc . At the ceremony. . PetroVietnam Chairman awarded prize to the Entrepreneurs. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh. Mr. Mr. Dinh Van Ngoc – NSRP Deputy General Director received Excellent Emulation Flag and the Title of Excellent Petroleum Entrepreneurs On 9th January 2016. Dinh Van Ngoc was awarded certificate of merit and excellent Oil & Gas entrepreneur symbol from PetroVietnam Chairman. Managers who had remarkable contribution to Oil & Gas industry. Cao Quoc Hung .Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade awarded Excellent Emulation Flag of the Ministry of Industry and Trade to the companies which had outstanding performance. PetroVietnam organized a ceremony to summarize the work in 2015 and plan for 2016 at the conference hall of Vietnam Petroleum Institute in Hanoi.

Turki Al-Ajmi awarded Certificate of Merit from Chairman of Thanh Hoa People’s Committee On 12 January 2016. Bakheet Al-Rashidi inspected the construction site and gave instructions to the working teams on how to maintain project schedule and safety standards. a high level delegation from Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) paid a visit to Thanh Hoa and NSRP Project site. and included high level members of the management of both KPI and NSRP. Bakheet Al-Rashidi. With the vast knowledge and experience in the refining industry from Kuwait and all over the world. the KPI President. the KPI President and his team provided a lot of valuable input for the NSRP and contractor teams on construction and commissioning issues. After visiting the NSRP site and hearing reports from the project team and the contractor.BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT & ACTIVITIES Kuwait Petroleum International High Level Delegation visiting NSRP Site and Thanh Hoa leaders. The delegation was led by Mr. and NSRP Deputy General Director Mr. . Mr.

. Chairman Xung also expressed the wholehearted support that Thanh Hoa leadership and people would give KPI and their projects in Thanh Hoa. The Chairman of Thanh Hoa People's Committee. the KPI President and his delegation were given a special reception by the Thanh Hoa authorities. Mr. head of Thanh Hoa Police hosted a dinner to welcome and thank Mr. Bakheet Al-Rashidi expressed KPI's strong commitment to the developments of Thanh Hoa. In response.BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT & ACTIVITIES Kuwait Petroleum International High Level Delegation visiting NSRP Site and Thanh Hoa leaders. Nguyen Dinh Xung and General Trinh Xuyen. Turki Al-Ajmi awarded Certificate of Merit from Chairman of Thanh Hoa People’s Committee In the evening. Chairman Xung emphasised the importance of NSRP Project for the economy and community in Thanh Hoa and hoped that NSRP Project would be completed on time and KPI would make further investments into Thanh Hoa province. During his welcome remarks. creating opportunities for local people and businesses in the interest of all parties concerned. and NSRP Deputy General Director Mr. Mr. Bakheet AlRashidi and his team for their efforts and contributions towards the economic and social development of Vietnam and Thanh Hoa in particular.

and NSRP Deputy General Director Mr. Chairman Xung on behalf of Thanh Hoa leadership awarded Mr. noting his "excellent work in managing the construction and implementation of NSRP Project on schedule. Chairman Xung noted the significant efforts and contributions by Mr. Al-Ajmi with a Certificate of Merit. in driving NSRP Project in full cooperation with the local people and authorities. As recognition of such service and contribution by Mr. In particular. safely. Deputy General Director of NSRP. contributing to the economy and society of Thanh Hoa". . Turki Al-Ajmi. Turki Al-Ajmi awarded Certificate of Merit from Chairman of Thanh Hoa People’s Committee In addition. Chairman Xung expressed heartfelt recognition towards the strong efforts by NSRP management in constructing and developing such a giant and complex project as NSRP. Turki Al-Ajmi.BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT & ACTIVITIES Kuwait Petroleum International High Level Delegation visiting NSRP Site and Thanh Hoa leaders.

