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Winners Club
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Prof. Basu Mali
with Chetan Bhagat.

Prof. Basu Mali
with Clinton Swaine

Prof. Basu Mali
with Brian Tracy.

Our Life Transforming Workshops
65+ Peptalk (4 Hours)

Detective NLP (1 Day)

Entrepreneur 10 X Growth - SERIES

NLP Sales (2 Days)

Scale up (1 Day )

Advance NLP Sales (2 Days)

Lead with Sales Mastery (1 Day )

Transformation (2 Days)

High Impact Leadership (1 Day)

Professional Speaker Course (4 Days)

Vision Framework (1 Day)

Train The Trainer (5 Days)

Head Office : Winners Club, C2-Type, Building No.- 5 , Ground floor, Flat No.- 3, Sector- 2
Opp. Navratna Hotel, Vashi, Navi Mumbai- 400703.

Contact :022 - 64649934 / 8422900620 / 9699736464
Prof. Basu Mali
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Prof. Basu Mali
Business Mentor

Every member of family is powerful. guidance and counseling and individual care everyone can show up as powerful and become a Winner in life. Our Core Values Accepting Challenges Teach what you Practice Strive For Excellence Keep Learning & Update yourself Punctuality Performance Transparency BHAG To Become 300 Cr. We believe that life is largely a matter of commitment and it's a first step to improve quality of life. We offer most comprehensive. practical courses designed to empower to everyone with the skills and attitude essential for personal as well as professional success in today's Corporate world. With proper coaching. Detective NLP Workshops Memories Our Core Purpose To create role models in the society by helping People to explore their true potential. dedication and proven leadership. To be successful in life an individual needs commitment. able and born to win. This is all about like minded people who really need and want to do something extra in ordinary life and share/give their ideas/critical success factors with each other in naturally conducive way. NLP Sales Workshops Memories . Company by Transforming Life of 1 lac People.About Us Our Life Transforming Workshops Memories Winners Club glad to receive you.

He is a motivational speaker. guidance. He believes in making people Role Model by creating their success Stories. Prof. words just touch the mind through the heart. With his tremendous enthusiasm he has conducted more than 3500 workshops all over India and across the world including 4 hours to three days Leadership Development Program. . consultant who believes in action and results having more than 15 years of experience in Training industry. The reason why he famous in marketing industry is his groundwork experience with tremendous command over the Marathi. Kanada and English languages. able and born to win. His unique ability to hold the audience to their seats for hours and hours together without them even getting up. He believes everyone is powerful. Till today he has made more than 240 trainers all across India. He speaks from his experience.He always says that “The most important thing which can change your life is 'U' ”.Basu Mali NFNLP (USA) Business Mentor Train The Trainer (5 Days Workshop) This Workshop will provide you the ability to speak in front of thousands of People for hours. Hindi.Professional Speaker Course (4 Days Workshop) This workshop will provide you to Stop one to one Selling and prepare you to conduct powerful Seminar for Mass Selling. His unique ability is to explore the true potential from every individual. When he speaks. With proper coaching.He has done his masters in Computer Engineering. It will be definitely multiply your productivity & reach. counseling everyone can become WINNER in life.

NLP Sales Sales Mastery through NLP 2. High Impact Leadership Lead like Tiger 5. Transformation Shifting attitude by 180 . Vision Framework Successful Parenting The power of Teamwork Psychology of children Creating visionary and dealing with them. 1. 6. Live your Business The power of Sale Turning your passion Different Types of into a great Business Closing Techniques.. 3. failure into Success And Many More. Lead with Sales Mastery Creating Sales Leadership 3. 1.Our Life Transforming Peptalk 65+ Our Life Transforming 1 Day Workshops Secrets of Marketing Boost Your Productivity 9 Rules to achieve How to remain success in marketing productive in every situation of Life. Scale up Multiply your growth 4. Advance NLP Sales Your Success Partner Laws of Success Power of Failure Create your Ways to Convert formula of success. Setting organization’s DNA. teams for sustainable growth.. Dreams and Goals. Detective NLP Knowing Unknowingly Our Life Transforming 2 Days Workshops THE POWER OF SPIN Selling The Power of Goals Relationship Difference between building questions.SERIES Grow your Business 10 X Faster 2. Entrepreneur 10 X Growth .