Mousa Al-Obaidan NSRP Finance Manager authorized by Mr. Mr. Phan Tien Dung Deputy Head of Economic Security Department of Thanh Hoa Provincial Police visited NSRP Living Quarter office.Deputy General Director welcomed the delegation of Thanh Hoa province. Turki Al-Ajmi . Ngo Hoang Ky appreciated the contribution of Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Complex Project for the social and economic development of the province.Deputy General Director and Mr. At the meeting. .BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT & ACTIVITIES Mr. On behalf of NSRP. Dinh Van Ngoc . On behalf of Thanh Hoa provincial leaders. Ngo Hoang Ky . Mr. Ngo Hoang Ky committed to have continuous strong supports to the project at the current construction phase as well as operation in the future. Mr. Mr. Kazutoshi Shimmura – General Director of NSRP Awarded Certificate of Merit from Chief of office of Thanh Hoa People's Committee On 26th January 2016. Mr. Kazutoshi Shimmura – General Director.Chief of Office of Thanh Hoa People's Committee and Mr.

noting with "excellent work in managing the construction and implementation of NSRP Project on schedule. He also expressed that NSRP will try our best to the complete the project on schedule and achieve the project quality at international standard. Kazutoshi Shimmura – General Director of NSRP Awarded Certificate of Merit from Chief of office of Thanh Hoa People's Committee Mr. the company will continue to receive the supports of the provincial authorities. Kazutoshi Shimmura expressed sincere thanks to the visit of Thanh Hoa provincial delegation. Phan Tien Dung on behalf of Thanh Hoa Provincial Police appreciated the collaboration of NSRP in ensuring security during the construction implementation project. safely. Thanh Hoa Provincial Police committed to strengthen the force in order to ensure the best security in the project area and living area of NSRP employees Mr. On this occasion.BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT & ACTIVITIES Mr. Ngo Hoang Ky awarded Mr. Hopefully. contributing to the economy and society of Thanh Hoa" . Kazutoshi Shimmura – General Director of NSRP with a Certificate of Merit. Mr.

Phan Dinh Duc .Member of the Board of Directors of PetroVietnam visited NSRP Office in Nghi Son and the site on occasion of New Year. the delegation of Mr.BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT & ACTIVITIES The high level delegation from PetroVietnam visited Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Complex project on occasion of New Year. Kazutoshi Shimmura – General Director. On 3rd February 2016. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dinh Van Ngoc – Deputy General Director welcomed the delegation at NSRP office. Dinh Van Ngoc reported the delegation the project implementation until the end of 2015 and plan for 2016. .

On behalf of Petro Vietnam. success and fulfill their the tasks. alongside the development of the company in the new year. Mr. Phan Dinh Duc gave new year gifts to the representatives of NSRP and wished all employees of NSRP good health. On this occasion. . Mr. Phan Dinh Duc acknowledged the efforts that NSRP achieved in 2015. to implement the project works effectively in order to ensure that the project will achieve the best quality.BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT & ACTIVITIES The high level delegation from PetroVietnam visited Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Complex project on occasion of New Year. He also appreciated the close co-operation among the parties of the joint-venture and requested representatives of the parties continue to promote the spirit of the co-operation.

Ltd visited NSRP construction site and had a meeting with NSRP Management at Living Quarter office. At the meeting.BUSINESS ACHIEVEMENT & ACTIVITIES Mr.. Takashi Tsukioka Representative Director & CEO with delegation of Idemitsu Kosan Co. He emphasized that strong co-operation among the parties in the Joint-Venture from Japan. in the afternoon of 18th February 2016.Representative Director & CEO of Idemitsu Kosan Co. Mr. The CEO of Idemitsu said that NSRP project is considered as the most important oversea project of Idemitsu and Idemitsu’s support to this project is always a priority.. . Ltd visited and had a meeting with representatives of NSRP One item on the agenda of the business trip to Vietnam. Mr. Kuwait and Vietnam plays the most important role for the success of NSRP project. Takashi Tsukioka acknowledged the report of NSRP. Takashi Tsukioka . NSRP Management reported Idemitsu delegation the project progress and difficulties during project implementation.

Pipe Rack [North view] Incinerator & Waste Heat boiler Pipe Rack [South view] .PHOTOS OF CONSTRUCTION SITE Zone-1 A200 Area – Viewing the construction works within the area.




Huong Pagoda Festival opened. Huong Pagoda Festival is also divided into two parts: The ceremonies and the entertaining activities. 70 kilometers away from Hanoi to the south. entertaining activities include enjoying boat cruise along Yen Stream for watching picturesque scenery. Huong Pagoda is located in My Duc District. the official opening day for the festival is on the 6th day of the first Lunar month. flowers. On the other hand. In fact. Huong pagoda festival is a traditional and imbued national identity where people are oriented towards Truth. Beauty. candles and fruits. This festival lasts for three months from the first to the third month in Lunar Calendar. Ceremonial rituals consist of incense offering procession and Zen ceremony in which Monks and Buddhists offer incense. As other festivals in Vietnam. It is believed that climbing up the top of Huong Tich Mountain will bring you fulfillment and great success in . This is among the greatest Buddhist festival in northern part of Vietnam.CULTURE CORNER Huong Pagoda Festival Opened On 13th February 2016 (6th January 2016 Luna calendar). and Goodness Source: holidaysvietnam. During the ceremony. Overall. climbing mountain and exploring holy caves. there are two monks performing beautiful and flexible dances. Huong Pagoda Festival plays an important role in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people in general and Vietnamese Buddhists in particular.

In the wide ensemble of vestiges in Yen Tu. Sourse: www. During the festival. A popular saying goes: "Even after 100 years of virtuous religious life. you will see pagodas.. One form of entertainment is to climb the peak to where the Dong Pagoda was built (1. after having burned joss-sticks.vietnam-beauty. a stream and a .CULTURE CORNER Yen Tu Buddhist Spring Festival opened The annual Yen Tu Pagoda Spring Festival in Uong Bi town at Quang Ninh province opened with a ceremony on 17th February 2016 (10th day of the first lunar month) and lasts for three months. a mysterious tourist attraction. Other go to Yen Tu to do sightseeing and to enjoy the pure atmosphere of a mountain region. if you don't come to Yen Tu you cannot be called a true religious person". you can perceive almost all of the northeast area from here. When clear. Foreign visitors come to Yen Tu to witness a famous beauty spot. you seem to be lost in nature somewhere between the sky and the earth. where is also home to a rare ecosystem in Vietnam. there are 11 pagodas and hundreds of shrines and towers. the people near and far flock to Yen Tu which was regarded as the Buddhist land to show their belief and aspiration or to get rid of all sorrows and sadness.068m above the sea). On the way.. Many cultural and historical values are carefully preserved in Yen Tu. At the top. a tower. Pilgrimage to Yen Tu Festival in respect of Buddha and sightseeing is so meaningful.

com/ . Kuwaitis like to spray each other with coloured foam. On this momentous day. so maybe do not wear your very best clothes. Kuwaitis are typically attired in national dress and streets are decorated in the colours of the national flag. illuminating the night sky. Green Island and Messila Beach. fireworks and foam The National and Liberation Days highlight the iconic history behind the independence of Kuwait. Some of the places include Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park. flags. the celebrations are held on 25th and 26th February every year and are of tremendous significance to Kuwaitis. Sourse:http://www. on National Day Kuwait celebrates with myriad festivities and events.CULTURE CORNER National and Liberation Day of Kuwait February festivities. where a majority of the people prefer to celebrate. including a spectacular display of fireworks. In the midst of the lively atmosphere are many places around the city. Rejoicing in the spirit of patriotism.millenniumhotels. Serving to ignite the very essence of nationalism.

February 27th of every year is marked as the Vietnam Doctors’ Day. and to develop modern Vietnamese Medicine. Sourse: http://vlstudies. These tasks were: to build a sincere and solidary spirit between colleagues. to provide caring and accessible services to all patients. In order to remember these. NSRP’s employees would like to send the best wishes of good . 1955. On the occasion of February 27th 2016.CULTURE CORNER During the Medical Staff Conference in February 27th. President Ho Chi Minh sent a letter that summarized three tasks to the newly established Vietnamese Ministry of Medicine. peaceful and prosperous life to the all Health workers in Viet Nam.